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    Quote from MoDSec

    Ages ago.. just into alpha when the first snow maps came out... There was a short period, just before snowballs were introduced where snow fall would pile up dynamically and fall down into your tunnels through vertical drops and what not and eventually form snow blocks which you would have to punch out of the way to get out. Does anyone remember this? I remember it, and I can't find proof of it ever having occurred anywhere! I would love to see it again. I remember it was the first few days of infdev and I was amazed that it was snowing and getting pisssed off that the snow kept blocking my entrances and I had to dig my way out. Now i miss it though.

    I'm wondering if a Modder could Re-invent this and add it to the game in the form of a mod. I remember actually seeing particles of snow shifting from the higher platforms, which were open to the air in my tunnel and rolling down into my tunnels filling them with snow and causing a great mass of snow to block the passageway. I'd like this to happen again, make me have to dig snow out of my path. Make me have to dig my way out of my house after I have been snowed in during the winter. Perhaps we could even expand on the mod and allow snow pileups around tree's and on top of other snow blocks(to an extent) so that it would roll off of cliffs and make small groups of snow blocks at the bottoms of them.

    I'd really love to see this once again. I miss the days when snow meant something other than "pretty white stuff" on the floor of whatever valley I may at the time be crawling through. Give snow realism, return its former glory! :iapprove:
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    Operating system: Windows Vista

    Browser:Google Chrome

    Type of internet connection: Wired highspeed

    How did it happen: I don't know how it happened. this morning the site was having technical difficulties, and i trid to upload my skin, and it failed... And now i get this screen.

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    Is java up to date? Yes
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