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    This farm is able to make double chests upon double chests of sugarcane per hour. Expandable from bedrock to skylimit, limited supplies needed. This farm is quite easily built in Survival minecraft. This design works great in Factions, Multiplayer survival or even in singleplayer. Copy this world to your saves file in the .minecraft folder. http://adf.ly/tDH3V
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    Quote from EliteFeet

    I heard a lot about this game called Minecraft, so i bought it and started playing for 6 hours. So this will be my personal review of Minecraft.
    The First thing i noticed is that the graphics are horrible, even though i don't care much about graphics in gaming, but this game's graphics are very bad. The Gameplay is plain and simple, which isn't a bad thing, but it lacked originality. Combat is very standard and mediocre. The Biomes are bland and lifeless. The Mobs are very disappointing, and the monster's AI is just terrible. Villegers are the worst thing about this game, they don't do nothing when attacked or when they are being robbed by the player! Plus their trades are totall rip-offs. Mining is pointless, it very easy to find diamonds within the first 20 minutes, but then you never find any more of them! the multiplayer is one of the worst i have ever seen. Every server i have been into, has annoying 12 year sqeakers which make you want to quit gaming for ever. Final Verdict: 4/10 I have enjoyed to the game for the first hour or two. But When i went deep into the game, I found out that it sucks. But then i installed some mods which made the game awesome, and i still play it now (with mods only!) But The Vannilla game it self, sucks hard.

    Please Post Your Opinions, But please no Fanboyism Or Bias towards the game.

    That last sentence... that likes saying come vote! but only if you're voting obama. one sided ­.
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