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    posted a message on [Surv/Adv] Horizon City - Zombie Apocalypse (Final Demo released)
    Callum, I haven't played in ages. Decided to come back, see progress, and I now know why you guys didn't update for a while. Good job! You guys sound like you have lots of buildings submitted and built, with tons of storylines/stuff with them. Also, followed the post.
    Quote from Delthyn

    Ok, this is harder than I thought. I kept on dieing in my search for wood, but I finally got some safely. Wood means workbench and wooden pickaxe, which becomes stone pickaxe which means....Tunnel Rat Mode! Engage!

    In warehouse across street, not the BIG one, the small one with windows. I'll let you find tree, just wander a bit.
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    posted a message on Jordanneil23's Server
    Hi, my name is Mj64 and I am here to help advertise my friend's new server. We don't expect to get many people, and hope we only get a few. I can already tell most of you will try to grief, but we have STRICT rollbacks. Go grief a server with tons of stuff, not one with tiny areas starting up, also no none of you will become mods unless me and Jordan approve.

    Website with IP: http://www.jordannei...x.php?page=home

    It used to be our creative fun map from long ago, but he converted it.

    Enjoy and play if you wish, tell your friends if you want a small server.

    Plugins: Economy stuff, some protection thing, Gates, SpawnMob [he's the current person working on it], and Voxel Sniper, and some other stuff.
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    posted a message on [Surv] Posthistoric Survival 1_6

    Beat the Ender Dragon, and explored basicly the whole map! Conclusion: This map is FEARKILICKING AWESOME MAN!
    It took me a good 5 hours which is awesome for any map (usually only super hostile maps last that long)
    I really like how you don't give me any wood for the longest time, so much so that I might make a map like that. (It should be its own category! -WUD)
    I also liked the open worldliness of the map which made it fun for me, because I loved looting all those buildings.

    P.S. I actually didn't do all the challenges, but I was never that person.

    Next version should be out within the next week, he's been hard at work.
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    posted a message on [1.3.1] Mycraft [Now Without Adfly!]
    Quote from crosalot098

    how many spelling mistakes can you see?

    i found 6

    19, counting grammar.
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    posted a message on WessexStock's Wild Maps (I'M BACK!)
    The US government is destroying itself. I can't even download Map 1, only Suriname... Can you move the first map to Mediafire too?

    Also, I'd like to say that I think you're gifted with making these maps, they're amazingly well done!
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    posted a message on [Surv] Posthistoric Survival 1_6
    Quote from ry0wn

    I just played this for 2 hours. It's amazing. Good job making wood/planks impossible to find; it makes finding tools even more satisfying!

    This rager was here a long time ago. He complained about that stupidly... look at the first few pages. Glad you enjoy the map.


    Been alright dude, how about you?

    I've been inactive too cuz of irl stuff but since everyone likes it, I'll keep going prob tomorrow.

    Thanks for everyone's support, and I'll be working on phs tomorrow!

    By the way, could you update the map and make a better one?

    EDIT: Just watched MrHuntaren's LP...

    Uses wrong tools, wastes resources, acts before thinking... not a good player traitset for this map...
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    posted a message on [Surv] Posthistoric Survival 1_6
    Quote from StrawHat

    i have to admit that this is a challenging map. But it is the absolute funnest survival map i have ever played and the idea of setting up some system to trade with villagers would definatly make this the funnest adventure map in history. please continue with the updates so this map can stay amazing.

    This isn't an adventure map... it's a SURVIVAL. Also, only a mod can give trade.

    So, how you been, man, I haven't been posting a while, looking good.
    Quote from Cheeze_211

    Canceled the download because it said it would be a 2 hr wait :/
    Also, it estimates the DL time. Give it a second, or get a better a decent connection if it legit takes two hours.
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    posted a message on CraftBlock
    I' like a bit more creativity in this, and since there's no pics I MUST assume it's a skyblock ripoff.
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    posted a message on [Surv] Posthistoric Survival 1_6

    As of now, pretty tall. I'm gonna keep most a surprise for now

    Just checking back after a long while. Love the map! I recommend using Smart Moving, makes it pretty damn fun!
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    posted a message on What Monster Drops the Most of Experience?
    Ehotos has a design for Blaze farm. Some other guy I've seen can make a slower but easier to build that spawns them in a 1x2 room with pad on floor that triggers piston on top bit to push block over head to kill it. you can have glass in front and halfstep/air at bottom. VERY easy to do!
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    posted a message on What song is currently stuck in your head?
    That song from GamersDissent's Intro xD
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    posted a message on How old are you?
    Quote from Skaro

    someone hit 51+. I KNOW that isn't the truth :wink.gif:
    No pix, no believers. (Who cares if it rhymes!)

    Sup? I used to play WoW long ago and a person I knew was legit over 60, crazy huh?

    16 soon 15 now.
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    posted a message on [1.1] Nandonalt's Mods ![Unofficial] Pies + Cactus Craft + Masks++
    Quote from Yoshikeepers

    1) Yeah for some reason i couldn't comment on my own post... oh well don't really need it.
    2) The reason of recreation [i]is[/i] for fun. It was a small project that i wanted to do today/yesterday for one of my favorite mod creators ever. (He created the first mods i used)
    3) Release to the public. Why not?
    4) The reason why its the near exact same thing is because its supposed to be like that. It supposed to be the same mod just updated to 1.1.

    Yeah I get it now, you're showing that you've done really good at recreating from scratch, nice. Practice and experience makes you better, and one day I bet you'd make one of those famous mods done by Yogscast, and [I forget their names... the other 2 commentators that are british...]
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    posted a message on Better Creative mode Inventory
    Quote from Skaro

    Something I wanted since 1.8 pre-1 when creative mode first came out was the items show in id order. Example: Stone, grass, dirt, cobble etc
    Instead of the somewhat random way it is now. It teaches you the order of the ids, and for those who use tmi or /i(or /give) on a SMP server can find things MUCH easier.

    I agree completely, it takes forever to find something!
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    posted a message on single player commands for 1.1
    Quote from Skaro

    hey, thanks for being a much more helpful answer than mine. Its appreciated :smile.gif:

    Actually yours was equally helpful, you actually stopped someone from ruining a server, and I thank you for that, and you should be proud that you've helped.
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