About Me
Full Name: しらゆき みぞれ


If you wish to contact me use private messages. I am also on the IRC in #minecraftforums, however I do not talk unless directly spoken to. On an average day I will usually be available any time from 5:00pm - 11:00pm. Weekends I could be on at just about any time.

Times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

About me:

Not really the average person you might come across. I am not a fan of social networking sites, so you will never see me on Facetweet, Twitterbook, Mygram, or any of the other social networking sites this generation uses. I use to play Minecraft almost every day for around four years, but I have gravitated towards programming and develop modifications for the game rather than actually playing it now. However, since the two go hand-in-hand I am still up to date with all of the recent changes made to the game. These days I pretty much spend all my time working, programming, and watching anime. Man do I love my anime...


I was a Sectional Moderator of the Mapping and Modding section, so if you have a problem with something or need to ask a question feel free to shoot me a private message. However, since I no longer moderate so I can't solve moderation-related problems anymore.

Important links:

Programming, Anime, Paintball, and Football.

Contact Methods

Skype Mizore.Shirayuki.