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    Heya hey everyone, time for an update on things! I've made some more progress on Terra Restore Reborn in a number of areas.

    First off I added a physics system that certain blocks can use. For now only the new "power cell" block uses it. You can right click the block to pick it up, right click again to set it down, or even shift+right click to throw it. When picked up the block hovers in front of you. The power cell block can be set at specific locations to power up redstone contraptions. Eventually, I hope to add in TNT which would use the same system and blow up a few seconds after being thrown.

    I've taken some time to try and really get better at interiors. Interiors have always been a thing I feel like I've only been so so at. In most cases, it felt like I was just repeating tables, chairs, storage, and pillars over and over. The biggest things I've noticed is it's often better to have smaller interior spaces or to divide up bigger spaces in some form. Sometimes however having bigger spaces can still be nice, especially for variety and gameplay purposes. I've also really noticed, in other games, interiors often have a number of objects, especially with multiple different variations, that are not really available in vanilla Minecraft.

    As such I've been putting in the effort to create custom models for different neat blocks in the environment. Some of which get deleted when your performance settings are set to minimal to help avoid lag, which I obviously need to be careful with. I've also re-organized the resource pack a bit in general. I'm also considering adding in new paintings in the form of pixelated screenshots of existing builds in the world or of some builds in TR2.

    Chests, barrels, furnaces and such might be a bit more common in the map now, especially to help interiors at times. The majority of time when you right click them they will just say they are empty rather than opening up the typical GUI, allowing for less tedious looting.

    I went ahead and added in craft 1/craft 10/craft 64 options to my custom crafting system to help speed up mass crafting a bit.

    I decided to get rid of the option for players to choose how many natural mob spawns there are. Instead, the system chooses automatically based on the area, difficulty, amount of players online, and if on minimal performance or not. I also optimized the natural mob spawning system a bit more, making it more likely that mobs will actually spawn where you can get to them. Which means less total natural mobs need to be present at a time.

    Combat and progression have been a pretty big focus lately, which has required a great degree of thought figuring out what would be best and how it all would work...

    I went ahead and added 2 weapon slots. Now you can choose to equip up to 2 different weapons at a time instead of being limited to just one, allowing for slightly more customization.

    For a while there I was considering adding in a cool ability system where you could assign abilities of your choosing to your weapons. In order to unlock the abilities you had to learn about them, and then "trained" them by meeting certain conditions in order to use them. You could also sometimes further train the abilities in order to upgrade them. Unfortunately, I couldn't really figure out a good way to balance and integrate the idea with the other map's systems. So weapons will continue the course of sometimes having abilities attached to them. I'm considering adding in some sort of weapon upgrading system at some point though.

    Bows have always been something I've wanted to add into the map, but haven't really been able to due to incompatibility with my custom offense/defense attribute system and balance issues in general. Thanks to experimenting with the physics system I was able to pick up a technique where you can throw something easily in the direction you are facing. As a result, lately I've been in the process of recreating my own version of bows.

    The system I've made isn't perfect but I'm pretty happy with it so far. Due to Minecraft limitations the bow actually auto fires on its own when it's ready after holding down right click. The only other option I really had was to either have a 1/4 second delay on firing or made it right click to draw, and right click a 2nd time to fire.

    Since it's my own system I of course have far more freedom now over how bows work. I now have proper damage scaling options, I can adjust the rate of fire, adjust the degree at which bows slow you down when pulling, how many projectiles get fired and in which direction, the distance they go, ammo regulation, custom projectile models, degree of knockback, etc. Thanks to the degree of customization I now have I now feel much better having bows be in the map, and even having them as one of the main weapon types that the player can choose.

    The plan is to add more types of weapons over time to enhance player customization. For now, I'm just focusing on different melee, ranged, and magic weapons, but in the future it would be nice to have other different types like something based on redstone.

    To help balance these different types of weapons I was considering adding in a class system of some sort. Ideally, all weapons types of equal strength would have roughly around the same DPS over the length of a big combat encounter. The problem is that certain weapons put you up close to danger, making it so you are far more likely to take damage. That's where it would be nice to have melee classes take less damage than ranged/magic classes to help balance it out.

    Ultimately I decided against adding in the class system due to complexity, player freedom, and player expectations of what a class system should all encompass, whereas I just wanted a quick system to help balance things. Instead, I'm just planning on having the whole thing combined in with the player base system, which again will be like a "talent tree" at points. Most likely the very first thing you get will give you the choice between specializing between melee/magic/ranged weapons, and giving a damage boost for them. (and defense if melee) Hopefully, in the end, the player base system will be like a create your own class type of system.

    Lastly on a side note looking back on things regarding me making maps, I think I'm starting to learn that I really can't do too much system work at once. Any time I start working on systems for more than around 2-3 hours in a day (depending on how much thought/focus is required really) I generally notice myself procrastinating and burning out a bit.

    While working on the custom bow system I've definitely noticed this. I figured with my knowledge adding in my own bow system wouldn't be that hard, but then I kept hitting roadblocks after roadblocks and it became hard to stay organized and figure out what the best solutions to the different problems would be. As such I've been trying to limit my daily time spent working on the bow system, which is probably around a few days from being complete now.

    In contrast, any time I'm working on creating content (environments, dungeons, models and such) I notice things go far more smoothly and the hours can just kind of pass. Unfortunately, TRR as of right now is 90% system work, and 10% actually making content, which is probably the biggest reason for things being a bit slow right now. This is kind of just how game development goes though, it takes a long time to finally get the systems/tools setup enough to finally get things really going.

    That being said I think the best solution for me might be to start working on multiple different projects inside the map at the same time on a daily basis, with at least one being content focused. Normally I try to only work on one thing in a map at a time from start to finish before moving on to the next thing, so we will see how this goes. I think the core systems have progressed enough at this point to be able to do this too. My only worry might be if system work keeps piling up more and more, but hopefully that wouldn't be the case.

    Anyway I think that's about all for now

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    It's taking a bit longer than expected which I probably should have expected. Pretty much every new section of the tutorial dungeon I'm adding new systems or tweaking up existing ones so that they are setup for the rest of the map, which takes quite a bit of time and thought. Some notable recent developments:

    • Working on adding in new types of interactable objects into the environment. So far I have added in icicles & rope ladders, and I'm considering adding in breakable pots/crates at some point.
    • Icicles hang from ceilings and will fall either when they take damage or in some cases when you get close enough to them. If you are hit by them when they hit the ground you will take a small amount of damage. They also shatter any normal ice blocks they hit, opening up new pathways. They also provide a bit more ambience to cold environments.
    • You will also sometimes encounter a stack of ladders on the ground. When you click these they will begin to unfold downwards in a fashion that you might expect from a game like Paper Mario. They of course offer a safe descent and sometimes act like checkpoints.
    • The detection system has been updated to factor in line of sight and also sprinting. Now you can avoid being detected if you are behind blocks, even if you are right next to the enemy. Sprinting now increases the range in which enemies detect you by quite a bit, even in the direction that the enemy isn't watching. Oh also successfully hitting an enemy before it detects you will cause it to take double damage.
    • Similar to trying to make it so that items in their various forms all draw from one source for the sake of consistency and easy updatability, I've been working on doing the same thing with enemies. Summoned enemies from commands, spawners, pre placed enemies, and natural spawning enemies now all draw from one source.

    The next thing I'm currently planning on trying to do is a custom physics system. As in being able to pickup certain objects, like a special stone block, and have it hover in front of your character. You will then be able to click it again to drop it. Hopefully I'll be able to make it so you can throw the object some distance too. I haven't done this before so who knows what it will turn out like. The result could be some fun occasional Legend of Zelda like physics puzzles, and perhaps some tnt or other things you can pick up & throw at enemies. (or perhaps vice versa)

    After that and a couple other things I should be working on a mini boss fight, which again may require updating the boss system a bit. From that point I should be around 75% done of the tutorial dungeon.

    Quote from Trex1611»

    Hey, Mithey. Is the race system still planned for TRR? Just interested as you haven't mentioned it in any of your' update posts. Thanks in advance.

    Edit: Just watched the first teaser for TRR. I am blown away at how you've managed to change the base game. I'm also interested if there will be a way to craft items in bulk.

    Edit 2: Could we get a percentage based list on how far progress has been with TRR like the one you had before restarting development? I hope I haven't been annoying with how many questions I've asked recently. Once again, thanks in advance.

    I'm unsure if the race system will make it into the game, it's definitely going to be a future thing if anything. The finer details/systems of combat and it's balance in general will likely be fairly iterative in it's development.

    I'd say I'm over 1/2 way done with the tutorial dungeon. Past that I still have to setup the whole Village of Beginnings part, which is already built, just requires making lots of cutscenes.

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    The custom natural monster spawning system I started working on was a success. It was actually a fair bit more tricky to get it working in a good enough fashion than what I was expecting. It's tricky finding available spawn spaces in a complete random and efficient manner with no biases, but it seems to have worked out.

    I also updated the stability of the cutscene system, mainly in terms of multiplayer if people leave mid cutscene. The new 1.15 /spectate command unfortunately doesn't work in a way that I would like it to. While it makes cutscenes have way higher frames per second, it stutters once every second with the camera's movement and there doesn't appear to be a known way around it.

    The systems seem to be all finished for now, so I should be able to continue actually working on finishing the tutorial now until something else pops up. I am thinking of adding in a void difficulty again this time around though, with it being the same difficulty as hard mode outside of boss fights/encounters which will be significantly trickier.

    Quote from BlackCB_»

    Last month I played "a hole new world", it's so great! Thanks for your excellent creativity and efforts in making maps !

    "Terra Restore" series have made a huge influence in our Chinese comunity mcbbs.net, and I think your new map will also bring lots of inspiration to Chinese creators and map players. Unfortunately, the language barrier is there. So I would like to try my best to translate it into Chinese and post in mcbbs.net so that it would be more popular.

    Would you like to share this great work with us? I will never post in my name! And as a map creator, I will (may) be more professional to do this work ;)

    Sure, go for it. ^^

    Quote from Trex1611»

    Thanks for that, Mithey. An estimate is nice to have.

    Will the fishing system work the same as in Chunk Restore where fishing pools differed by region/zone, or are fishing pools going to be differed by area?

    Speaking of 1.15, will you have to wait for Optifine to update to it before you can release the first version of the map?

    Edit: I fully agree with the possible change to make a single massive map, rather than dividing the map into smaller "parts".

    Different areas will have their own fishing loot tables, similar to Chunk Restore. I might add in special stuff to fish up too only available at certain times of day, weather, or at specific locations in an area but that would be a future thing.

    The whole advancement/achievement thing that was in Chunk Restore isn't in TRR currently btw. I'd prefer to somehow integrate it into my custom menu system instead of using the Minecraft advancement system, but I've yet to look into that.

    Optifine is totally optional, and since all items now have a CustomModelData tag since 1.14 the only thing Optifine would add in is armor textures, and additional mob textures. I might end up recommending a certain Optifine shaderpack (Sildur's Enhanced Default) this time around too, but again would be totally optional and only if your computer could handle it.

    Quote from chippsterjones»

    Hello, sorry if this isn't the right place to post. I haven't played a Minecraft map in a few years now. I'm trying to download "A Hole New World" through twitch. I opened up the launcher, pressed play game, and it just crashed. I also tried to do the same thing without New World installed, and same result. I'd post the crash log, but I don't know how to compress it so that its not so massive. Can anyone help me out or refer me to someplace where someone can?

    No idea how the whole download through Twitch thing works. I'd just try downloading it the normal way, unzipping the world into your Minecraft saves folder, and then play. See https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorials/Map_downloads if you need to.

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    Quote from Trex1611»

    Nice to hear about progress on your' projects, Mithey. With Hytale being 2 years away, I fully understand why you've decided to develop TRR in Minecraft. I have a couple of questions though. Firstly, could you tell what major changes you've made with TRR when compared with the last post you made on it? Secondly, will there be any restoration events in the first version? Thanks in advance.

    It's pretty much the same idea as the last post I made on it. Though it might end up being one giant map instead of the map being split into multiple parts. I can't say for certain if there will be a restoration event or not in the first version yet. There will be something related to restoration, not really an encounter/event though.

    Quote from dazzle_cool»

    Hey,Mithey! God, I haven't seen you for so long! You sent a new map! This map deeply shocked me! This is a RPG game! I can't wait to show this map to more people! So... I want to move this map to mcbbs! I will use the download link of this website. Mcbbs is a minecraft Chinese Forum similar to minecraft forum. Can I do this?

    Terra Restore2:https://www.mcbbs.net/thread-771248-1-1.html

    You can use my maps on other language websites as long as you give credit, yes.

    Quote from Trex1611»

    Hey, Mithey. I'm wondering if you could give an estimate as to when TRR's first version will be released. I hope this doesn't come of as too pushy, I just would be interested you would be able to finish it before the end of the year.

    It won't be finished by the end of the year, and is probably at the very least at least a couple weeks still away. It has been a bit of a slow start, especially with it being December and all the system stuff to get through. I've been redoing/expanding/adding on more system related stuff such as:

    • Added in basic fishing system.
    • Added in cooking pot crafting station.
    • Added in custom item tag system, allowing me to specify categories for items and do stuff based off of it. Categories for example being fish, crafting materials, weapons, etc.
    • Further changed/updated the item system. More options have been added for me to directly link items in their various forms to their specific item file. Basically meaning the menu system now gets the items it displays directly from the item file, and likewise I can now directly /summon items from that function file. I'm trying to make it so that modifying the item function file makes it so that all items of that type in their various forms also get modified no matter where or what they are.
    • Changed it so that whenever a mob takes damage it will be displayed as floating damage text instead of on your actionbar.
    • Redid the custom enemy health system since it wasn't the best.
    • Currently working on redoing/updating the custom natural mob spawning system. Instead of depending on Minecraft's natural mob spawning system via replacing spawns that happen, instead I'm seeing if I can just add in my own spawn system all together. 1.15 added in a new feature where you can test for block light level so this is now possible. Which method will work out best in the end has yet to be figured out.
    • Bunch of other minor stuff.
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    Heya hey everyone, it's been a while, and it's time for a proper update on things. It's been an interesting year let's just say, and I've had plenty of time to think things over. I believe it's time for some things to change.

    This has been a rather difficult decision to make, but I am going to try to work on Terra Restore Reborn once again, and this time full time. I don't know how long I'll be able to last working on it full time, but I'll see what I can do about that with time. I can at least say I have more money now saved up than what I had back when I was working on Terra Restore 2. This has always been something I've wanted to work on, so time to give it a proper go.

    The map will be made on Minecraft. Hytale is far too out in the future than what I expected. And thinking of how much time I'd have to spend relearning how to make maps on there, building up another system, perfecting things, having to adjust the Terra Restore world, among other things just doesn't make it worth it. I obviously might still do something on Hytale at some point, but that's the future and likely well over a year away.

    It might be some time yet before the first release. I've actually went ahead and started over on the map again, however I am still using the old lobby and starting village. The map is still planned to be similar to what I've mentioned before though.

    Over time I've been working on building up a system to make better maps, and increase the options/flexibility I have. You can see a slightly dated version of this system in the A Hole New World map, which was actually kind of a nice test run. There are still some things I need to figure out and tweak with the system, which is the main thing I'm currently working on.

    Some notable differences between this system and the one used in A Hole New World:

    *Custom health system - Instead of using the normal Minecraft hearts the map will instead display your health via a boss bar at the top of the screen. The health system works almost identical to the normal Minecraft health system, while allowing for quite a bit more customization.

    Previously with enemy abilities I had to use different levels of the instant damage + resistance status effects, or arrows with different damage values, to actually damage the player since there is still no /damage command. This was always tedious to do to get the damage values right, especially while trying to balance different difficulties. On top of that the player could actually bypass the ability damage if they were currently immune to damage. (if you just got hit you're immune to damage for like 1/2 a second) This is no longer an issue and I can easily make an ability take away 10 health from you or whatever.

    *Spirit system - As mentioned before spirit is a new resource which is essentially mana. Abilities that you use require spirit to work. Spirit slowly regenerates over time, but also regenerates with each melee hit. Fury is not a system in this map.

    *New food system - Hunger has been removed from the game and you can no longer starve to death. You can now eat food at any point which will give you health regeneration. Eating more than one food doesn't stack that effect. How long the regeneration effect lasts and how much it heals is determined by the stats on the food. The current available food gives you regeneration for 30 seconds. Food is now meant to be more of a slow but long healing effect, where as your potion is meant to be a fast on demand heal. You will continue to heal over time regardless of if you eat food or not, but it will be noticeably slower without it.

    *Stamina system - Sprinting now depletes a new resource called stamina. Stamina is displayed where your Minecraft levels is normally at. On running out of stamina you physically can't sprint anymore until you regain enough stamina. This is to make combat a bit more tactical, and to potentially make the world slightly more immersive by slowing down the player a bit instead of having them sprinting everywhere all the time. It could also be used in different ways for racing minigames and such. This one is more so a bit of an experiment, so it might get removed in the future.

    *Better translation support - All text in the map is now located inside the resource pack. In previous maps I made it so you could probably get away without using the map's resource pack, but this time I'm having it as a firm requirement. (especially so that doesn't limit me)

    *Damage display system - Damage you deal and take now gets displayed.

    *Enemy health handling system - This one is a bit more technical, but I now have greater control over what happens when an enemy hits a certain amount of health. For example I can now easily make it so an enemy enters a "2nd phase" when it hits 1/2 health, or I can detect when an enemy has run out of health points and make it do something special on dying. I might even make it in the future so that if you stealth hit an enemy (hit it before it detects you) it does double damage, or stuns the enemy, or something.

    *Loot drops system - Again mostly more technical stuff, but I now have more options and ease of use over loot drops. One such thing being item drops now display their name over the item before you even pick them up.

    *Custom natural mob spawning system - I can specify what types of mobs can spawn, where, how many there are, and that sort of thing.

    There are a number of other differences too but you get the point. I'll probably get a video up at some point showing some of them off. I'm pretty happy with the system right now, I just need to clean up some things then I'll be back at working on the intro tutorial area. After the tutorial area bit I just need to setup a number of cutscenes introducing the story and world up to where you meet Vuco. From there it should be good for a small initial version release, and from there the actual open world development of the map will begin which I'm excited for. Anyway that's about all for right now at least. ^^

    Hey Mithey, will the coming 1.15 bug fix update help you out in any way on future maps with commands, or with world-building in general?

    I did notice a few things. Iron golems, slimes, and magma cubes now actually use their attack damage attribute, which was a pain back in the day. Also think I read you can now place blocks on top of farmland without breaking the farmland. And also the new spectate command looks amazing for cutscenes. Higher frame rate cutscenes, no more seeing other player's heads during them, and everyone can now share the same camera viewport which makes things a lot easier.

    Quote from canmeng0815»

    Your map "A Hole New World" is such amazing,but it's still a pity that many Chinese couldn't enjoy your map.So may I make a introduction to www.mcbbs.net?I'll write your username and your download link in the introduction.

    You can upload my maps to other language sites other than English if you want, just make sure you add credit.

    Quote from 1242953650»


    Can I use your map on a multiplayer server

    I think it deserves 5 stars!!!!

    I'll mark you as the author.

    Hope for your reply!

    Sure, go for it.

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    Heya hey, just a super quick update I uploaded a new map called A Hole New World here. It's an around 3 hour long adventure/RPG map inspired by a book called A Hole New World. If you run into and issues or anything just lemme know, and I hope you enjoy!

    It's nice to finally get another bigger map released. I'll try and get another map out there before the end of the month, but no promises :P

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    Be sure to use the correct Minecraft version or chances are high you will run into game breaking bugs!

    Main maps: These maps often have a lot of depth and length to them, as they often have 50 to 1000+ hours in development time. They also can be a fair bit challenging at times!

    A story/combat driven adventure map inspired by the book A Hole New World by PopularMMOs. It follows the story of Pat and Jen as they go on an adventure to try to rescue their friend Bomby, a creeper, and in the process discover a "hole" new world.


    Length: Roughly 3 hours of gameplay
    Players: 1-4 players recommended. 11 supported

    • Classes - Play as 1 of 4 different classes who all have their own stats and abilities
    • Cutscenes - Special animated cutscenes will play all throughout the map
    • Bosses - Bosses with custom abilities and other combat encounters are all throughout the map
    • Music - The map contains music by Vindsvept (https://www.youtube.com/user/Vindsvept) which is under a CC BY 4.0 License (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
    • Custom textures - A number of items including armor has custom textures
    • Shops - Collect gold and purchase items from Chuck to help you out on your adventure
    • Side quests - Help Sparky the wolf get rid of skeletons in the land
    • Leveling system - Find hidden lucky block items to level up and increase your stats
    • Loot - There is plenty of loot hiding to find
    • 7 areas total in length
    • The map was developed on and off over the course of a year, and is pretty advanced/unique


    This map requires:

    • Minecraft version 1.14.4 to play
    • Resource pack that comes with the map download (Named resources.zip in the world folder)
    • 5+ chunk render distance, if on a server the server view distance must be at 5+ instead (Use a server if your computer can't handle that high render distance)
    • If on multiplayer only use the normal Minecraft server JAR, LAN, or Minecraft Realms!
      • Other server software like Spigot will break the map!
      • If using the normal Minecraft server JAR you may want to give it slightly more memory to work with
    • Optifine recommended/optional for additional armor textures and better performance. Use the same version as the Minecraft version listed above. Optifine download: http://optifine.net/downloads

    • Download link: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/worlds/hole-new-world/files
      Alternative download link: https://www.minecraftmaps.com/adventure-maps/a-hole-new-world

      The resource pack should be automatically installed if playing on singleplayer. If on multiplayer, all players will have to download and install the resource pack manually the normal way. (http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorials/Loading_a_resource_pack for installation instructions) The resource pack should be named resources.zip in the map zip file.

      If you have any feedback, bugs, suggestions please let me know.

    Do not upload or mirror my map anywhere else, only use the link on this page


    Chunk Restore is an ever expanding and updating RPG full of bite sized chunk like content that you can go out and explore, restore and find the secrets of while progressing through a unique world


    Length: Roughly 2 hours of gameplay currently
    Difficulty: Has 4 different difficulty modes
    Players: 1-3 players recommended. 1-4 supported, 5+ semi supported.

    • Dungeons - Through out the world there are dungeons for you to try and conquer. Dungeons contain treasures and riches, parkour, puzzles, boss fights, events, traps, challenges, special/unique mechanics, variety and much more!
    • Boss fights and events - Dungeons often end with either an epic boss fight or event. They contains monsters with special abilities controlled by command blocks that the player must try and overcome.
    • Chunk sized variety content - The world is split into chunks and offer a variety of content to experience
    • Player town - As the player progresses throughout the map they will restore the land of a once peaceful city. People that the player meets on their travels will move into the town and you will unlock new features
    • Loot - There is tons of loot to go out and search for and collect, including custom weapons and armor with their own unique look
    • Overworld - Travel places you been to before quickly via the overworld
    • Updateable - Map updates don't cause you to lose any progress and are easy to install
    • Character leveling - As you progress through the map you will gain levels in a custom leveling system. Monsters you encounter will become easier as you level more.
    • Music - Each area has music attached to it so you can immerse yourself even more.
    • Custom models - There are a great degree of custom models and some textures through out the map including weapons, armor, some mobs, and environment detail!
    • Story - The story is about there being 5 different main factions in a world and the player must try and bring peace to them all. The story continues where Terra Restore 1 leaves off, though you don't need to play Terra Restore 1 or 2 to learn what is going on.
    • Seasons and time - To make the game feel like even more like a world there are seasons where the weather changes, and the grass and leaves turn color.
    • Multiplayer scaling - The whole map scales with the amount of players present
    • Adventure mode and keep inventory are both on
    • Difficulty options - The map contains 4 different combat difficulty modes and the option to have infinite lives during boss fights
    • Inspirations - The map is inspired by games such as World of Warcraft, Kingdom Hearts, Dark Cloud 2, Legend of Zelda, and Paper Mario!


    This map requires:

    • Minecraft version 1.12.2 to play
    • Resource pack that comes with the map download (Named resources.zip in the world folder)
    • 8+ chunk render distance, if on a server the server view distance must be at 8+ instead (Use a server if your computer can't handle that high render distance)
    • If on multiplayer only use the normal Minecraft server JAR, LAN, or Minecraft Realms!
      • Other server software like Spigot will break the map!
      • If using the normal Minecraft server JAR you may want to give it slightly more memory to work with
    • Optifine recommended for additional item/armor textures and better performance. Use same version as the Minecraft version listed above. Optifine download: http://optifine.net/downloads
      • Required optifine settings
        • Video settings -> Performance -> Fast render OFF
        • ALSO Video settings -> Quality -> Antialiasing OFF
          • If on, things that glow will turn purely white
        • Video settings -> Animations -> ALL ON
          • Particles are often used to telegraph enemy abilities, without this you won't be able to see such things
        • Video settings -> Quality -> Custom items ON
          • To see the additional custom textures
        • Video settings -> Performance -> Lazy chunk loading OFF
          • Area loading will sometimes take a lot longer if this is on due to it failing because not all chunks load right away

    NOTE: This map is currently in alpha which means you may run into bugs or other issues, please make sure to report anything that you run into here. In addition when Minecraft 1.13 comes out the map will transition into a beta and there will be some additional steps involved to update your map into beta form as 1.13 is going to break the map.

    Download link: http://adf.ly/1o2TdI

    The resource pack should be automatically installed if playing on singleplayer. If on multiplayer, all players will have to download and install the resource pack manually the normal way. (http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorials/Loading_a_resource_pack for installation instructions) The resource pack should be named resources.zip in the map zip file.

    If you have any feedback, bugs, suggestions please let me know.

    • Made soul sand look slightly more ominous in Aquaess Field area
    • Removed slowness effect from water in Lost Guardian Swamp area
    • Coco The 3rd is alive in the Old Tower Ruins and quite well! :P
    • Fixed spot in Lost Guardian Swamp area where you could jump off a tree and skip the dungeon
    • The song "Flight" (Overworld music) is now also victory music that plays after defeating a boss/event
    • Added cauldron teleport in the Lost Guardian Swamp area
    • Zombies and skeletons in Lost Guardian Swamp now only have thorns on challenge/void difficulty
    • Added in main quest advancement for Mistwood; Mistwood still of course isn't out yet
    • Added note on turning off antialiasing or you will get a messed up glowing effect like with fast render
    • If you die in a boss fight/event and have infinite lives enabled you will now be given the option to give up in chat
    • Nerfed golem speed slightly on easier difficulties in Lost Guardian Swamp event
    • Made Lost Guardian Swamp slightly easier on casual difficulty
    • Teleport crystals now have names as to where they teleport you to
    • Added some quick dialogue to the chicken in Aquaess Field
    • Fixed issue where if your spawnpoint was obstructed you would get sent back to the starting lobby
    • Fixed issue with enemy detection system not working for some people
    • In the Lost Guardian Swamp event made void zombies spawn less often on casual/normal/challenge difficulty
    • In the Lost Guardian Swamp event made void caster appear for slightly longer, especially on easier difficulties
    • In the Lost Guardian Swamp event fixed issue with how multiplayer scaling void zombies wouldn't die
    • In the Lost Guardian Swamp event fixed issue where if you died during swamp event with infinite lives enabled you would respawn outside of the event
    • In the swamp area made the barrier chest slightly easier to obtain
    • Fixed issue which caused you to lose all gold on death while on casual/normal/challenge difficulty
    • Issues relating to enemy detection system not working should be fixed on this version
    • Fixed map to be able to be uploaded with Realms
    • Added in new field and new dungeon area
    • Added in a few new types of items:
      • Recipe items
      • Material items
      • Potion items
      • Torches
    • Added in player ability system
    • Added in experience crystals
    • Added in new "elite enemies" who have a lot more health and have custom abilities
    • Added in new secrets advancements tab
    • Added in new fishing advancements tab
    • Added in world explorer achievement
    • Added in new custom 3D model hat
    • Added in slightly hidden unbreakable boots, leggings, and helmet to the existing areas
    • Added in "void spawnpoints":
      • On falling into the void you will be teleported back up to the nearest void spawnpoint
      • You probably won't die but will still take fall damage
    • Added in new "barrier chest"
      • Must kill certain enemies nearby to unlock chest
    • You now get a spawner breaking pickaxe early on
    • Enemy detection system has been updated:
      • Fishing rods can now pull enemies
      • Arrows and any type of damage in general can now pull enemies
      • Special things can happen on certain pulls
    • Season system updated slightly:
      • Apples now respawn instantly on season change
      • Apples now despawn if it is Winter
    • Level cap is now at level 10
    • Made combat a bit more strategic/tactical at parts
    • Improved the telegraphing of some abilities
    • Lots of bug fixes, nerfs, tweaks and optimzations
    • Keys will now be cleared from your inventory when you use them
    • The fireballs in airship event are now slower
    • Normal chests are no longer destroyed upon opening them
    • Some food has been buffed...
      • Apples buffed from 4 food, 2.4 saturation -> 5 food, 6 saturation
      • River trout buffed from 4 food, 2.4 saturation -> 5 food, 6 saturation
      • Angelfish buffed from 2 food, 1.2 saturation -> 4 food, 2.4 saturation
      • Goldfish buffed from 2 food, 1.2 saturation -> 4 food, 2.4 saturation
      • Coconuts buffed from 8 food, 4.8 saturation -> 6 food, 7.2 saturation
      • River Salmon buffed from 6 food, 7.2 saturation -> 6 food, 9.6 saturation
      • Slightly less food given in chests to compensate
    • Fish that you fish up now have a question mark icon upon reeling them in
    • Dye drop rate changed from 1% to 0.5%
    • Added glowing effect to armor stands in road area when you get near them since you can take the armor off them
    • Slightly nerfed zombie hp in airship event on higher difficulties
    • Made old tower slightly easier on casual mode
    • Made old tower parkour section a fair bit more forgiving
    • Fixed: Advancements "Completed: Old Magical Tower" and "Level 5 (current max)" not properly being given
    • Added enchanted legs/helm to chests hidden in Old Tower
    • Some other minor changes, balancing, and bug fixes...
    *First alpha released

    Do not upload or mirror my map anywhere else, only use the link on this page


    Terra Restore is a new CTM map for 1.8 that I began development in 1.6 and has the following features:
    Length: 15-30 hours of gameplay
    Difficulty: Easy for the first part of the map but gets progressively harder and more challenging
    Players: 1-4 players (1-2 recommended)

    • 5 unique, challenging, and well thought-out boss monsters which have abilities controlled by redstone and fully reset if you die
    • Bosses scale with the amount of players, up to 2 players
    • A custom upgradable base with farms, teleports, music and such
    • Restore the monument area to it's original state! You can find up to 16 Terra Restores located in chests in dungeons to use on the monument area to restore structures and bring life back to the land

    • Recipe system for 3 custom types of armors which have 4 tiers
    • Custom potion system to make potions more useful
    • Takes full control of the newest commands in 1.6-1.8
    • Beautiful and immersive music, every area has a song attached to it and so do bosses
    • A wide variety of beautiful environments including some outdoor areas
    • Partially inspired by many great games such as Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Zelda, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy, Rogue Legacy, and many more
    • Fantasy setting with some story elements and some cutscenes



    This map requires Minecraft 1.8.1 to play. It is suggested that you don't play with more than 16 chunk render distance.

    Download link:

    The resource pack should be automatically installed if playing on singleplayer. If on multiplayer, all players will have to download and install the resource pack manually the normal way. (http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorials/Loading_a_resource_pack for installation instructions) The resource pack should be named resources.zip in the map zip file.

    If you have any feedback, bugs, suggestions please let me know.

    In version 1.4-1.4.2 of the map
    •There is a bug that would randomly end the 4th boss fight and the first part of the 5th boss fight. To fix this issue do this:

    1) Go to the 4th boss fight and start it up
    2) /gamemode creative
    3) /give @p minecraft:command_block
    4) Place down two command blocks and copy and paste (highlight and ctrl+c to copy, ctrl+v in-game to paste) this into them and then power it:
    setblock 4341 200 48 minecraft:command_block 0 replace {Command:"testfor @e[type=Enderman]",CustomName:"@",id:"Control",LastOutput:"{\"extra\":[{\"translate\":\"commands.testfor.success\",\"with\":[\"Exiel\"]}],\"text\":\"[13:53:16] \"}",SuccessCount:1,TrackOutput:1b}

    setblock 4341 203 48 minecraft:command_block 0 replace {Command:"testfor @e[type=Enderman]",CustomName:"@",id:"Control",LastOutput:"{\"extra\":[{\"translate\":\"commands.testfor.success\",\"with\":[\"Exiel\"]}],\"text\":\"[13:53:16] \"}",SuccessCount:1,TrackOutput:1b}
    5) Repeat steps above for 5th boss but instead use these commands:
    setblock 3107 208 1843 minecraft:command_block 0 replace {Command:"testfor @e[type=Enderman]",CustomName:"@",id:"Control",LastOutput:"{\"extra\":[{\"translate\":\"commands.testfor.success\",\"with\":[\"Exiel\"]}],\"text\":\"[13:53:16] \"}",SuccessCount:1,TrackOutput:1b}

    setblock 3107 211 1843 minecraft:command_block 0 replace {Command:"testfor @e[type=Enderman]",CustomName:"@",id:"Control",LastOutput:"{\"extra\":[{\"translate\":\"commands.testfor.success\",\"with\":[\"Exiel\"]}],\"text\":\"[13:53:16] \"}",SuccessCount:1,TrackOutput:1b}

    In version 1.3 of the map

    •A few people are having issues with the battle area force field knocking them out even if all 4 beacons are disabled. From what I can tell so far this seems to be happening on multiplayer only, but at any rate here is a fix if you run into this issue...

    Run these commands:
    /scoreboard objectives add beaconsDisabled dummy
    and then
    /scoreboard players set TerraRestore beaconsDisabled 4
    If that doesn't work then run these while close to the final structure:
    /fill 2 2 -71 3 2 -71 minecraft:redstone_block
    /fill 2 2 -69 3 2 -69 minecraft:redstone_block
    /setblock 2594 107 -965 minecraft:redstone_block
    That should fix it, if it doesn't for some odd reason then you can resort to this but be prepared:
    /tp @a 2626 97 -1406
    •Part of the last Terra Restoration doesn't restore properly unless you set the render distance (or server view-distance) to at least 14 or higher
    •Parts of the map could be buggy in general if you set the render distance to 15 or less

    •Fixed a bug that would randomly end the 4th boss fight and the first part of the 5th boss fight
    •Fixed a keep inventory bug in 1.4. If you are on 1.4 then you can either upgrade the map to 1.4.2 or you can get to each boss, wait for the boss to be summoned in (during the 2nd boss you actually have to get to it), and die with nothing in your inventory. (The bug is only there for each first attempt of each boss)
    •Music now repeats by default!
    -You can disable the auto-repeat feature at any time using "/setblock 2 1 -78 minecraft:air". Like wise you can re-enable it with "/setblock 2 1 -78 minecraft:redstone_wire"
    •Hopper clocks in the map now should be fixed for good!
    •Bosses have received a pretty big update
    -All bosses now have health bars
    -All bosses now have multiple difficulty modes
    -Boss kill times
    -No longer should glitch out on death or player detection
    -Friendly fire is turned off for boss fights
    -Some bosses have had a few changes to them
    -Players can now view boss hints at any time
    -Now slightly scale to the amount of players present and not just up to 2 players
    •Certain special monsters ("mini-bosses", 5 in total) now have a redstone ability attached to them so they are not just a normal monster. Some now have some basic loot attached to them too.
    •New system in place that allows players to have the option to keep their inventory on death if they would enjoy the map more that way
    •The map now supports 5 chunk render distance, using anything lower could cause a few bugs here and there.
    •Knockback resistance armor now works properly
    •Modified a couple costs for base upgrades so the player can get some base upgrades earlier on
    •Added a few more trades for emeralds to make them more useful
    •Added around 30 set spawn points through out the map
    •Most area titles now only display once
    •Added ender chests in the Chambers of Valor for convenience
    •Some later on areas that were super swarmy in the past have been made slightly less swarmy
    •Potion of prowess has now been turned into a 24/7 effect that you get from killing the 3rd boss
    •Island area secret mini-boss's redstone has been improved and made less glitchy
    •Mining fatigue debuff reduced to level 1 instead of level 2 in the last two dungeons
    •A small part of the Tree of Yore dungeon has been nerfed slightly
    •Map chunks have been pre-loaded for 32 chunk render distance
    •Opening cut scene has been made slightly slower (for slow readers) and made more smooth
    •Changed a few signs around at the start of the map and made some more clear
    •Cloudsville ground teleports now teleport the player to the appropriate section instead of all leading back to the start
    •And a few more small changes

    •Added in some pointless, but quite fun stuff when you beat the map ;)

    •Fixed recipe armor attributes not stacking if you had multiple of the same type of armor
    •Added villagers to the recipe rooms that will make the items for you in case the systems bug out
    •Fixed bug where monsters spawned after the ending credits
    •Island area jump boost platforms also now give resistance
    •Added quick warp out of UHC area
    •Added in easy mode for all bosses which just decreases the boss's health by 30%
    •Added a hint system for the bosses which gives the players up to 3 hints per boss each time they die to it
    •Added in a command block to every boss's starting room in case the player wants to fight it again
    •Added slightly more lighting to various areas, mainly ones with darker blocks. Night vision potions can still be your friends in such areas
    •Removed bedrock blocking ladder exit in the island dungeon
    •Quick warps to the village added on the ground in Cloudsville if you fall and survive
    •Quite a few bug fixes, mostly with multiplayer and some tweaks such as:
    -The last boss's music was only being played to the nearest player and not everyone
    -The last boss only gave potions to the nearest player and not all
    -Jumping down the hole to start the second boss could sometimes kill the player from fall damage due to lag on servers
    -All boss titles were previously only being displayed to one player
    -A couple bug fixes with the 2nd boss
    •The most important hopper clocks have been moved to the spawn chunks so they "shouldn't" ever glitch out now and duplicate items and such.
    •Player should now start in survival mode and not have anything in their inventory or ender chest

    Do not upload or mirror my map anywhere else, only use the link on this page

    Official Soundtrack

    Terra Restore 2 is a massive new 1.9 map in a new type of sub-genre, an adventure/CTM hybrid styled map. The map mixes the best elements of an adventure map along with a CTM map into a truly unique and awesome experience. You will travel the lands of Nira with your friend Exiel (an enderman) as you try to help restore the land and bring peace to it once more among the three types of species - humans, animals, and monsters. The map mostly has you in survival mode to give you freedom on how you want to do things, however it also at times throws you into adventure mode to do various challenges and other things that you can't properly do in survival mode.

    If you want a map that breaks the mold of traditional maps and uses command blocks to a great degree to create awesome unique experiences then this is the map for you!


    Length: Roughly 11-14 hours of gameplay currently, 9/16 wools added
    Difficulty: Has multiple difficulty modes. Starts off fairly easy in the first couple of areas.
    Players: 1-4 players supported

    • Story - Fantasy setting with character development and animated cut scenes. The setting involves the 3 groups - humans, monsters, and animals trying to strive for equality and peace even though they are very different from each other. Some monsters don't like such an idea so unfortunately some conflict starts to arise. You travel through the world, called Nira, with your friend "Exiel" an enderman. Cut scenes can be skipped if you're not interested in story.
    • Boss fights and events - Each dungeon area either ends in a boss fight or an event. The boss fights contain powerful monsters which have extra abilities powered by command blocks, they also have multiple difficulties and are not easily abused/cheesed. The events throw an objective at you that you must complete such as defend a skeleton or survive for 3 minutes. All boss fights and events set you into adventure mode and fully reset if you die.
    • Restoration - You will find a terra restore (wool block) at the end of each dungeon. On placing terra restores on the monument you will slowly start to restore the land around the area back to life. NPCs will start to pop up and fill the areas.
    • Base upgrades - In addition to restoration, you can also upgrade your base with several things such as a disco dance floor, enchantment tower, kitchen, and more! Each of which has it's own practical use.
    • Challenges - Roughly mid way through each dungeon there will be a challenge area. The goal of each challenge area is simply to get to the chest at the end. Challenges like bosses/events set you into adventure mode and can contain some slight parkour, puzzles, time elements and the likes.
    • Music - Every area in the map has a song attached to it and so do the bosses. The music will help you immerse yourself even more into the map.
    • Minigames - Every town area has at least one minigame in it. If you manage to complete them then you will gain a cool prize!
    • Towns - Towns contain NPCs, inns, shops, and more. Hostile monsters don't spawn while in such areas so they are pretty safe. Towns serve as intersections for dungeon areas and are linked to the overworld.
    • Essence currency system - Each monster you kill gives you essence. Essence can be used to purchase upgrades for your base, buy items from shops, and more!
    • Overworld and horses - The overworld connects all the towns and areas together. To help you travel through out the overworld you get access to some horses. Even though the map contains an overworld, later on areas can't be accessed until you beat previous ones.
    • Keep inventory - You don't lose your items if you die, instead you lose some of your essence and all of your levels.
    • Rare gear - The gear in the map is often unbreakable and tricky to find. On leaving a dungeon area you are told how many of said items you have found and how many are in the area.
    • Custom ability monsters - The farther you get into the map, the more monsters you will run into which have more abilities than normal.
    • Player upgrades - Later on in the map you will start to unlock ways to upgrade your character with more strength, speed, regeneration, and health.
    • Uniqueness - This map is very unique in comparison to any other map out there currently. I constantly strive to innovate in the map and show you all what Minecraft is capable of. As such the map is both in 1.9 and uses command blocks to a great degree. It will have you constantly wondering what is next!
    • Multiplayer scaling - Some parts of the map scale very slightly with the amount of players present.
    • Inspiration - The map has been heavily inspired by games such as Legend of Zelda, World of Warcraft, and Dark Cloud!
    • And much more...

    •Massive gear system change. Gear is a lot harder to find, is often unbreakable, and scales quite steadily through out the map. Gear/items no longer drop on death.
    •Way better and more organized system for redstone, what this means is I can fill each area with dozens of tiny events, traps/ambushes, cool effects, and more with the magic of command blocks!
    •Essence is no longer a physical drop but rather a scoreboard objective which gets incremented for every mob you kill. Because of this and the gear system change inventory management is a lot better.
    •Terra Restores are no longer sponges but rather the wool blocks themselves.
    •NPCs will actually populate in the land that you restore.
    •You actually see the restoration happen now in front of your eyes.
    •The land that you restore can sometimes be useful instead of it sometimes being purely for chests.
    •New event and challenge system as described above.
    •No more long distance teleportation from area to area, however there is a overworld which connects the areas together and you get access to a horse quite early on.
    •Way bigger focus on the story this time with something generally happening in each area that you enter. Character development is very much a thing this time too and you will see that the setting has a lot more character to it.
    •No more recipe system in the Chambers of Valor but there might be "quests" and such in the future for powerful items.
    •This is a prequel to Terra Restore 1 so Exiel is with you and he is your best friend.
    •Intersections now fit into the world better and contain towns with minigames and shops and the likes, somewhat similar to Niraton. Areas connected to each intersection now have similar themes to each other, just different settings.


    This map requires Minecraft 1.9 to play. It is suggested that you don't play with more than 16 chunk render distance.

    6 Minecraft 1.9 bugs effecting Terra Restore 2:

    Feel free to vote for them so they get fixed quicker!

    This map will be released in "episodes". Each new episode will contain new areas and the areas from the previous episodes. In addition I will provide save files for new episodes so that you can keep kicking off where you left off while retaining an average amount of gear. Even though the map is somewhat early in development, the current areas are quite complete and it's still very much worth playing right now. Feedback that I get is also easier to implement now rather than later!

    Episode 1 - 4/16 areas of the map, the monument, and some other areas.
    Episode 2 - 7/16 areas of the map (3 new ones)
    Episode 3 - 9/16 areas of the map (2 new ones) Currently out.
    Episode 4 - 12/16 areas of the map (3 new ones)
    Episode 5 - 15/16 areas of the map (3 new ones)
    Episode 6 - 16/16 areas of the map (1 new one)
    Full Release - Any remaining issues are fixed and all areas are polished up
    Download link:

    Episode 2 World Save Download link (First 4 areas completed): http://www.mediafire.com/download/ib6x5jnh82n9wpy/Terra_Restore_2_-_v0.3.3_Alpha_Release_for_Minecraft_Version_1.9_-_4_areas_complete.zip

    Episode 3 World Save Download link (First 7 areas completed): http://www.mediafire.com/download/c3p3cunrcvk3a49/Terra_Restore_2_-_v0.3.3_Alpha_Release_for_Minecraft_Version_1.9_-_7_areas_complete.zip

    The resource pack should be automatically installed if playing on singleplayer. If on multiplayer, all players will have to download and install the resource pack manually the normal way. (http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorials/Loading_a_resource_pack for installation instructions) The resource pack should be named resources.zip in the map zip file.

    If you have any feedback, bugs, suggestions please let me know.

    • Map has been updated to Minecraft version 1.9!
    • Two new dungeon areas and a city have been added.
    • Chambers of Valor now contains all of the base upgrades.
    • New feature - player upgrades which will give you a 24/7 status effect.
    • -New potential upgrades unlock after beating certain intersections
      -4 current player upgrade categories: Speed, max health, regeneration, and melee damage
    • Horse upgrades are now tied in with the Chambers of Valor
    • Almost all cut scenes in the map are now on a new system which controls your camera/player movements and gives you the option to skip the scene and give you a summary.
    • Some new rare off-hand items have been added through out the world
    • New random loot chests have been added into the new areas.
    • -Completely random loot from custom loot tables
      -Most trapped chests are random loot chests
      -Trapped chests have a new graphic
      -New luck attribute; the higher your luck attribute the higher chance you have of getting good loot from chests and off of monsters from the new areas
    • Most weapons now properly display their total damage after enchants.
    • Bosses no longer have health bars due to loss of support for them to work in 1.9. (Mojang removed the "health" short variable tag)
    • The map should be less resource intensive
    • Each time you find a rare item you are told so in chat
    • When leaving dungeon areas you are now told how many treasures you've found and how many are in the dungeon. If you managed to find them all then you get a little bit of bonus essence.
    • Entering areas for the first time will now result in a quick scene to happen which just shows a couple parts of the area
    • Better language translation support. All /says, /tellraws, /titles, and /subtitles are now in spawn chunks in one single organized location
    • Tons of bug fixes
    • And more!
    • Three new areas have been added and much more...
    • Made it so you lose 20% of your total essence on death
    • -For dying in an event/boss you still only lose 15 in total
    • Reduced food by approximately 1/2
    • Bread shop price has increased to 20 in the monument area, and 25 in Mistwood for 10
    • Added a small side quest to Melissa in the first restoration. You can give her a poisonous potato in exchange for 50 essence and a golden apple.
    • Added extra map option - dialogue speed. You can now choose to increase the dialogue speed by 50% for most cut scenes.
    • Added extra map option - death penalty. You can now choose how much essence you lose per death. It can be 33%, 20%, or 10%.
    • Nerfed some purple items and a couple blue items very slightly because they had too many attributes on them
    • Reduced the amount of copies of gear for some items in the 2nd/3rd/4th areas
    • Some other small fixes

    Do not upload or mirror my map anywhere else, only use the link on this page


    Teaser Videos

    Teaser 10 (Treasure tracker and first time area intros)
    Teaser 9 (NPC animations)
    Teaser 8 (cut scene example)
    Teaser 7 (moving platform)
    Teaser 6 (ghast transportation)
    Teaser 5 (challenge)
    Teaser 4 (opening)
    Teaser 3 (minigame)
    Teaser 2 (event)
    Teaser 1 (random encounter)

    Sad Panda Adventures is a new map which involves riding different types of pandas while shooting enemies, manipulating the environment, and shooting chests you see to obtain loot. Get your bow ready for this one!


    Length: 30-60 minutes
    Difficulty: Has multiple difficulty modes
    Players: 1-4 supported

    Minecraft Version: 1.10

    • Rail shooter style map
    • 5 different levels to beat
    • Inspired by Pokemon Snap
    • You get to ride different types of pandas
    • 5 different panda classes in total, 4 of which need to be unlocked
    • Tons of loot to find in each level, with each level ending with telling you what you've yet to find
    • Multiple difficulties
    • Has custom music and custom models with the resource pack


    This map requires Minecraft 15w51b to play. 1.8 won't work.

    Download link:

    The resource pack should be automatically installed if playing on singleplayer. If on multiplayer, all players will have to download and install the resource pack manually the normal way. (http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorials/Loading_a_resource_pack for installation instructions) The resource pack should be named resources.zip in the map zip file.

    If you have any feedback, bugs, suggestions please let me know.

    Do not upload or mirror my map anywhere else, only use the link on this page


    Sad Panda Adventures 2 is a new cute rail shooter map which involves riding different types of pandas while shooting enemies, manipulating the environment, and shooting chests to obtain awesome loot! Get your bow ready for this one!


    Players: 1-4 supported
    Length: 45+ minutes

    Minecraft Version: 1.10.2

    • Rail shooter style map
    • 6 different levels to beat
    • Inspired by Pokemon Snap
    • You get to ride different types of pandas
    • 5 different panda classes in total, 4 of which need to be unlocked
    • Some story elements
    • Tons of loot to shoot for in each level, including custom model weapons, hats, and pandas!
    • Each level ends telling you how much loot in total you've found
    • Has custom music and custom models with the resource pack
    • Multiple difficulties
    • Around 200 hours in development


    This map requires Minecraft 1.10.2 to play.

    Download link
    Alternative download link

    The resource pack should be automatically installed if playing on singleplayer. If on multiplayer, all players will have to download and install the resource pack manually the normal way. (http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorials/Loading_a_resource_pack for installation instructions) The resource pack should be named resources.zip in the map zip file.

    If you have any feedback, bugs, suggestions please let me know.

    Do not upload or mirror my map anywhere else, only use the link on this page


    A new small adventure map where you control a chicken that wishes they could one day fly and get off the floating island they were born on. The map contains some story, puzzles, parkour, combat and bosses!


    Players: 1-4 supported
    Length: 60-90 minutes

    Minecraft Version: 1.9.4

    • Story - You control a chicken in the map that wishes they could one day fly and get off a floating island that they were born on. The story and dialogue is quite simple and easy to read.
    • Three boss fights with custom abilities, health bars, and multiple difficulty modes.
    • Ruby gem collectables; every 4 you collect will make your character stronger! 12 in total hidden in the map - 4 on each floor.
    • Custom music, models, and sound effects with the resource pack
    • Some parkour elements that will have you using your flap ability to stay in the air for a couple of seconds
    • Some puzzle elements through out the map
    • Multiple difficulty modes
    • Whole map scales slightly with the amount of players present
    • Inspired by games/maps like Legend of Zelda, Herobrine's Mansion map, World of Warcraft and more!


    This map requires Minecraft 1.9.4 to play, 1.8 won't work.

    download link
    Alternative download link

    The resource pack should be automatically installed if playing on singleplayer. If on multiplayer, all players will have to download and install the resource pack manually the normal way. (http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorials/Loading_a_resource_pack for installation instructions) The resource pack should be named resources.zip in the map zip file.

    If you have any feedback, bugs, suggestions please let me know.

    Do not upload or mirror my map anywhere else, only use the link on this page


    Control a bear through a small adventure map which contains some story, puzzles, parkour, and combat!


    Players: 1-4 supported
    Length: 40-60 minutes

    Minecraft Version: 1.10.2

    • Story - You control a polar bear who is out fish hunting with their dad when suddenly something happens. The story and dialogue is quite simple and easy to read.
    • One boss fight with custom abilities, health bar, and multiple difficulty modes.
    • Ruby gem collectibles: every 4 you collect will make your character stronger! 8 in total hidden through out the map.
    • Custom music, models, and sound effects with the resource pack.
    • Some parkour elements that will have you using your dash ability to dash across gaps.
    • Some puzzle elements through out the map.
    • Multiple difficulty modes.
    • Map scales slightly with the amount of players present.


    This map requires Minecraft 1.10.2 to play.

    download link
    Alternative download link

    The resource pack should be automatically installed if playing on singleplayer. If on multiplayer, all players will have to download and install the resource pack manually the normal way. (http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorials/Loading_a_resource_pack for installation instructions) The resource pack should be named resources.zip in the map zip file.

    If you have any feedback, bugs, suggestions please let me know.

    Do not upload or mirror my map anywhere else, only use the link on this page


    Ice Boat Madness is a new map which involves gliding over ice while riding a boat in a race against your friends while also using power ups against them! Get your friends ready for a blast!


    Players: 1-8 supported (the more the better as the map is intended for multiplayer)

    Minecraft Version: 1.9.2

    • 5 different big racing tracks!
    • 10 different power ups to collect and use on your friends!
    • Inspired by Mario Kart
    • Leader boards to see who is the top racer
    • Ability to customize what power ups are used
    • Custom music and sound effects
    • Custom boat textures
    • Bonus challenge modes
    • Bonus boat spleef mode


    This map requires Minecraft 1.9.2 to play, 1.8 won't work.

    Map download link
    Alternative download link

    The resource pack should be automatically installed if playing on singleplayer. If on multiplayer, all players will have to download and install the resource pack manually the normal way. (http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorials/Loading_a_resource_pack for installation instructions) The resource pack should be named resources.zip in the map zip file.

    If you have any feedback, bugs, suggestions please let me know.

    Do not upload or mirror my map anywhere else, only use the link on this page


    A scary finding/puzzle type of map where you have to sneak into your neighbor's house while avoiding being detected! Heavily inspired by the game Hello Neighbor.


    Players: 1+
    Length: 10-25 minutes

    Minecraft Version: 1.11.2

    • Scary horror/finding style map
    • Sneak into and explore your zombie neighbor's house and try not to get caught
    • Some small puzzles
    • Heavily inspired by the game Hello Neighbor
    • Custom advanced zombie mechanics/AI...
    • Uses custom path finding to occasionally go from one room to another in the house
    • Opens/closes doors
    • Breaks windows
    • Becomes aware of the player's position if they make too much sound or sprint
    • Set traps
    • And more!


    This map requires Minecraft 1.11.2 to play.

    Download link
    Alternative download link

    The resource pack should be automatically installed if playing on singleplayer. If on multiplayer, all players will have to download and install the resource pack manually the normal way. (http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorials/Loading_a_resource_pack for installation instructions) The resource pack should be named resources.zip in the map zip file.

    If you have any feedback, bugs, suggestions please let me know.

    Do not upload or mirror my map anywhere else, only use the link on this page


    Remember the old survival beta Minecraft 404 challenge? It has returned once more in this map with some new features, while also keeping some old mechanics!

    What is the 404 challenge? It was a challenge created by Neoxx that came into existence 5 years ago when world seeds first came out. It involved putting in 404 as the world seed for a survival world, gathering resources on the surface, and then when night time hit delving deep into a treacherous cave hidden below a patch of gravel. When in the cave you would try and survive for as long as possible while completing achievements, never returning to the surface ever again. You only had one life to work with - when you died it was game over. Using torches in the challenge is banned, meaning lighting up caves is a lot more trickier.

    In this map you will get to re-experience what it was like caving in Minecraft beta once more! There is no hunger bar, no sprinting, food instant heals you, no swing timings with swords, no shields, and there is no enchanting tables in this. The cave system you will experience is not at all like the ones that you are used to, there are holes everywhere in the floor and in the ceiling, and there are twists and turns around almost every corner! This is caving before it became incredibly easy like it is today. You better become brave and think logically for this one, as you can easily die especially on harder difficulties.

    There have also been a number of small features added in to keep the challenge fresh...


    Players: 1+, multiplayer fully supported
    Length: However long you survive for unless you somehow manage to conquer everything (re-extract the world zip for multiple attempts)

    Minecraft Version: 1.10

    • Experience the 404 challenge once more, now updated to 1.10 while keeping most of the old mechanics!
    • Secrets - I added 10 small secrets through out the cave, some being good things, and other things being bad!
    • Customize - You can change many aspects of the challenge including how many lives you have, and whether you want certain beta/new features or not
    • More natural monster spawns - One of the options allows you to modify how many monsters naturally spawn in the cave. You can have the default Minecraft number of monsters (80ish), the beta-like number of monsters (140ish), or even go all the way up to 500 monsters at once if you want a very difficult challenge!
    • Achievements - There are a number of achievements you can work towards as you try and conquer the cave.
    • Resource pack - Most of the old textures for blocks/items, and sounds are back in the game again. There is also some very spooky cave music which occasionally plays to keep you tense! The resource pack comes with the world file.
    • Multiplayer support - Grab as many friends as you need to keep yourself sane in the caves and even try a harder difficulty than you're comfortable with! No need to try and figure out how to set up a beta server.


    This map requires Minecraft 1.10.0 to play

    download link
    Alternative download link

    The resource pack should be automatically installed if playing on singleplayer. If on multiplayer, all players will have to download and install the resource pack manually the normal way. (http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorials/Loading_a_resource_pack for installation instructions) The resource pack should be named resources.zip in the map zip file.

    If you have any feedback, bugs, suggestions please let me know.

    Do not upload or mirror my map anywhere else, only use the link on this page


    Older maps: These maps are ones that are fairly old, and are sometimes not necessarily the best examples of what my maps are like and capable of.

    War of Bones (Strategy) (1.8.8): http://www.minecraftmaps.com/pve-maps/war-of-bones
    Emberforge Keep (PvE) (Snapshot 15w45a): http://www.minecraftmaps.com/pve-maps/emberforge-keep
    Winterhold Arena (Arena) (Snapshot 15w45a): http://www.minecraftmaps.com/pve-maps/winterhold-arena
    Tales of Nira 1 (Boss) (1.8.1): http://www.minecraftmaps.com/pve-maps/tales-of-nira-1-battle-front
    Tales of Nira 2 (Boss) (1.8.1): http://www.minecraftmaps.com/pve-maps/tales-of-nira-2-winter-frost
    Tales of Nira 3 (Boss) (1.8.1): http://www.minecraftmaps.com/pve-maps/tales-of-nira-3-demyx-boss

    Most Recent Mapping Related Video


    If you enjoy my maps and want to support me in being able to continue doing this full time then feel free to donate! I can't continue to do this full time without support.

    Video from Patreon:

    Basically you can choose to support me by giving money to me on the 1st of each month, in return you can get access to certain rewards and can help me reach certain goals! ^^

    If you want to donate to me directly for some reason or want to do a one time only donation you can do so here - https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_donations&business=ZD8RRR2MXESV2&lc=CA&item_name=Mitheys Maps¤cy_code=USD&bn=PP%2dDonationsBF%3abtn_donateCC_LG%2egif%3aNonHosted If you use this however you won't get Patreon rewards unless you private message me.

    All the lovely music in my maps have been created by the following people:

    Images for thumbnails and what not:

    Transparent Terra Restore 1 image - http://i.imgur.com/BwWs506.png
    Transparent Terra Restore 2 image - http://i.imgur.com/ffvBY5b.png

    Video permission:
    Feel free to do videos on any of my maps, videos are normally the best kind of feedback I can get while developing maps! Please try and put a link to the map's forum page in your description if you can though, and if the map is in alpha/beta then try to mention that fact once. ^^

    Music permission:
    I got permission from all the artists to both use their music in my maps and for people to be able to do videos of themselves playing the map. (and even monetize their videos, even with the artist's music playing in the background while they are playing the map) If YouTube ever decides to flag one of your videos because of a certain song in one of my maps then let me know right away!

    If you ever plan on putting music in your maps then make sure you ask for proper permission and credit them! ;)

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    posted a message on [Collection] Mithey's Maps ~ Terra Restore and More!

    Heya hey everyone, warning here comes a pretty big post. I've been doing a fair amount of thinking and decision making and here is where I'm at so far...

    Here is what "I would like" to happen in Terra Restore Reborn. This might change a bit, (especially note later on part of this post) but here is what I'm currently thinking

    Terra Restore Reborn design plan

    Map Scale
    • Map will be split into multiple maps in a series
    • Each one around 5ish hours of main story gameplay
    • Each one around 5-15ish hours of additional content - Side quests, farming, exploring, hidden dungeons, etc.
      • Note: I'll likely be making it so you can't just do the main story; as in if you tried you would run into a ton of difficulty. (or I might just have certain level requirements or something) The goal would be to have around 50% of the additional content be essentially "mandatory". You can of course pick and choose what bits of additional content you want to do

    Player Base & Restoration

    One of the core pillars of the maps will be to survive, restore, and grow the lands of Nira. Inside the map you will find a town long since destroyed. While trying to survive you and the other main characters will discover the location and decide to call it your home. With the help of the other characters you will slowly restore the location, and grow it into a place that others will slowly populate

    The player base system as a gameplay concept will be almost identical to a talent tree in a RPG, but is way more visual, unique, and has more depth to it. As you restore and grow the location you will unlock:
    • Recipes
    • Shops
    • Material items
    • Weapons/armor
    • Key items
    • Traits
    • Quests
    • Farms
    • ...

    There will likely be two different types of individual destroyed structures, let's call them major and minor structures for now:
    • Major structures - Can only be restored with terra restore items. (which will be rewarded during parts of the main story questline) Rewards from these will likely be greater than the minor structures
    • Minor structures - Can only be restored with essence (currency) and different material items that you come across. Some of these, or maybe all of them, might come in the form of upgrading the different components inside an already existing structure (ie: upgraded blacksmithing station) rather than a whole structure in itself

    Additional structure restoration properties:
    • Choice - You will sometimes have a choice as to what you want to restore at a location
    • Requirements - Certain structure restorations would require other structures
    • Triggers/secrets - Things out in the world that unlock new possible base restorations/upgrades

    Things to help incentivize coming back to the player base and making it feel more alive:
    • Player base events - Invasions, fun holidays/events could happen, NPCs could bring up something special to you, special shop deals, etc.
    • Farms - Different resources (food, material items, ...) will be generated over time. This time I'll try and make such things more worth it

    I suppose all around the player base might end up more like some sort of Terraria or Stardew Valley type system

    World, exploration, challenges, secrets, and items

    One of the core pillars of the maps is going to be exploration, challenges, and secrets. This is necessary in helping the player become more connected to the world and to have an enjoyable experience

    Open world - The map will have more focus on the overworld and adding different types of content to it. The overworld will actually connect with dungeons this time, instead of just towns. There will still be "area locks" at times, so it won't be 100% open world. However the player will definitely have a lot more freedom and I will try to encourage to go out and explore and see what you can find. Exploring and finding secrets or challenges has been something I've always found quite enjoyable in games, and I know I've gotten a fair amount of positivity from doing such things before

    World Restoration - Similar to player base restoration, you might come across small things you can restore in the world. Each one might have different requirements to be restored. Some might require essence + material items, some might start an encounter on you, while others might require you to search and collect a number of special type of essence nearby in a challenge fashion. The rewards would be similar to the player base restoration, but could also be things like shortcuts, hints, paths to new connected areas, and helpful features for the immediate surrounding area

    Crafting - Out in the world you will sometimes encounter hidden crafting stations or recipes. For the exchange of certain material items and/or essence you will be able to use them to craft something. Recipes you can take with you, where as crafting stations are stationary and can only be used at the location they are in

    Material items will often come from monsters, chests, bosses, farms, sometimes shops, and among other things

    Some of the best gear will come from crafting, as not only do you have to find a recipe or crafting station, you also need to find the material items and/or essence for it. Some of such items could even be made difficult to obtain

    Gathering - Out in the world you will be able to find various items through mining, fishing, farming, and foraging

    Dungeons - Dungeons will often be made in almost a labyrinth/exploration design with some "lock and key" challenges throughout. Think of the dungeons in Chunk Restore essentially. Bigger dungeons will be instanced off from the rest of the world, where as smaller ones will often be inside the overworld itself. Dungeons will contain the normal monsters, loot, encounters, etc. type thing, with a greater emphasis on different types of challenges that you might come across rather than mostly just spawner spam like in Terra Restore 2

    Towns - Roughly will be like the towns I've always done. Likely will contain shops, npcs, quests/story, minigames, etc. Only difference is I might try and make the towns more compact in size instead of having everything so spread out and big

    Story changes/additions

    Note: Some small spoilers here in reference to stuff early on in the map and the setting as a whole

    In Terra Restore 2 the main character was essentially Exiel, and to a much smaller extent Vuco also. In Terra Restore Reborn there will be 4 main characters total - Exiel, Vuco, Domo, and Lini

    Exiel - As you no doubt know is an Enderman who happens to be your best friend. He happens to be fairly lighthearted, and trusts others pretty easily. He often goes around calling people friend and will try and defend them to the best of his ability. He sometimes likes to prank people for fun. One of his flaws is he sometimes fails to take things seriously or notice when something actually bad is happening. His primary proficiencies are linked to charisma and spirit. As an enderman he hates water, and also knows how to be intimidating making his enemies run away in fear

    Vuco - Is a special type of villager, one that was born with magic abilities. She was born in Cloudsville where she studied magic to a great degree and gained the title "Goddess of Restoration". She now wanders the world in hopes to help out the people in the world. She is a strong willed person who happens to be very wise. She goes around calling you and the other main characters "Heroes" by title. One of her flaws is despite her powers being great she often has troubles concentrating and using them to the degree she needs while out in the world. Her proficiencies are linked to wisdom, magic, and spirit. As being a special type of villager she knows how to fly to a certain extent and has some magical powers

    Domo - If you have a really good memory, is the villager at the start of Terra Restore 2 who blasts you off in his cannon. He is someone who is a bit more serious and devoted to his craft. He is an engineer with an explosives specialization. He and Bob (one of the first zombies you meet) studied together long ago before they went different routes, with Bob specializing in redstone. He helped create the Village of Beginnings by carving out paths and places to build with his explosives. One of his flaws is he can often be a bit short tempered, and may resort to blowing something up to relieve stress. He is fairly knowledgeable of the world and often has insight to share on it. His proficiencies are linked to intelligence, and creativity/innovation. As a villager he believes hard work will pay off in the end

    Lini - Is a brand new character to the world. She is an extremely rare special creature, being part chicken and part dragon. (A cockatrice essentially) She lost her family long ago and is on a constant search to try and find them again. She can be a bit of a coward at times, but she has a strong heart and tries when needed. In various ways she is similar to Vuco. Although she has wings she has barely learned how to fly properly. Being part animal and part mythical creature she has a strong sense of when danger is near, and also knows some degree of magic. Her proficiencies are linked to dexterity, sensing, and magic

    As far as setting goes, Vuco early on in the map realizes she can't do what she hopes to achieve alone. Upon noticing and observing you and the others she makes a difficult decision to share part of her powers with you all. Meaning in the map you, Domo, Lini, Exiel and Vuco all have some restoration powers. You all end up working together in attempts to restore the world, which is where the various adventures begin

    Unlike previous maps The Void will take a much more present threat to the world. They seek to cause chaos and destruction of the world, and are often in the back in the shadows trying to manipulate groups of people to do what they want

    In a fair amount of ways the story will still be pretty similar to Terra Restore 2, just with more depth to it and better pacing

    Character progression & customization, and combat

    This is something very complicated and tricky to get right I feel. It's also very easy to go overboard in certain areas. As such these things may change, but here is what I'm thinking currently for character progression...

    Leveling system - As you explore the land and complete objectives you will gain experience and ultimately level up. The leveling system has a few reasons for existing. For one certain things in the world will have minimum level requirements, whether that be gear, quests, or whatever. Another reason is it is another reward I can give out to incentivize exploring. And not only that it's a special type of reward that doesn't get "replaced" once you find something better like a weapon. On leveling up you will gain a small amount of strength and defense, and perhaps some other stats

    Player base system - As already mentioned before, is essentially kind of like your talent tree, unlocking different traits and options for you

    Race system - I'm considering having it so that you can choose your race, which influences what your base stats are like - Perhaps a zombie/monster race might have slightly higher strength, where as a chicken/animal race might have slightly faster speed. Perhaps on some rare pieces of gear you might get a bonus if you are a certain race, or perhaps other small things in the world could change slightly depending on what you are. This choice would be locked in from the beginning. This system alone is pretty simple to add, and also to balance to a good enough degree

    Weapon system - You will be able to equip either 2 or 3 weapons at once. Weapons will of course have differences in enchants, damage, attack speed, etc. They will also sometimes have custom abilities attached to them that you can right click to use. Weapons with abilities take spirit to use

    Spirit - New resource which is essentially mana. Slowly regenerates over time. Can regenerate even faster by hitting enemies, or having certain items/traits/etc.

    Stat balance system - A custom stat balancing system which will be very important in making the map an enjoyable experience and for things to feel rewarding. These stats redo the scaling behind normal Minecraft attributes. A weapon with 10 strength might hit for 10 damage in one area, but in a higher level area it might only hit for 1. The system in essence makes it so that stats are not linear, as in if your strength is close to the enemies defense then each point of strength helps you a lot. However if the enemies defense is way higher than your strength then each point of strength would do very little. This system is already in place in the form of strength and defense, although I'm considering adding agility (movement speed and maybe attack speed) to the list in some form (probably a comparison between armor+weapon "weight" vs. agility)

    Bows & arrow limit - If I do have bows in the map then you will only be able to carry a certain amount of arrows at once. Arrows can be found through various means, such as hidden in chests in dungeons. This makes using the bow more strategic and less cheesy

    That is roughly what I would "like" to do with Terra Restore Reborn, not all of that is guaranteed to happen or remain unchanged. The main considerations/worries I have from the above comes down to map scale and gameplay focus. Is everything there worth developing? Should I change/add/remove anything? And what part(s) of the map should be the primary focus to receive the most attention?

    To make it simple, Terra Restore Reborn has 5 different core elements:

    • Story
    • Dungeons
    • Player base
    • Towns
    • Overworld

    With that in mind you can then think what would the map be like if you add to/change/remove those elements. Also keep in mind that changing/removing one of those elements could result in more attention/focus/additions into the other elements

    Some changes that I've thought of that "could" happen include:

    • Remove the "main" storyline as a whole - Just have the storyline be about exploring and living in the world with the same setting, and experiencing the different mini stories happening out in it. Everything else will likely be the same as before. Would give the player more freedom on what they want to do whenever they want to. Also makes it so I'm not trapped into developing around a main story and essentially gives me more freedom too. Also adds to the maps replayability value
    • Remove the storyline as a whole (not just the main storyline) - World revolves around your base that you expand, and also going adventuring into dungeons and the world itself. Towns may or may not still exist in the world. The story is essentially what you make it. Different characters will still be in your base that will do different unique things. Map would likely start at the player base right away. This option is very much like Terraria
    • Change the map to be standalone and not a series - And reduce the scale of the map to be done in 1-3ish years. Makes the project even more manageable
    • Change the map to be more focused on actual gameplay inside the player base - Map would be more focused on setting up farms, upgrading them, finding secrets, participating in events, interacting with NPCs and the environment in general, leveling up different profession skills, unlocking things, etc. I'd try and balance a good mix of player base gameplay and actually going out and exploring a bit and conquering dungeons. Would likely be no towns outside of the player base itself. This option is very much like Stardew Valley
    • Remove the player base - Towns would still be out in the world, and things would still be available to restore. Would likely result in more focus on the overworld and towns themselves. Perhaps there would still be areas that the player could set up a base at in survival mode with nothing special to them
    • Remove overworld, towns, and story - An extreme option, all there would be is the player base and one big massive sprawling dungeon. While exploring the dungeon you would find teleporters/checkpoints to quickly get around. This option would shape the gameplay to essentially be all about dungeons and not much else
    • No big changes - Continue the normal plan

    I'm sure you get the point by now. Removing/changing the elements of the map could not only change the scale of the map, but also change the amount of focus each one gets, and the amount of time you will be spending with each. Some of the changes are obviously more drastic than others too

    I'm still not 100% sure what option I'm going to go with. I'd like to have a map with all of those things, but should I? From a personal perspective I'd say from greatest to least in terms of focus should be dungeons > overworld > player base > story > towns. I'm very much considering going with both the "remove the main storyline as a whole", and "change the map to be standalone and not a series" options. This would reduce the scale of the map greatly, while giving me and the players more freedom, while adding to the replayability value, and while keeping the map still Terra Restore like. Feel free to lemme know what you think though!

    Until I feel ready to go crazy with Terra Restore Reborn, and have my plan good to go I'm going to be tackling side projects. Unfortunately that aquatic survival map idea is not going to happen as I quickly started to see how big it was getting. (One of the reasons why I started thinking about the scale of TRR in comparison) I could of course lower the scale of the map, but I think a different project would be better suited for the time being:

    Single simple dungeon map (kind of like Chicken's Courage)

    • No overworld, player base, story, or town - Just a straight up single decent sized dungeon
    • Purpose of map is to get back into the swing of things. Also to test out different ideas and systems that I'm thinking of using in TRR
    • Estimated development time for map will be 2-4 weeks. Would like to have 3 different special encounters in total like Chicken's Courage

    That is the plan for the time being, we will see what I plan on doing after that. Just updating TR2 to 1.13 (not adding anything new) is a possiblity afterwards. Or maybe even a small map based on an "overworld" alone - exploring, gathering, and encountering different things. I'm still not sure how I feel about starting Terra Restore Reborn until Hytale comes out. Once I get access to Hytale there might still be around a month until I start just to gain perspective on Hytale as a whole and learn how it works. If anything for now I'll just keep planning until that point comes and messing with smaller maps

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    posted a message on [Collection] Mithey's Maps ~ Terra Restore and More!

    Heya hey everyone, some more quick news here

    So I've been working on the mini Terra Restore aquatic map idea, and so far working on the map has been quite nice and refreshing. It's made me look into the different components of my idea for Terra Restore Reborn to a greater degree and given me some new perspective. Especially perspective on the scale of the map idea, and Terra Restore 1 & 2 & Chunk Restore in general. I think I really need to look into the scale and pacing of the map and the series as a whole

    Over the past few days here I've actually paused working on the Terra Restore mini aquatic idea. I'm instead currently focusing on re-evaluating essentially everything in my Terra Restore Reborn plan. I don't have things 100% figured out quite yet, and it's going to take a bit to figure it out, but I'm considering making some pretty big changes. Changes such as removing or changing systems entirely, possibly splitting the map into multiple maps, (and maybe making the first part on Minecraft right now) changes to the map "formula" as a whole, possibly taking the map in a different direction, etc. I'm really trying to think of what I want the map to be like while mindfully paying attention to the scale of it in the process. Definitely not an easy task to think through and there is lots to think about. I have been working way more consistently here again at least, so I'll try and give an update here soon on what I'm thinking

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    posted a message on [Collection] Mithey's Maps ~ Terra Restore and More!

    Alrighty I have a fairly difficult decision here to make, so feel free to throw your opinion my way. I'm considering either making a Terra Restore Mini aquatic survival style map, or updating and finishing Terra Restore 2. Before you jump to a conclusion though here are the details and some of the pros/cons of each:

    Finishing Terra Restore 2:

      • Risky
        • My best guess is it will take around 115 'good' work days to finish the map. I estimate updating the map to 1.13 will take roughly 22 days to do, with around 10 hours spent updating each area. From there I would add in the expanded overworld, the new town, 3 dungeons connected to the town, and then 1 final dungeon totaling 13 dungeons. (not 16) Expanding overworld and adding a new town would take around 10 days, first 2 new dungeons 18 days each, 3rd new dungeon 21 days, and final dungeon + ending 25 days
        • The 115 days is just an estimation, it could take longer. I could also try and force due dates for things without trying to sacrifice quality any if needed
        • I may not be able to add everything that I would normally like to
        • Hytale could go into beta during the middle of working on the map. While no one really knows when it will happen, around 2 months ago they posted a blog saying they were pretty confident the beta won't launch within the next few months. Which means in around a month it will be past that few months mark, meaning it's possible that it could come quite soon after. I also may or may not be getting an early beta version with some other people before the majority. If the beta comes and I'm at the final dungeon then I'll probably finish the map anyway, otherwise I may call it quits there
      • Map will be updated to 1.13 and put on a new system
        • Allowing players to play the map on Realms with friends
        • Allows me the option to maintain the map fairly easily with future Minecraft updates
        • Allows me the option to come back to the map in the future if I wanted to change/add something for some reason
        • Existing bugs in the map will be squashed
        • New system features such as:
          • Proper save/load system
          • Way less lag - Map will have almost no command blocks or redstone after
          • Leveling system (if I choose to implement it) which makes your character gain higher stats on leveling up
          • Ability system (if I choose to implement it and have time to create abilities) which gives players custom abilities that they can find and use
          • Detection system which makes it so I can have enemies pre-placed around the world which will become active on getting close
          • New strength/defense scaling system - Making it so each new piece of gear is more significant and useful

    • Makes it so the map is actually finished (assuming I have time to finish it)
    • Might be something you all would enjoy more
    • Lastly as the majority of time will be spent updating the map and creating new areas I won't be able to experiment much with new systems, add additional things in general, or change existing things up in any major way that I might of liked to do

    Creating Terra Restore mini aquatic exploration survival open world style map:

    (Either calling it Terra Restore Mini or Terra Restore Survival most likely btw)

    • Safe
      • Due to the world being open and not heavily story or goal driven I can way more easily call it quits or wrap it up quickly if needed
    • Allows me to experiment with new systems to a greater degree
    • Helps me to better prepare for Terra Restore Reborn
    • Can be something new and fresh
    • Less demanding option of the two
    • Open ended - I can come back in the future and expand the world as I want. If let's just say Hytale does take off and I work on Terra Restore Reborn there, then this map might be a small thing I occasionally come back to Minecraft to work on, especially as new Minecraft updates come out

    For the time being I'm working on the mini aquatic Terra Restore map, but I will try and make a decision here within the next few days as to which one I will fully go after

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