About Me

Hey y'all! Super huge nerd here for the following: Minecraft(duh!), Marvel (You should here me go on one of my rants when trying to explain who's who to my friends... *Scarlet Witch has been my favorite since I first stumbled across an old comic book* **But Tony Stark's awesome, too, and is a VERY VEEERRRYYY close second, but they're basically tied**), Legend of Zelda (particularly Skyward Sword, and the manga. *Four Swords is my fav of the manga*), warrior cats, Pokemon (Yes, I love the often-hated Flareon), the Flash, Once Upon a Time, Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus, Dragonlance, Heroes, and honestly probably almost anything you can think of.


Warrior cats, the Avengers, minecraft, my little pony, wolves and Wolf's Rain, and Pokemon