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    posted a message on How do you find your way out of Endless Cave systems?
    I used to use the put-torches-only-on-the-left method, but after a while I realized it didn't work in any complex cave network because you need to deal with loops and wide-open areas and so on. Since then I've started just digging straight up. I always put a torch under my feet before digging so I don't have to worry about gravel, and if I hit lava, I just block it off before it flows into my head, dig 10 blocks to the side, and go back to digging up. I've never died using that method, so I guess it works pretty well.
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    posted a message on [CTM][Collection] Vechs' SUPER HOSTILE Series
    Quote from Syncr0

    Hi ign syncr0 here.
    I want to play vechs maps and I'm looking for recommendation, don't know which map to play (first).
    I thought I'll start with the first map first & go through them chronologically (since I have a feeling the maps will get more awesome every new map) but I have a feeling some maps were intended for play before the AI update. Fights are really messy & hard: mobs dont follow you in lava no more, u cant use cacti as easily, fall traps etc. Since I don't feel like downgrading, at which # of map would you recommend I start playing.
    NB: I'm playing with the newest versions of minecraft (snapshots).

    Thanks if you reply to this!

    The basic thing to look for if you want a reasonably good experience in the map is for the version number to start with 3. It's even better if the map was built with the intention of being played with all the new stuff, but he did a reasonably good job of updating the old ones to work with the new stuff too. He didn't get all of them, however, so here are some convenient lists which, while they aren't a recommendation of which map to start with, should serve a similar effect.

    List of maps which were updated for modern play:
    Sea of Flame II
    Infernal Sky II
    The Kaizo Caverns
    Nightmare Realm
    Sunburn Islands

    List of maps which were originally designed for modern play:
    Spellbound Caves
    Waking Up

    Now that you have the list of compatible ones, I figure you can basically just look through them to figure out which one you want to do, or even just do them in chronological order like you planned to except with the shortened list.

    If I had to make a single suggestion to which one to start with, it would be Spellbound Caves. It's not one of the hyper-difficult ones, it was designed with potions and enchantments in mind throughout its creation, and in general it seems like it has everything you want.
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    posted a message on Survival can, and should be, improved (Part 2: Electric Boogaloo)
    Wow. Long thread, lol. There's a lot of stuff I want to respond to, so I'm splitting the comment into subsections to make it easier to know what I'm talking about at every point.

    Skeleton feedback:

    First, the water thing. While it's true that the water will much more easily flow by them and therefore not push them as much, it would also work inversely, making it harder for them to get any real swimming done themselves. Therefore, I'd suggest that you reduce their speed penalty when walking on the bottom of a pool, but also reduce their ability to swim, along with changing their AI to not swim up in the middle of the water, only when they hit a wall. That way they'd be able to take full advantage of their abilities as suggested here while still being realistic: walking along the bottom because of their reduced ability to swim, not worrying about air because of their lack of lungs, and being less affected by any currents which might get in the way of the aforementioned strategy.

    Second, any mention of skeletons "popping out" will leave me (and I imagine anyone else with a taste for horrible creepypasta) much more amused than worried, so you might want to change the phrasing in that paragraph.

    Enderman feedback:

    While your ideas fit the feel of endermen, there would be a couple pretty troublesome gameplay issues introduced if endermen start actively avoiding you after you kill the Ender Dragon.

    It would make enderman hunting in the overworld highly inconvenient, if not almost impossible. They already are immune to ranged attacks, and if they teleport away whenever they notice you (which would almost certainly be before you can melee them to death), it would make them just about unkillable.

    The same problem would occur in the End, which is even worse, because they'd be the only interesting thing left there once you kill the Ender Dragon, and also because it would more or less completely cripple your supply of Ender Pearls, resulting in people actively keeping the dragon alive just to farm ridiculous supplies of ender pearls before killing it.

    My main request is that you leave some non-impractical way to kill endermen after the Ender Dragon dies.

    Biome feedback:

    I'm admittedly just using this as an opportunity to ask a question which has been bugging me for a while, but it's worth asking anyway. Why does everyone always suggest acid and forget about the existence of base when it comes to things like... pretty much everything, actually (in this case, the acid pool suggestion for bogs)? The main gimmick that people seem to care about in acid is being corrosive to flesh in high concentrations, and base is just as corrosive (or at least close, I don't really know the exact numbers), so why does it always get the short end of the metaphorical stick?

    Player character choice feedback:

    I don't like the idea of limiting attack speed on weapons. If anything, it would make people more likely to use non-weapons for combat; when it comes to fighting a group of enemies, I'd rather take the unlimited attack speed and lower damage on a diamond axe than a dedicated weapon with limited attack speed. For fighting smaller numbers of enemies it would be less true, but it's still an issue. The idea of charging up weapon attacks for extra power is better in my opinion, because it still leaves the option of just spamming faster and weaker attacks to hold the line against large numbers of enemies when you can't afford to focus the damage on just one.
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    posted a message on EMERALDS SUCK
    They're actually pretty useful actually.
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    posted a message on Is being a kid fun, or do you really hate it?
    Here's a breakdown of the stages of growth I've experienced so far, broken down into the sections:

    Before about age 10, I had very limited computer time and didn't really understand how to properly do most of the stuff I did during my time on the computer, but I was able to pretty easily entertain myself other ways so didn't ever really get bored, which makes that one of the best overall times in my life.

    Between about 10 and 13, I had a generally happy life, but there were time-usage issues cropping up from the fact that I was starting to have more things that I wanted to do than I had time to do them. Also, my parents started piling on a bunch of new responsibilities which I really didn't want, so felt like a bunch of my time was being wasted on pointless trivialities when I could have been continuing my progress to the top spots on Funorb (which was my overall goal at the time; I managed to become #15 in the world out of about 300,000 people on the list before quitting, so I guess I did pretty well at that.)

    Starting at about 13 years old, I started experiencing massive intellectual growth, considering what philosophies I want to live by, learning how to manipulate people more effectively, and doing stuff which leaves me pretty impressed at my current rate of character development whenever I look back about half a year to a year.

    So far those are all the stages I consider my life to have gone through. I suspect that it's just going to get worse from here, but I could be wrong. I consider the 10-13 stage to have been the worst overall, because it was before I learned how to overcome boredom, and that left me generally suffering from an overdose of stuff to do which I couldn't just marathon down since the boredom would drive me crazy. Meanwhile, the pre-10 stage and the post-13 stage both worked pretty well, but they're so radically different thanks to all my recent emotional development that I can't really say which one is better overall, because my general state of mind back then is very hard for me to relate to any more and I consider state of mind to be one of the most important changes which comes with age.
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    posted a message on Inspirational quotes (submit yours)
    "And the world is also going to end in December 2012 as well. Don't you feel lucky to be able to witness the end of the world 2 times in your life time? They say this only happens once every 50 billion years, oops I mean 5 years." ~Zarfot, said around May 21st, 2011
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    posted a message on Mortality or immortality?...
    Probably immortality, although it depends on specific details. The basic idea is that I would take immortality as long as I was sure it wouldn't end up with me suffering some sort of eternal boredom after the rest of human life ends. I wouldn't want to live forever, just for a very long time. But yes, I would want to live for a very long time, just not to the point where it becomes just constant boredom.
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    posted a message on why are you here instead of on facebook?
    Because I don't feel like putting down any more personally identifiable information about myself on the internet than I have to, and Facebook tries to make you.
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    posted a message on What is a simple task that everyone can do but you seem to suck at?
    Snapping my fingers. Whenever I try I manage to make my fingers hurt a little for a few seconds and don't manage to make any noise. :(
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    posted a message on What I'll never Understand
    Quote from Raptor_Red

    TBH I would rather have more RPG elements, mobs etc added rather than bug fixes and AI changes, in my whole 9 months of playing minecraft i've never encountered a single problematic bug.

    I strongly suspect you would have encountered a problematic bug if not for their fixing them. <_<

    Now, if they hadn't done any bugfixes and you still hadn't encountered any problematic bugs, then you would have a good point in terms of RPG updates being more useful, but then you wouldn't need to make the point at all because they would already be the main thing. So basically your argument, while it could be true in certain circumstances, couldn't actually be applied usefully.
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    posted a message on Source Mappers Ripping Hair out on this one.
    I fail to see the issue. It makes it easier, what's the problem? It means that people who have good idea for levels but don't know how to use Source SDK will have an easier time making the levels they thought of. I know some people think stuff like that should be some sort of exclusive club, but personally I don't see any valid reasoning behind that.
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    posted a message on What will you do December 21st 2012 the day the world is supposed to end?
    I will remember what the great Zarfot once said, around a year ago during that other end of the world:

    Quote from Zarfot »
    And the world is also going to end in December 2012 as well. Don't you feel lucky to be able to witness the end of the world 2 times in your life time? They say this only happens once every 50 billion years, oops I mean 5 years.

    He also made another very wise statement of similar sentiment:

    Quote from Zarfot »
    I personally was at the grocery store today and was just about to buy some green bananas but then I remembered that the world is going to end in 3 days, so I bought yellow ones instead.

    Yeah. Those two statements made at the last end of the world pretty much summarize my opinion on the next one.
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    posted a message on Users' Responds to Computer Virus
    You know, I think this was supposed to be a scare thread making us think we just got the fake virus that he's going on about. Kind of funny really.
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    posted a message on Stop! Your left pointer finger is a gun that just went off.
    I was sitting in that position with my knees up which is comfortable to a certain poiny but gives you stomachaches if you stay in it for too long, with my left hand on my right knee and my chin sitting on top of it. So basically I just shot my right shoulder. :(
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    posted a message on You just found four diamonds
    I'd make a pick and save the other diamond for use as half of a sword.
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