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    posted a message on Modded internal server lag

    What kind of settings are you using? Render distance? Fast or fancy graphics? Clouds enabled? That kind of thing.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Aliens and UFOs

    When you post something on the Suggestions section of the forums, your post should probably contain... you know... a suggestion.

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    posted a message on Molten lava?
    Quote from DatZombE»

    Say you found a ravine with still lava and you fell into it, it shouldn't be instant death.

    I think that one quote explains why I don't support this.
    Lava is meant to be dangerous. There's not meant to be some easy way to survive it. If you accidentally fall into lava then its your own fault.
    Also, lava and magma are the same thing. Magma is just lava that has not entered the earth's crust yet.
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    posted a message on Spawn Eggs

    Experience really isn't that hard to farm, though. Especially if you can use the spawn eggs you create on spawners to create better experience farms.

    There's just no way that craftable spawn eggs can be balanced in Vanilla.

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    posted a message on Spawn Eggs

    Adding to what ThePiDay was saying about this being overpowered, this would make farming all mobs insanely easy. If you right click on a spawner with a spawn egg, it changes the spawner to spawn that creature. You make one spawn egg and find one spawner, and you have an infinite farm of any mob you want. It would be ridiculous.

    No Support

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    posted a message on Noob to tech mods looking for advice,

    In no particular order, I would recommend EnderIO for it's utilities, MineFactory Reloaded for its automation, Mekanism for its mineral processing, Applied Energistics 2 for its storage saving, and either IndustrialCraft 2 for its late game applications, or Big Reactors for its power generation.

    The reason I have put either Big reactors or IC2 is taht you can get through all the other mods without Big Reactors, however it makes it a bit easier. As for IC2, the mod can be a bit complex in parts and isn't therefore the best for starting off, but it's a good medium difficulty tech modif you want to challenge yourself a bit.

    The reason I didn't put in Thermal Expansion is that you wanted mods without addons. Thermal Expansion really needs Thermal Foundation and Thermal Dynamics if you want to use the mod properly.

    If you'd like more suggestions, or any help starting out with any of the mods, feel free to message me.

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    posted a message on RFtools VS Mystcraft for Dimensions. Which one?

    Ok, really brief pros and cons of mystcraft and RFTools.


    Worlds stay open forever, no need to get in and out quickly

    Much easier to create completely random worlds

    Can start traveling to other worlds much earlier

    Worlds can be 'corrupt' and decay over time

    Creating a specific world can be difficult

    Can't craft components of custom worlds, they can only be found and duplicated from current ones


    Worlds need consistent power to stay open

    Can't create completely random worlds, needs dimlets

    Much more expensive to get to new worlds

    Custom worlds are more predictable

    Can craft new dimlets, but it's pretty late game

    Need a lot of power to open and sustain rare worlds

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    posted a message on Trinitite - (All Editions)
    Quote from TheGhost5499»

    To: Mister_Mystery_,

    - It's a game, it doesn't have to be completely realistic to the real thing.

    - I mean come on: Half, if not more, of Minecraft is fake or over-exaggerated.

    I wasn't saying anything about the realism, I was pointing out that you are suggesting a very specific real material, and giving it a lot of abilities which are completely unrelated to the actual material, and could just as easily be applied to pretty much anything. You could suggest Jade, and other than the radiation aspect (which you really haven't explained), the entire suggestion would be completely valid. If you're going to make a suggestion of such a specific real material, at least have the suggestion relevant to that material, rather than a bunch of arbitrary uses.
    You also still haven't explained why this radioactive residue would be in the Minecraft world.

    Ok, lets look at the changes you've made. As I pointed out before, this suggestion as a whole is pretty vague, so it's hard to judge the suggestion as a whole. The 'radiation' effect and enchantment 'boosting' especially need more detail, as Chameleonred pointed out, so I won't cover that again.
    My question still stands as to why this material would have any magical applications, and the question is reinforced by the fact that your suggestion now has not one, but two uses for enchanting. It doesn't matter that parts of Minecraft are made up or exaggerated, this material having uses for enchanting just doesn't make sense. If you want a material to boost enchants (whatever that means) and to be used as a substitute for Lapis in enchanting, then make it something appropriate to that use (hint: radioactive residue isn't really appropriate for that use).

    Before you go on about realism, let me give you a bit of a lesson in mythology, specifically about the three main components of enchanting in Minecraft: Diamond, Obsidian and Lapis Lazuli. Diamond was believed to bring great strength, power and even invincibility to a warrior in battle. Obsidian was believed to be a focusing stone, which was used in things such as sacrificial knives. Lapis Lazuli was, again, believed to focus magical energy and create a magical connection between the physical and celestial plane, which makes sense as a catalyst for enchanting.
    Minecraft is, as you said, based on some degree of realism. Diamonds bring strength, Obsidian focuses that energy and then Lapis acts as a conduit and brings that energy onto the item you are enchanting. It makes sense, even based on real world ideas. Your material having any purpose for enchanting just doesn't make sense.

    Other than that, the only other new thing I can see is that you're asking people not to criticize your suggestion. Sadly, that isn't up to you. If you don't want your suggestion criticized, then don't post it. People on there forums are very critical of even the smallest detail (which is how some threads have tend of thousands of responses). We're not hating. If we were hating, then we wouldn't be telling you what we thought was wrong, we would just be telling you we didn't like it and moving on. We are giving criticism that you can take and change your suggestion accordingly.

    Sorry for the long response, but I thought I should properly say what I was trying to say before. To summarize, it still doesn't make sense for enchanting, people are critical, and you need a lot more detail if you want people to stop criticizing it so much. There is a lot of information missing.

    Also, as people have pointed out, it's your suggestion, so it's your job to work out the details, not Mojang. Just so you know, Mojang only has 12 people employed as 'Game Developers'. I doubt they have a team specifically to work out how to implement suggestions.

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    posted a message on Mod, where you can transport blocks (or a house for example)

    Are you talking about the Geochests mod? I'm fairly sure there is another one which is very similar, but I can't remember the name.

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    posted a message on Trying to find a "Fix" to avoid tall grass blocking snow

    I believe Optifine and MCPatcher both have options to make a fake layer of snow under tall grass if it is next to another piece of snow, but I don't think that either of them will work for trees.

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