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Me, of course, well, really my alter ego:

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X and Zero:

Now we go on to the RANDOMNESS Stuff:

My webspeed. My Browser is a uploader:

Typing Speed; Freehand (No usage of homerow position):

Typing Speed; Homerow (Self-explaintory):

I'm better at Freehand...

Random LIST OF LENGTH (Well, not atm):

1. My name is Ronnie. randomidiot revealed this from under me, and throw my name in his rp. I took over that character.

2. The random stuff on this about me page was inspired by Rayn.

3. I hate haters. I am not a brony either.

4. Go off and try to send me to join a rp. Unless if randomidiot or Minaki (Tek) is in it, I'll join. Why will I NOT join with randomidiot or Minaki? It is because I do not wanna be a follower. Get randomidiot's or Minaki's persimmon first before asking. Also, I will never join a rp again with Icebeam, as he offical hates me. He banned me from an rp over a FOAM sword and I had a eassy-like bio. WTF Icebeam? The acenict, yet still beloved Pokemon Rp is another thing.

5. The 2nd redux is currently paused. Hurry up Minaki!

6. My fave color is red.

7. My fave number is 1.

8. My fave pokemon is currently tied between Snivy and Mudkip. I'd perfer to be a Snivy though. And I didn't gain my love from memes. Duh.

9. I'm thinking of asking EXRicky when the new limit appeared. I wanna change my username again. And my species, but then my username wouldn't make sense unless if I change it.

10. I Youtube, do you?

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Everything needs more Everything!

12: I don't know how to continue the list. tbc
Interests Pokemon, Portal, Terraria, FPS's, Mario, Sonic, Kingdom Hearts, {My deepest secert is finallly revealed!} Blue's Clues {Yep, that was the deepest secert...}, and Minecraft (dur)

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