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    posted a message on Small Survival Server Looking for Players
    My in-game name is Mister_Crowley, I am 14 years old, and I would just like to play on a nice little survival server. I'm no nusisance, and have been an admin on a few servers.
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    posted a message on My father wants feedback
    Quote from Affinite

    You do not get a crevasse as big as that one, WITHOUT Single player commands or Invedit!

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    posted a message on Your Worst Minecraft Experience?
    Quote from W1llpow3r1998

    I have 2 of them.

    When I thought I got 7 diamonds from one block, then learned that it was Lapis =[

    Die with 17 diamonds, 2 stacks of redstone, and 13 gold, And fionitye tools(rare stuff from a mod)

    Absolute worst part ever?

    "Oh god. I can't move with the arrow keys. DEAR LORD, I can't break blocks by clicking rapidly!"
    "lol Look at the giant green phallic idi- HOLY SHYBALLS!"
    "Whats this? A natural room made out of cobble? Whats that brick on fire in the middle? OMGWTFWHAT ARE THESE BLACK THINGS RAPING ME?"
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    posted a message on Squatters
    I had this house in my server, and I had an indoor farm that was connected to my house Via tunnel.

    Someone had BUILT they're house ONTOP of my farm!
    Also, they sued my wall as a message board! I later had an admin move that guys house up to the height limit.

    (he even made a MINE in my farm!)
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    posted a message on What will you build with pistons?
    Aperture Panels.

    *Start Epic Theme from E3 Trailer*
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    posted a message on Hatches-improved?
    Quote from Kookythecat

    I've never seen any hatches or made any... But honestly, I personally would prefer them on the bottom... I just think it's better.

    I hate you.
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    posted a message on What...The....F***?
    So I decided after watching that City of Arches thing I would attempt my own temple.
    This was my outcome:

    Shortly after I decided to Burn a Giant Cross.

    Then as I was getting bored I decided to make a portal to the nether.

    As I go in the portal (For the first time on this world, may I add.) I come to this:


    I knew that stuff can be carried over from other worlds, but where this is from, got deleted.
    So I shrugged and went back through the portal, only to find myself encased in a box of Bedrock with ONE GLOWSTONE for light. JUST Wide/Long enough to hold me, and a portal. (Not a full portal, one of those little ones when you use a inventory editor.) I tried to go back to it to take a screenie but Re-enacting it didn't work out too well because the NEXT TIME the portal took me HERE:

    Both the Nether and the Bedrock were from two DIFFERENT DELETED worlds.

    I just thought that was something worth sharing.

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    posted a message on Pass It On - Minehattan !
    I shall build a plane headed towards the tallest buildings!
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    posted a message on Natural Crosses in Minecraft
    I see those all the time.
    And @thatguywhopostedaboutswastikas I actually found one, a PERFECT one in my word.
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    posted a message on Get ready.
    Quote from YoureDown

    "The war is coming" - So am I.

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    posted a message on The Obsidian Empire - Now with 99% more Multiverse
    Quote from Hazid

    THANK GOD For my mute button.
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    posted a message on I like turtles
    Did they buy you dinner?
    Because most people like to be Wined-Dined before they get ****ED.

    EDIT: SON OF A *****, I got Ninja'd
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    posted a message on Cracking down on Piracy
    Quote from Krilekk

    This will be cracked within a couple of hours. If they wnt to fight piracy they should include their measures in the gameplay. Like all wooden structures mysteriously start burning after two hours, massive amounts of creepers attacking you, if you mine diamond it drops nothing, after you swam 10 minutes all water turns to lava.

    **** Yeah.
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    posted a message on LOL CATNAROK IS AT HAND
    Quote from AK90

    WHAT DA F**K IS WRONG WITH YOU????????????

    I think the better question is:
    Whats wrong with YOU? Big, Colored font isn't cool. You just look like a douche.
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    posted a message on Your first CREEPER?
    Survival Test.

    "Oh Boy, a nice cave!"

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