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    posted a message on ||| Brothercraft is undergoing MASS RECRUITMENT! |||

    Hello Everybody! Brothercraft is hiring! Apply by clicking on the long and filling out a simple form!


    Good Luck!

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    posted a message on ♛ SimplyVanilla♛ ▲ 1.10 ▲ Looking For Staff, Head Builder, Builders ▲ Fast And Growing ▲ Vanilla ▲ New ▲ PvP ▲

    Staff Manager Application:

    Name: Matt

    Age: 15

    Skype: melted_diamond

    Time Zone: UTC

    Experience: I Have over 4 years of staffing and moderation experience on Minecraft servers. I have been every position you can think of, and I have never before been fired, I have only resigned. I have been a Developer so I can help in coding/plugin situations if need be. I have owned and co-owned my own server, so I do know the difficulty associated with doing so. Sadly my server went down do to lack of funding.

    Why you would be our best choice for Staff Manager: I believe strongly that I am not only the most experience person applying, but also the most versatile. I Can temporarily fill any position, and will never need to be asked twice to do something. I am very dedicated and am good at what I do.

    Notable struggles/Things that helped you progress in a management position: One challenge I faced that I feel helped me gain experience, was when I started my own server. Commanding an entire team of staff, and partially developing was a fun way of learning many game mechanics and coding tricks. I haven't had too many "struggles", but I have had many ways in the past, of gaining experience.

    About yourself: I Am a 15 year old Canadian, who is currently attending high school and passing with ease. I Have a passion for sports, and dirt biking, and have many dirt bikes. I build gaming computers for people in my spare time. My current setup is brand new :D. I am very dedicated and can put in as much as 5+ hours DAILY!

    I Thank you for taking the time to look over my application, and will look forward to your decision!


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    posted a message on What Minigame do u love?

    skywars. nuff' said

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    posted a message on We Need Active Staff!

    Welcome to obsidian caverns! Our new community oriented minecraft server. we will need 2 admins, 1 headmod(taken), 2-3 mods, and 3-5 helpers, there will be 1 dev(taken), and 1 co-owner slot available(taken), but the chances are slim of getting in unless you put lots of effort into your submission!

    What Positiong are you aiming for?

    Staff experience on other servers?

    What are their Ips?

    What is your IGN:

    When did you first start playing minecraft:

    What is your skype, and are you able to communicate using it:

    As any of the staff positions, say you are the only staff on, and someone is excessively threatening to DDOS or hack the server, or a player. How do you react?

    To contact us, add me melted_diamond, i will always answer, or add our dev thewowpsgm, he will answer about half the time.

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