About Me
I'm not sure why you'd want to know about me, but here I go:

My name is Philip and I'm an avid PC gamer, though I do enjoy console gaming as well. I enjoy RPG, RTS, and Indie games, especially Minecraft. My musical taste is rather off, and I rarely listen to genres other than Electronic. If you have a song you'd like to recommend, by all means be my guest.

I joined these forums early December to show off a 1:4 Ghast Statue I made on a SMP server. I rarely posted out of Beta-Survival, but my curiosity made me venture into other boards. I now frequent the Off-Topic section, and rarely post outside of it. I used to post quite a lot in the Pony Thread, but the lack of discussion value keeps me away from it now.

I'm prone to making sarcastic, witty, or generally useless posts, more so if the thread is about something stupid. I try my best to avoid warnable posts, and if I do something wrong I apologize.

I am dead. Sometimes.
Interests Progressive House, Indie Games, and Doodling.

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