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    posted a message on Ancient Parthenon - Taking Advantage of the New Update!
    Where's the ivory and gold statue of Athena? :P
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    posted a message on New megabuilds (Y=128+)
    I love this star-gate idea, it gives me a neat idea for my server now that I think of it.....
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    posted a message on Yelling at Aliens
    *aliens reply with death ray, carving "hello to you too, friend!" on the planets surface*
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    posted a message on RPG map, pre built for a server
    I'm not criticizing or anything, but the names Falador and "Wilderness" are borrowed from Runescape, a popular mmorpg. Otherwise, it looks nice, why not repurpose it as an adventure map? That wouldn't be too hard to do, and you'd get to make some neat mechanisms.
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    posted a message on [Download] Valley of the Saecula
    For higher elevations in the mountains, perhaps add pine trees? Also, i would add some rocky crags and possibly a minor waterfall? Perhaps a field on the shores of the lake?
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    posted a message on Renaissance/Victorian Manor house
    So this is a fusion of styles I take it? Have you considered doing a mansard style roof with fencing? A *lot* of Victorian style homes have this trait, another thing is "gingerbreading" which is ornamenting the eaves with fine wood work ( think fence gate). Just my two cents.
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    posted a message on Community Spotlight - Clay Soldiers
    Why stop at clay soldiers? Why not go ahead and do this for an army of steve-like mobs and get it to work with any number of fantasy/medieval mods?
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    posted a message on Seeking Site Builder/Opinions
    Hi everyone!

    My name is Jillian, and while I'm relatively new to the forums here, I am an experienced server administrator, builder, and player. I am currently working on developing a unique type of server, which I will explain to those interested later on. What our current issue is, is that we lack a proper website for the server. If the server is to succeed, we need a proper website. However, we are currently very limited in funding.

    What I need from anyone interested in helping is:

    -Simple opinions/options on what we could host/build our website with (names are great)

    -Suggestions as to how it can be structured/tips for building it.

    Lastly! If you are really willing to volunteer your time and help out in building said site, I couldn't be more grateful; however, because of trust issues with such a sensitive topic. I will need a few things for you to include in your volunteerance (yes, I just made a word! :P ), which includes: mc-name, age, your level of skill, assumed maturity level, and then a quick biographical piece about you (I need to know you if I'm going to work with you). If I feel its worth the time, I'll invite you to talk to Haydn or visit the server. If you're still interested in helping personally after all that banter and wish to get a feel for what our server is so far, here is a link to a simple overview of some of the builds: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1112081-seeking-opinions-on-past-work-in-planning-stage/#entry13652840

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your time and patience!

    Even if you're just reading this, I thank you for your time!

    Happy 'Crafting!

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    posted a message on Seeking opinions on past work (In Planning Stage)
    Sorry, until Haydn and I get the server plugins in order (which means waiting for bukkit 1.2.3, we don't have adequate tools to properly manage the server, and thus no permissions), we cannot let other people join for now. I'm sorry :mellow: Maybe after we get things sorted into order, we can open it up to some people. Sorry!
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    posted a message on Seeking opinions on past work (In Planning Stage)
    Hi all!

    I've been playing Minecraft for about a year now and have played on a few servers other than my own; however as you can see, I am brand new to the forums here because it never occurred to me that I should participate in the community here. So... as a sort of coming out of my shell and showing off my work, I have a few images from the server of which I am building with my fiance and a few other friends.

    (Note: most of the work shown is mine,but there is some of which is my fiance's or our friends' work.)

    First off, is the city of Agramoor, capital city of The Empire of Man

    The next few photos are from Agramoor or from one of its subject fiefs.

    The White Sylph Senate Hall in Agramoor:

    The interior of the senate hall, the shot being of the dome itself:

    I'll leave the rest of Agramoor a bit mysterious, so as to not spoil it; use your imagination to imagine the rest shown on the map. :P

    Next are some photos from the cities and areas in the Empire of Man.

    A picture of Cynestia, which is due south of Agramoor:

    Pirate/bandit cove, Yarr!

    A lovely picture of the port of Versouna, the southernmost city in the Empire of Man currently:

    A picture of my first steamship attempt, I pride myself on my ships. So... Nyeh! :P

    Now we come to the city of which I built nearly entirely myself, I spent over nine months of time on it (it's my baby lol). It is Valinia, the capital city of the Valinite Dominion.

    A port-side view of the Valinite Palace, with several shops, ships, and an inn in view:

    A view of the city, facing southwest:

    Another view of the city, facing north this time:

    A mysterious picture of a mysterious, ruined city. I'll let you use your imagination as to who lived there. ^_^

    Lastly, for this brief introduction of some of the locations on the server, I'll leave you with a photo of my home; which is the power-base for Noble House Kurita, which plays an important role in Valinite politics.

    Well... That's all for now everybody! If you want to see more, you'll have to be patient as I am busy as a bee with finishing the various projects I've started. Comments and suggestions are very much welcome. Nice meeting you all! :D
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