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If you're reading this, then you're obviously some kind of creepy stalker! Kidding... but in all seriousness if you must know a few things about me, know that: I am currently starting a server with a map that I have put almost two years of effort into now (having even built two whole cities on my own practically!). I am really proud of what I have done so far, but I am always happy to make new friends and meet people who are willing to help me out, building an entire world can be.... overwhelming at times. But I soldier on anyways and I am always willing to stop and help others for a bit too! I promise I won't bite. I adore tennis and I love to read classic literature (think Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte!) and I also love to cook (especially baking cookies, snickerdoodle = my 2nd true love <3 ).

If you really must know more about me, try talking to me; but I'll warn you now, I have eccentricities that make me odd and don't count on talking to me in any way other than Minecraft. If you must speak to someone, speak to my fiance and love of my life, Haydn; which if you have met me, you'll have already met him. Mkay.... show's over folks, go on now!
Interests Tennis, reading, my fiance, and Minecraft of course, duh!

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