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    Just finished my skin. Surprisingly only had to do a very little bit of editing from the base skin I chose to work with.

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    ----OOC Info----
    -Minecraft IGN:


    -Skype name

    (Inactive on Skype)

    -Do you have any prior roleplay-related experience, if so could you give an example?

    I have played on several Role-Playing servers. The major ones I have had long-term characters on were a Pirate server, and two Fantasy servers.

    -Define Power-gaming in your own words:

    Using command codes or warps during role-play to gain an unfair advantage.

    -Define Meta-gaming in your own words:

    Role-playing unrealistically to gain sympathy, unfair advantages, etc.

    -Define Role-Playing in your own words:

    Essentially acting. While role-playing one MUST STAY in character and not deviate from what their character is like. It is understandable that a character may change over time with maturity and influence, but a shy character having sudden bursts of outrage is ridiculous (unless they have bi-polar in their character’s description).

    ----IC Info----
    -Character name:

    Jaqueline Shade (Goes by Jackie)

    -Character race:


    -Character gender:


    -Character age:


    -Character Occupation


    -Character description

    6 feet tall, so short for an ash-elf. Pinkish-brown eyes, allowing Jaqueline to fake being a dark-elf when in the company of potentially racist snobs. White hair (obviously) with broad shoulders and a healthy build.

    -Character personality and traits

    Jackie is confident outwardly to cover up the fact that she feels unjustly treated due to her genetics. If someone pushes her buttons enough, they will likely end up with a decorative bruise for their face. She is a little flirtatious, and secretly a romantic. She loves being outdoors in the fresh air and feeling the wind in her hair. Despite her passive aggressiveness, she genuinely cares about others, and will be the first to jump in and help in a crisis.

    -Character biography

    Jaqueline Shade was born to a young dark-elf who had run away when she found out she was pregnant from a high-elf. Jackie’s father is unaware of her existence to this day. The young mother managed to pass off her daughter as a dark-elf due to the pinkish hue to her eye color, but when she grew older, people began to suspect Jackie’s heritage. When Jackie was nearly 20, she finally lost her temper when someone called out her mother on the identity of Jackie’s father. Her burst of outrage confirmed people’s suspicions, and she was banned from the community.

    Over the years she has jumped from place to place, often stealing food to survive. Eventually she began to steal books as well, and found she had an interest in healing. She read as much as possible, and for ten years she studied until she was able to get by as an amateur healer. To no surprise, Jackie has been in her fair share of brawls, and is pretty good at holding her own in a fight. She managed to read a couple books about fencing, and is half-way decent at it after practicing on the fence posts of less-than-pleased property owners.

    -Please give us a short RP response to these two scenarios. (At least one paragraph for each):

    You’re walking around the markets at around noon. There’s a lot of people around you, still gathering their items as they prepare to shut down their many stands. Suddenly you feel a gentle lifting of your coin purse as a child graces you and soon after they take off sprinting. You have been robbed.

    Jackie Runs after the child and easily overtakes them retrieving her purse. She casually tosses a couple small coins to the child, knowing what it is like to go hungry and have to steal to survive.

    You’re heading back to the city through the woods when you hear a whining coming from nearby. Upon further investigation you come across a grey-coloured wolf that appears to have its leg caught in a bear trap. Around it is three smaller lumps of fur, obviously puppies belonging to the trapped mother. Without help, they’ll all die, but wolf skins are quite valuable too, not to mention that the nearby farms suffer quite a bit from the wolf population.

    Being a young female, Jackie’s maternal instincts kick in and she helps the mother from the trap, careful not to get bitten. She finds some sword-leaf plantain and chews it to make a salve to help with the scratches from the trap. Then she patrols the area destroying whatever traps lay nearby.

    Extra notes (Optional, could include theme songs, pictures, etc.):
    Plant-Life by Owl City, Not Gonna Die by Skillet, Waiting For Superman by Daughtry

    -Magic Biography; Explain the reason you want your character to have magic through backstory application: (At least three extremely well-crafted paragraphs. You must describe to us why your character can use magic, what drives him to further his ability, how he learned that he could use magic, and what benefits magic brings to this character, what type of magic they’ll strive to use, etc. This is not a middle school paper! I will not accept applications that say “My character got my magic from x, and he wants to use it because it’ll help him! Also for RP!")

    My character may discover some magical abilities later on, but for now she has none to her knowledge.

    -Please give an example in your own words describing the limitations placed upon those who use magic (This should be at least one well-crafted paragraph):

    Magic does not come without its limitations, neither is it free. Smaller spells may be used without blowback on the user, but larger ones definitely would have their consequences. For example, I would like to try and discover a magical object that my character could use for healing. If she used it for a minor wound (nothing bigger than a hairline fracture) it would be perfectly safe for her, but if the wound was more serious, she would find herself obtaining a similar ailment.

    -Please give a description of the magic system in your own words:

    Magic cannot be performed without a trinket or magical object. Certain objects are more powerful and can last longer than others. Despite owning a magical object, it does not mean you can use it, and when learning a new aspect, you can’t be an expert right away.

    -You are given a weak trinket of <blank>, you haven't had much practice with magic yet, but you will try your best. Describe some things you could/would do with this trinket:

    Sooth headaches, speed up the healing of minor wounds after having applied salves and medicines, make medicinal herbs more potent.

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    Please post an update for this server. The website no longer exists... or is unavailable to me (and apparently others as well). Is the server closed? Or is the website just down or unavailable to certain regions?

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    LOVE THIS SERVER! Join my faction McLords! Friendly non-destructive players only for the peacefull Miner! But able to handle ourselves very well!
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    Hey! I found where my screenshots are stored on my computer. Apparently I have two -- %appdata%>roaming>minecraft -- folders. So I will be making some demo structures for you.
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    Hey! My in game name is Miss Squito, but I like to go by Skeeter.

    I am an 18 year old girl

    I do not have Skype, but will be on the server pretty often, however my e-mail is written below.

    I have only done building on my own servers as well as my family's private servers. I am a BIG fan of Medieval Structures and have done several myself. I prefer to work with mossy stone and stone brick.

    I am very good at decorating things as I believe is natural with most females. In both Minecraft and reality I have done a large amount of elaborate work. Again all for my own private appreciation.

    Unfortunately the security settings on my computer do not allow me to save pictures from Minecraft to my Photo's. I would be happy to spend some demo time to show you what I can do if you will let me. Just give me a topic and I'll run with it as best as I can manage.

    I believe that you will find me to be very trustworthy. I am very careful when I am working with people not to undo anything they have done, and I get really mad when people TNT my stuff, so I NEVER do it to ANYONE! Even if they deserve it.

    I play Minecraft almost every day, and though I enjoy other servers such as Wynn Craft and Survival Games, I am looking for something to put my creative side to good use in, so chances are I will spend the majority of my play time on this server.

    I have always thought it would be a lot of fun to help build a world for people to play on and I would be honored to help! I DO NOT use any language and am reliable as long as my private home life doesn't blow up in my face. I get along very well with people as long as they don't insult another player unprovoked. I can handle insults to my person as I just ignore them, but will not tolerate bullies going after people who are minding there own business. In which case I would report it directly to you, or if they are not staff ask permission to ban them. I will usually play in the evenings after I am done with my work in the real world. I sincerely hope that you will consider my application. This opportunity would be VERY exciting for me! I also have a vivid imagination, so if you need anything with story writing, I would love to help with plots and quests.

    Thank you so much for giving me the ability to try this out!

    E.G.M.C (Skeeter)

    [email protected] (for contact purposes only please)
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