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    posted a message on [1.2.5] The Spider Queen v5.4
    Does anyone know how to make a web slinger. The old recipe doesn't work.

    Incidentally the guide has been lost and it says so on his site.
    I am just going to say that the spider bait is crafted like this


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    posted a message on new nethercraft
    This is in the wrong category. Some nice sort will move it to the category "Mod Requests. :)
    And the nether is survivable, It just takes a few supplies and a nice safe place to put them. You can grow tree's, crops(slowly), obtain a bit of gold and rotten flesh, spelunk, smelt a bit of ore etc etc

    This may be what you are looking for, but because you have little experience in the forums you didn't find it.
    Have a nice day :D
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] You Are A Zombie-Craft Now With a Signature!
    Quote from Jairson

    that seems like a good idea to me

    I reckon a "coffin", made out of two chests and two stone slabs would suit more.
    Other than that this is cool :)
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    posted a message on Siege weapons!
    A bit too complicated. One of each would be better (in my opinion)
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    posted a message on Adding Non-player written books to add an Air of history and mystery
    Thanks, though I was really inspired by Dwarf Fortress
    oh and distruct tat was one confusing read. Can you you full stops and the like next time? :)
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    posted a message on Adding Non-player written books to add an Air of history and mystery
    When playing minecraft one thing I tend to dislike is the lack of history. The lack of things to make the player feel small, helpless and insignificant. Things that create a sense of amazement add great depth to any game. They make the player feel emotion. Yet minecraft lacks these things.

    My answer is to make it so that in chests in NPC villages, dungeons and most of all, stronghold libraries and jungle/ desert temples books can be found. Said books are part of a set and are designed so that it is difficult for the player to fully collect every single one. In fact, forget that; make it difficult for the player to obtain two. The contents of said books should be contain important details (about the civilasation that wrote them. A fairy tale involving a little girl wandering out of a stronghold and being eaten blown up by a big bad wolf creeper) and should feel like they have been either copied (if they came from an NPC village), faded (if they came from a stronghold) or one of both (If they came from spawners or temples). They should NEVER detail a civilisation or ORIGINS of ANYTHING.

    This is a very good Idea by Peppertyce (Who Number one supporter who I feel Guilty about not getting back to before he started something with some Air Force) Have the place of honor :P
    Quote from peppertyce

    When is miskatii getting back on. It would be really nice if they could see our suggestions and decide if they like them or not. I think if they are added you should be able to add other books by putting them in a file, the way we do for skins or texture packs. Have story packs that can be added in so that we will have more than just the few that Mojang would put in. We could have community writers that are as big as the modmakers or texturepack creators. Like the story written by Miskatii for example at http://www.minecraft...rom-the-nether/ (I, Miskatii am actually rather embarrassed by that long winding story)
    It's a rather good story, and I wouldn't mind finding it in minecraft. And that's just one person typing a story for fun. If this was added I'm sure other writers would be interested in writing stories for people to find.

    These books are more easter eggs than game changing but should add an interest amout of depth which i feel the game lacks.

    Possible books:
    - Unfair Chaos. This book is extremely rare and details a turbulent time (civil war) for the stronghold builders.
    - Morgans Travels. This book is one of the most common and details part of someone's (Morgan's) adventures in the nether. (Said traveler began famous and his works were widespread near the end of his cultre)
    - Castlemont. This book is medium rarity and tells of the construction of a castle (it details the politics and economics and technology of the time. )
    -Earthshaker. Details a war over a violent volcanic area. Medium high rarity
    - Beginnings. A millennia after a cataclysmic event the ruins of a once great civilisation venture out from their caves deep underground. (Is in journal form and is vauge. This means it is medium-low rarity)

    And so forth. As you can see the more important ones are rarer. I would estimate 40 different onces would nessessary to make them seem random. And while it may seem like a lot it's important to remember these would only be parts of books. I would say they should be about 10-20 pages long (and most should start half way through.)

    These books are more easter eggs than game changing but should add an interest amout of depth which I feel the game lacks.

    I may as well put my thoughts to what people have said. I might organize this better in the future

    Lore wasn't intended. Imagine 30 totally unrelated stories, broken into 30 fragments, with each being extremely rare. Oh and Sychocut, these are fragments of books.

    Gameguy602-Good Idea

    Quote from Gameguy602

    I still think librarians should sell prewritten books about how to brew, hint at how to get to the nether, etc. But this is good too.
    Great Idea. (peppertyce had the same (ish) Idea but I'll get to him later)

    Quote from Neospector

    I think the reason this does exist is because it adds too much story. You know, like the people who built the structures knew English, had a civil war, and knew how the universe began? Really? Plus, other languages would be a hassle; Minecraft is not limited to native English speakers, you know.
    If anything at all, pre-written books should be in scribbles (§ followed by the "K" key). As a result, there's an air of mystery, but it isn't any kind of actual story.

    Those three points you raised...
    Why wouldn't Steve's civilisation have have adopted their language from another civilisation who would have adopted a previous civilisation's language...
    Civil Wars are going to happen. There's one on right now, in Syria. Importantant event's will be remembered too...
    I expressively said that they should not reveal the origins of anything, least of all the universe
    "Too much story"-Let's make them vague and conflicting...

    Quote from deathguardian97

    The idea of Minecraft is that its a SANDBOX game. You make up your OWN story. If Minecraft were to add anything remotely resembling a story, it would be like those countless game characters who got a tragic backstory out of nowhere. It would ruin the charm and more.

    If you could somehow magically create mystery books without more than barely hinting at a story, great, but I just don't see how that's possible.

    Dwarf Fortress seems like a sandbox game to me and it has randomly generated stories. And back stories are (usually) important. These are vague, conflicting, but still interesting stories
    Quote from Black_Drath

    The only way I would support pre-written books appearing in chest etc. would be if they never detail historical events in Minecraft. Such things are up to the player to come up with themselves.
    Books should contain things like poems, minecraft themed folktales/fairytales, or very non-specific journal entries.
    What I mean by non-specific journal entries is that they could take place at any time period or to anyone, and don't record anything of interest. An example might be: "Today, I tripped over a stick and injured myself." or "When I reached the top of the hill, the sun was setting."
    That is the only way pre-written books should be added.

    But then that feeling of awe dies. They could refer to important events, but not describe them in detail. The more I think about that the more I like it. :) . It would be tricky managing detail though :/

    Quote from futuredeveloper

    People you know this is why they made adventure mode...So people can make maps and actually feel like your on an adventure. I'd think most people that make adventure maps would make sure to have some books look at deep turtle space chase by sparkles and others. They had freaking audio books.

    I have no idea what you are saying. Just talk about adventures in Adventure mode?
    Quote from Zoju

    It's a sandbox game. I think we should keep official lore to the minimum.

    Or just make it conflicting so people have NO Idea what to believe. That gets rid of both official and lore! (Buy Now and get a second one free!)

    Quote from JohnnyAwesome2

    Support and good idea for minecraft it just is depressing when your 1 of a kind in SP the game is severely handicapped by lack of interaction it feels like Virtual Reality but your a miner so really a type of game that makes you feel bad cus theres no human mob D:

    Good point!

    Quote from BlockArranger

    No to Minecraft "lore", yes to prewritten easter eggs.

    Do you Support?
    Any Idea's thoughts and constructive critiscisim welcome :D
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    posted a message on THE ORIGINAL! ::Desert Temple Guardian:: {{Day1625+}} NEW IMAGES! 11/8/2016
    It looks very nice aside from the apperence and attack. My suggestion would be to make them slimmer and give them a stabbing/slicing attack. But hey, it's your thread :P
    Have a nice day :)
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    posted a message on Boats Evolved; bigger, modular boats
    You haven't really answered an important question yet (or maybe I haven't found it yet); how. Will it be in-game (like the construction of ships in the zeppelin mod) or be GUI based.
    In my opinion a ring (Like a giant nether portal) should have to be built first. It should then be filled with scafolding(how IS that spelt) and then right clicking on it will bring up a GUI in which a range of different size cuboids can be moved about and be resized. "Groves" can also placed about the ship. Once that is done a "schematic" is produced.
    Said schematic can be opened and looked at and it will display the ship the same way thewithout the ability to edit. Wood(and/or other material) cost would also be displayed. Schematics can be traded between players and/or organizations as well as replicated.
    Using a schematic again on the scafolding would generate a number of "frames" which must be filled with wood before the ship can be launched (said frames would generate directly in front of the scafolding). Lastly any weapons are installed (Cannons, ballista, caged creeper haulers, etc)

    Having just typed that out I now realise that it doesn't really fit the mine craft theme. Im sure someone will think of an improvement :) On that happy note I wish you good luck with bring attention to this. (When I found it it was on the first page of suggestions, so good luck (again)) :D
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    posted a message on The Netherman (13+ Story)
    wait let me guess, you were interrupted by something or got so caught up minecraft that you thought screw this I will do it later, then you had to have lunch and then you were kidnapped by zombie ninjas from the future... :P Jk,
    but how did they climb the tree, and what is the forest like?
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    posted a message on I Awoke In A Dream
    I literally lol-ed at the randomness. You should make it more minecraft-ish. :lol: :steve_lol: Very very funny :D
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    posted a message on The Tales of a Slime!
    you have 376(ish) views. I bet most want you to continue. Do it.
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    posted a message on Clay Soldiers Mod v. 3.0.0-alpha.3 (MC 1.12.x) / 2.0.0-beta.2 (MC 1.7.10)
    heh heh heh. Enderclaymanevilcaontagiousthing pandimic. :P With a clay disruptor <evil smile>. Seriously that would be fun. cool mod. :)
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    posted a message on minecraft superflat survival
    i found a seed once like this only the villages were further away and had more buildings. Saplings, yes. Easy cobble generators, yes. Diamonds, yes. iron yes. Iron golems spawning, yes. And all up 3 forges. The seed is 2052725001. To find the second village walk towards the rising sun. Enjoy. Practically the same only bit more loot and building though you must walk further. :)
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    posted a message on Your Noob Days
    Built a dirt shack so i could hide in it and kill mobs in the morning. Back then i never played on anything but peaceful and strolled outside only to almost get killed by a creeper. I had dug a hole the day before and decided to hide in it. As i went down the steps my hand started hard-out shaking and i couldn't control it. I got down anyway and closed the door. Nothing happened...

    Eventually i got bored and went out the door again. There that hissing thing was and once again my hands started shaking. This was a 1by 2 tunnel and i pushing past it. My hands shook so much that it was trying to walk through the wall. The creeper had almost gone when i got out and then it went boom. I almost died and my stairs were ruined. Then when another creeper came up i did the smart thing for a newb.
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    posted a message on Doing simple mod requests
    What about if one mob can see you, all the others will start to act like they can.
    And maybe randomly spawning nether-portals in the overworld.
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