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    Greetings me dear minecrafters, today i'm going to show you a map i made a while ago... it's a co-op competitive mini-game called:

    I won't take all the credit for this map, it's based in the mini-game created by Mattie400 "Cops and robbers". Many of the item names are based on his game so check it out too :D

    The goal of the game is simple, the prisioners must scape the prison by using any way possible, there can be up to 2 cops that can bassicly insta-kill the prisioners with special gear. So the Cop must tell the prisioners to do things and they can't dissobey (or can they?)

    So now some Screenshots of the map:

    And some in-game (And need help from you with this one):

    Download: http://www.mediafire...g1z45akv1o1zw27

    Map details:
    Players: 4-14

    Cops: 1-2
    Gamemode: Adventure Mode
    Watchtower Access trough Office!
    Find the boosts contained in chests and certain areas but beware!
    3 possible ways out!

    Remeber to allow command blocks on the server!
    Recommended: Use skype or any voice communication software to play

    NOTE: If you don't spawn inside the lobby tp to x=-36 y=26 z=1491

    If you like the map send me pics in-game with your friends
    Please show some suport so I upload more maps! that'd mean a lot for me :D
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