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    I have been unable to support this, but it does

    stand as a version that is more updated than most.

    3500+ DOWNLOADS! Yay!This is a update on the old Skaiacraft that a cool guy named Quivin started, I got it on its feet and standing again almost back to sparkling new!

    -All intellectual properties are held by the original creator of this pack who has gone on hiatus, and Andrew Hussie creator of Homestuck, this pack is a "download as is" and no revenue is generated from it in any form, you the user have the right to download, use the pack, and modify for private use, do not distribute,make a derivative, or place place behind a revenue obtaining link.

    The pack isn't 100% but, its about 80%-ish, I'm not sure what to texture some of it but its getting there! Inputs welcomed!

    ", courier, monospace">News~CHECK IT
    Feb,22: Will get to it eventually, it's a resource pack so it's usable but it doesn't have anything from recent updates yet.

    The pack is 16 bit so no actual patching is required to enjoy!(I would still suggest patching anyway with MCpatcher if you haven't since you never know when you need it, Or use optifine too!)

    1.4.7 and 1.5.X CTM support(You will need MCpatcher or Optifine for CTM support, the glass is also HD because I'm lazy so if you use MCpatcher patch for HD also, see change log if you wonder why its SEMI support)

    Parts of the Pack:

    Terrain and items are outdated just a little but still show general looks.

    Some of the mobs-Some ores and blocks-Example building-Tree!-
    Some UI In no real order-
    In Game Images-

    Direct DownloadAll the old version downloads are the same other than text color, its just preference of player!

    Resource pack DOWNLOAD

    Outdated Downloads/backwards compatible, If significant changes happen this is where you can find old downloads for the standard version(stating standard in case of variant reworks)
    1.5 http://www.mediafire...24io5773fm1440u 1.4.6/7Standard: http://www.mediafire...b1g9b5fbx7sm5gf 1.4.6/7 text variants can be given by request


    1.6v1 Added resource pack compatibility
    1.5v2.2 added a texture for block of redstone/placeholder depending
    1.5v2RF revised fire so it properly works
    1.5vLW Added the flowing water/lava textures.. hopefully...
    1.5 just did the compatibility release
    13W04 added new textures for later texturing
    13W02B updated clock and compass animation textures.
    13W02A Added missing textures.
    13W02Av1 Updated for the separated texture change.
    v1.35 pumpkin pie (i didn't actually do the pie.. since i forgot to save the changes)- doing a trial on potatoes- TOBLERONE CARROTS- rocket -empty map- item frame- anything i missed in this change.
    v1.31 Added default wither picture as placeholder for missing picture.& Changed netherrack art, now fully solid.& Changed spawner art, I don't know why it was solid but changed it to transparent.
    v1.3 CTM support for glass blocks (Need to do pains but couldn't figure it out.)
    v1.2 Changed Splash potions and regular potions to be more pack friendly Zombie bug fix Zombie pigman bug fix Spawn egg change gold nugget texture change and bleh if i missed something in this listv
    1.12 changed carrot on a stick to match current theme.
    v1.1 Updated Chests GUI for more noticeable items for lighter coloured items.

    Planned changes-

    Remaining Items
    Remaining foodstuff
    -Wither skeleton & Misc.
    -Reskin wither painting>
    Add additional textures
    Change the texture theme on cows to horses and rethink cows
    Make nether more Industrial looking
    Get better CTM support (Gonna mark this off unless its called for)
    Things and stuff
    IC2 & Thaumcraft maybe



    Credit for ThamosII for giving some constructive help!

    Thanks for any support!

    All the images on this post and inferred by it, which include but are not limited to the emblems, logos, and banners are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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    Quote from Squ1dy»

    You don't even like sweet coffee? :o

    I like caramel added to coffee :P

    yeeees, caramel is great with coffee
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    I had a teacher who was also the mayor, he would mainly do handouts and let it be self study, he wasn't great at paying attention to the class so really no actual teaching ever happened. It's only horrible due to bad teaching standards really.

    He got yelled at by a girl one time though, who was so venomous at him she left him crying >.>

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    Mmm, I can dig something better than drowning essentially white noise rain sounds. Cool :)

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    The good old days when I was alive o=o

    My existence is fearful

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    0/10 I obvs don't know people

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    Quote from Koumus

    MissStalkeor, again? That's so 2013.


    I still try my best D;
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    Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann(Gurren Lagann), favorite anime.
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    Quote from cestislife

    <Tehpillowstar> "Truely, one of humanity's finest accomplishment in its quest towards its own demise is a funny-looking stick that shoots out a metal pellet with a bang."
    <cestislife> pew pew
    <Tehpillowstar> whoops wrong channel
    <Ralph> I spy incompetence.
    <Tehpillowstar> wrong server
    <Tehpillowstar> OUT RALPH

    Ralph calls it as he sees it ;o
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    I draw a little, I made my avvie for one..it's not amaaaazing but I enjoy it

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