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    Quote from andrewkm

    My lettering has retarded spacing on 1.5.2
    Any ideas why:

    EDIT: Ah there we go ( For anyone with same issue: you need to use convert texture pack feature to fix this through mc patcher :) )
    Actually the convert pack feature isn't responsible for fixing your problem--it's merely incidental. You haven't needed to convert this pack since January and earlier of this year. The font spacing bug is a known issue on Mojang's end and is a result of improper installation of MCPatcher (Specifically the 'HD Font' component.). Likely when you converted the pack you patched again and the patch is actually what fixed the problem.

    I'd strongly recommend against using the conversion tool to fix problems, as the pack is already formatted and conversion can only do harm (as unlikely as that is to happen) to the formatting of the pack at this point.
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    Quote from wobbsy

    Hi i like this Texturepack really!
    Can i use for my Let´s Play, please?
    (German) YT-Channel: www.youtube.com/user/wobbsygames
    Of course. You don't need permission for this sort of use. Just make sure to link to my thread to provide credit. Rehosting download links for the pack is of course prohibited.

    Quote from VashTS240

    I "fixed" it (the zip), but there are still some errors. Title screen "missing texture". White water. Breaking blocks is "highlighted".
    I'm also tired of saying that I do, in fact, use MCPatcher (and I do use the latest version (MCPatcher & texture pack), and I do do a clean install).
    99% of the time, white/missing textures are a result of insufficient memory. I've never seen them associated with corrupted textures. I'd imagine with corrupt textures, the textures would either look buggy or would simply render the default texture in its place. I'd suggest going over the first issue in my FAQ to ensure your installation is as optimized as it can be. Also not on the FAQ is the suggestion to disable the optional features--namely BetterSkies.

    Quote from jovialmadness

    i seem to be running into a problem.

    i followed the instruction perfectly like i have the last 3 patches and have had no problems.

    this last time i followed the installation instructions perfectly and everything was fine. forgot that i usually unchecked the "lighting" option in mcpatcher and repatched. booted up the game and now the water is a pale white color and stone(baked from cobblestone type stone) has a very bizarre blatant pattern that is extremely eye soring. also, glass no longer has a block free element to it. the glass is transparent but large windows are essentially blocks that are transparent. ive attempted full reinstalls to no avail. anyone else having these problems?

    This sounds like an issue with a broken installation of Custom Colors and Better Glass. Unchecking components of custom colors is not recommended as it is typically regarded as a required feature for this pack. As far as the glass goes, my glass should be semi-translucent, not completely transparent if Better Glass is properly installed. The following features are pretty much absolutely required for this pack to function properly:
    Extended HD
    Custom Colors
    Connected Textures
    Better Glass

    Quote from Prowlakee

    Hey Misa just wanted to ask did you forget to add the texture for the back side of the Iron Armor Leggings? The texture has been missing for a very long time since 1.8 Beta I think i've last seen the texture for the back side of the Iron Armor Leggings and just wanted to let you know that it is still missing and needs fixing after you are able to get around to it after your done with all your hard work on the textures for the next update and that im thankful for you still hanging on even with the pain Mojang has been giving you with your pack lately with all the changes and that I hope to see more of your amazing works. Also another issue if not much to ask to address i've also seen is that the Nether Brick Fence is now black now I don't know if this is intentional or not since the icon for it is still red that it may need fixing too and I don't think its a patching problem because its texture is white when there is a problem.
    I didn't forget it--there are no missing textures on the iron armor leggings. If anything every armorsmith throughout history who's ever successfully designed functional plate armor forgot to add it:

    Though it's more likely that they didn't forget about it so much as elected to not include it, as completely encasing the upper thighs and buttocks in plates of armor would:
    -Prohibit expansion and contraction of the large muscle groups in those areas.
    -Cut off circulation to the lower extremities.
    -Prevent the common actions of running, kicking, squatting, sitting, and horseback-riding.
    -Potentially sever the siatic nerve when under impact stress--paralyzing the wearer for life.
    There's a reason this is called a realistic texture pack. :P

    As far as the netherbrick fence goes, it's been black for more than a year now:

    -Nether brick fences are now dark grey to increase their usability by mimicking wrought iron fences.
    -Slightly lightened the color of Nether fences to better showcase the new textures.
    -Reverted to the old coloring method for nether bricks and nether brick stairs. (Fences will look weird in the inventory and hand only.)

    The issue with it showing up as a dark burgundy color, is a limitation of the CTM feature that allows the texture to appear unique when placed. (It's the same reason the icons for wooden fences don't match the placed look of them) At the moment, there is little that can be done for it. I did use Custom Colors to darken the texture however. So if your gamma/brightness isn't too high on your monitor/video card, the item icon should appear black when compared to nether bricks.

    Now for a more general announcement:
    To anyone having issues with the glowing block breaking texture, please report the issue on the MCPatcher thread. Be sure to include a detailed report of which version of MCPatcher you are running and which version of Minecraft.jar you are patching so this bug can be reproduced in testing.

    Don't demand an immediate response or repeatedly pester Kahr about this either. Mojang has once again changed the texture loading system on today's snapshot, and he'll likely be busy enough as it is dealing with adapting MCPatcher to function with the game yet again.
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    Please learn to read the first post, usage instructions or readme file for anything you download:

    Quote from Misa

    ...It should go without saying but YOU WILL NEED THE LATEST MCPATCHER TO AVOID PROBLEMS WITH THIS PACK. Note that Optifine may not support every feature in this pack. If you choose to use Optifine, any problems you encounter should be reported on the Optifine thread so that they can hopefully address your problems. DO NOT POST TECHNICAL PROBLEMS HERE IF YOU ARE USING OPTIFINE. This thread is for discussion of the texture pack. I can only provide tech support if you've followed the installation instructions posted...

    If you use a dishwasher to wash your clothes, and the dishwasher breaks because clothing jammed it up, you can't call up the dishwasher company to file a complaint and expect to be taken seriously.
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    That's not an issue with my pack. It's either caused by MCPatcher or Mojang's latest snapshots (Which this pack does not fully support yet). Experiment to determine which and redirect your report to one them. The version this pack is designed for does not have this effect.
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    Quote from colinb248

    all fair points. all I am saying is, a horse wouldn't fit if it was as simple as, say, a pig. is what your saying is what they should have done is just edit the cow model a little and slap a skin on it? By the way, don't think I am dissing your point of view, I know where you are comeing from. I am just saying, its hard to see how else they could have done it, without it being realy disappointing, or lacking in peoples expectations. this implementation of horses has been expected for yonks. least this way its disappointing on a technical standpoint. the horse models in game done look terrible. and I brought up the enderdragon because you said ALL the other mobs where simple. and so I named one that wasn't. check.
    I would argue that, yes, a horse would look fine if it had a simple construction similar to pigs (If you lack the imagination to see how this could've been done, see all the previous posts linking to and referencing simpler horse models that would've worked better with the other models.) Again the Enderdragon is completely irrelevant. It's a more complex model, but it's also a vastly larger model. Complexity has to scale with size. The Enderdragon is a special case that cannot be compared to the average sized animals. If Mojang made a miniature dragon that was the size of a pig and used the enderdragon model and textures, that would be a terrible design decision.

    Quote from Antibes

    I think that the zip is corrupt as I have been having intermittent problems with water colour, which I thought was related to mcpatcher. I can confirm that I can't unzip with 7zip and if I do manage to decompress the texture pack with Windows some of the files are corrupt.
    Quote from cannon_dt

    Yeah, uncompression errors are generally related to the headers - if they are improper 7zip will refuse to extract those files correctly stating "unsupported compression method". I guess because of these bad objects in the zip we could be having issues

    Would it be possible for you test the decompression of this file? You are probably the best person to reaffirm the integrity of this archive :)
    Quote from VashTS240

    Misa: because of all the zip file problems from other users and me (and the missing active detector rail image), would it be possible to upload another copy of the texture pack for 1.5.x (even if it only has images to that point of the game updates & not beyond), especially since 1.6.x (and its snapshots) is cutting any work on the current texture pack to near nil?

    If you answer any* form of yes: thank you.
    If you answer any* form of no: I understand (I remember what you said a while back)

    *by any, I mean any that don't have stipulations that are major/severe. Those answers would require a specific reply, though likely still along the same lines as the general reply.
    I've already addressed this, and others have posted fixes and workarounds. I've already announced that the pack will be repackaged by the next time I update, along with fixes to all the missing/bugged stuff that's been reported. Just be patient until then or use the search feature to see temporary workarounds posted on the subject.

    Quote from xWH1T30UTx

    It's bothersome that the default texture for the new hardened clay in the snapshot is similar to your texture for regular clay...
    I thought it'd be annoying to work with the new hardened clay texture too, but once again, CTM saved the day and I still got to maintain the realistic material-derivative consistency of my pack while having a valuable new building material to work with.

    Adobe anyone?
    And of course if anyone still wants a greyish building material in my pack similar to vanilla's unrealistic clay that magically turns from grey to red when heated (This isn't shrimp or lobster!), there's smooth stone, grey wool, and iron to work with.Now Mojang just needs to add hardened clay slabs and stairs to make it a truly viable building material in general. They probably need to do something similar with hay bales for thatched roofs.

    Quote from Sphax84
    It will maybe be possible with the future "API". But this will not be anymore a 2D artist work.
    I can do 3D too, and long ago I redesigned all of the game's mob models to be more realistic while retaining a blocky but anatomically-correct design that used coordinate re-mappings of the default game's texture maps as part of a proof-of-concept experiment. If the language/interface format for the modding API were easy enough for me to pick up without too much of a time investment in learning Java, I'd love to release a "Misa's Realistic Model Pack." Of course that also depends on if I'm still around by the time the API is released. :P

    Quote from lilbiggy

    I am having problems with the textures of the spruce and jungle wood planks. The top and bottom look fine but the sides look like the sides of the birch wood planks and I don't like how they look with their sides like that. Please fix this. Thanks.
    I cannot fix an isolated incident. You're the only one to report this issue and my tests cannot reproduce the problem you're experiencing. My guess is you have some mod conflicts or installed the pack improperly or over a dirty installation. Following the cleaning and installation instructions on my thread should fix the issue for you.

    Quote from AlexanderMoore

    Would this texture pack work on a server for players without a modified client?

    Basically, I'm setting up a server and wanting to add more realistic textures. However, considering that I'm being told by several sources that HD Textures require a modified client, I'm wondering if this also counts for users on a server.

    I'm shooting for highest compatibility on my server and if HD textures require the players have a modded client then I guess I'm not going to be using HD textures.

    Further, if it is IS true that HD textures require the players to have a modified client, then, at what point is a texture pack considered HD? 32x32? Because I'll be shooting for the best thing I can install that will work for all players on my server.


    - Alex
    No, this texture pack does not work on an unmodified client. The majority of high resolution texture packs still require a client modifier despite Mojang's poor attempt to add support for high resolution texture packs. Their animation rendering method is pretty atrocious and doesn't support custom non-block animations. They also lack custom color support and CTM which this and many other packs (including low resolution packs) rely upon.

    As far as the HD thing goes, HD is not the correct term. High definition typically deals only with full screen resolution (terms like "HD audio" are meaningless buzzwords) and is more of a television marketing gimmick than anything--Computer monitors and videos cards have had "HD" support as the standard since the early 90's.

    To refer to texture resolution, typically the term "High resolution" is what's used. As far as Minecraft goes, anything above the default texture resolution of 16x16 is considered high resolution. In practice 256x256 is the highest practical resolution for Minecraft texture packs but requires a proper computer designed for gaming to make use of (Though there are several 512x512 and 1024x1024 packs out there as well). 64x64 is the best compromise I've found in performance and visuals for the majority of players with gaming and non-gaming computers. 32x32 is also good and probably more recommended for servers. I would never recommend 128x128 and above for enforced server texture packs and the performance variance among players will vary widely and be unplayable for many.

    A bit of a myth to dispel is that higher resolution texture packs always look better than lower resolution texture packs. Art style, design consistency, and material recognizability have greater effects on how good a texture pack will look than the resolution it uses. There are styles that are best suited to 16x16 that would simply not work (or be a complete waste of pixel resource usage) on higher resolutions and the inverse would hold true for different styles. Ideally people shouldn't ever judge a texture pack based on its resolution but rather on how it looks to them in-game and how practical it is for the application they're using it for. For instance if you were using a texture pack for a vanilla minecraft server, you'd want to avoid specifically-themed and novelty texture packs that stray away from the vanilla concepts of blocks to avoid player confusion. Personally I'm against server-enforced/distributed texture packs. A server recommending an official pack and providing supplemental textures for said pack for unique server content is more ideal. I think people should ultimately have the option to use whatever texture pack works best for them though.
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    You're gonna have to wait awhile likely. Mojang almost seems to be going out of its way to ensure that I can't work on my pack at all. Today's update to the new launcher pretty much prevents client mods from functioning. As if it wasn't already evil enough having removed the user's option to disable automatic updates, now the jar for each version is replaced with a clean one each time you launch the game. The snapshot I was using only yesterday to work on the pack with no longer works. Version control should never be so unethically far-reaching that it completely eliminates the end-user from the update process...
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    Quote from Deepblue686

    Yeah Mojangs texture design is awful. That's what texture packs are for XD.
    They missed a good opportunity by hiring Eld for something else.

    The skeletal horse texture is now incredibly inconsistent with the regular skeleton (which is grey for some unfathomable reason).

    I'm still trying to get my head around the Creeper texture.
    What the heck is it supposed to be? (The shading, not the general design)
    The strange lines along the pig's body baffle me too.

    The model's what bugs me more than anything. The default textures have had poor and inconsistent designs for ages. This is part of the reason I started my texture pack in the first place. The whole "8-bit design" label also bugged the hell out of me since I first started playing the game. There is absolutely nothing 8-bit looking about the art style of this game. Typically, 8-bit art should have a very limited color palette for each tile (around 4 colors per). The art in this is just random, colorful, pixellated art with a disgusting overuse of a noise filter. Fortunately all of it can be avoided/corrected with texture packs--the inconsistent model designs on the other hand cannot.

    Quote from Darkone003

    I wouldn't go that far...
    I think I chose my words well ("may"). :P I generally try to avoid attacking Mojang for everything else I might find fault with when criticizing them on a very specific issue so I don't come across as a nagging old bitch.

    Quote from colinb248

    to defend mojang with there choice of design of the horse, how else could they have done it? I mean... making the horse design simpler would lead it to being too ugly, and out of place anyway. by having a horse have more features then the other animals, it also makes it a more attractive thing to have as say, a pet. Its also not the only creatures that got complicated structure. what about the ender dragon?
    -Pretty sure more than one person has already given an example of how else they could've done it...
    -Making it simpler wouldn't make it too ugly, and definitely not out of place compared to the designs of all the other standard mobs.
    -Why on Earth would you want visual favoritism for a single type of mob just because it happens to be one (of several) that can be kept as a pet? For the sake of consistency would it not make infinitely more sense to update the look of all the other mobs to match?
    -What about the Enderdragon? It's a climactic final boss mob and the only mob that spawns once per map. More importantly though it's physically massive compared to all the other mobs. You can get by with more polygons in your model when your model is many times the size of the average-sized models... It's really kinda pointless to compare the Enderdragon to the standard mobs.

    Quote from Balduran
    ...There's Blockscape, but I fear they'll go the same BS "RPG survival" route as Mojang did, not understanding that what people want in voxel games is building..
    Going by the sheer volume of popular Minecraft videos that are centered around the survival aspects of the game over the creative aspects as well as the fact that Minecraft was primarily inspired by a strategy game and a team PvP game, I believe you mostly speak for yourself. I'd personally like an actual game with gameplay that challenges me over a mere Lego sandbox. I wouldn't complain about game balance and system design issues in the first place if I didn't care for the RPG/survival aspect of the game (I actually wish they were much more emphasized and less half-assed).
    If I wanted to just build stuff, there already are vastly superior tools out there made specifically for that sort of thing. My pack has always been designed around survival mode rather than creative mode (That's why I try to be consistent with visually matching materials to their recipes). Sure I wish there were a hell of a lot more construction options for creative builds, but I didn't even think about purchasing the game until I first saw snapshots of indev. I pretty much only play creative mode these days (when I do play), but it's more out of a complete lack of depth and balance in survival than anything.

    Quote from WolfDjomla

    How to fix this: when is night sky is still white and is nowhere dark.
    Please Help!
    White textures = insufficient memory to load texture. Better Skies is an optional mod that uses massive texture files--disable it to correct the problem, or read the FAQ to see if you can get it working on your computer through optimization of your installation.

    Quote from tipred3

    Misa, since you are starting to dislike minecraft, why should you update this texture pack?
    Do you want me to stop updating it or something?
    Anyway, like many people, I prefer to avoid starvation and homelessness. This texture pack unfortunately happens to be the closest thing I have to a job that's paying the bills and keeping me alive and off the streets right now. Also for as many problems as I have with what Minecraft's become under the current management, I still like working on my texture pack--much moreso than playing the game when I'm inspired. If I didn't care to update the pack anymore, I wouldn't be complaining about the hindrances to it in the first place. If I really didn't care, I'd simply announce my resignation and walk away.

    Quote from cannon_dt

    This might be a trivial question but I am not having much luck with my attempts at replacing char.png in Misa's texture pack. I run minecraft on linux and whatever I do the zip file refuses to get altered. I even dumped the contents into a folder, replace char.png and rezipped it but when I attempted to use it minecraft crashed.

    Just wanted to know if someone knows how to do this correctly :)

    Grab a tool like 7Zip, open the texture pack you're editing and simply drag and drop the char.png in the mob directory within that zip. Also if you've uploaded a skin to Minecraft.net, be sure to intentionally typo your username or password when logging in and play off-line, otherwise the game forces you to use the player skin you uploaded.

    Quote from healwenn753

    hello, i love your texture pack but can you make a version for GLSL shaders ?
    (it's provide 3D texture with parralax or dump mapping)
    I've known about the GLSL shader mod for years--I was one of the ones who first popularized it. And then I dropped it when it failed to address any of the issues I had with it. Read the FAQ and use the search feature for more information.
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    Honestly, the original design for Mo' Creatures horses would be so much more fitting with vanilla game...
    I completely agree.

    ...altough with the head of the actual one.
    If they are going to go with the current head ( the model of which contains more than seven boxes) they seriously need to update other mobs. Next to the current horse model, the cow bears practically no resemblance to its real life counterpart. Compared to the horse, the cow is now some squatty little pig-like creature with elephantitis in its legs, no tail, and a flat faced skull with no snout or neck.

    Pretty much the exact opposite of what it should be when compared to a horse.
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    You do realise that the horses were originally from the Mo'Creatures mod, right?
    You do realize that that has absolutely nothing to do with any of the points I made, right?

    Their design is the same, and they are made and coded by the same guy. Don't blame mojang for wanting to implement a cool idea to Minecraft directly from a mod which has a different design scheme, blame the mod creator for having a different design scheme. In fact, don't blame anyone at all...
    Why on Earth not? Mojang made a conscious effort to implement this mod in the way they have. The way they have done so is horribly inconsistent design-wise without a retrofit of pre-existing mobs and something to address the the system balance issues it creates with mobs like pigs--which pretty much again have no unique utility as opposed to every single other mob. By saying no one is to blame here, you're pretty much saying that Mojang isn't responsible for the decisions made by Mojang. I could not disagree more.

    ...I think Minecraft needs a change-up in the design every once in a while.
    I never said they didn't. Consistency is still a major element of good design though. When changing the design, retrofitting is required, and old problems should be addressed before adding the new design model which has the potential to compound existing problems. If you wanna talk about changing up the design, personally I think the whole damn thing should be remade from scratch.

    Keep up the good work on the pack, bro!
    I'll try, but I'm not a bro. :P

    And remember to texture the armor and saddles when you have time...
    And remember, I've been modding Minecraft since before half of the Minecraft design team at Mojang even first heard of the game. This isn't one of my first rodeos so to speak :P
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    I said nothing about the skins being terrible. I said their horse designs are (at least so far) horribly inconsistent with the other mobs.

    Mojang's design consistency began to suffer around the time Notch stopped working on it, and has just been getting worse over time. They're making a lot of mistakes that even first-year design students would know to avoid. The game may be worked on by competent coders, but their design skills reek of incompetence in the areas of system design, content design, and graphic design. For every new feature they add, they ignore several broken ones and they take a new and inconsistent approach to the design without retrofitting pre-existing elements of the same system.

    At this point it's so bad that I'm pretty much hoping (though without much faith) that Minecraft's success spawns a clone that's superior in enough ways that I can shift all of my efforts over to supporting it instead. For as little faith as I have in this happening, I have even less faith in Mojang correcting all of their design mistakes.
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    Yay... I get to stop working all the cool extra stuff I was working on for items to skin some damned horses whose designs are so horribly inconsistent with the rest of the mobs in the game that I have to wonder if anyone working at Mojang has read so much as even an old Geocities website page on design.
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    Just chiming in to show that I'm still alive. I just haven't felt like responding to the myriad of tech support issues that have been flooding this thread as there's really very little control I have over any of it, and most of it has already been answered or would be better-directed to another thread. I'm way too busy with real life stuff and working on the pack to really waste time on giant response posts only a few people read. :P

    In regards to the pack, the alternates pack I was working on will be temporarily delayed (but with good reason). There's some new experimental features I'm investing all my time in which I don't want to give too much away on just yet. All I'll really put out for now is that they involve items and the current progress on them is proving to be quite sexy. :P Sufficed to say, anyone wanting to edit the pack can still find the old alternates file in the old version of the pack linked on my main thread.
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    Quote from DundG
    ...Oh and how about leaves with connected textures? To see the highest part are different as the deepest or middle part, also the left and right site.
    I think I've addressed this before. Leaves are hard enough to do as it is due to the transparency bits and needing to keep the edges balanced and tileable. Standard CTM is also one of the most difficult things to do and really only well-suited to things that have frames. My tree ring CTM was probably the single most difficult thing I've ever done. I also believe I've said in the past that I'm not happy with my leaves at the moment, but every time I've tried to fix the situation, I've never been satisfied with the new results. So yeah, I don't think CTM for leaves is really practical for this pack, but I'll try to think of some way to improve leaves in the future.

    Quote from Zombieman326

    Though you'll probably say no, I thought I might bring this up to your attention. This definitely does not fit the conditions you have mentioned, but I was thinking that maybe you could try making textures for big modpacks like tekkit and voltz. They barely update so if you make the textures fast enough, you could make it work. Just maybe work on it as like a long term side project.
    No need and no point to. There's already a bunch of fans out there who have created companion textures for my pack and various mods. Just Google around. I don't use any of those mods, so I wouldn't really be the best one to do their textures any justice. I also have so many things to do on the main pack that trying out new mods like these to get a good strong feel for them would just be counter-productive.

    Quote from dcook

    I have problems with the pack.
    Minecraft gets realy slow when I use your pack.
    But it was great at the 1.47 version. No problems.
    Has anyone a Idea what's wrong?
    Read the last few pages.

    Quote from Ms_KamiKaze

    Sooo, I'm curious what happened with the textures with this update? I first and formost noticed it with the ores... THey look much more muddy,dark, and dull.

    The dull muddy one is 1.5 the other is 1.4.7
    And I'm curious to know where you got that texture on the right--because it certainly wasn't from my pack. It's clearly been edited to increase contrast and saturation. I made this pack in the first place because the bright colors on the default pack wore out my eyes after extended periods of play and the realistic setting lends itself well to this color scheme. You either edited it yourself and forgot, downloaded someone else's pack that used some of my textures with edits, or downloaded an illegal re-posting of my pack that had the saturation and contrast increased to above realistic levels. I have at no point edited the saturation or contrast of my lapis lazuli ore blocks.

    Also "muddy,"--you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. Muddy textures refer to anything that causes textures to look like they're being viewed through a filthy lens. This is most often a result of low resolution textures that look really blurry or messy when bilinear/trilinear filtering is applied by the rendering engine. It can also apply to textures that have a lot of compression artifacts (as can be found in jpegs) The correct terms you're looking for are desaturated and low contrast--which is pretty much the intended color design for a realistic setting that doesn't make use of dynamic lighting or auto color correction.

    Pro-tip: If you want my texture pack to look like the image on the right with little effort, go into your video card or monitor's settings and increase the contrast and saturation. With these simple adjustments you can make any texture pack as radioactively eye-raping as you want:

    Quote from VashTS240
    ...The planks have no variance because of no remaining CTM, but look far more realistic for houses (imo)

    I replaced the far corner with slabs to illustrate the appearance of before I deleted the CTM file...

    ...with the issue I'm having with the zip file in general, I can't even make any of the changes I want to the pack. I've already got all the blocks changed (including Red Velvet Cake (and item), Blue Creeper Blanket Bed (excluding item), Moss Stone, Lapis Block, Wood Door, and a few others)... I just need to copy them into the zip folder (and because of the error I mentioned previously, I can't (simple "Not Implemented" error).)I'm not sure I agree that the solution you came up with looks better, but I'll play with them a bit and see if I can come up with something better. It does make sense to have the blocks different from the slabs for variance. I just have to consider the impact this could have on people's builds, and what design compromise would work well.

    In the meantime you could always try using Google to find a fix for corrupt zip files--especially if you're on Mac or Linux. They typically seem to the only OS's that have been affected by this in the past. On my end, the downloaded zip file works perfectly fine so I'm sure there has to be a way to fix/recover the zip on your end until I can repack it and post another update.

    Quote from WhiskeyPapaTango

    Misa, love the pack. I cannot play minecraft without it.

    I have noticed that the texture for an activated detector rail is missing (It looks like it's glowing whenever a mine cart is on top of it). It just shows the default texture (I guess the upside of the new texture format).
    Already been reported and already fixed for the next update.

    Quote from Darckray

    not sure why you dont have it, but that texture isnt missing, i just made a track with an activator rail at the end!.
    Activated detector rail. (ie:textures/blocks/detectorRail_on.png)

    Quote from Darckray
    ...i noticed that your pack has a lot of animations and a lot of randomobs, so, if you delete unneeded animations and randomobs, everyone could get a better performance! (not sure if this works, but i am making a suggestion).
    I've already stated twice that it's Mojang's handling of the CTM files in my pack that's bogging down the performance. randomobs and animations aren't a huge performance hog, and there's no reason for me to delete these things if people can do this themselves if it helps them.

    Quote from Keirgarth2007

    Is there somewhere I can download a previous version of the texture pack? I would like to get the one for 1.4.7 again if possible.
    Erm... Did you even attempt to look for this beforehand? Like at the very first paragraph of the entire thread? Or y'know, the download section... The places you'd normally look for such a thing...

    !!!Spoiler Alert!!!
    What you're asking for has been available on the first post since 1.5 came out. :P
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    posted a message on Misa's Realistic Texture Pack - 1.20.1+ UPDATED ELSEWHERE!
    Some quick responses before bed:
    Quote from Deepblue686

    ...Too bad Mojang's design isn't very realistic.
    To be more realistic, I'd suggest much larger, basic, circular eyes with simple circular pupils on the sides of the body (rather than on front/back of the body)
    Squid do have the largest eye to body ratio of any animal on Earth after all...
    All of their mob models are pretty terrible in regards to proportions. I actually designed a bunch of more anatomically-correct (but still blocky!) models for all the mobs a couple years ago which could still use the default texture format with just different mapping, it's a shame I can't really do much with them, else I'd probably have something like a "Misa's Realistic Mob Model Pack." The larger eye would've looked much better on that model:

    (my old squid model without texture mapping)
    Unfortunately though, Mojang's model looks more like an octopus than a squid, so my texture design for them is more octopus in nature and I don't really plan on changing that for as long as the model is as crappy as it currently is. At this point I really see them more as octopi that Mojang just made a typo on when naming them...

    Quote from DundG
    ...I thought cameos are there to be rare textures who should us make remember of some other video games/ or pop cultural things everywhere it is possible. The bat is small, and with enough randomob textures the zubat would be a small cameo who reminds me of pokemon. I everytime wondering, why we haven't a milka cow as randomob xD: http://farm7.staticf...85906c8c0_z.jpg ...
    This is also first and foremost a realistic pack, and it might break immersion to be running into cameos on commonly-encountered mobs. All of the mobs that have weird cameos also require you to be playing outside of peaceful mode, are typically encountered in dark conditions and usually have to be killed or ran away from if you're close enough to observe them. These mobs all tend to be things that are unrealistic to begin with--hence I can play around with their design more in a realistic setting.

    Also the dynamics of randomobs can change with the roster count on maps and updates to how Randomobs is handled. Say I were to add a Milka cow to the roster and make it really rare. Someone could find one and capture it for their farm or breed one from two normal cows, and then say something changes with Randomobs or the map's data for it. They'd still have a cow, but its texture could change and they'd completely lose their extremely rare Milka cow. The solution to that would be to make it as common as other cows, but then you end up with the whole realism-breaking problem. People who didn't get the reference would just be confused. Milka for instance is pretty much completely unknown in the U.S.. The only reason I know of it is because I had a friend in Europe who clued me in on it. Hopefully now you have a better idea of where I'm coming from and the balances I have to strike for the sake of consistency.

    Quote from Liquidfire3

    It's been a while since I've dug through your pack, but if you haven't, you should consider making a Stalfos Knight variant!
    Stalfos were actually the first thing considered for a cameo with skeletons in general. :P Only problem is, in most of the Zelda games the stalfos are simply skeletons with weapons. In OOT they do have the armor and the shield, but unfortunately the Minecraft model is limited, that any skin trying to reflect this wouldn't have the desired effect. The skeletons limbs are too thin for it to look like it has big pauldrons, gloves, and boots. This is why most of my cameo skeletons have been famous dead archers or swordsmen with full-body clothing rather than famous skeletons. If only stalfos had full-on clothes that were easily recognizable. I still have a to-do list of archers and swordsmen at least.. I just need to find the time and energy to do some mobs again at some point. For now though, I guess just consider any naked skeleton to be a stalfos. :P

    Quote from Thronk

    The special block (43:7) had a good stone texture before. Other texturepacks have the distinct difference between the stone blocks and the quarts slabs. Can't see why you can't do this.
    And, many admins use this block for spawn and other server structures, our server does, and we sell them at our adminshop. So, it's more obtainable than you think.

    Ah well, guess it's time to move away from this pack and go to Ovo's Rustic. I'll check from time to time to see if any changes have been made. This was my first favorite xpac.
    Please try responding to the request next time instead of ragequitting the pack over a single block that's not even intended to be usable. I'm trying to help you here, but I can't help you if you don't help me first. As best as I can tell, this block you're referring to no longer exists (through no fault of my own). Block ID 43:7 as of v1.5 is now officially used by Mojang as the double quartz slab. The smooth double step block is simply gone from the 43:7 id slot. (There was even a petition to Jeb during the 1.5 snapshots about this.)

    I disabled my pack and checked this block out on the default textures. It does not show up as a unique stone texture at all. It uses the standard quartz block texture on all faces and is 100% identical in appearance to block 155 (Quartz block). Every single up-to-date texture ID database on the Internet also shows this to be the case. So again I ask, how would you propose I fix this? As far as I can tell, what you're looking for no longer exists in 1.5 as 43:7 and would be physically impossible for ANY texture pack to pull off without simultaneously removing the side texture from quartz double slabs. I'd be happy to be proven wrong about this though.

    You make the claim that "Other texturepacks have the distinct difference between the stone blocks and the quarts slabs." Please link me to one of these other packs so I can see what you're referring to for myself first-hand.

    Quote from MarioG1

    I think i found a bug. If you use bone meal on plants the "angry villager" particles are shown.
    That's not a bug, and that's not an angry village particle. That's Mojang being stupid and thinking that growing crops needed a special particle for visual feedback (as if the crop visually advancing in stage wasn't enough), then them recycling the "level up" particle from NPC's for this. The anger villager particle on my pack is of Cross-popping veins. The "villager stock level up" icon that Mojang recycled for this is a jagged business graph arrow indicative of rising stock. If my texture pack was for personal use only, these NPC particles wouldn't even exist in it. But I know if I remove them, enough people will then report that I'm "missing" textures and need to update. Sometimes I just can't win. :P If only I had the time and resources to eliminate the middleman and make my own game.

    Now I must try to sleep. It's like 4am here and I have stuff to do tomorrow/today. Insomnia's a bitch.
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    posted a message on Misa's Realistic Texture Pack - 1.20.1+ UPDATED ELSEWHERE!
    Responding to things that need responding to:
    Quote from DundG

    Hmm lets see...
    -I never played Soul Reaver for more than a few minutes. But yeah, they don't look too zombie-esque. If I do include vampires in my zombie randomobs, it'll likely just be the more iconic vampires like Count Dracula or Nosferatu.
    -I guess I can do some minor variants for the magma cubes so long as I can find the resource files I created for them and remember the process I used.
    -A powered down blaze wouldn't only really work in my mind if they randomly powered up or powered up when attacking. Being attacked by a powered-down blaze would look weird.
    -Animations for ghasts are something I'm trying to avoid if possible--my pack is already close to approaching critical mass for some machines thanks to Mojang.
    -I already have plans for other bats. Zubat won't work for this mob though for reasons which I'll outline below.
    -Spongebob is a bit after my time. :P It came out when I was pretty much finished with high school. But aside from that, there are certain mobs I don't want to have silly cameos for for the sake of maintaining some realism.

    Below is a list of the design themes I have for each mob type as far as randomobs is concerned:

    Bats: Natural, real-life species only.
    Cats: Natural, real-life breeds only.
    Cave Spiders: Real-life species of mainly orb-weaving types of spiders only--species with higher abdomen to cephalothorax ratios.
    Chickens: Natural, real life breeds only.
    Cows: Natural, real life breeds only.
    Creeper: Camouflage is the main theme here. Pop cultural cameos are to be avoided. Basically creepers should only be associated with patterns and disguises that may aid them in creeping. Some may take it too far to humorous effect (Christmas Tree Creeper in snow biomes), but they should be rare.
    Enderman: No Randomobs. The enderman is one and all.
    Blaze: No real plans for randomobs.
    Ghasts: These are a bit tricky. I'll probably just stick to a unique alien-esque theme though and avoid pop cultural cameos. I may just do something with skin patterns on the base design in the end--I'm still not sure how I want to handle these. (Though I did always sorta want to somehow work a Cacodemon from Doom into the roster)
    Magma cubes: I don't think I want to take them in the same silly direction I did with slimes. I think of them as one of the lesser sentient enemies and more as a force of nature. I don't see randomobs as being necessary for them.
    Ocelot: A very specific species with a specific pattern, not much need for drastic Randomob variations.
    Pigs: Natural, real-life breeds only.
    Zombie Pigmen: As with my other undead mobs, cameos are welcome. The theme for these cameos should be pop cultural pig-related things only.
    Mooshrooms: Designs currently based strictly on existing in-game mushrooms. If you want more Mooshroom alts, tell Mojang to add more mushroom types to the game. (Bio-luminescence as a source of colored lighting sound awesome to anyone else? :P)
    Sheep: Natural, real-life breeds only.
    Skeletons: Pop cultural cameos welcome. The cameo theme for these is famous archers or famous skeletons only.
    Wither Skeletons: Pop cultural cameos welcome. The cameo theme for these is famous swordsmen or famous skeletons only.
    Slime: These are a bit of a silly grab bag and intended to be one of the cuter designs. Their alts are mostly intended to be based around cute/silly accessories and hats. Some may also have faces that resemble popular characters with a similar body (wherein the head is also the body as is the case with Dopefish and Cool Spot).
    Snow Golems: Faces should be pretty typical, cute snowman designs. Pumpkin is used as an accessory of some sort, but the overall body design is largely uniform.
    Spiders: Real-life species of mainly hunting/jumping types of spiders only--species with relatively higher cephalothorax to abdomen ratios.
    Squid: Realistic in design with color/pattern variants only.
    Wither: No randomobs. Rare boss mob.
    Wolves: Natural, real-life breeds only. Mainly looking for wild dog and wolf breeds, but some domesticated breeds are acceptable if they're close to wolves in appearance.
    Zombie: The start of the whole silly cameo thing. Reasoning behind this is that the undead are silly enough in concept that they shouldn't be taken too seriously. Cameos should be limited to pop cultural things with strong ties to the undead or zombie culture. Some of the subtle generic zombie designs are of players. IE: There is a zombie version of myself along with a few friends who have helped me with the pack. They have a generic zombie design with a few identifying traits usually limited to clothing color, designs, and accessories.
    Zombie Villagers: Based strictly on undead versions of existing villager skins. No real plans to do an undead version of every single villager skin made.
    Villagers: Generic designs with no real cameos. Villagers of certain classes share the same outfit and headgear style in different colors and prints only. Facial and racial, and age variety is important to give each villager a unique character quality. Animation of their faces is on the to-do list.
    Enderdragon: No randomobs. There's only one of these per map and the skin files are massive.

    Refer to this design plan when coming up with suggestions and they'll be more likely to make it to the to-do list if they conform to it.

    Quote from OrdusRC1136
    ...the Modding API is about as likely as leprechauns adding Herobrine into Minecraft's default code. (Seriously though that rumor has been going around since what. Alpha?)
    You haven't been following the development news much I take it. The modding API is not a rumor. A rumor requires that the account given is unverifiable and circulated through word of mouth interaction among those unrelated to an official source. The modding API was something that was talked about by Mojang for a long time but never really outlined and put on the development schedule--that is until recently. The last public panels Mojang did were for the and the . They have outlined many of the specifics of how the Modding API will work and many of the features in 1.5 (namely the texture pack changes) have been specifically made to make way for the format of the Modding API. Mojang plans to rewrite the game's render engine as well as create a new client launcher. The modding API will handle mods sort of like a free app store within the game's client. Mods will be uploaded to an official server and will be distributed through the game itself. The major rewrite we went through that combined the server and client for single player was one of the first steps towards making the game rely on a modular server-based system. The evidence at this point is overwhelmingly against the Modding API being simply a rumor.

    First, I want to thank Misa. I have used this pack for a year and have donated and definitely have gotten my money's worth, but with Minecraft 1.5 supporting HD textures I no longer want to use McPatcher as it makes the game unplayable. The framerates are just horrible.

    I've tried everything. Disabling the lighting helps, and so does reserving 4 gigs of memory for Java, but in the end, it's not nearly enough so it's back to other texture packs or the original until this gets fixed.

    I just wanted you to know how much I've enjoyed this texture pack, I always felt like these should be the default textures! You've done such an amazing job of keeping the spirit of Minecraft in your packs, but enhancing them so much.

    But things change, time marches on and I completely understand you not wanting to make your pack compatible with 1.5. However, if you ever do, I'll be first in line with a donation and would love to come back some day.

    Thanks again!
    No problem and I greatly appreciate the support. I'm amazed how many people have completely glossed over the posts about how much of a drastic improvement in performance disabling advanced GL is. Anyway don't worry, I'm not going anywhere. This pack is still fully up to date and fully compatible with 1.5 and will run fine on many machines. Really I just hope Mojang fixes the problem they've created with the unnecessary duplicate rendering of textures. While it's not recommended for visuals, disabling CTM should make the pack playable on even some of the weakest computers.

    Quote from BBHouseRodent

    Do to the unfortunate lag issue I spent part of the day looking for an alternate texture pack. While I did find some that seemed promising ALL made me REALLY appreciate the artistry of Misa's pack. The muted colors, the way the textures compliment each other, the GORGIOUS night sky and the subtle and not so subtle use of the creeper image throughout the pack. (Note to Self: I need to check the cow hides for creeper faces) There is a level of continuity I just wasn't seeing the realistic packs I looked at. Kudos for a job well done. Your hard work is appreciated. It's now the end of the day and I'm back to Misa's texture pack but I'm running under Optifine and back at 100-120 FPS (up from the 15-40FPS I was getting). However this is not without issue. Connected glass does not work (Optifine's issue, not Misa's) and there are white outlines around things ( a bug that is fixed in the next release). There may be other issues but I haven't noticed them and this will get me through till Mojang fixes the lag issue. A friend however is dealing with blue pumpkins, watermelon and wood textures. That one we haven't figured out yet but still looking.
    It's always nice to see appreciation for the amount of effort I put into the consistency, color design, and flow of my pack. :) They're pretty often overlooked. The issue with red and blue channels being reversed was something that I ran into during early development of this version of the pack with MCPatcher. For strange some reason, changing the heap and direct memoy size to 512MB fixed the problem. I'll have to bring it up with Kahr later to get more info on the issue.

    Quote from Kerii »

    It's one of the features in the patcher, but I don't think it's better skies since I disabled that and still had the drop. Disabling all of them seemed to work miracles.
    You apparently didn't read the post I directed you to in my response... Specifically this part here:
    ...Unfortunately there's this issue where the client can render like 2-3 copies of each texture used for absolutely no good reason at all. It basically makes texture packs without extra features run performance-wise as though they were texture packs with extra features (due to the resource duplication). Packs like mine with CTM files though are greatly blown up by this flaw. This was not the case pre-1.5...
    It's Mojang's handling of CTM textures that's causing most of the problems. Performance is decreased on other packs, but it's negligible below a certain threshold. CTM is basically the straw that breaks the camel's back, and Mojang are the ones duplicating and multiplying the straw count for no good reason at all. I never said Better Skies was the cause of the problem, I just said it along with the custom compass and clock can be disabled to improve performance as they are considered optional features. There is a lot in my pack that relies on CTM which is why I don't consider it optional, but if you can enjoy the game with CTM disabled, go for it. I just personally can't recommend it because I'm a perfectionist who's spoiled on what my pack has become through CTM and can't really testify to the pack looking good enough to use without it.

    Quote from VashTS240

    Misa: I understand you will be repacking it with the next update, but I thought you'd like to know the error I got with 7zip on both the main download & mirror 2 (mirror 3 did not have anything for me to download... "Download permission denied by uploader.")
    "Unsupported Compression Method for [FileNameHere]" 235 times.
    All I was doing was unzipping the pack to view the image files & figure out which ones to replace with "alts" from the last time I was able to use your pack (4.6/4.7)...

    Also, could you make Birch planks have the same random variety as Oak/Jungle planks, but let the slabs have the border around them that makes them look like little boxes (if you need a screen to see what I'm talking about, I can get one ready in no time flat when I finally have time). If you don't want to, it's cool (I'll just do it myself anyway... just a matter of deleting the right CTM & letting every Birch plank look the same).
    Try the third mirror now. Rapidshare decided to change their layout and all uploads were set to private for some stupid reason. Birch planks have several different CTM rules applied to them, adding the random variance might be taxing. I'll consider it though. And yeah, I might need a screen to know exactly what you're looking for in regards to the second part of your request.

    Quote from drako78

    I can't play any more with your great textures, too laaaggggs; I think there are too many animations in the vers. 500. I played with the previous versions and had no problems at all - help meeeee :steve_tearful:

    thank you, bye
    There aren't many more animations in this version than there were in the last version. As I stated before this pack's resources are actually more optimized than they were pre-1.5. The problem is with Mojang and how they're handling CTM. There have been many posts with multiple solutions to try to remedy the situation. I'd suggest reading them.

    Quote from nathanthegr8

    i tested It and my sound doesnt work T_T
    Er... That sounds like something is out of whack with your computer or installation. A texture pack shouldn't be in any way able to affect sounds Well unless you're like extremely low on memory, but then you'd sooner run into white textures than sound loss. So yeah, I'm guessing you've got the wrong thread, sorry.

    Quote from OrdusRC1136

    That bug is not from a texture pack bro >.>
    Probably something to do with MCpatcher atm.
    It shouldn't have anything to do with MCPatcher.

    Quote from Deepblue686

    Does MC Patcher even touch anything besides textures and how they function on blocks?
    MCPatcher only alters things related to graphical rendering.

    Quote from Thronk

    The special double stone slab block only optainable by ops or admin with /give <playername> 43:7 comes out as a double quartz slab block.

    Awesome, texture pack. I only use 2 modified packs, this is one of them.
    How would you propose I fix this? I can't think of any change I could make to textures that'd correct this. And given that the block you're using isn't obtainable legitimately, I'm not sure it's really something that needs to be fixed by anyone.

    Quote from Pearitrel

    now the words are working but the sky is text and white and some block textures look like retarded 16x16 lava >_<
    Follow the installation instructions including the cleaning part since it sounds like your installation is borked. When running MCPatcher, disable Better Skies, since it sounds like you don't have enough memory to run them. If you then have performance issues, see the first issue in the FAQ or read the last couple pages of this thread--there's been a ton of suggestions for how to resolve performance issues.

    Also, everyone, seriously, disable advanced GL. Even if it doesn't make the game playable for you, I've noticed drastic improvements to even previously playable FPS with it switched off. It can't hurt to try all of the posted suggestions on the last couple pages of this thread either as well as the performance guide on the first post of the FAQ. Reading is good.
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