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    Quote from SirMelty

    I'm currently trying to make a redstone dust texture using CTM to make active redstone animated, while inactive redstone is not animated. Currently, the basic file in textures/blocks is animated, while the CTM image is not. This is the .properties file.

    Is there something I'm doing wrong, or is this just plain impossible?

    Metadata flags are intended to work with block ID, not tile/texture ID (Textures have no NBT properties themselves). As redstone dust 'blocks' use more than one texture and don't have the standard block faces the way most blocks do, you can't really use block ID to replace its textures. For that reason, what you're trying to do is unfortunately impossible to my knowledge.
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    By the look of your palette file, it would seem your concept of how biome palettes work with the current versions of the game is a bit out of date. Go to this thread to get fully up to date on them in a matter of seconds: http://www.minecraft...t/topic/870780- They're actually a lot easier now than they were back then, and the upper right corner of them means absolutely nothing at all to the game's code.

    In regards to your intended separation of tall grass from flat grass, it sounds like you may have two palettes applied to grass which are blending -OR- only the default grass palette is rendering for both. I know of no way to disable the default grasscolor.png (which is applied to both flat and tall grass) short of making the file completely white. You'd then need to make two custom palettes--one for flat grass and one for tall grass.

    Unfortunately, custom palettes only work by block ID at the moment, so the palette would also likely apply to the dirt sides of grass blocks. To accomplish what you seem to be attempting, you probably need to ask Kahr if he could implement a new standard custom palette exception (tallgrasscolor.png perhaps?) specifically for tall grass which overrides grasscolor.png the way birchcolor.png overrides the default, hard-coded value when present.

    Asking for a junglecolor.png file for jungle leaves might be useful too, but using the method described above you should in theory already be able to separate jungle leaves from oak leaves. Though it's a bit more over-complicated as foliagecolor.png also affects vines and swamps have their own palette to override Mojang's disgusting, hardcoded mess.

    For separate oak and jungle leaves, in color.properties, you'd basically need to create the following lines:

    Then you create the six png palette files named on those lines in the misc folder and ensure that foliagecolor.png and swampfoliagecolor are completely white. Keep in mind that while this theory is sound I haven't actually tested any of this and there could be some lines of code that prevent applying multiple palettes to the standard minecraft palettes. Ultimately to avoid massive amounts of pointless complexity, I think asking Kahr to just add a tallgrasscolor.png, junglecolor.png, and possibly a vinecolor.png to standard CustomColors would be the best idea. :P
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    Quote from RamblinWreckGT
    This is actually a Minecraft issue, not a texture pack issue. I've noticed this across all texture packs holding certain items (torches, redstone torches, and levers immediately come to mind). It's incredibly annoying.
    Ah, you mean that old issue with Mojang's 'new' texture pack rendering method that was corrected ages ago by MCPatcher? :rolleyes:

    Quote from MayorThneedle

    I just updated to the newest version, and I lost connected textures for glass blocks. It seems that with every update I get either connected glass panes or connected glass blocks, but never both at the same time. I've been building with connected blocks for months now, and to have them suddenly not connected anymore is a huge shock to my aesthetic.

    Are other people experiencing this same problem?
    Sounds like a sloppy installation issue. Are you using a clean version of the jar before you patch with MCPatcher? Installing MCPatcher over mods instead of installing the mods with or after MCPatcher can lead to problems like this.

    Quote from billyd93

    says laterz posts again lol
    quotes a post from over two years ago by a user that hasn't been active in this thread for rougly the same amount of time lol

    Quote from CrazyAssassin123

    This crashed my game!!!!
    They need to do way instain texturepacks artist> who kill thier game. becuse these game cant frigth back? it was on the news this mroing a artist in ca who had kill three ppls game. they are taking the three game back to mojagn too lady to rest my pary are with the gamer who lost there gmaes ; i am truley sorry for your lots

    Quote from VashTS240

    I haven't seen anyone else post about this, so...

    Misa: how do you expect "Resource Packs" to affect your Texture Pack?

    Personally, I really hope it doesn't affect it all that much. Though the MC Patcher side of things might be a different story...

    I am curious what your thoughts are on this?
    The reason you probably haven't seen many people post about this yet is because there's still not enough information to go off of on how this will affect business as usual. Most of us are more concerned with getting our texture packs working in their current state before we think about what else we'll be able to do with content packs. And until they go live and MCPatcher is forced to adapt, we really have little idea of what kind of work we'll have to do to repair our packs and what work we'll be able to do to improve them.

    As far as new features go from what we do know, I can only say that I look forward to creating a companion realistic soundpack to my texture pack. Though it probably won't be one I can release publicly. I've no microphone or digital recorders to obtain my own samples or do my own folly, so I'll likely be mixing and editing samples from content that I do not own the rights to. It'll likely just be for personal use only. ;) (and maybe some friends that keep in touch with me on AIM)
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    Quote from LightWarriorK


    First, thank you so much for your dedication to this pack. I can't really imagine the amount of time and effort you must spend on this, but I CAN tell that it's a good deal more than almost every other pack creator out there. It shows! Any time I hear of a good pack, I'll test it out and see what I like or don't. And while there may be some good textures used, there is almost always some problem with it, like cobble not looking like it could have come from the smooth stone, or lighting artifacts when they try to do torch flicker....something almost always is apparent that is of lower quality. When a creator says "eh, it's good enough like this," you really can tell. And I don't see that with you. I love ALL your textures in game, and your lighting is immaculate. Your use of CTM is very well done, noticeable and enhancing, but subtle enough to not break the scene.

    If I could make a recommendation, though, the glass effect on the thin Glass Panes is less than I prefer. I actually love the look through the Blocks, since that multiplies the effect, or so it seems. A stronger effect would make the Panes "pop" some more. Maybe an option for your Alternatives WIP?...

    ...Anyways, my one question is in regard to the carpets, and what ideas you might have for them? In the black and white tile pic, it looks like you have some use that are more textured versions of their wool colors. Will that be what they all shall look like? Or might some of them have CTM support and look more like fancy rugs with the primary color based on the wool used?

    Again, thank you for your effort with this pack; you've made Minecraft so much more enjoyable for so many of us.

    It's always nice to see people who appreciate the little details in the pack that most texture pack reviewers seem to completely gloss over. :) Many of them have hours upon hours of work put into them. The lighting you mentioned (which I pioneered with Kahr) took about 4 days of constant work. Much of which was experimentation to even figure out how the palette would translate to light values in-game and which pixels corresponded to which times on the day/night light cycle. There were also issues I ran into where ambient and torch light conflicted and torches would actually darken an area and sealed-off pitch black caves would change in brightness depending on the time of day. I actually had to start over from scratch with palettes about 20 times before I got a good base to work with. And once I had the mappings all figured out, I created the template for the MCPatcher thread and began fine tuning my own palette. Given the complexity of the workings of the light palette, the majority of the lighting palettes in other texture packs out there are actually modified and unmodified versions of the one from my pack. :P

    Anyway as far as glass panes go, their coloring isn't as pronounced as the blocks because they're much thinner. Like real glass, I wanted them to seem as though they''re hardly there. That said they're still more visible than real glass would be and are only about half of the opacity of the blocks. If you like the look of the glass blocks more, it wouldn't be too hard to edit the pack to have the panes use the block art and still use the frames by just changing the file arrangement. In the CTM folder, all of the files related to glass are clearly labeled and separated into the translucent bit and the frame bit--It'd just be a matter of copying the contents of glass_block into glass_pane.

    Regarding carpets, I believe I might've already mentioned that I'm reverting cloth blocks to their original appearance where the side textures are the tops as well again. The carpet will use the unique tops that wool blocks previously held. Some thought has already gone into the idea for things like CTM-based frames for rugs, but in practice this didn't work out very well. The problem with CTM rugs was that if you're using the carpet to carpet a room with furniture, the frame traces every piece of furniture. Naturally this would limit the usage of carpet to a very specific and narrow space for designs.

    Design choices for the pack have to keep things like this in mind. People need to be able to use blocks in my pack the way they can use them with the vanilla textures. After that's ensured, I can then sneak in extra functionality on my pack so long as it doesn't conflict with the current set of uses for the texture. The chiseled stone block CTM is a prime example of this. In vanilla, it has extremely little use as anything other than a decorative bit you use in stone structures. Building entire structures out of the block are pretty painful to look at in vanilla. In my pack, it follows the same use, but placing it in different orientations only adds to the look of the details and some minor added functionality (such as stone columns) are possible without ruining the normal usage of the block. My birch planks would by contrast be a poor example of a design choice, as making entire walls out of birch may not always look good in my pack while it may in the vanilla textures. As a result, in the next update I've added full CTM support to them so that when stacked vertically they appear as solid vertical planks (while still retaining the crate/frame look and functionality).

    Quote from alenppk

    Damn I forgot to delete bin before installing McPatcher and texture pack! Does this affect on anything because, when I patch minecraft, it gets extreme lags and in 1/2 cases blocks are a mix of random pixels. Texture pack (patched) works normally only when I start minecraft with [Test Minecraft] button in McPatcher.

    You gotta download new McPatcher. Had same problem, patcher fixes it but makes 100 more problems on my texture pack, I sh*tted something.
    You only need to delete bin if your game client has been modded to clean your installation to its default state. And then you can reinstall your mods through MCPatcher (see their thread for details). As far as your problem goes it sounds like you might be running into a memory issue that I, personally used to run into on older versions of the game. The best advice I can give is to ensure you're using the latest correct version of MCPatcher for your game client, and then check out the first issue of the FAQ on my main post for the performance guide. The only addition I'd make to it would be that disabling BetterSkies, and mip-mapping seems to help a lot of people whose computers have memory-issues.

    Quote from MamiyaOtaru

    your texture pack is great for testing randomob support :D

    (images culled)

    Not sure if I like it on the map or not, it does make it hard to tell at a glance what type of mobs one is looking at, but it does sort of look neat
    I could go on an hour long rant about mini-maps in general, but I think you already know that from the old Tinychat so I'll spare you. :P Anyway if I were designing it, I'd probably create my own resource file with icons for each mob type, which texture packs could then easily add their own support for with a simple replacement file if they wanted to support the mod. That or I'd design a simple icon for passive and aggressive mobs and then just color code them based on their spawner egg colors.

    Quote from Kunizuka

    Um i got a question :
    if i select a texture pack and i will install a mod why does the texture pack 's font changes to the original?
    Sounds like whatever this mod is, it's extending its definition as a mod and is breaching into texture pack territory and replaces the default font-rendering code as well as the font graphical resources which SHOULD be drawn from my pack but are apparently not. As already suggested I'd look into installing the mod with MCPatcher instead of after the fact.

    Quote from PwnyBrony32

    I REALLY hope it will allow us to change specific models, like maybe having swords that are actually sharp, or (and this is something misa was talking about) saddles that work better with textures and are more realistic.
    That'd be amazing.

    Don't forget chickens and spiders that don't look like ducks and ants with 8 sticks for legs. :P

    Though I wouldn't get my hopes up too much about this. Creating models is one thing--actually getting them to animate and work in the game is another matter entirely. Depending on how they implement resource packs (Since they're talking about making the vanilla game a resource pack) I'd might need to remake all the mob code from scratch to even replace the models for the existing mobs. And then there's the issue of animation and if I want to incorporate procedural animation so that the models move more realistically across terrain. Pretty much all of that stuff is currently beyond my knowledge. As I used to state pretty often, "I'm an artist, Jim--not a programmer!" So yeah, unless I have the time to learn Java on my own find a competent coder to be my slave who can do everything I demand of them I can work well enough with to do this, it's unfortunately more of a pipe dream than something that'll actually happen. That said, if Mojang adds modular MD3 replacement support for existing game models, this might not be too unfeasible. It all really depends on what we have to work with on these content packs.

    Quote from RamblinWreckGT

    I posted in here before about my FPS completely crashing when I use this texture pack, and I've figured out why: it's Optifine. I figured this out using the new launcher (since that launches Minecraft with no mods). When I did that, I got a pretty consistent 25 or so FPS. But when I load this texture pack with Optifine (Ultra, latest version) it drops my framerate to 2 at the absolute highest. This happens with no other texture packs (OCD 16x16, Faithful 32x32, and BDCraft 128x128).

    Why does the combination of Misa's and Optifine kill my framerate, but Misa's alone doesn't? I really love both, and I hate having to leave this texture pack unused.
    First section of the first post--read it.

    Quote from CubieX

    @Misa There are some non-transparent pixels in the "redstone.png" above the item that schould not be there.
    This is clearly visible when holding a redstone item in hand.
    Would be nice if you could fix this in your next release.
    Screenshot, please? I see no such stray pixels on my end of the files. Are you sure you're not using an unofficial or modified version of my texture pack?
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    Quote from Síofra

    I use MInecraft 1.5.2 and the 3.0.4 version of MCPatcher.
    My Java version is 7 update 21 (64 bit)

    When I patch it over again it. gets better. but after running around a lot or after flying and when switching between texture packs it gets worse.
    I cannot seem to replicate this issue on any of my computers with that setup... The only other thing I could think of is that it might be a hardware or driver issue with your video. From there I could only suggest that you ensure you're using the latest video drivers and that you have forced 3D settings such as AA and AF disabled.

    If that doesn't work, MCPatcher's thread would probably be a better place to redirect your questions regarding this. Of course 1.5.2's version of MCPatcher will be completely defunct by the next major game update and the new MCPatcher will likely not be backwards compatible. If you don't play servers it might just be more worth it to grab one of the snapshots and use the latest beta MCPatcher and see if the problem persists.

    Quote from MrAlexwhippet

    Are you planning to change the water texture, cuz it kinda looks like milk to me, but apart from that I absolutely love your texture pack :D
    Are you planning on following the installation instructions which makes the water look the way it's supposed to? :P

    (Hint: It doesn't look white/grey if you've installed it properly.)
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    Quote from Kaosian

    Misa' Is there a way to make the underwater a bit clearer or easier to see thru. I have tried several techniques unsuccessfully and I was hoping that you might have an easy solution.
    Underwater visibility is not something that can be altered by texture packs as it's a set of hard coded values. You would need a special mod for this. If you really want this, you might want to request a way for texture packs to edit this in the MCPatcher thread.

    I have a question. Where is ALTERNATES.png? I want to change the texture for the bed into a red bed (Like in vanilla Minecraft)
    Until I release the alternates pack, you can get it from the pre-1.5 texture pack linked in the downloads section on the main post.

    Quote from PwnyBrony32

    Hey Misa, quick question, do you know if it's possible to have biome-colored blocks that change in the nether, but not in deserts? I'm asking you because I saw a nether build using stone brick and your TP, and the dark tinted stone brick looked really good. It's been a while since I screwed around with custom colors, and I don't really like having building blocks change color because of overworld biome coloring, but I'd like to have some blocks be colored in the nether. Is it possible, or does it just use the desert part of the color file?
    With Custom Colors' method of coloring you can't, because the desert and the Nether use the same color coordinates. However, it is still possible if you use the biome flag with CTM. Using that with the replace or random method, you could easily make alternate textures for blocks that differ from biome to biome. And since it uses actual biome names instead of palette coordinates, you can differentiate desert from nether. I've wanted to make use of this feature for awhile, but just haven't had the time to play with it much yet.

    Quote from Onealox
    ...I have noticed that with 1.5.2, the compass and clock no longer work. Any ideas?...
    They work just fine on my end. Are you using the correct version of MCPatcher for the version of the game you're running? And do you have all the essential components checked?

    Quote from jar349
    ...Is it your plan to release a texture pack that it compatible with one of the more recent snapshots? I keep checking the thread every week to see if there's been an update, but I thought that maybe I'd just come right out and ask: when would you guess an updated pack targeting the snapshots might get released?...
    I used to release an update for every single snapshot in the past. But it's really a lot of work, and the nature of snapshots is horribly uncertain. I could add a bunch of features for one snapshot just to have them made worthless the next. It's a lot easier for me to just work on the components that seem the most stable, and assemble resources so I'm prepared for the official updates. (Which are always released within 24 hours of of the official updates.)

    Technically snapshots are released for testing, feedback and mod developmental aid purposes. It kinda annoys me that the forums make a huge deal out of them and post them on the front page now. People seem to widely consider them as official game updates now, and many servers even require them to play... It's pretty obnoxious for us third party developers.

    Compound all this with the fact that Mojang is currently making changes to texture code EVERY SINGLE SNAPSHOT (requiring a new patcher every single time) and you'll quickly see why it's actually impossible for advanced texture packs like my own (which require said patchers) to keep up with snapshots. When Mojang stops messing around with the texture coding, there's more of a chance that I'll go back to updating for snapshots.

    Quote from Internut
    Misa have you given any more thought on making birtch planks look good when using them to build a house?
    Of the tests I've conducted with birch plank-based blocks, there's very little room for improvement that I can find apart from adding random CTM to the horizontal planks on stairs (Which you can use for walls if you get creative enough). As far as the blocks and slabs go though, I'm actually pretty happy with them, and in my tests realized that you could do all sorts of interesting brick-like patterns by combining double slabs and blocks.

    So yeah, I can only see revisiting the stairs texture to add randomization to it the way Oak and Jungle planks have. There's also two new horizontal-vertical/vertical-horizontal CTM methods that have been added recently that I've used to sexily expand chiseled sandstone, but I don't think they'd be really practical for this sort of material. The only other thing I could do would be to add FULL CTM to birch plank blocks, and that's a lot of work and would take up a lot of space--though I guess I did recently do it for every stained hardened clay block...

    Edit: I added full CTM support to birch plank blocks. Slabs, and stairs remain unchanged (You can still make the stacked crate look with double slabs).

    Quote from RickyTheHedgehog
    So, I'm not sure if you've noticed, but Baby Mooshrooms look a little strange, as they are lacking their big head-shroom.
    Not much I can do about that. Babies obnoxiously use the same textures as adults. It'd be nice to be able to specify baby textures for each randomob, but currently I can't think of an efficient enough way to implement it properly to even suggest it to Kahr.

    You'd almost need more properties files for it to work, and there's already a ton of those. I mean you could have a simple filename tag like redcow2_baby.png for baby textures, but if you wanted to make all baby chickens yellow, then you've got issues with having to make a duplicate texture for each chicken alternate the pack has. All this of course is provided that it's even possible to assign a unique texture to mobs at different stages of growth. And then what's the cutoff value? At what growth value would the baby cease to use the baby texture and start to use the adult texture? That right there would scream the need for more properties files, so then you have to come up with what parameters you need, and yeah... I'm getting way off topic from your question now. :P

    Quote from Síofra

    ...I have a little graphic issue...
    (image culled)
    ...can somebody tell me, what the cause of this is and how I can fix this?...
    What versions of the game, MCPatcher, and Java are you running? I've never seen any bug like this before.
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    Quote from JeyBeeHH

    Hi Misa,

    you create the best texturpack ever. :)
    Ok, but its hard to wait for next official minecraft-release to get actuel version of your texturpack. :(

    But its an option, to publish actual changes in your texturepack as miniupdate?
    So your fans can add it self in your texturepack?
    for example... publish, the new blocks separatly.. and we add it to our misa-exturpack!? :)
    This is very good for snapshot-players. :)
    The last time I tried doing this, a few dishonest, capitalistic assholes stole the work, and posted a more updated version of my texture pack than the one that was officially up, and made a bunch of money off of it before they were eventually shut down. They specifically used the new textures to advertise their illegal copy of the pack. Also I'm too much of a perfectionist to just release stuff that's still subject to change before Minecraft officially updates.

    I'm still foolishly holding out hope that Mojang will do a little more with addressing the issues with the crappy horse model--especially regarding the saddle. If the model remains as atrocious as it currently is, I'm going to have to completely redesign my saddle icon and the texture applied to saddled pigs to look less realistic than before... Even if they fix the consistency issue by changing the pig model to use the horse saddle model, we'll still end up with limitations to what textures can do to make the saddle look like an actual damn saddle.
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    Quote from Darckray

    Really? i forgot about that post, i dont really use the search button that much, but if you want sources, i will give you one, check this YouTube User Account http://www.youtube.c...eRockerzstudios there is some info about the subject
    Linking to some user's channel who isn't even associated with Mojang isn't a source... Am I expected to just watch a hundreds of random videos from this person to get the information I'm actually asking for? :/
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    Quote from ImonlyI

    Hey Misa, why did you write "General developer incompetence is our claim to fame." on the Mojang-Game-starting-screen :P

    I really love this pack. It's awesome.
    Partly to see how long it'd take anyone to notice, and partly as an inside joke. I sneak easter eggs into my pack all the time.

    Quote from Drytchnath

    Hey Misa, long time user of your pack and wanted to say thank you for all the time and effort you've put into it.

    I also have a pretty simple question about the water texture. I recently started using your texture pack again after sticking with vanilla for awhile due to all the snapshots and updates Mojang was churning out. The first thing I noticed in your pack was the water, it's really light, nearly completely white, in both the Extreme Hills and Desert biomes (haven't been able to check plains, forests, etc yet). I have in fact patched the game correctly using mcpatcher and the rest of the pack looks amazing.

    Is the water supposed to be that bright? I don't honestly remember what it looked like in older versions of your pack. I'm also running the latest snapshot if that makes much of a difference.
    Water is supposed to range from various shades of blue to brown in swamps. My guess is you are not using the correct MCPatcher version for the latest snapshot. You need to grab the beta 4.0+ version located among the last few pages of the MCPatcher thread. The live version of MCPatcher is currently only for the live version of the game and a few of the earlier snapshots. The reason it hasn't been posted as the live link is because backwards compatibility with earlier versions is not available in the current beta patcher.

    Quote from VashTS240

    ...White Water: already been addressed and will be fixed next texture pack version..
    A bit of a correction: The white water has nothing to do with my texture pack and is nothing I can fix. As stated above, it has to do with people just using the wrong MCPatcher on the latest snapshot.

    Quote from Hamode192

    hi misa :)

    I had a problem it's soooo weird

    My computer can handle 128x128 texture packs with 40 fps with mid settings OK

    when I use yours it's great with 60 fps but 30 min and my game frozen :(

    why ??!!

    P.S. : I use opifine not MCpatcher I know that you said that I should'n report this but if I use MCpatcher my fps goes down to 14 -_- soo yea

    thanks very much
    This texture pack has far more advanced extra features than the average 128x128 texture pack. CTM, animations, Randomobs and stuff like Better Skies (the latter two of which are optional) take up a good bit of resources. Judging a pack by resolution alone is a terrible gauge for performance. And really, if you're not on a computer designed for gaming, you probably shouldn't expect to get too much out of modding. Prior to Minecraft, it was pretty much completely unheard of for non-PC gamers to partake in modding communities for PC games. Graphical mods like texture packs always have been and likely always will be the mods that push your hardware to its limits.

    That said, this pack is about as optimized as it can be on many computers for all the features you get with it over most other packs. The most I can provide is the performance guide posted as the first issue on my FAQ. The only additions I'd have to make to that guide would be to disable Advanced GL in-game as well as disabling optional components in MCPatcher such as Better Skies (and at worst, Randomobs). Following that guide and and my additions should improve performance quite a bit on most computers. As far as the game running fine, then freezing goes, I've never experienced or received reports of this happening from users running MCPatcher. So for the time being, I can't explain really that any other way than to dismiss it as a potential issue with Optifine only until I have more information.
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    Quote from morpheas768

    Ok...but for some reason it didnt happen with McPatcher when I tested it. It was a clean .jar file with only McPatcher installed.
    It seemed to be a problem with changes made to the layer ordering in the snapshots and the limited color palette used on my image files. With the way the layering worked, there were bugs with the system demanding a full-color RGB format from the image files for the layer calculations and not getting what it demanded. Sufficed to say I figured out a workaround to fix this on patched or unpatched versions of Minecraft by simply increasing my image files for the block-breaking animation to full color. They take up more space, but the bug is gone now.

    Quote from sphoenix

    How I wish this vendetta between the Forge team and MCPatcher team was over and they decided to work with each other and try to remove the problems in between.

    I love this texture pack, and only play MC with this texture, but a lot of new mods require Forge and it is rapidly growing in popularity, and some of the mods that require Forge are also a must for me.

    So I'm stuck in between two opposing sides, and do not know what to do, and because of this I might have to revert to other texture packs that do not require MCPatcher, and can work with Optifine only, which would be a great loss for me.
    If there is any vendetta, it's purely one-sided and something completely unrelated to this texture pack. Kahr has no problem with Forge and has often gone out of his way to ensure that it remained compatible with MCPatcher. You just have to ensure you install Forge with MCPatcher's mod installation system. And as far as I'm aware there aren't many if any packs that require Optifine for features that MCPatcher doesn't already cover (and likely came up with to begin with). So yeah, I'm not seeing what the dilemma is here.

    Quote from Luchox2

    their are 2 mods that i know that are only grafical the hats mod and the furniture mod if you are interesed with one...
    If you're going to suggest mods you need to provide links. By the sound of it though, I'm guessing that hats and furniture involve adding new blocks/items to the game and aren't purely aesthetic.

    Quote from Hikeman
    ...so maybe you would consider PM-ing me...
    I actually don't hang around the forums too much to communicate effectively through them. For just random chat on pretty much any subject, anyone is free to PM me though for my AIM screen name. I'm on that pretty much all day, every day and rarely too busy to talk. :)

    Quote from Darckray
    ...what is that black-marble looking block? is quartz diable now?...
    If you mean on the upper right corner, that's endstone and bedrock. Kexikus already accurately named all the materials in that screenshot.

    Quote from Darckray

    if mojang ends up adding furniture to Minecraft..., it would be sooooo crazy!, a lot of mobs in the 1.6, Misa, there will be a LOT of mobs to texture when 1.6 is out, i only know 5 of them, the horses, the birds, the supposedly added fishes and the crabs, there will be a sailboat too!
    What part of:
    Quote from Misa
    ...I'm going to have to demand a source for this info regarding sail boats, lobsters, crabs and jungle birds--I could find literally nothing to confirm any of that.

    did you miss the first time I responded to you regarding this? Because I can still find absolutely nothing on the subject.
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    posted a message on Misa's Realistic Texture Pack - 1.19+ UPDATED 1 DEC 2022!
    Going back a little to respond to some posts I missed along with some new ones.

    Quote from ELI02

    Very Cool TexturePack, but I can't use it with optifine.
    Sure you can. You'll just be missing out on a lot of features and won't be able to get support here for whatever problems you encounter.

    Quote from morpheas768
    P.S. Needless to say that it IS Optifine's issue after all.
    Actually it does seem to be a Mojang issue.. They changed the Overlay blend method of that tile for seemingly no good reason at all. I'll have to either adapt my texture to work with their crappy, new blend method, or wait for a fix from MCPatcher.

    Quote from Hikeman

    Misa, I don't know how you look like,,, but accepting the fact that "intelligent" usually means sexy, to me! I gotta say:
    damn, you are sexy Misa ^_^
    Back when I had the Tinychat, there were quite a few people to make similar comments, I confirmed that I was in fact physically attractive, but also ran a silly little social experiment and had several people try to guess what I looked like before giving them a proper description. I kept a little record of this for statistical analysis and my own amusement. The majority seemed to be under the impression that I had really long, blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin, an athletic build, and large breasts--Basically a supermodel. Sufficed to say they were off on 5 out of 6 of those points. There was also a signifigant group of people who refused to believe that I wasn't some blue-skinned thing with purple eyes who always wore a helmet. I will only confirm that I do in fact own a helmet like that in reality. :P

    Quote from Pizkwat
    ...And thus, the general public discovered how texturepack creators use the products of their fellow aritsts....
    Uh. All my stuff is completely original and non-derivative from other texture packs. If anything they're derived from the default game textures and any photographic resources used. Though I typically don't edit those so much as make my own from scratch and model them after that. What you're describing is more of what a hack would do than what an artist does.

    Quote from collokid125

    Well, this was the first 64x64 texture pack ever made. It's pretty well-established after all these years. It'd probably have more if I were more active here with my own posts. :P My own post count is actually very low, considering I've had this account since before there were even 1000 users registered on these forums--sometime in July of 2009. I'm an old fart.

    Quote from bytemage
    ...I currently play on a server that keeps uptodate with the snapshots, so I don't use MC Patcher or anything, just pure Minecraft...
    That shouldn't stop you. MCPatcher is a client mod, and it updates with snapshots pretty regularly. I'm always on the latest snapshot and am usually running a new release of MCPatcher with no issues. It may take a few days for an update to be posted, but Kahr's pretty good about that.

    Quote from Swany220

    Hey Misa, thanks for the awesome texture pack! The only problem that I'm having with it right now is that there seems to be a bug with the blocks, or at least on my end there is. I'm not quite sure how to explain but when I load my world the edges of each block seem to be gone. I followed your installation process step by step, ran MCPatcher multiple times and even tried reinstalling. If you can help me out with this that'd be great! (I would post a screenshot but I'm not quite sure how to be honest lol)
    A screenshot might help. As it is, it sounds like you're describing a chunk loading error (a problem with the default game engine) which neither my texture pack or MCPatcher has anything to do with. I'd need a screenshot to know for sure though.

    Quote from DundG

    he misa. How about animated gold and diamond armor? Other items made by them have a glitter animation too ^^
    Animating armor isn't all that easy as it's a large file to begin with, the animation frame files for them would be pretty massive and take up a lot of space and graphics memory. That said, there's some cool new stuff I'm working on for enchantment effects which will add some new animations to anything that can be enchanted (including armor).

    Quote from qmagnet

    For some reason, when I load this in the newest snapshot, the water is greyish coloured.
    You'll have to check up on or wait for a version of MCPatcher that works with the snapshot you're running before installing. You need MCPatcher for this pack.

    Quote from Lejonell

    Great texturepack! I love how you have used the connected texture mod on the wooden planks! Why not do something similar on the cobblestone? :lol:
    I've tried, but I can never come up with anything I like for cobblestone, and other stuff is currently higher priority on the to-do list. Eventually I'll probably do something cool with it though.

    Quote from funky3000

    Misa, you can make it easily backwards compatible. I frequently use a modified version of Faithful32x, and I was too lazy to take out the items and terrain png's, so i just left them. I had the new 1.5 folders, and it worked fine in 1.4, and I didn't need to do any adjusting for 1.5.
    Yeah, now try doing that with CTM and all the other special non-vanilla features that were also affected by the change. :P Besides, with my pack you're talking about adding several megabytes to the filesize that few people will be able to make use of (Or know how to make use of). The old format is pretty much dead at this point, and MCPatcher will likely be dropping backwards-compatibility support for it as well. People living in the past will just have to use the files from the past.

    Quote from daangelo29

    The latest snapshot features the hardened clay block being colorable. I can't wait for what Misa would want her textures for the block to look like. Judging from the last screenshot, though, I think she'll need to come up of another texture besides the one in the screenie (or not. I'm not sure).

    Still hoping they're serious when they promised to add new mobs (with the "s") in the upcoming 1.6 update. So far, there's only "a" new mob. The horse as a rideable animal is starting to grow on me, and I finally realized they didn't intend the pig to be one of the main methods of transport in Minecraft, but I really want mobs like finally a 3D fish mob? Pretty please, Jeb and team?
    Nope, I'm crazy and did full CTM support for every single one of them--at least for the time being. I may do some alterations a bit later, but for now this is how they're shaping up:

    I swear, there are too many ways to make a black and white checkerboard pattern now. :P

    As far as new mobs go, I'm kinda hoping horses are it... Mobs are kinda annoying to skin for the first time. I'm still having difficulty working up the nerve to finish what I started with the horses. And I haven't even started on the donkeys yet... Maybe if Mojang hadn't completely dropped the ball on the horses' models, I'd be more enthusiastic about finishing them, but at the moment, they're just a huge source of headaches for me. If this weren't a realistic pack and I wasn't trying to line up muscle groups to all the blocks that overlap, they'd be done already.

    Quote from TheGreenNinja

    Oh my lord!. Misa Please just add Optfine Support! do you know how many people are asking for it.NEARLY THE WHOLE MINECRAFT FOURMS.Mabye even the Minecraft Community. :steve_rage: :steve_rage:
    Uh yeah, COOL STORY BRO. Care to provide some sourcing for that claim?

    And just how exactly would you suggest I add Optifine support to my pack anyway? I want you to tell me exactly what Optifine support would entail and what I'd need to do to provide it. Because last I checked, Optifine has less advanced texture features than MCPatcher, and the best I could do would basically be to just delete a ton of features I've spent many hours on for a crappier-looking texture pack. You're basically demanding that Ninendo make Super Mario World with the same graphics on a Nintendo Entertainment System. Also how on Earth do you even expect any serious artist to develop their texture pack with Optifine to be ready for major releases if we can't work on them, fully patched during snapshots?

    If anyone is to provide support for anything, it seems Optifine is the one with the responsibility to be updating every snapshot and providing support for my pack and the countless others who use the same texture standards MCPatcher has already established. Or y'know, Optifine should just drop the MCPatcher copycat nonsense and go back to doing what it originally did and aim to work with MCPatcher instead of against it.

    Me getting blamed for the shortcomings of someone else's mod is beyond old already.
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    posted a message on Misa's Realistic Texture Pack - 1.19+ UPDATED 1 DEC 2022!
    Quote from AtraLupis

    Ah - then I'll have to see if I can track down an older version that has them as separate files or something. It was the whole issue with having to have pixel precision when cutting out parts of the alternate sheet that kept me from doing it last time.
    I've never had a version that had them as individual files. The very change in the format is why I dropped them from the main pack and decided to release them later as a second file. Just use a grid tool with snapping on. Most image editors that support alpha channels and layering have this and it's all I've ever used when copying and pasting textures to and from the old terrain sheet. Though even in a worst case scenario, it wouldn't be hard to open ALTERNATES.png in MS Paint, zoom in on the tile you want, make a selection around from the upper left corner that measures 64x64, copy it, then paste it into the single texture file you want to replace.

    Quote from logan383

    mod support?

    Vague, generalized query of no discernible value to anyone? :P
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    posted a message on Misa's Realistic Texture Pack - 1.19+ UPDATED 1 DEC 2022!
    Quote from AtraLupis

    Misa, a quick question .... Where did you stash the alternate textures for the 1.5 release of your pack? Since the 1.5 update, it's a bit easier now for normal users to sub in the alternates they wanted to use. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find them at all.

    I wanted to sub in one of the older versions of your Lapis block.
    Grab it from the old pack which is still hosted on the main post. As I've said in the past, the alternates will no longer be distributed with the main pack and I'm working on an alternates pack which will be released independently of the main pack sometime in the near future (hopefully).

    Quote from Darckray

    Hello!, i managed to get you pack to work with ALL the features without any lag, but, there is something that bugs me out, where are the hearts that appear when you feed an animal? did mojang delete them? i dont know where are these textures on minecraft.jar, thats why i ask, Oh, yeah, any news about the horses? i would love to see a screenshot of them!, did you know that mojang will be adding sail boats, lobsters, crabs and jungle birds?, i wonder what will happen to me when i see your new textures for them, i cant wait to see them!.

    Derp, Darckray5
    The hearts are still there and working on my end. The file for them is particles.png.

    Horses are about 80% complete, but not in a screenshot-worthy state yet.

    I'm going to have to demand a source for this info regarding sail boats, lobsters, crabs and jungle birds--I could find literally nothing to confirm any of that.
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    posted a message on Misa's Realistic Texture Pack - 1.19+ UPDATED 1 DEC 2022!
    Quote from andrewkm

    My lettering has retarded spacing on 1.5.2
    Any ideas why:

    EDIT: Ah there we go ( For anyone with same issue: you need to use convert texture pack feature to fix this through mc patcher :) )
    Actually the convert pack feature isn't responsible for fixing your problem--it's merely incidental. You haven't needed to convert this pack since January and earlier of this year. The font spacing bug is a known issue on Mojang's end and is a result of improper installation of MCPatcher (Specifically the 'HD Font' component.). Likely when you converted the pack you patched again and the patch is actually what fixed the problem.

    I'd strongly recommend against using the conversion tool to fix problems, as the pack is already formatted and conversion can only do harm (as unlikely as that is to happen) to the formatting of the pack at this point.
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    posted a message on Misa's Realistic Texture Pack - 1.19+ UPDATED 1 DEC 2022!
    Quote from wobbsy

    Hi i like this Texturepack really!
    Can i use for my Let´s Play, please?
    (German) YT-Channel: www.youtube.com/user/wobbsygames
    Of course. You don't need permission for this sort of use. Just make sure to link to my thread to provide credit. Rehosting download links for the pack is of course prohibited.

    Quote from VashTS240

    I "fixed" it (the zip), but there are still some errors. Title screen "missing texture". White water. Breaking blocks is "highlighted".
    I'm also tired of saying that I do, in fact, use MCPatcher (and I do use the latest version (MCPatcher & texture pack), and I do do a clean install).
    99% of the time, white/missing textures are a result of insufficient memory. I've never seen them associated with corrupted textures. I'd imagine with corrupt textures, the textures would either look buggy or would simply render the default texture in its place. I'd suggest going over the first issue in my FAQ to ensure your installation is as optimized as it can be. Also not on the FAQ is the suggestion to disable the optional features--namely BetterSkies.

    Quote from jovialmadness

    i seem to be running into a problem.

    i followed the instruction perfectly like i have the last 3 patches and have had no problems.

    this last time i followed the installation instructions perfectly and everything was fine. forgot that i usually unchecked the "lighting" option in mcpatcher and repatched. booted up the game and now the water is a pale white color and stone(baked from cobblestone type stone) has a very bizarre blatant pattern that is extremely eye soring. also, glass no longer has a block free element to it. the glass is transparent but large windows are essentially blocks that are transparent. ive attempted full reinstalls to no avail. anyone else having these problems?

    This sounds like an issue with a broken installation of Custom Colors and Better Glass. Unchecking components of custom colors is not recommended as it is typically regarded as a required feature for this pack. As far as the glass goes, my glass should be semi-translucent, not completely transparent if Better Glass is properly installed. The following features are pretty much absolutely required for this pack to function properly:
    Extended HD
    Custom Colors
    Connected Textures
    Better Glass

    Quote from Prowlakee

    Hey Misa just wanted to ask did you forget to add the texture for the back side of the Iron Armor Leggings? The texture has been missing for a very long time since 1.8 Beta I think i've last seen the texture for the back side of the Iron Armor Leggings and just wanted to let you know that it is still missing and needs fixing after you are able to get around to it after your done with all your hard work on the textures for the next update and that im thankful for you still hanging on even with the pain Mojang has been giving you with your pack lately with all the changes and that I hope to see more of your amazing works. Also another issue if not much to ask to address i've also seen is that the Nether Brick Fence is now black now I don't know if this is intentional or not since the icon for it is still red that it may need fixing too and I don't think its a patching problem because its texture is white when there is a problem.
    I didn't forget it--there are no missing textures on the iron armor leggings. If anything every armorsmith throughout history who's ever successfully designed functional plate armor forgot to add it:

    Though it's more likely that they didn't forget about it so much as elected to not include it, as completely encasing the upper thighs and buttocks in plates of armor would:
    -Prohibit expansion and contraction of the large muscle groups in those areas.
    -Cut off circulation to the lower extremities.
    -Prevent the common actions of running, kicking, squatting, sitting, and horseback-riding.
    -Potentially sever the siatic nerve when under impact stress--paralyzing the wearer for life.
    There's a reason this is called a realistic texture pack. :P

    As far as the netherbrick fence goes, it's been black for more than a year now:

    -Nether brick fences are now dark grey to increase their usability by mimicking wrought iron fences.
    -Slightly lightened the color of Nether fences to better showcase the new textures.
    -Reverted to the old coloring method for nether bricks and nether brick stairs. (Fences will look weird in the inventory and hand only.)

    The issue with it showing up as a dark burgundy color, is a limitation of the CTM feature that allows the texture to appear unique when placed. (It's the same reason the icons for wooden fences don't match the placed look of them) At the moment, there is little that can be done for it. I did use Custom Colors to darken the texture however. So if your gamma/brightness isn't too high on your monitor/video card, the item icon should appear black when compared to nether bricks.

    Now for a more general announcement:
    To anyone having issues with the glowing block breaking texture, please report the issue on the MCPatcher thread. Be sure to include a detailed report of which version of MCPatcher you are running and which version of Minecraft.jar you are patching so this bug can be reproduced in testing.

    Don't demand an immediate response or repeatedly pester Kahr about this either. Mojang has once again changed the texture loading system on today's snapshot, and he'll likely be busy enough as it is dealing with adapting MCPatcher to function with the game yet again.
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