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    This is awesome stuff! It sorta reminds me of the Mars stage on an old PC game called the Journeyman Project.

    That texture editing trick is really handy too! I'm having a ball with it. Though I can't seem to figure out how to change the look of water and lava blocks. Though I can change the out-of-bounds water...
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    Just thought I'd drop this here:

    With all the great architecture I've seen here, I felt like doing something a bit more indoorsy and not as grandiose and brain-frying as my last project.

    Planned expansions:
    - Various custom level mods
    Want to import a doom map? How about playing in a random dungeon?

    Oddly, I only just was made aware of this when my brother asked me what game modes were planned on being implemented to Minecraft AFTER I was halfway done making this from scratch... Ah well! map converters take the fun out of it. :tongue.gif:

    Edit: Changed the link into an embedded video.
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    Quote from AlexVMiner »
    That is amazing Misa. How did you do it? It looks like it was generated to me...

    Thanks. :smile.gif: Not quite sure what you mean by generated... Anyway I used some deck by deck blueprints of the ship as a reference to get the basic overall shape which I found over here: http://www.cygnus-x1.net/links/lcars/blueprints-main2.php

    Using MS Paint, I calculated how many blocks long and wide the overall ship would have to be if each deck was one block high. Once I was able to build a frame of reference grid in the game, it just took lots of time and eyeballing at the schematics until I had built a good approximate of the entire thing from the light grey bricks. Then I devoted the rest of the time to cleaning up some of the junk blocks I had made to build the thing and added details.

    Then for the coloring I drew a line of replaced blocks halfway down my ship (As a reference to make the coloring symmetrical) and colored in one half of the ship using mostly this as a reference: http://arroyomodels.blogspot.com/2008/06/uss-enterprise-ncc-1701-d-st-tng.html

    As I filled in stuff over on one half of the line I mirrored it on the other side and corrected any structural errors I made when I originally built the thing. As finishing touches, I made some asymmetrical variance in the colors (Mostly by recoloring some dark grey of the windows as white), and used some glass blocks, while digging into the model to give the shuttle bays and bridge window a bit more depth. (There's actually a tiny replica of the bridge built under the bridge window :tongue.gif:)

    And finally, I removed ALL the blocks I used as scaffolding, which took a pretty long time considering how many I needed to have around just to work on the thing! There's STILL a few hard to find stray blocks here and there that I have to clean up when running around my creation from time to time. :tongue.gif:

    This was all made on a blank map I found online, running my own private server (To prevent griefing.).
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    First time posting here. Been playing Minecraft for a week or so. This is probably my best creation so far. I also made a little video of it. Enjoy! :tongue.gif:

    Click on the image to open the video on Youtube.
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