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    I'm flattered, but I dunno If I'd want to do art for Mojang officially as a living. :P Though I do have some artistic skill, art isn't really one of my big pursuits/hobbies in general. If I were to get a job in game design, I'd actually prefer to be a lead designer--preferably for projects of my chosing. I'm most comfortable with conceptualization, documentation, mechanics and and their organization. But for me, even game design is more of a pipe dream than anything.

    Providing the next move goes well and I've the opportunity, I'd like to go back to school and major in biology. Where I'd want to take that with graduate programs I cannot ultimately say. I'd like to get a feel for what's available/feasible before deciding on anything. That and what I'd like to do flip-flops way too much over time being idle. Right now, I'd ideally like to attend medical school and go into veterinary medicine, but a few years from now, who knows.
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    Quote from mvilcis»
    Everyone's first build was a workbench.

    Lies! Workbenches didn't even exist when I started playing the game--let alone the idea of survival or creative with fly mode. :P

    This was my first actual build:

    If you're interested in seeing some of the other first builds ever made, this is the earliest thread ever created with this topic: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-discussion/creative-mode/classic-creative-mode/373415-share-your-creation
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    It's more work than it's worth to start over from scratch. Also try convincing the millions of downloaders of my pack to just give up the pack they've grown to rely on for something completely different. Not gonna happen.

    I've not been able to really just sit down and play or enjoy Minecraft for roughly a year. And it's no secret that I think the current development team is poorly assembled and has made some very lousy design decisions. There's no real guarantees I'd even be able to get back into the game myself when I get my computer fixed. So at this point, the pack is more for the community than something I'm doing for myself and just sharing. If I were still into the game and hadn't made my pack public, I would've long ago completed another texture pack or two--possibly even moved on to other, better games to devote the entirety of my modding efforts to.
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    I've lost nothing I can't remake. Everything irreplaceable was backed up.

    Also I'm familiar enough with how to browse partitions for things like headers while ignoring filesystems that I wouldn't need to pay anyone else to do it. I obviously don't have any equipment to read directly off platters from drives that are no longer spinning up or have damaged heads/head actuator servos, but the people who are set up for that sort of thing (usually for data recovery from fire/water damage) are pretty expensive. Besides I wouldn't feel comfortable with a stranger digging through all the old porn. :P
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    You'd actually be the fourth to mention it to me since I made that post. :P

    Some people apparently misunderstood my explanation example as me having lost those files, heh. Had two people actually send me the background texture they ripped. I did some comparisons to my original texture, and they were both about 85-90% accurate to my actual source art.
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    I got most of the important stuff. I only lost some scripts for my image editor mostly which I'll have to rewrite-will probably have to remake some brushes too. Mostly it'll be me trying to remember exactly what steps I took many years ago, or attempting to forge my past style based purely on comparisons to the finished product.
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    I didn't lose all the data. I lost the hard drive the data was on.

    And no I couldn't just download my own texture pack and edit that. Many textures in the pack require layered resource files. The biggest example that comes to mind (because people were always asking me to release it) is the GUI background texture. Anytime Mojang adds stuff to the game that requires a new GUI texture, I need to take that base texture and use a specific process to adapt it to the new GUI window shape. It would be possible to somewhat reverse-engineer some of these files, but not all and it'd be a ton of work just to get started.

    My graphics editor also has custom brushes and scripts I've created that are used for very specific tasks I perform while creating textures, and in order to maintain consistency in my designs, I pretty much need the tools I used for effects on older textures to match up with the effects I apply to newer ones. Otherwise it becomes more of an attempt to forge my old style as close as possible to the original. This is doable, but as with the previous example, it's a ton of work.
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    Not much of anything I'd feel comfortable publicly mentioning here. I'm still essentially stuck much in the same situation I was last time I posted, and it looks like the second move will be delayed to sometime around September/October. Kinda just getting by as best I can right now.

    If you want more to go off of than that or just want to chat about whatever, I'm not hard to get in touch with privately.
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    Quote from gopher65

    Put up a paypal link (if that's allowed on these forums?). I'm sure there are 400 people who all use this pack that would be willing to donate 2 dollars each. A computer capable of running photoshop and minecraft needn't cost more than 5 or 6 hundred dollars, and we can probably scrap that much up between us, even with paypal's fees deducted. I know I've gotten more than two dollars of enjoyment out of the work you've freely posted:).
    I already have a donation link up on my main post. However it's more a matter of priorities and smart management of finances than needing the immediate cash to build a new computer. As it is, any little bit of extra money I make that isn't used for current living expenses is being set aside in an emergency fund that is going towards covering costs for the second move. Moving across the country can really add up if you're not careful, and there's almost always unforeseen expenses that can just pop up on you when you least expect it. Having a home is more important than having a computer that can work on a texture pack.

    In regards to my computer, I use it for way more than just running Minecraft and my editing software (I don't use Photoshop). I was pretty much raised on computers (Atari 800 was my first PC) in a time before the concept of a computer in every home was even a thing, before Windows was commercially available, and before the Internet even had graphics and was nothing but a series of Usenet BBS's and IRC. I built my first PC in the late 80's before ATX came along and made that process much more foolproof. All this is sufficed to say I've been using computers for so long and before they became as user-friendly as they are that I probably know more about them and have more uses for them than most people at this point.

    With all the things I use my computer for, I pretty much need a build that's completely overkill to save money in the long-run. That's how I've built the last few PC's I've used, and this last one has lasted and served me well for nearly 8 years despite costing me a high (at the time) $750 (with a ton of rebates and sale deals). This machine, despite being so old, is still capable of running most applications/games upper mid-ranged PC's are capable of. Unfortunately it's still running on 32-bit architecture which in recent years is showing its age with most modern applications--Java, and by proxy, Minecraft among them. To upgrade my OS on this hardware would be a complete waste though as it's completely optimized for 32-bit and would be considered fairly low-end as a 64-bit system. That and my sound card is pretty much busted and my hard drives have beat their statistical predicted lifespan twofold. Everything's pretty much overdue for replacement.

    All that said, please do not donate money to me expecting it to go towards building a computer that'll allow me to work on the pack. I already feel a little guilty receiving donations when I haven't done much of any work on the pack in nearly 9 months. Just be patient. Things should hopefully settle down for me after this second move, which I'm also predicting will go much more smoothly than the previous.
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    To clear up a little confusion that seems to have arisen by my return to the forums, I'm only back in the sense that I have regular access to the Internet again. For those who don't want to go back and read my giant walls of text, here's a summary list of things that are preventing me from working on the pack right now:
    -My computer's dying and needs to be replaced as it can no longer run Minecraft on the latest versions.
    -My editing tools all need to be set up again from scratch as my work hard drive was one of the first things to go.
    -I am unemployed and am in process of trying to set up a stable source of income.
    -Various other real-life issues I'd rather not go into.

    A more recent update on that is that I may be moving YET AGAIN to another state this summer. This will hopefully help a lot with the stable source of income, but at this point I have no idea how much free time I'll have since I'll probably be going to school as well. As it is, I'm in sort of a purgatory of having more free time than I should have, but having no means to run Minecraft or work on the pack. The free time is likely to diminish though as the new move draws near. So for awhile, this really is still your best option for playing with my pack on the latest versions of Minecraft: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2251774-

    Once again I'd like to thank those who have been showing and giving me their support in this chaotic period in my life. I probably can't apologize enough for not knowing when I'll actually be able to get back to work on the pack. I can only reassure you that it's not something I've given up on. Just don't take that to mean that it's coming soon, because at this point I really cannot tell when it's coming.

    Also as an aside, I'm still slowly working my way through a huge backlog PM's, many of these are hard to answer as the time they were sent seems to imply that they were time-sensitive in response. So if you've sent any permission requests or other messages in the past that I have not answered but still require a response, you may get a faster response if you re-send them or send an updated version of your previously sent message.
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    Quote from JoniA

    I don't think they will because Misa is back :D
    I'm back only in the sense that I'm online again, but I'm also in a transitional period that doesn't really allow me to work on the texture pack at the moment. My computer's shot and needs to be repaired, all my tools need to be set up again, I still need to find a stable source of income, and it looks like I might be moving yet again to another state this summer (though one that'll be more beneficial to establishing a stable source of income hopefully). Even when I get all set up to where I can work on the pack, I'll probably have to play a lot of catch up on all the changes that have been made to the format of resource packs. So it may be quite a while until I'm truly back into the full swing of things.
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    Keepin' up with some replies to avoid another wall of text from building up. Oops, too late. :P

    Quote from Glimmar

    Welcome back Misa!

    Last time I self-moved with a young family way back when, it very nearly killed me with all the work needing doing on the new (that's a joke) place. Completely got out of the hang of sleeping for weeks...and that's a spiral into oblivion for sure. Hope you get everything sorted, but just take it easy in the process.

    It's good to have you around again. :)
    I'm already finding that I pretty much have to live on nightly hot baths now just to sleep through the muscle pain. It'd be nice if I could afford healthcare as is now required by my country. Unfortunately the local government of the place I moved to decided it's more politically advantageous to their cause to punish people like me for being poor--despite there being no jobs in the area to help me correct the situation. I guess I can't complain too much though, because I've got a roof over my head. :P

    Quote from VashTS240

    Welcome back Misa.
    And welcome to the South.

    At least you get some of the cheapest gas prices in SC... NC has some of the highest in the area afaik (NC state tax on gas is highest in the southern states it lists on the pump... and it lists a few).
    Good to know. Now I've just gotta work on getting a car. :P

    Quote from Maeluth

    Welcome back Misa :) Glad to hear your sorting things out. If you think things are are tough in the South, try Maine. I swear nothing exists up here but snow and blackflies.

    Patiently waiting for your next update to the best Texture Pack of all time. I've been resorting to using Conquest since Mojang went to 1.7
    What with the move, is your old donate link still current?
    Having been greeted by a freak snowstorm upon arriving here, I definitely don't envy your weather. At least you have the pseudo-benefit of being near the setting of nearly every damn Stephen King novel ever written. :P Anyway, yes, the donate link is still current.

    Quote from elwood612

    I've been following this thread for about 2 years now (not posting, just reading), and I just want to say that it's truly awesome to have you back, Misa. It sounds like things are getting a bit less crazy in your RL, and I hope that trend continues. Reading your wall of text yesterday brightened my day no end.
    Good to know some people were able to read all the way through it. :) I typed it up in notepad (constantly saving) in case of a power outage, and it ended up freezing up my browser for a couple minutes when I went to paste it here. Was kinda wondering if it'd crash the forums or not, heh.

    Quote from JoniA

    im glad u r back misa :D
    there r some patches for 1.7 for ur pack
    i think u may use them for fast updating ;D

    here is the one i use:
    May have to rely on that a little longer than I was hoping. On the bright side, I've given them special permission to use CTM in the meantime. Hopefully that'll buy me some time to get things sorted out here so I can get back to work on the pack.

    Quote from Lejonell


    Second of all: It is a pity that McPatcher don´t support connected textures, random mobs and custom colors anymore. This pack is basicially relying on those features to make it as good as it is. Damm you McPatcher! :steve_tearful:

    Third of all: I loved all the work you have done in the past and I will love all the work you (maybe) will do in the future! I never will forget all the work you have done for us! This is the best texturepack I ever seen. I love your work. I cant imagine how many hours you have spend making this for FREE! I if god exists I hope it leaves a great Place for you in heaven. And that he gives you some angel servants. You deserve to be threatend like a Queen. The Queen of texture packs.
    Not sure where you're getting that information about MCPatcher from, but it's pretty much false by default. Literally the only purpose of MCPatcher at this point is to add support for features like that. As someone who's aided in the design of some of those components of MCPatcher, I think I can safely say those features aren't going anywhere. If they do disappear, it'll only be temporarily in between updates to the game when Kahr has to do re-writes for the obnoxious amount of core changes Mojang's been making to the rendering system.

    Quote from Hikeman

    Oooooo Misaa,, I missed you girl, and your clever / ironic comments and responses here ^_^
    I am glad you are alright (not dead :) ),, though I am sorry for your back :/ I understand you !

    p.s. Misa what's your profession (/specialization) ?
    I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay. I actually don't have a profession. As a pipe-dream I'd love to be a lead game designer, but lack the degree of programming knowledge required. More realistically, I'd like to go to school to possibly get into a field as a professor or research scientist in some field of biology--likely something in the branch of neuroscience, bioinformatics, biostatistics, or organic chemistry. Though I'd also be fine with mastering the first and any of the second languages I know to become an English teacher somewhere overseas.

    "Even if saotomato wasn't who he claimed to be, what exactly would you be reporting his post for? Which rule specifically would that post be in violation of? "

    "The Fraud Act 2006 makes it an offence to dishonestly make a false representation with the intention of making a gain or causing a loss. It is difficult to see how any kind of impersonation, no matter how odd, cannot have the intention of causing some kind of tangible gain or loss. Gain or loss must be loss of money or property. Loss to reputation can have incalculable damage in this regard."

    Any claims made about your person without your knowledge or consent can be construed as fraud. Any illegal activities would be a violation of board rules.

    I'm unclear from your post as to whether saotomato was or was not who he claimed to be, but now that you are back it is irrelevant.

    My post was intended to draw you out if you were still around. I wanted very badly to send you some money whether or not you intended to ever update your pack, but I could not possibly send money if I didn't know your circumstance.

    Now that I know you are OK, I will send a donation immediately.

    I didn't mean to imply that I 'knew you' any further than what I wrote. You appear to be a very strong, confident person who wouldn't rely on surrogates to speak for you. I respect you, your work and your talent.

    In any event, whether you found my comment offense or not, you have provided me with endless hours of entertainment and brought a considerable amount of light into my life and I'm glad you are back.

    I have sent donations before and hope the one I make tonight will help you with any struggles you are experiencing.

    I never meant to offend you. I only hope the best for you in all things.

    With great respect,
    Scott Davis
    I figured UK law wasn't internationally enforced. But in any case I didn't see anything he said that'd indicate anything that could demonstrate intent to generate gain or loss. At worst he would've just been giving false hope to people on my behalf. To help clear things up though, he was and is in fact my best friend of over 15 years.
    Anyway no worries. I wasn't offended so much as needing filler material for my giant wall of comeback text, and I've got this habit of going off on tangents of picking things apart that I may see initial errors in. I didn't intend to come off as strongly as I may have. I do appreciate the support and hope I can soon continue to live up to my reputation through my work. :)

    Quote from SyberSycho

    Yay Misa welcome back!

    With the new mincraft now having the ability to do 3d detials on textures do you think you will add this to some of your own textures?
    I streamed a little bit of my old experimental work on the subject on my Tinychat last week. But yeah, I've kinda been hoping for that functionality for a long time. For those not in the know, Mojang has added custom model support for blocks which allows us to have blocks that aren't necessarily just cube-shaped. As I briefly mentioned in the wall of text, this could be a way to help solve my issues with things like foliage/leaf blocks to make more realistic-looking trees and whatnot.
    However I can't make any promises as to what will actually be implemented so much as the fact that I will definitely be playing with the system and evaluating which blocks would be the best candidates to receive this treatment. I've already got some block models I've created over a year or three ago that UV map perfectly to the existing default texture asset format. So if this ever is implemented for my pack, it'll be completely optional and have little bearing on the other default style of textures used in my pack.

    Quote from YolandoGlee

    You're back, Misa! And now living in my neck of the woods--the Deep South. Congrats on your move....and I feel for you, growing up a country girl myself with no access to running water or internet during most of my teen years. To keep warm, we had to actually cut trees in real life and haul the firewood to the house. (Minecraft makes it look easy, but believe me, its not.)

    Even as an adult, I was paying $50 a month for "high" speed internet through a satellite that was sooooo slow. It took 20 minutes to download a 2 min vid on YouTube. You then hit "play" hoping it actually does so, but often it stalls and you have to reload the vid. Still, the fake "high-speed" satellite was better than the 26 kbits speed of the phone line. My frustration reached its max when I started taking online classes (it was WAY too far to drive to both college and work everyday), and I needed to watch videos for some of my classes. One day I was in the middle of taking an online test and some heavy clouds blocked the sky, cutting out my internet. Talk about me panicking, afraid I was going to fail the test. Happy, half an hour later I got reconnected and finished the text before the timer stopped.

    Finally, I had had enough, and bought a house in town. Besides saving on gas money from long drives to work, I was finally able to enjoy the benefits of having real high speed internet for the first time. Imagine watching a YouTube video IMMEDIATELY when you hit play. Actually playing on Minecraft servers….with real people. An impossibility when I lived in the country. Oh, and I can talk on a cell phone...and hear people. Something else I could not do in the country.

    Good luck to you, Misa, with getting settled in, job hunting, and getting a new computer. You're very talented, but I also know how hard it can be to get a great job in the rural south. Don't feel guilty for taking donations for your work. You deserve it. Take your time getting back to working on your pack. (I'm looking forward to finally seeing your flowers someday.)

    Also, I recommend growing a small garden. Its one of the main things I miss when I moved into town. Fresh tomatoes. Store tomatoes don't ever come close to the rich, delicious flavor of tomatoes straight from the garden. The pacing of country life if far different than city life. Truly, it is lovely to take time to stop and smell the roses. Enjoy just being alive.
    I've never had to chop firewood to keep warm, but I've definitely had to deal with the whole 'Minecraft makes it look easy' thing with the renovations I had to do to make the place I moved into livable. If only breaking doorways and building walls were as easy as adding and subtracting a couple blocks.

    Instead you've gotta deal with hours of tetanus-inducing demolition with a wrecking bar, chisel and hammer, followed by setting up level headers and sole plates so you can make room for the stud beams you've gotta put in and line up in a way that they're perfectly flush (but with an offset to the thickness of the drywall) with the existing wall you're trying to patch. Then you've gotta sand for hours and seal, patch and surface the thing with joint compound just to find out that you're not even remotely close to being done since you still need to cut and install new baseboards and molding to cover up the sole plate. And then you get to worry about painting all that without ruining your carpet. That's all failing to mention that beforehand I had to remove up to three layers of wallpaper that'd put the eye-destroying qualities of Mojang's default Minecraft textures to shame. :P

    I can also relate to the Internet thing quite a bit, but in a different way. I was using the Internet back in the 80's before Windows had graced it with graphics, and the concept of a family computer, let alone remotely affordable personal computers and laptops were still quite a few years off. Basically all I had access to at the time was BBS and one-on-one IRC, and I recall the IRC taking like 5 minutes for the person you were talking to to receive your message, and about the same amount of time for you to receive messages from them. All the while, your only phone is completely tied up and if someone picks it up and tries to use it, you completely lose your connection. At the time though, I was easily impressed by the novelty of talking to someone who may be on the other side of the planet without paying an absurdly massive long distance phone bill. Now it's just a granted component of everyday living.

    As far as the garden idea goes, I actually received a small greenhouse as a housewarming gift from my local relatives. :) The weather here's been a little too windy to actually work outside and attempt setting it up that I'm beginning to wonder if it might be a better idea to set up the greenhouse in my attic. I have a set of really nice full-spectrum sun lamps from the pen of my tortoise (which I had to give up for adoption to make the move :( ) that'd work perfectly for an indoor garden. Though I've also thought about using it to set up a mycology lab.

    I really like the idea of attempting to grow my own truffles, gourmet mushrooms, antibiotics and other fungi-based products that are hard to easily or affordably come by in stores out here. I've also got the knowledge to know how to set up a sterile environment and grow various fruiting bodies from spore. It'll probably all boil down to what I have more of a demand or need for in the long run. But at the moment that's a little hard to forsee, so it'll probably have to wait a bit along with other things I've had to put on hold. It is something I'm still greatly looking forward to though when this whole Red Queen effect of moving in will eventually wear off and I'm able to settle into the slower pace of country living.

    Quote from _Gunter_

    Happy Birthday Misa! ^_^
    Thanks. I'm now 'half the resolution of my texture pack' years old. :P

    Quote from JoniA

    R u joking or is it her birthday today?
    It's been on April first since the day I was born. :P You can imagine the confusion my relatives had when my parents called them up to notify them of my arrival--no one believed them until i was virtually forced to cry for them over the phone.
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    Nice to see some people are capitalizing off of the situation by illegally making money off of redistribution of derivatives of my work without even obtaining permission to do so... :/ On my own thread, no less.
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    Quote from Ciaviel
    Epic response is epic!Welcome back! And, yeah, moving away from the west coast to just about anywhere not the west coast is a big culture shock. I miss being able to get decent produce year-round. :(
    Yeah, as someone who loves to cook, I could probably write up an essay on all the food differences alone at this point. The produce thing stood out for me pretty instantly first time I stepped into a grocery store, smaller selection, poorer quality on some things, higher prices and all that. Though what also stood out was just how readily available fresh okra was. Back where I used to live, that stuff was incredibly difficult to come across. I'd make it a point every shopping trip to check for it too because I LOVE okra, and used to make a pretty mean ass gumbo that I'd never bother to make without it.

    Cheese was another big thing for me, it's a lot harder to find many of the non-standard import cheeses I used to use on a regular basis out here. I've gotta go like 30 miles now to get a decent block of non-crumbled gorgonzola or parmigiano-reggiano. And I can probably forget about stuff like pesto gouda or truffle cheese. :P Mushroom selection is also quite limited to where I'm considering setting up a mycology lab to grow my own.

    Instead of focusing on what I don't have though I've just been trying to embrace the best the local cuisine has to offer that'd be difficult to come by on the West Coast. I've come to like East Carolina BBQ much more than the typical Kansas City stuff that passes as barbeque throughout the rest of the US, and really would like to try the yellow South Carolina BBQ at some point. Another thing that's not as common back west is the availability of hush puppies--which I also love. I've noticed that fresh fish is also quite a bit cheaper here and sushi-grade stuff is also available at much more reasonable prices than I'm used to. Considering how much I love seafood, I'm pretty satisfied for the most part.

    Probably a bit off topic for the thread, but whatever. :P I think I'll just open up my old Tinychat for a bit today if anyone wants to chat or stream whatever. I don't expect it'll get too crowded given the lack of traffic to this thread I normally get on like update days, but I'll just be hanging out in there while I'm going through the massive stack of PM's I have and working on other stuff online I've not had the chance to do in awhile. Everyone feel free to hop on as a guest and say hi if you like: http://tinychat.com/misas64x64 Now closed.
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    Well, that took longer than expected.

    Sufficed to say I'm now successfully moved in to a new place, have Internet and a (mostly) working machine to connect to it with. What I didn't mention before I disappeared was that my main data HD (the one with all the texture pack working files on it) was dying around the time I was rennovating the house to sell, and organizing a packing effort. Fortunately my friend sent me an old laptop hard drive to back up most of the irreplacable material before it completely died. This doesn't guarantee I got everything, but most of my work should be backed up to where I can pick up on the pack at a later time. My whole application setup is unfortunately completely gone--meaning I'll have to reinstall everything and possibly hunt down some hard-to-find missing plugins and codecs before I can do more work.

    My computer's long overdue for an upgrade anyway so right now I'm saving up to remedy that, then I'll be less reluctant to go through the grind of setting everything up again. As it stands I don't have enough motivation to reinstall everything to a system that may be dead soon just to have to do it all again later. Ultimately real life has a higher priority right now.

    I'm living on the opposite side of the US I was on in the middle of nowhere and my access to many basic resources I took for granted at my old place are absent here. I'm still learning the area and muddling through some of the culture shock of going from West coast suburbia to the rural South. Things I took for granted like grocery shopping or job hunting now manage to pose a real challenge. It doesn't help much that I don't have an always-reliable means of transportation at the moment either. That all said, the pack will unfortunately have to be put on hold a bit further while I try to get my life all squared away.

    Now to possibly set a record for response posts by responding to every post that demands a response since my last post in early September of last year!:

    Quote from JeyBeeHH

    Hi Misa,

    your texture/recource-pack ist the best... but you know it.

    With Minecraft 1.7 is it possible, to use multi texturepack. (thats mean to use more then one texture/recourece-pack)
    Thats a perfect solution to create little updates, for tests or experimentals. (Like snapshots)

    And 1.7 will have much new flowers and fishes.
    Can you create a little texturepack update for actual snapshots?
    I try it self, but it dosn´t match to your texturepack-style. :/

    Please Misa... give us an update or preview for comming textures.

    In love .... your greatest german fan...

    Jey Bee
    I don't really have any plans to release miniature add-on packs for the snapshots because that's counterproductive to how I work on the pack. When I work on snapshots I take the main pack and just start adding things onto it. Doing mini packs would be a lot more work because I'd have to rebuild the file folder structure and include any updated properties files with the note that those ones are to be prioritized over the old ones, and yeah.. It'd just be too messy for me to work with and slow down the whole process of updating a pack for me.

    Quote from VashTS240

    and so it begins.
    Misa is in the long process of moving (cross-country, if I understand correctly), the snapshots made several changes to the code & how certain things work, and MCPatcher isn't even updated yet (newest snapshot broke some of the changes/fixes to MCPatcher).
    This texture pack will probably never be updated before MCPatcher because it relies on MCPatcher for the features (updated WITH MCPatcher, however, is a different story).

    Oh, and... uh... bugging people (Misa for texture pack, Khar for MCPatcher) about things does not get things done faster...

    They'll be done when they're done & with quality work (I'd, personally, rather wait for something to be done really well than to have it rushed and end up sucking, even slightly)
    And at this point I am so far out of the loop with the progress that's been made to Minecraft it's not even funny. I imagine I'll have a lot I have to relearn and redo.

    Quote from Arthandas

    With all the technical excellence of this texture pack, I must say it could really use some saturation. IMO when compared to many non-realistic (especially pixel art) packs, this one looks a bit depressing in the long run. Before playing, bump your color correction setting in graphic card's control panel and you'll see a real difference.
    100% intentional. All my color choices were made very carefully. Reality tends to be a bit more desaturated compared to fantasy, and given the nature of this game's long-term playability, I needed a pack that was easier on my eyes than the default.

    The supersaturated and high contrast color of vanilla gave me eyestrain after many consecutive hours of play. The ORIGINAL texture pack I made for Minecraft (long before texture packs were a thing and even before survival existed) was a 16x16 semi-realistic take on the vanilla blocks with desaturated colors that were darker and easier on the eyes--comparable to the color schemes used in a lot of old MMORPG's that had intentional lengthy playtimes. The current pack is an evolution from that original pack I made to ease my eyestrain. The palette has also been somewhat optimized for use by people with any of the two most common types of color blindness.

    One interesting little point of trivia that most people don't notice is that the 'green-dyed' blocks in my pack are actually an illusion that works off of the rest of the colors in the palette. They are in fact not green at all, but a strongly-desaturated grey-yellow. (check out the RGB values for yourself!) This is not just my own little trick either. Other games with limited color palettes have done similar. Duke Nukem 3D's palette is a prime example of a desaturated color palette with a lesser-than-true green range.

    Quote from RickyTheHedgehog

    When you take an unedited photo of a bright and colourful landscape, Misa might take this into consideration.
    Bright-colorful landscapes aren't nearly as common as you'd think, and most photos you see of those for like desktop wallpapers are heavily edited anyway. There's a reason 'earth tones' are primarily muted colors. If you want high saturated colors though you could always check out my mushroom biome. I added some special feature to that biome through Custom Colors that actually increases the color saturation of many blocks for fantasy-land builds. It was built specifically with the emerald block in mind and the ideas of an Emerald City. In that biome, my grey-yellow green-dyed blocks (mentioned in the previous response) are actually true green. :P

    Quote from VexusDylan

    Hey, I am getting grey water here.

    Yes, I followed your instructions correctly.
    Yes, I'm using MC Patcher 4.2.2 for Minecraft 1.6.2.
    Yes, every other texture works great.
    No, I don't like swimming in wet cement.

    I used this texture pack previously and I never had this problem. I'd adjust the ammount of memory Minecraft uses, but MC Patcher seems to have removed that feature.
    Quote from Venthrac

    Hello all,

    I love this texture pack. It's among my very favorite. I do have a question, however, as Im seeing something weird with it lately. More to the point, my water is light-gray in color.

    Now, I'm aware that this can be corrected bt using the Custom Colors setting in MCPatcher, but here's the weird part... that doesnt' seem to work anymore, UNLESS I use the "Test Minecraft button in MCPatcher. I don't know if this is an issue specific to the texture pack, or if it's an MCPatcher issue, but I figured I'd try here first and then go poke over there if necessary. Or perhaps something just nmeeds to be updated for 1.7? I really don't know, but I would appreciate any insight

    Thanks guys!
    My guess is you just forgot to select the MCPatcher-modified version of the minecraft.jar in the game launcher. It's a common mistake that even I've fallen for from time to time. I just know that if there's grey water, 100% of the time it's because MCPatcher was not properly installed onto the version of Minecraft.jar you're currently running.

    Quote from andrewkm

    Using 1.6.4 OptiFine and Latest Misa 64
    Some of my letters are cut off as such:

    Any ideas why?
    First post. Read it.

    Also Mojang was trying to implement their own way to space high resolution fonts last I was working on the pack, and I vaguely recall it was in conflict with the spacing file I use on MCPatcher's version of high-res font rendering.

    Quote from iliektacozz

    I've been using this texture pack (It's a "Resource Pack" now I swear to the almighty space-cat Shaleron this game changes every time I come back to it) for a while now,it's a great textu...Resource pack and I hope it doesn't die off like dokucraft did.Diamond pants for you! :D
    Don't fall for the Resource Pack propaganda! This is still a texture pack and will be referred to as such. Typically resource packs that add more than textures and graphics are referred to as overhauls. And resource pack is more of just a general term for client mods that don't affect game coding. I really wish they would've just called them "Mods" and let the author describe what type of mod their mod package is. Seriously find any other modding community that has a category of mods that just go by 'resource pack'--but I digress!

    This pack probably won't die off the way Dokucraft did. Probably. It's in a bit of a rut at the moment though. Dokucraft if I'm not mistaken though has been pretty well-maintained by fans--at least it was last time I noticed.

    Quote from Crash666

    Great Texture Pack. Can you make an update for Buildcraft 4.0.2 and Industrial Craft 2_2.0.221-experimental also the Minecraft 1.6.2 Versions?
    Poke around the search feature on this thread or on Google. Many fans have provided themed texture support with my pack for third party gameplay mods such as this.

    Quote from Marvin_2303

    Minecraft ist cool.
    Sure why not?
    Quote from Marvin_2303

    I love Minecraft!
    Quote from adnje4

    Why post this here?
    Evidently Minecraft ist cool and they love it. (likely for its coolness or something)

    Quote from Lafarge124

    Very detailed information, love the texture pack and I hope you keep this running forever! You are amazing at textures.
    Being the mortal I am, I'll probably die at some point, but I'll do my best while I'm still living. :P

    Quote from Lejonell

    Misa, what program do you use when you are making your ctm files?
    Same stuff I use for all my other pack files. Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9, MS Paint, and occasionally some 3D modeling software for the graphics. Plain old Notepad or Notepad++ for the properties files. And I guess I use WinRAR for adding stuff to the pack itself.

    Quote from Lanaru1

    May I please get the Resource Files for the Plain Red 64x64 bed that you have? Thank you.
    The pre-1.5 version linked on my main thread should have it in ALTERNATES.png.

    Quote from Redmann

    Hey Misa! I am making a small horror game and I want to ask you if I can use some of your textures for my game? I will give you full credit for the textures. :)
    Tell me what you think.
    This is something you'll want to PM me about. That's where I prefer all permission requests to go for record-keeping purposes. That and I may have some questions on your project and don't want to clutter this thread with a back and forth for something potentially unrelated to the main topic.

    Quote from MrSilvioSpeed

    I have been using your texture pack for months now. It has been working fine, until this point. For some reason the glass texture doesn't work for me. It is now the ugly vanilla. Is there any reason for why this might be? I am stumped.

    Thank you,

    My cool glass relies on MCPatcher's CTM and Better Glass. Ensure they're properly installed and you have the MCPatcher-modified jar selected when you play.

    Quote from TJBRUCE17594

    Can you please make this texture pack work for optifine! McPatcher doesn't install for me and I really want the Star Trek Textures for the Voyager map. It would be a great help to me and for my Forge FML!!


    Tj bruce
    It doesn't quite work like that. I'd have to basically remove functionality for it to be optimized for Optifine, or release a second version of the pack that I'd also have to keep updated. There is no way to simply make something compatible with something that has less functionality. Any visual errors that occur on Optifine are completely unintended side-effects of a trick used to get something to work the way I wanted it to with MCPatcher's special features.

    It's almost the same as asking a pizza chef to make their exact same signature pizza in a form that can be cooked in a toaster instead of a standard oven. It's not gonna happen without completely changing parts of the recipe, and not really for the better.

    Quote from VashTS240

    This is the most confusing post I have read in a while. How does Misa's texture pack have anything to do with Star Trek? Unless I missed it, I don't think it does.

    Anyway, you can use Optifine and this pack together: you just won't get all the features.

    PS: Optifine support has been covered to death in this thread. Search this topic for Optifine for more detailed explanations on why it won't happen any more than current support exists (and happy reading).
    Well, I think I'm the first person on the Internet to have built a scale model (Not 1:1, but still massive and to scale) of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) in Minecraft and I made a forum account back in 2009 just to post it to the forums (back when the forums were basically one giant thread of what people had created). I was largely an inactive lurker prior to that. It wasn't too long after when I posted screens of the game with my pack on it in some Halloween update thread and people requested that I release what I had posted. So I guess in an extremely vague round-about way you could link the two. :P

    Also Notch tweeted about how he loved my Enterprise and linked to it close to around the same time my pack was released. :P

    I recall him also mentioning it once in a live interview, and one of the interviewers said that the person who made it probably used editors to build it--kinda annoyed me considering I built the entire thing all by hand without even so much as a fly mode.

    Quote from Lejonell

    The melon stem are the default one not the misas one. And when are you going to make a alternative texture for the Birch Tree leaves?
    The stem thing's been addressed around the time I released the last update, as for the Birch Tree leaves, I'd LIKE to have all different trees with unique leaves at some point. That's easier said than done though. I've run into problems in the past when I've tried to make new leaves. A lot of it stems from the way the leaf blocks are constructed. If leaves were more flat sprites or something that always faced the player and looked more like leaf patches than leaf-textured blocks, I'd have done it all ages ago. Changing the leaf block model may be a possibility now though I hear.

    I also plan to redo a lot of the log/wood art whenever I next address trees. With the newly added wood types, my current woods don't all fit the color scheme I'd like to go with with the new types. For example I don't want my wood to be any darker than it currently is for Spruce, so the Spruce wood planks and such may end up getting moved to the Dark Oak planks with a new texture made for spruce. I've already experimented with some good synergistic color schemes that fit vanilla and nature and have assigned real life woods to the in-game stuff on paper for my own reference.

    Quote from MrKrowely

    Figured i would post this on here...

    i've been working on a Misa500 texture pack adding support for FTB:Unleashed mod pack, i figured i would post some screenshots of some of what i've gotten so far.

    I'm not doing this for profit, and once i get done and like everything i will upload it and share the link on here. :)
    Just be sure to get permission from me in a PM before posting it. The forums are strict on that sort of thing. Otherwise I encourage fans to provide mod support for my pack since they're probably better at doing it than I would be as I don't use any content-altering mods.

    Quote from Vulpis

    After seeing this pack get used in Dataless822's videos on YouTube, I had to give it a shot (which says something, because the only texture packs I've gotten until now were for novelty value, and I usually just go with the default pack). I must say, it's *gorgeous* seen in your own game. Much thanks to Misa for the excellent work!

    That said, two minor quibbles:
    In dimmer lighting (particularly in the Nether), the gravel's a little hard to tell apart from the dirt--though given that this *isn't* a problem in daylight on the surface, that may as much be due to the lighting system as anything else.

    The other...is probably pretty expected by now. The bed. :-) I can deal with the creeper-pumpkins and the creeper-dispensers, but the creeper bedspread is a bit much for me. With some of the advice I did manage to find searching this topic, I managed to get the block textures culled from the pre-1.5 version (paint programs can be a pain about maintaining *transparency* for some reason), but I can't seem to find a matching 'item' picture in the older pack (presuming there is an alternate for that..). If some kind soul could point me to a red-recolored version of the bed.png, I'd appreciate it--my art-fu is too weak to properly recolor the gradient that makes up the underlying cloth texture (especially while editing out the creeper), and while I could just color the thing a flat red, it wouldn't really look that goos alongside the rest of Misa's texture work. Thanks in advance, and thanks again to Misa for the great artwork!
    Regarding the gravel/dirt issue I can only imagine things will get even more ambiguous with the new stone and dirt types.. Best I can say is keep those torches handy and put a pumpkin on your head--the nightvision from that is usually good enough for me to see in areas that otherwise look pitch black on my monitor.

    I often get criticized for my injection of creeper faces into my pack as being somewhat unorigional. Yet ironically probably every texture pack out there with a creeper bed is in some way actually derivative of mine. I was the first person to do the whole creeper bed thing back when the whole Creeper face injection wasn't even a thing and just my own little signature--and it's more carefully hidden in other parts of the pack that make it difficult to spot. I guess it picked up a lot in popularity though and now everyone seems to do some degree of it. But yeah, the red bed alternate is still available in ALTERNATES.png from the pre-1.5 pack linked on the first post. There's also a more hue-shift-friendly version available on the same file

    Quote from dispereo

    I totally agree with you on that one. I already tried finding an alternative but wasn't very lucky and I am not really good in fiddling around with the graphics anyway. Some offer graphic vaults (like Ovo Rustic Redemption), however Misa doesn't seem to do that and there is no customizer anymore either. So I can't really help you with that, but I'd definitely sign the petition to get a different duvet for the bed! ;P
    (See previous response)

    Quote from NyuCraft

    It was the first Texture Pack i've seen and it's still wonderful! Thank you for your great work. <3
    It's the first 64x64 texture pack ever posted on the forums too. :P

    Quote from MMohoh


    I wanted to ask whether I get the permission to use Misa's Realistic Texture Pack for monetarized (advertisement in front of the videos) videos on YouTube . I am trying to finance my studies with videos of Minecraft and since your texture pack is one of the packs I use often it would be really helpful to get this permission!


    All permission requests need to be directed to PM, please.

    By the way, you can remove everything about MCPatcher. You no longer need it as of 1.5.

    Quote from MasterM64

    Thank you for uploading this and taking the time to make it all nice and organized! ^_^ Do you have the red bed icon from items.png by any chance?
    Quote from MasterM64

    Sounds good, that would be great. ^_^ I still wonder though if Misa has these particular files for all 3 beds, it would be cool if she was able to release the alternate items.png to us so we all can fully utilize the alternate textures.

    I never made item icons for them. The icon for the creeper bed though was just me taking a screenshot of the bed in-game and then cutting it out and shrinking it. Admittedly I am probably making that sound easier than it actually was... I've a very specific process for making my item icons to have binary transparency while maintaining decent-looking edges. And Nowdays I have a new method for flattening 3D shapes for item icons like Minecarts and whatnot.

    Quote from Wayuki

    Sorry for bothering you, but what biome palette issues did the recent snapshots introduce, exactly?
    I personally hadn't noticed anything off, but after reading this comment, I'm worried I'm missing something glaringly obvious.
    Seemed like ages ago since I was last dealing with the palette system... I only recall that they added 'length' to what is read from the default palette format for height or temperature or something... I had been working on a template for the biome palette template thread but then real life happened and next thing I knew I was in a hotel with two cats. I'll have to pick up on it later. If I recall correctly though on that biome palette template thread I created some people posted some really good images of how the new palette works. There was also a secondary optional palette system I helped come up with for MCPatcher that was implemented that I think Kahr posted the template for that I created. I imagine that's all on the mcpatcher thread. Sorry if this response is a bit delayed and of little use by the time you read it.

    Quote from FHX

    Hey Misa :)

    Can we have some sneakpeak-screenshots of the upcoming features? ;)
    I would like to see the stained glass if you already finished that! :)
    I'd be curious to see how my stained glass will look too. :P

    Quote from bytemage

    Misa, please give us a quick sneakpeek at your work.
    Just to feed our curiosity while we wait ...
    The only work I have to show for is like concept diagrams and self-reference spreadsheets and palettes. Nothing particularly interesting. You can thank the hard drive dying on me for that. The move didn't help much either.

    Quote from bytemage

    Oh, aren't you a righteous one. Go <censored> yourself!
    Admittedly the posts asking me to update do irritate me, and the less I have to post about it to get them to knock it off the better. I've no problem with this kind of fan forum policing to keep things on topic instead of being filled with clutter demands...

    Quote from gopher65

    So is it possible to use the 1.6 compatible texture pack still? Or will that mess up things in Minecraft 1.7.2? Will the game simply use default textures and animations if Misa's pack doesn't have the new ones? Or will it corrupt my whole world or something bad like that?
    Hell if I know... If Kahr's been working some of his insane voodoo magic, then probably, though you'll have default textures mixed with mine for the new blocks/items. No texture pack can possibly corrupt your world though. They operate on completely different systems of the game's code.

    Quote from _xXgingyXx_

    Hello, Misa. Let me first start by saying that I have been quite a big fan of your texture pack since shortly after I began playing Minecraft around March of last year. I absolutely adore what you're done with this pack and how you've far more than adequately displayed the potential for HD texture packs and for MC Patcher. My only concern is the inability for texture packs in differing resolutions (32x for when I'm using my old computer than struggles to run minecraft, and a 128x for my computer that handles your pack at 70-80fps.). However, I completely understand that merely keeping a regular texture pack up to date can be a challenge, let alone one that pushes MC Patcher to it's full potential. Because this is the case, I would love to offer my assistance. If you would permit it, I would happily help to create resized variations of your pack. I am capable of resizing it to any resolution except for 512x(I don't know how to properly make one that size just yet that won't come with a multitude of performance issues).

    However, I want to forwarn you that if you permit me to undergo this, that it may take some time for me to complete this, as I have my own texture pack that I am in the midst of creating. I predict this may take me as long as a few months to finish, but no longer than that. If you are concerned that there might be an issue with whom claims what as their own, know that I'm not only not inclined at all to take credit for your work, but that I actually would have no problem with you taking credit for my work in making your pack more accessible(or satisfy the hunger of "graphics whores" like myself). To explain why despite this sounding too good to be true, I feel I am trustworthy. Why am I? Because I adore this pack far too much to even consider hinder it's progress in such a way.

    When you have decided on how to respond to my request, I would highly recommend that you reply to my email, as I do not regularly visit this forum, except to submit my work and check the progress of packs I follow. That email is [email protected] Thank you for your consideration.

    - _xXgingyXx_
    Generally I prefer permission requests to be directed to me via PM. Anyway, I've actually thought about releasing a downscaled version of the pack in 32x32 for slower machines and from that train of thought have even occasionally thought about making a completely new texture pack from scratch in 32x32... Though that's not likely to happen anytime soon, as far as upscaling the resolution of the pack goes, I don't feel that my pack would look all that great at higher resolutions. Even if I had used my higher resolution resources to do so rather than things like median and noise filters. I know I've explained why a few times in my thread (check the search feature). All that said, I'd still like for my work to be executed by myself. If you wanted to rescale it for personal use or limited distribution (like among friends or something) that's fine. I just prefer to not officially promote anything that I'm not creating or working on myself. I like to have complete creative control over my projects, and even something as seemingly simple as a downscale is a bit more complex in my mind's eye if I'm to release it as something I'd be happy to have my name on. That shouldn't discourage you from PM'ing me though. I'd be happy to further discuss with you things of this nature if you have any other thoughts on the subject.

    Quote from Xyvius

    This may have not been intentional, I could not say, but i do know that the previous "misa font" did not play well with "clickable links" as the location which needed to be clicked did not scale with the texts slightly more "bulky" width. Now with 1.7 including the ability to have "interactive text" (via the tellraw command) I can imagine that many servers (my own included) would not recommend using the more elegant font, despite its obvious beauty. Unless it is "standardized" to a uniform width, I foresee many people extracting it out of the graphical pack... to make playing on there favorite servers less frustrating. Who knows, if it can't be "standardized" then maybe, now that 1.7 allows multiple packs to "stack", the font could be separated out as its own pack... Just a thought.

    Regardless, I will continue to recommend it graphically! I love this pack!
    If only we could specify different fonts for different uses. I'd love to have a more unispaced console font for the console/chat with the more rustic one for signs and maybe even something else for the GUI.

    Quote from Lojack_2000

    Oddly enough, Misa did such a good job with textures that I have found a few in the old alternates.png file that can be used for some of the new blocks. I started yesterday with the acacia, will try to look at the dark oak tonight or tomorrow. I'm sure she will do much more appropriate when she returns, but for now, it helps to minimize some of the new blocks from being all basic minecrafty.

    BTW, did she ever post more information on the biome scheme? I know someone over in the mcpatcher thread posted a bit about it, and it seemed great, but wasn't sure if Kahr rolled it into the current version (and as Misa was the creator, I'm sure she'll be first to exploit all the features)
    Pretty sure he did. I know before I lost access to my computer he asked for my template so he could post it on the MCPatcher thread. And given the circumstances I probably won't be the first to explot it for once. :P

    Quote from MasterM64

    I completely agree, I have yet to see a realistic texture pack that can live up to this one in every possible angle. Everything from the font to the CTM (connected textures) capabilities of this texture (resource) pack are beyond phenomenal. Can you imagine this texture pack in 128x+? :o

    @Misa: Just out of curiosity, is it possible to turn the tools/weapons textures into 128x+ definition (especially the sword)?
    Possible, but not probable or even remotely easy. And I'm not fond of upscaling to 128x128 or 256x256 short of using textures of those sizes (or larger as is the case with ice) with the CTM Large Repeating texture feature. I've explained why from a design standpoint I prefer 64x64 or lower for this pack in the past (search).

    Quote from cupcake cat

    I am sorry I personally offended you and dishonored your family, I am sorry, but I looked at the last page and people were just saying: Great pack! Which it is, I am not NAGGING, I can very much live without it, plenty of other fish in the sea. I can wait. But in the future, have more patience ok? I am sure Misa can defend herself and does not need you. :) Thanks for understanding.
    I can't if I've disappeared from the forums and can't get online. :/ I don't think they were intending to attack you anyway.

    Quote from YGOboy

    hi Misa, any idea on when the 1.7 patch will come out?

    Quote from Xiooo

    The fastest way to get the Texturepack is:
    1. Open the MISA main page
    2. Hit F5 again and again until the Title says "[64x][1.7.2] Misa's Realistic Texture Pack"
    3. Profit!
    By the time you're done your finger might fall off though. :P

    Quote from MrTomTom

    Come on Misa. Most of us are ok with waiting for the update just say hello that we know that you are allright!!

    Quote from milococo1

    Don't push her, Misa is going through real life stuff, she is probly fine, and just is too busy to go online just to say 'hello'.you should be excited for what misas textures for the new blocks/flowers will look like, I know they will be awesome!
    Reminds me.. I'll have to probably redo my red and yellow flowers from scratch. Which means dropping the old CTM random support I had of them and making something new. I'll need to create something more consistent and easy to expand upon when creating the new and more uniquely-shaped flowers.

    Quote from volvoV70guy

    The vigilantism on this thread is getting very old. Is begging for updates fruitless and, in a way, disrespectful to Misa? Yes. Is it anyone's responsibility beside her own to fend off people innocently asking for an update? No.
    This is kind of an ironic post if you think about it. Either way I've no problem with people telling other people to read a few pages back when I'm not there to do it myself because I've no way of accessing the forums.

    Quote from MKNT

    Can I port this pack into PE and upload in Korean MCPE Community and My Blog? I will give you full credit, post link. and I won't upload that anywhere except there
    PM me with permission requests, please.

    Quote from Zuzax

    Any recommendations for 1.7.2 texturepacks to use as secondary packs with Misa's 1.6.4 pack as the primary? I've tried a few but they just don't blend in well enough so I just stick with the default as secondary to fill in the new bits.

    Gives me a newfound appreciation as to how really, really good Misa's pack is.
    I haven't followed it in awhile to even know if it's still active but if it is, CrEaTiVe_ONE's Medieval pack probably. A lot of our inspiration for our packs comes from similar places, and lord knows how many tutorials and tricks I gave the guy on my Tinychat. :P Also I saw on the later pages I haven't gotten to yet someone did a fan update for my work that'd probably be worth checking out.

    Quote from Gezzer51

    Except for couple of minor points you've missed.
    1. She can't defend herself because she has RL sht going on.
    2. It seems that there is a major amount of dumb asses adding more useless posts begging for an update instead of doing what everyone here with a brain has done, read a couple of posts. Posting a plz update post is not only a waste of Misa's time, but everyone else's because we have to read them all in the process of finding anything that's actually important. So in a sense it's disrespectful to the community in large as well.
    Pretty much.

    Quote from RiseGamingLP

    Hello can I use your Texture pack for my LP ? pls
    Go for it. I'd appreciate a link to my thread in the video description or something though.

    Quote from Hiro TDK

    I would just like to point out, because it seems no one in this thread has noticed, that Misa's dirt has a f***ing face in it. I can't stop staring it it now. It just stares back. Just look at those eyes!
    I don't see it... and Dammit, Zuzax beat me to the Wikipedia pareidolia link.

    Quote from Hiro TDK

    Really? It's only been seven pages since Misa's note?

    You're not even remotely joking about this one. Holy f***ing Christ, man. I can't find things when I know an exact quote from the post.
    It used to be better back in the old days... I know I can't stand the search feature now for as much as I recommend that other people use it. The change to the forum format broke it and never bothered to fix it I guess.

    Quote from zaphod69

    The biggest issue with ALL the texture packs right now is some problems with the MC textures themselves and how they have been changed, there are a number of bugs and other issues involving the setup of the format and the alignment of textures in game, look at a bed in vanilla from both sides to see an obvious example, or pay attention to how doors look when used.
    I'm sure I won't know what the hell I'm doing at first whenever I get around to working on it again...

    Quote from Darckray

    Misa, Do you remember this? well... i was hoping that when you resume your texture pack again, you could take consideration about this, because you don't need third party software to spawn 'unused' content anymore, with the command /summon, you can spawn all of these, even more, you can spawn almost everything in the game, even EnderCrystals!, i don't think Mojang will remove those in the future, they have stated that they would keep 'unused content' for map makers, if you don't think it's possible, try it yourself, here are some examples: /summon Giant ~ ~ ~ or /summon EntityHorse ~ ~ ~ {Type: 3} (or 4)
    you can even make the skeletal horse and the zombie horse rideable!, i assure you a lot of map makers will use these 'unused mobs', no, they're already doing so, it would be awesome for you to make textures for those... and... about the green robed villager's role... i guess he could be some type of Druid or something similar, or a hobo XD, Thanks
    Honestly this is like extremely low priority at this point, and just because they can be spawned doesn't mean they have an official use to be important enough to provide a coherent texture scheme for.

    Quote from MasterM64

    I completely agree on this Darckray; as a map maker myself, this definitely should be done since I personally see this as the best HD texture pack in the community of Minecraft. I would love to be able to utilize these illegit mobs in my maps and recommend Misa's texture pack for the ultimate visual experience to the playerbase that play my maps.
    You can also add your own resources to maps now... I know that may not be a comforting answer, but I've really way too many things on my plate as it is.

    Quote from derdaist123

    After more than 3 month hearing nothing of Misa, we should consider.. erm.. serious health problems? I mean can we be sure, that Misa is still alive? :-/
    I'm secretly a ghost right now. But yeah, I'm fine.

    Quote from GitarGr8

    Is there anywhere I can donate to Misa to help expidite the 1.74 release? Maybe she's waiting for 1.8? Either way, I've been so spoiled by this texture pack, I can't play minecraft with any other.
    I dunno about expediting the pack. I can only go as fast as real life allows me. Donations do help me get by though considering I've no real source of income at the moment. Anyway there's a pink donate button on the first page near the download section.

    Quote from Zuzax

    I think the point here is that people are starting to worry - not about the texture pack but about Misa the person. I've bought, refurb'd and sold several houses and never went off line for this long during any one of them. Last public word from her was early September.

    I hope nothing has gone wrong...
    I wasn't flipping the house. Main reason we had to move is that we were broke and Southern California was too expensive to live in with no income. I had to do all the remodeling myself on a very limited budget and always be on call for showings since I had nowhere else to stay to let realitors just have free reign of the place. Couple this with the fact that I had to pack up my computer and shut off the Internet to save money and prepare for a move across country to a house we hadn't even found yet by a certain deadline that if not met would put us on the streets. Even after the move I ended up living in a hotel for a good while, which after the sale of the house we were fortunately able to afford--though it did eat a good bit into our repair fund for the new place. And yeah, the new place didn't even have working plumbing, electricity, or duct work when we purchased it. Things just aren't as easy when you're broke.

    Quote from Darkone003

    Glimmar's Steampunk is fantastic and works well with Misas in style.
    I always recommended his pack to anyone that couldn't run mine in my Tinychat. I like his style and color scheme a lot. One of my early ideas for a texture pack to make for my own personal use before I actually had one posted was steampunk-related as my favorite game series of all time had a strong medieval steampunk setting. Though I saw little need to make one, as Glimmar's covered the genre better than I probably could've from scratch..

    Quote from MagpieTear

    Okay, dumb question about Misa's pack. Since the villagers look like actual people instead of Squidward, I can't tell which zombies are Zombie villagers. I would like to try to cure zombie villager, but don't know which ones to capture and which to destroy. Anyone have a clue as to tell which are which?
    The ones with the hats that stick well above a square-shaped head. There's only a few hat types in my villagers, and they're identical across the randomob versions, so just learn to recognize those and you should be able to spot them easily.

    Quote from pscof42

    Hey, everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I've created a PATCH for this resource pack.

    I've started the thread here:

    I really do appreciate this. :)

    Quote from nessomik12

    R.I.P Misa. Best pack all the time.. always so detailed and everything was just awesome.
    I'm not dead! I'm getting better... I don't want to go on the cart! I feel fine! I think I'll go for a walk... I feel happy! I feel happy!

    Quote from Zuzax

    So what's the etiquette for when a developer abandons a texture pack and disappears without a word from the community? I've seen plenty of instances where people have stopped developing something but usually they have given their blessing to one or more other texture pack artists to carry on their work.

    I suppose that it could carry on as a two-part affair, with the base being Misa's 1.6.4 along with other developers' "patches" to her initial work in order to bring it up to 1.7.x and beyond, but eventually Mojang will come up with another major re-write or an actual API that could render Misa's 1.6.4 unusable as a base. What then?

    We're about to enter the fifth month of no word from Misa about the future of the texture pack, and it becomes a little more obsolete with every point release. How long before it's considered abandoned by the community and the work is continued by someone (not me) else?
    Typically the cure-all workaround for dead-end creative works like that is software patches that can take the official files downloaded from a legit source then shuffle them around to where they need to be. This is not one of those instances yet however.

    Quote from Deepblue686

    I agree.

    What if Misa simply cannot get online at the moment?
    Why should we have any rights to say her pack is discontinued?

    How would you like it if unforseen circumstances came up which stopped you from coming here to update your pack (or even just post about delays) and, when you were able to return, someone else had been editing your work, claiming you'd stopped working on it?

    Right now, we don't know much of Misa's personal life and what's going on. We shouldn't just assume things.
    Most pack authors who stop because of personal reasons usually tell us and let someone take command.

    I'd rather wait and hear what she has to say, rather than use an unofficial continuation that she hasn't approved.
    Hopefully this absurdly long response post helps correct the lack of information over the past however-long-it's-been.

    Quote from Deepblue686

    Well to be honest I'm probably not talking, specifically, about him.
    I mean, yeah, I should have read his thread in a bit more detail I'll admit.

    Mostly I'm talking about people who dismiss a pack as dead the moment they don't get an update when the corresponding update for the game comes out. and I suppose there are those who start up a "fan continuation" the moment they deem it "dead".
    Well fan continuations can also be used to help bridge the gap or sate the fix of a lot of players until the official source can get rolling again. It certainly eases some of the stress for me to feel a need to sacrifice my health or something equally dangerous for an update.

    Quote from Zuzax

    ...rubs the lotion on its skin.

    Oh wait, no, it uses coconut oil instead because it hates the sticky residue many lotions leave behind.

    Quote from Achaius1

    It's been awhile since I used ths pack. Was the first I ever used and at the time I was glad it was only a 64. Now I have a better computer and was looking to see if a higher res was available but to my disappointment, no. I will check back at a later date with fingers crossed.
    Your fingers will probably be indefinitely crossed. The 64x64 resolution is more of a design decision than a technical limitation.

    Quote from DanSparrow

    Original maybe, copyrighted? not really, it's just a word, but not a real thing, let's face it you don't register a texture pack into the copyright so they aren't really yours. The most you can do is make people notice someone used your texture pack to make another one. Beside Misa hasn't posted since september, that kinda lets people know it's unlikely for this to be updated by the creator.
    This is just false and outdated information. A texture pack contains resources that are identified by copyright law as creative works. And copyright law hasn't required registration for years to classify a work as copyright of its creator since works published online became so prevalent.

    Basically the moment you first post a creative work online, that work is automatically copyrighted to the poster. That's not to say you can't or shouldn't register with the office. Naturally your authorship can be challenged by the real artist (or a thieving scam artist) if you're just posting a copy of their work for the first time to the public domain. In this case, registering would give you financial assistance for legal fees from the copyright office. Otherwise if you're challenged as owner of a copyright you haven't registered, you just have to pay all legal expenses out of your pocket and provide your own evidence of authorship. And most of the time, the legal fee issue is moot with a countersuit and enough evidence to prove yourself as the author of the work.

    Quote from Deepblue686

    While it isn't a real copyright, I suppose it's still a copyright as part of the site rules.
    Under the current copyright laws, it is a very real and valid copyright. When I was a kid it probably wouldn't have been, but there's been many changes to copyright law since the Internet took off.

    No body could take five months to move not even to a different country i am sad to say that maybe misa has abandoned the pack. But someone could take up her work and if nobody does then i guess all of us will have to move on. If anybody wants to i think she wouldn't mind.
    You can if you're broke and the only money you have is the money you plan to make from selling the house to live somewhere much cheaper that you haven't even found yet. And then to do it with 4 people, 3 animals, and you as the closest thing to an able-bodied physical laborer. I'll probably have back problems for years from this move.

    Quote from Darkone003

    There could be a million reasons why she either can't or doesn't want to post right now. At the end of the day, Minecraft isn't going to take priority over her life, if she has a lot going on that's going to be what she's focusing on. So yeah she may be moved, and have everything she technically needs to work on her pack, but even assuming she actually moved into a new place, she could have a lot of other stuff going on in her life right now. It could even be as simple as her not feeling like getting back into it right now. We don't know her, all we know is she worked very hard in her spare time to give us an amazing texture pack and if she was done with it she will tell us when shes able.

    This is Misa's work, no one can use it for anything without HER permission, it doesn't matter if she's done working on it or not. I really can't believe some people are arguing about the legality of re-using her artwork and no one is even considering that it's just plain disrespectful to her, whether it's legal or not.

    If you were Misa and you came back to this thread, months later, and saw this conversation, what would your reaction be? I doubt it would make you feel warm and fuzzy inside seeing people contemplating stealing your hard work. :x
    Mostly my reaction has been slight amusement with a twinge of befuddlement. It's almost entertaining to see what people make of you on limited information. I remember I used to play a game along those lines in my Tinychat where I'd ask people to describe what they thought I looked like, having never given a personal description. I'm apparently a blonde, big-breasted supermodel with pale blue eyes.

    Quote from jadeDHero

    Quick question for you all:
    When I play Minecraft while using this texture pack, I always get a non-responsive Minecraft window while the actual game is loading.
    The game doesn't respond for maybe a minute or two, and then functions normally.
    Does this happen with anybody else?
    I get it too, but my machine is really old and also has some memory issues with the OS and java. I imagine my pack uses up a lot of memory too. I kinda just cope with it until I can afford to upgrade.

    Quote from Keirgarth2007

    Been a while since I looked in, sorry to hear Misa is currently on the missing list. Hope she is doing well and that things work out for her, as I love her work. I do have to tell you pscof42 that Misa might accept your building a temp patch for her work, but she will likely refuse to take any of your work as her own. I have offered some of mine and she has turned it down saying she prefers to keep all work in the pack hers alone.

    Looking forward to the time when Misa finds time to come back, though if she decides not to, then I wish her well.
    Sounds about right.

    Quote from ManOnTheEdge

    Hey guys, made an account after lurking this thread to ask if anyone thinks there might be a Hexxit version of this pack in the works someone might be making? The custom mobs and items not covered by the Misa pack tend to clash with the rest that are so it'd be nice to have it fully compatible.
    If there is, it'd be a fan version, and if one exists, I'm not aware of it. I'm not even familiar with Hexxit.

    Quote from OlioPL

    Please make a updated version for Minecraft 1.7.4!!! Why everybody stops now making new texture packs!? What happened? I miss Minecraft, please bring it back! This is a disaster, this community gets smaller or what!? Please don't stop your work!
    That is kinda the way most modding communities ultimately go. At least with regard to old giants going under to be replaced with new blood if the game's community is still going strong for many years. Though yeah, my absence was at least (hopefully) just temporary.

    Quote from Gezzer51

    I'm reaching the point where I really could care less about the texture pack. I just wish someone could tell us she's alright.Well I'm hoping she's got a new job creating great computer art and is just too busy. That or her computer is shot. Because my mind's starting to wander into the WTF has happened to Misa territory, and it's unsettling.Misa please post your alright or have someone else do it for you.
    A job, let alone one I'd enjoy would be nice, yes--unfortunately that'd be a miss. Hit on the computer though! :P It's around this time I actually got in contact with my real life best friend over the phone and asked him to let everyone know I was alright. Sorry I didn't have much more to go off of to have him relay at the time.

    Quote from CalledInSick

    There is an updated HD lagfree version available on the web. I am using it.

    Quote from Zuzax

    Wow. I'm impressed that someone whose product was a fixture of a connected community could go so cold-turkey-completely-off-line for nigh-on seven months. I can't go a half hour without checking in somewhere.

    Anyway, I hope you're legit and not trolling. You don't have much history to verify. Did Misa give you a notion as to when she hopes to emerge from the void?
    I didn't give him one because I was operating off of limited information myself at the time and had no estimates for when I'd be able to return to the community, let alone the status of the pack. That's still a little fuzzy for me at the moment.

    Quote from JacquesRemy

    I'd like to port Misa's TP to pocket edition 0.8.1, but she's not here to give permissions, do you think that there will be any problem if I just do it? after all she said that it's possible to use her work...

    "You are only allowed to use work from this pack for remixes and compilations... if I am given credit for my work on your release."

    what do you think?
    I think you should PM me with permission requests.

    Quote from Cheyron173

    That is really good news.
    But i am a little surprised that Misa did not even wrote a single post in months. (even when she is moving)
    If she just posted: "i am really busy but alive. Expect new update in about five months"
    ... than i would be happy.
    But as she is not answering at all, i'm still worried.

    I just wanted to say, i used this texture pack for three years now, and i can not imagine my Mincraft-World without it.
    Everytime Mojang updated Minecraft, i was curious to see what the new items will look like.
    And mostly they looked better than i expected them to be.
    I also tried other HD texture packs, but every time i did that, i just thought: "No ... no ... no ... , Misas is still better "

    I would be very happy, if you came back.
    It's kinda hard to write anything on the forums when you have no way to access the internet, let alone remember your own user login info for Curse.

    Quote from Zuzax

    Unless you are in the rugged Alaskan wilderness somewhere, in a third-world country, or in prison, you almost can't avoid getting online. These days, the ubiquity of smartphones, 4G wireless, free WiFi at cafes, free internet terminals at Public Libraries, and many other free or cheap access points makes it seem like a conscious decision to avoid the many ways one can go online cheaply, easily or even for free.

    Not saying that it couldn't happen at all, but that it seems, well, curious.
    Or poor and stuck in a rural area of the Southern US with unreliable transportation. I've never owned a smartphone in my life. The only cell phone I've owned was a $15 tracfone from Wal-Mart that I can occasionally afford to recharge the minutes on. And I only got that thing maybe less than a year ago.

    I think we all know Misa from her posts well enough to know that if she had something she wanted us to know about her health or whereabouts, she wouldn't send in some anonymous person claiming to be her RL friend whose profile doesn't even give their age, gender, or location to deliver the first information we've heard about her for 6 months.

    I've reported your post and hope others will do the same.
    You apparently don't know me very well at all. And to assume you could really know me as a person well enough from posts I make to a video game community for a mod I produce is a bit of a stretch.

    I didn't send an anonymous person, I was on the phone with a friend, he mentioned people were thinking I was dead and I asked him to let everyone know I was alright. Also wouldn't it stand more to reason that a real life friend of mine wouldn't have many posts on here because they weren't met through Minecraft? I've not met up in real life with a single person I've met through the Minecraft community. And since when is it law that people on the Internet have to know your age, gender or location for you to not be a liar or troll?

    I've been around the internet since before the Internet had graphics, and the real-life anonymity was actually one of the big initial draws that got people from niche groups to connect and form BBS's and IRC's that were the backbone of the web before companies like AOL started capitalizing off of it with wider market of the general populace. Had it not been for anonymity, the Internet likely would've never taken off the way it did, or would've become a heavily regulated and censored corporate circle-jerk the way most television has become--but I digress.

    Even if saotomato wasn't who he claimed to be, what exactly would you be reporting his post for? Which rule specifically would that post be in violation of?

    Quote from Cheyron173

    I think, you just went too far with that.
    Seatomato does not have to be the biggest Minecraft fan with over 1000 posts in the forum, to be a legitimate Misas IRL-friend.

    I moved twice, so far.
    I had no internet for one week, so ... you be the judge ...
    First time I moved, the internet wasn't even a big thing, second time I had it within a week and it was still in the dial-up era, but was also just moving maybe 10 miles away to another city. This third time... Well I've made enough responses on the topic already in this giant post for anyone interested enough to piece the entire story together by now. :P

    Quote from JacquesRemy

    Maybe Misa grew old and forgot about Neverland... :( got out of fairy dust and lovely wonderful thoughts, Idk but I'm sure that one day she'll be back :)
    I'm sure there's a clever counter-analogy to make here comparing Mojang's shoddy development practices to the pirates or something else related to one of the more negative aspects of Peter Pan lore, but I'm having trouble making it work.

    Quote from Glimmar

    That's a very sweet and sad picture...lets hope not! :(

    More like the Neverland pirates have been up to their nasty tricks again and Misa is held a prisoner of RL circumstances.
    That works too. I was really hoping to take a petty jab at Mojang's incompetence at some point though. :P

    Quote from JacquesRemy

    That makes me think about all the people that we usually find homeless everywhere, how many of them are talented people? (angry, depressed people sometimes) how many deserves a cup of coffee or even a smile? maybe they created master pieces such Misa's pack and almost for free...
    I've known a few very skilled homeless people who just lacked opportunity to make proper use of their talents. In my experience it's more common than someone being homeless just because they're talentless or lazy. Circumstance is a bitch.

    Quote from VashTS240

    When she get's internet back, she should, in my personal opinion, create a Patreon page. If everyone who likes/uses her pack is willing to support her even if only $1/month, that will be a somewhat substantial amount of money per month (not to say the least of which are those who can afford more). [I understand not everyone will be able to due to either financial reasons of their own or age, but...]
    It took me ages before enough people even convinced me to add optional adf.ly links, and even longer before I got around to adding the donation link. I'm a little wary about taking money for the work I do here. I tend to get hyper-critical of my work and what's expected of me when I feel extremely obliged to do something. While the money helps a lot, it doesn't come without a bit of that obligation for me. And honestly I probably did push myself a bit too hard in the past with updates.

    The last one I actually lost more than 50-some hours worth of sleep from overdosing on caffeine to get it ready for the release day. I worked all day the day before, into the morning of the next and then ended up giving tech support late into the evening of the release day. (don't overdose on caffeine, kids--it's no fun) As things are I need to take it a little easy and feel no real pressure to immediately update, and making more money at this point would probably just make me feel guilty about not being able to maintain my past stellar record of consistent updates within a day of major releases.

    Quote from lescard60

    I, like everyone else, hopes Misa is well and will return soon....especially with the new 3D update coming up. Her texture pack is simply the best out there hands down. Maybe once she gets back on her feet, she'll consider a free version and a pay version. Connected textures, 3D, and animated features could be a paid for option...I know I would be willing to contribute. The amount of work involved is staggering considering she's done this all for free.
    Thanks again and look forward to your return :D
    Never going to be a premium or pay version of the pack. As a poor person, I take issue with the sort of business model that rewards those who are better off financially than others. :P I prefer the model where if you enjoy doing something and are good at it, share it freely with no strings attached and let people toss coins into your hat if they got something out of it and have the coins to spare.

    Quote from Darckray

    i haven't been able to play minecraft since october, my laptop died a long time ago, i hope misa comes back before my computer does...
    Probably will.

    Quote from Lejonell

    I am really starting to miss her.
    You can stop now. :P

    To everyone else who has shown their support for me during this time, I'd like to express a very big 'thank you.' I'd also like to thank those who kept things under control here and quelled any weird speculations about my whereabouts and were generally helpful to people new to the party. And yet another thank you to those who found ways to keep the pack going in my absence.

    I'm still in process of this whole move with renovations to make the place more livable, and settling in and hopefully getting a job or going to school or something that'll help me to sustain a decent lifestyle. So you may not hear too much from me as often as you used to, but I'll still be checking up on this more regularly. MASSIVE WALL OF TEXT should keep you all busy enough for awhile anyway. :P Tomorrow I'll probably get around to sifting through all the PM's I've got. So if you've been waiting for answer all this time, you can likely expect one tomorrow.
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