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    Quote from dufric88 »
    Hope I'm not out of place by asking this, but is this a private chat or can anybody willing to contribute join?

    Link's in my sig and main post. It's mainly for tech support but anyone can join, stream, and talk about whatever.
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    Quote from DigitalPrince »
    Hi Misa,
    Wildgrass v10.1 is out and it introduces "Vines"
    Requesting you to make a small update to your pack (+ the shader pack _nh, _s files too) including the textures for vines.

    I've been done with one for a couple days now. I didn't feel like releasing it now with an official client update coming so soon. So instead it'll all just get released on the same day. I've been tossing out temporary early release links (Which I often do) of updated shader files which include the new terrain.png with support for the latest Wild Grass on my tinychat room. If you don't wanna grab it over there, just be patient for the next major client update this week (probably).
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    Quote from snowyomen »
    Quote from ejhopkins »
    many texture pack artist don't want to make their textures into a bunch of different files to work with the modloader version, they have just been adding their textures to the terrain file.

    That is COMPLETELY ignorant.

    The reason they're adding their textures to the terrain file is because THEY HAVE TO! YOU BUILT IT THAT WAY!


    As a texture pack artist myself, I agree with ejhopkins on this. It's much less annoying to put all the art files on terrain.png to natively support it on my pack than it is to create a separate download to support this mod. The less files people have to download and install to get everything they want running together, the better.

    HD Packs, and especially those with high-res fonts tend to have issues with certain versions of Modloader as well, so I've really grown to despise Modloader in general. If I was forced to use it for Wild Grass, I'd probably drop my pack's support for it altogether. It's just not worth the trouble to install with other mods I support or troubleshooting I'd have to do in my support chat.

    Possibly the strongest bonus for having the art on terrain.png to me is the fact that it works with the GLSL shader mod's bump mapping. Separate art files from other mods tend to get all heavily distorted by this mod. Considering the fact that my pack provides GLSL shader maps, this is a huge deal for me. Not only do my support files for this mod not get distorted, I can add normals and specular maps to them as well.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] ejhopkins Wild Grass v16.0 updated for Forge
    I've come across a pretty nasty bug regarding the spawning lilypads. If you have waterfalls or any kind of flowing water at varying altitudes leading into or from a still body of water, and you have reeds anywhere nearby, lilypads will spawn on top of flowing water and convert it into a still water spring block... This has done considerable damage to a reed pond I have surrounded by waterfalls, raising the water level a block above the ground around the base of all waterfalls and it slowly seems to grow outward over time... It also leads to some weird looking issues with lilypads floating a block above the surface of the water when a lilypad spawns on top of a short waterfall...

    Lilypads probably need to be forbidden from spawning on top of or possibly even near flowing water. Or possibly have them spawn only once upon loading of the mod from an unmodded state, instead of persistently. I just spent a good 30 minutes attempting to repair the damage to my map, just to notice that more lilypads had popped up and already destroyed some of the areas of my map that I had fixed a couple minutes prior. They're like tribbles... :/

    Apart from that, I love all the stuff added to this latest update and plan to add support for it with my pack around the time the next major game update (with wolves) is released. I hope this lilypad bug is addressed by then! Keep up the good work.
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    Shaders have been updated (See main thread). Minor changes to the shader maps, and combination of several features including:
    -Non-reflective windows.
    -Parallax, speculars and all that good stuff needed for my shader maps.
    -Very mild bloom with mild gamma correction. (Should address issues with the pack seeming too dark)
    -Very mild world curvature.
    -Static Distant DoF.
    -Waving Leaves, Flowers, Wheat, and Wild Grass.
    -Squirming Soul Sand and Netherrack.

    Mods I suggest to accompany this (aside from the GLSL shader mod, of course) would be:
    Dynamic Lights - http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=1032&t=199815#p2885365
    Wild Grass - http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?t=100771&f=25#p1501164
    Better Grass - http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=55700&start=3060#p3003178

    DISCLAIMER: I will slap you silly if you start asking around here or my chat room about mod compatibility of any of these mods and the troublesome modloader-based mods. I'm suggesting these based upon what I use, not what I provide full-time support for the installation thereof. If you can't figure it out, don't ask me. These aren't my mods.
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    Semi-timely responses to questions? From me? Impossible!

    Quote from begutsen »
    Hey Misa :)

    I have a problem where sometimes my inventory/chest/workbench is completly white. I ca still see all the things in there just fine but they are just in a big white square :( i cant see any of the smaller item squares or e.g. the 3x3 in the work bench, its just all white :( but i can still use it, i just have to guess where the right places for the small squares are :(

    I hope you can help me cuz its really annoying and i have tried reinstalling everything several times but it still hapens :( and i must admit i'm no pro modder like you so i could be doing someting simple wrong lol :P

    Other mods i have:
    Modloader v4
    Audio Mod
    Gui Api
    More Block IDs
    Fancy Pack
    Expanded Farming
    Stained Glass
    More Tees
    Zans Minimap
    Battle Towers
    Dairy mod
    Cheeseburger mod
    Scrambled egg mod
    Icemaker mod
    Scuba Diving mod
    The problem with mods is the more you have, the more likely it is that you'll run into conflict. I wouldn't even know where to begin on helping you. 100% of the mods you have installed I've never even used.

    Quote from sxmxdad723 »
    I have lot of lag untill i press f3 then no lag at all this is extreamly fusterating please help ill give u a :Diamond: so pm me or something but besides all that great pack one of the best
    This crops up from time to time in my chat room, and the case almost always seems to involve a laptop with an nVidia card or onboard video only. If you do have an NVidia card, all you need to do is to update the drivers then go into the card's settings program and set javaw.exe to run off of the card rather than the onboard video. If you don't have a video card and are just using onboard video, you're probably out of luck in regards to getting anything out of my knowledge on the subject.

    Quote from Purplehaze2112 »
    is there a way to change the grass color, because on the server i play on i have a house but the grass around me is grey
    Greener, Simpler, Vegetation.

    Quote from Grugsy »
    I decided to play around with shaders for your animals while doing the shaders for my pack...lemme tell you...the pigs look damn creepy with a realistic shine on their eyeballs...I'll post some pics later(would do it now, but upping a vid to youtube of my new update...killin my bandwidth)
    You've gotten shaders working on textures outside of terrain.png? How? I'd love to provide shader maps for all my other art. I haven't been able to get them to work in-game though.

    Quote from Predator88 »
    (insert bright colors and graphics here)
    I'm going to ignore the font spacing thing since my response to everyone with this is at the bottom of this post. If you get a black screen only after loading a world though (but can load the title screen), that's usually a sign of a corrupted map. You need to try creating a new map or reinstalling all the old mods you had when using that old map. That map basically depends on every mod you had installed when using it, if you don't have the mods installed, it's corrupted and you cannot play it. That's sorta the problem with mods that add content to games.

    Quote from SHUNDOSDOOM »
    can u change to ur other text packs
    Not unless they're also 64x64. That's just how HD texture packs roll. Blame Notch for not providing full support for them.

    Quote from Chungerson »
    My video card is a Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Mobile.
    There's your problem right there. Most onboard video devices will not handle HD texture packs well no matter how much you optimize. You pretty much need a real video card.

    As usual, to those of you with font spacing issues who can't seem to read the last few posts to see that this has been dealt with a million times, not only in this thread, but in at least two other threads... Go F.A.Q. yourself. :P
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    Quote from TheMagicalCake »
    What alternative sandstone? I dont see one

    Above the solid pine needles is the alternate side texture. That's really the only one that needs to be replaced.
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    Skimming through for some stuff to respond to...
    Quote from navysealltblue »
    Your theme looks beautiful, however, I was a little concerned when I saw that your theme installation requires patches the jar. Do you have plans to support the game's built in theme selection screen?
    Shouldn't have any need for concern, no patcher can completely ruin your game. Anyway at this time there's not a single thing I can do to support the in-game texture pack selector. Mojang doesn't like HD texture packs enough to support them. And as it is, MCPatcher adds more bonus features to the game to edit (Like custom animations and fonts), so unless they implement MCPAtcher officially like they did with Better Light, I see no way physically possible to adapt my pack for the terribly lack-luster in-game texture selector.

    Quote from FatalIll »
    Anyone else, using this mod, NOT see the Ghasts attacks? Like I hear them, but I dont see anything shoot or anything, just "EH" *boom*

    If you're not seeing anything you've probably altered the pack, and most specifically the item icons. Ghast projectile art comes from the snowball art. So check there first.

    Quote from Guildmage »
    how comes that the grass now is more colorless (grey) than it was before?
    Higher range of biome colors. Desert and snow biomes will have mostly dead/dying grass on my pack. If you want the mostly-green grass of the default looking biome colors, I have a download for that on my main thread.

    Quote from bobbybob147 »
    I fell in love with this pack and did all the **** to download it. But it made my computer so laggy, I couldn;t even go through a door. So, I removed the pack alltogether. Now, with the normal default back on, It's STILL laggy as hell. Im really pissed becauses I think it did something to the computer, but I shouldn't be, because I'm getting my new laptop later this week, and my brother is the only one going to be using this computer. :P
    Installing my pack once and then uninstalling it shouldn't have any effect whatsoever on your performance. It sounds like you've got something else going on there. Perhaps an improper uninstallation, or some other factor.

    Quote from demonhunter4 »
    After I have installed the Texture pack, the game closed, and then whenever i try to open minecraft it starts the loading page, with your texture pack and then crashes. Can you help me fix it?
    Read the installation instructions.

    Quote from Aiiras »
    That graphic that seems to be missing is my bed. I used the newest MCPatcher (V 1.1.12_02) and I have reinstalled Misa's pack like a dozen times, and I've also tried using MCPatcher (V 1.1.10_01).
    It'd help to use the latest version of my pack too. There's no physically possible way you'd get that periwinke-colored placeholder from my pack, unless you're using an old or edited old version of my pack.

    Quote from ALHIMIK »
    So, what do you think?
    I actually did some experiments with the crossbeams on planks, but me and my friends all agreed that it didn't really work uniformly on all structures. After awhile it just starts to look like everything made of wood is made of crates. It looked especially clashing on roofs made using stairs. The framed glowstone doesn't really sit right with me either, since its natural state in the nether would also be framed, and just kinda unrealistic. I do like the idea of the cabinets instead of the chests though, signs aren't bad either. I may provide some alternate resources in a similar vein as those. I also have been working on some alternate "practical decal" paintings. Though I don't really have an ETA on those yet.

    Quote from davidrf »
    Maybe someone already noticed, but I think this pack is way too dark... and another problem is the torch: the spread of light is really minimum.
    Turn up your gamma. Problem solved. (The next version of my shaders though will help correct this automatically.) The visual spread of light on the torch is beyond my control. That's an issue with smooth lighting mostly.

    Quote from HeadHunter67 »
    Quote from Urthman »

    Would you consider doing an alternate texture for the Nether that makes Netherrack look sort of like charcoal or some other substance that would look good burning in our fireplaces?

    I'll second that. My son says he thinks "it looks like tuna" and one of the few things he misses is the old black-with-red-veins netherrack we were using before.

    On the topic of alternate textures, how does one use them? I'm not entirely clear on how to replace individual textures with different ones.
    I always kinda figured the lava rock-look was the best choice for that. If you want charcoal though, it probably wouldn't be hard to just take that texture, desaturate it completely, and then lower its brightness in any capable graphics editing software. I may add a new alt though with the glowing red lines in between. You're probably gonna hate me next update though. :P I'm gonna be making the intestinal-looking Netherrack texture the default, since it's what I'm using with my shaders now and me and all whom I've polled in my tinychat agree that it's closer to the vanilla-looking block. And personally I think it makes the Nether that much more creepy.

    As far as using alts goes, you basically open terrain.png with a graphics editor that supports transparency, and just copy and paste sections you want from alternates.png.

    Quote from Cl3v3r1nd33d »
    ...Obsidian is fairly smooth and yours almost looks grainy (though without specular lighting, I dunno how well a smooth, shiny stone can be pulled off...)
    It looks much nicer with the specularity, yeah. It's more or less just a base for the real work pulled off by the shader maps at this point.

    Quote from Blackeagle92 »
    I tried several different texture packs but in conclusion I always end up with the same prob. Doesn't matter if I try compatibility, run as admin, restart computer, read those instructions letter by letter and follow them and try again and again. The Prob always stays the same : As is start up minecraft it shows the mojang screen, then the screen turns black and it tells me "minecraft does not respond"....
    Head over to my tinychat, we can usually get to the bottom of most problems. (Link in sig.)

    Quote from blainn_ »
    I think we could need a new skin for sandstone.
    Seems Notch implemented it in the worldgenerator.. looks a bit stupid if you walk around
    Check Alternates.png. I've already included one.

    I can't find the download of an older version of misa's texture pack. :VV: :VV: :SSSS: I need a version for mincraft beta 1.2_02, i think its 1.7.2 of misa's pack, but i can't find the download anywhere. It would be great when somebody could post or send me a message with a link where i can download it.
    Just use the latest version. It'll work just fine. you may just need to delete the fonts folder.

    Quote from teamxtremerocks »
    There's one problem though. When I deleted the bin folder and texturepack folder, I did everything you said afterwards. But it didn't come back. Is it supposed to not come back or something because I can't install any mods now =(
    Read ALL the steps. Run the game to redownload the bin folder.

    Quote from MrPunk »
    Hm... :T I downloaded this pack and love it. But online it has this glitch, where I can't break blocks at all. It would be less trouble if there were a non HD version. Once this solution get's resolved I'll start using it again. And I tested it in offline and everything is fine, normal. It's only online though, that I'm having problems with.
    This has nothing to do with my texture pack.

    Quote from kokoman45 »
    I can't use widescreen because of this mod. Why?
    There is no way this 'mod' will affect your ability to run minecraft in different screen ratios... If you're having issues, it's likely caused by something else.

    Quote from TheMCplaya »
    I registered to say 1 thing... PLEASE GET RED OF THE L ON YOUR COBBLE! I started crying when i saw that your texture still had the L. D: Its everywhere. Be still and it wont see you. Stab your eyes it will. And you the player will never look at MC the same way again.. If you dont know what im talking about dont look it up. It will be EVERY WHERE!
    Oooookay. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pareidolia?

    To all those still posting with font issues after it's already been answered a million times in this and at least two other threads.. FAQ you. :P
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    Quote from Nandonalt »
    Hey Misa. Your texture pack is awesome, even more awesome with shaders. Sad I can't use the terrain_s.png because it bugs textures of mods :/

    I posted this on GLSL shaders thread:
    Hey all.

    I edited the "Base.vsh" for parallax occlusion(came with Misa's shaders) to have waving wheat. I also added some more "waving things", which you can enable :P

    The waving speed is different for each:

    WAVING_WHEAT: Enables waving wheat, by Yourself.
    WAVING_PLANTS: Enables flower and sapling waving.
    WAVING_LEAVES: Enables waving of leaves. Doesn't works great on all leaves textures, but works great with Misa's.

    Here: Base.vsh

    I'll make a video of it to show :P

    I saw that last night yeah. Me and someone in my tinychat have been working on merging a bunch of things and experimenting with various shader additions. We used your file in part of those (hope that's okay.) When I do repackage my shaders to include all the stuff we're working on merging, I do plan to give credit to authors of all the work I've been merging.

    So far we've got the following working together flawlessly with my shaders:
    -Parallax, speculars and all that good stuff needed for my shader maps
    -Very mild bloom with mild gamma correction.
    -Very mild world curvature.
    -Fixed distant DoF to (partly to address some issues with mip maps)
    -Waving vegetation:
    -Leaves (I went with a tweaked version of the one posted as a response to your post)
    -Wild Grass

    And currently we're working on:
    -Waving Reeds (Might not make the cut in the end)
    -Squirming Soul Sand
    -Squirming Netherrack (Different animation from Soul Sand, hopefully)

    All the confirmed working stuff has been tested to work on my machine, which is running an ATI HD4890. So hopefully there should be little issues with incompatibilities across different systems.
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    Quote from DeADeND »
    i cant use all the shaders too, on my ATI 4850...so i guess you could play with your drivers settings and/or try to edit shaders yoursself. i m not sure but i think misa is working on a nvidia card..

    I'm working and running on an ATI HD4890. Also for the bug people are getting on ATI cards with the horizon, delete final.fsh. I honestly didn't even mean to include it, but was too lazy to correct it. It's just a mild bloom shader I was messing with. It has no effect on the bumpmaps/parallax.

    Quote from Z0mb1n3 »
    On another note, I am using Misa's texture pack and have the specular mapping installed. For some reason, instead of making a glare on the glass, it turns it completely opaque. I looked in the terrain_s.png and saw that it was just supposed to make a small glare in the glass, but instead it turns it black. Help?

    The shader maps are called experimental for a reason. I didn't release them to make everyone's game pretty, they're more for educational purposes. Currently the shader mod itself doesn't support alpha transitioning on the specular maps as translucency on transparent textures like glass. The specular maps were just made for the sake of completion. There's still a LOT of work that needs to be done on the shaders and my maps. There's nothing you can do about the glass short of manually editing terrain_s.png and just deleting the inner part of the glass (making it 100% transparent.)
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    Quote from tjb0607 »
    STILL waiting for the normal maps. If it's so important to test the spec maps, try using Blender or something. >.>

    Blender wouldn't work for this at all. The GLSL shader mods have their own way of rendering things, and I wouldn't know where to begin with emulating its look in the actual game. I have tried. On most renders my current spec maps are too dark, but on Minecraft they're too bright.

    Anyway the shader maps are up on the downloads page. ;P
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    For those who are interested, I've uploaded my shader maps. They're still considered highly experimental. The only extra shader included aside from the ones to get the parallax maps working with my pack is just a toned-down bloom effect that I grabbed somewhere from the wiki and tweaked a bit.

    It seems as though I'm not gonna get to tweak my specular maps to the degree that I want to, and with Dax working on a new project, I dunno how far I'll actually get with this! So I figure it's better to just release what I have for now and let people play with it. Hopefully it'll help some of the artists out there who are working on their own packs as well.

    Download links are here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=1021&t=73861#downloads
    Screenshots are here: http://m154.imgur.com/minecraft


    Also I'd be grateful if someone wants to edit the wiki for me to include my shaders and my pack as officially supporting the GLSL shader mod.
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    posted a message on [1.3.1] GLSL Shaders (DoF, Bump Mapping, Waving Wheat, Dynamic Shadows, and More!)
    I honestly can't wait to see what you put out Dax. While I'll continue to support Minecraft with my texture pack for as long as it's updated, I feel the game itself has become kinda tired and many times I find lots of little nagging issues that I think I could've planned out much better, myself. So I definitely understand where you're coming from there.

    Should I like what I see with this new game you're working on, I may be willing to offer my services as an artist (if not officially, as a third party if you plan to allow that sort of thing). I absolutely love what you've done with this shader mod for Minecraft to the point where I can't even play the game anymore without it. :P Your parallax shaders with my shader maps brought so much more depth to the game that it actually felt fun again to build stuff after a year of disinterest.

    Really looking forward to see what you're cooking up. :)
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    Quote from Magikal »
    Epic Texture Pack.
    But I'd like to have the skin for the creeper in the picture for my char.

    So use it? It's been in the downloads section on my thread for ages. :P
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    Minor pack update posted. Patch notes can be found here.
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