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    Quote from Intrspace (CZ)

    http://www.ulozto.cz/ On ulozto.cz [traslated into ,,save it'']

    pros- you are able to save as many files as you want. 1 file is limited to 2GB.

    cons- Download speed is limited to >300 kb/s for non-premium users. And of course you will have to use a translator.

    But does it have unlimited download bandwidth? And are the download queues friendly to English-speaking users? Basically I need something that most people will have no problem downloading from. And and it needs to be able to take a rapid onslaught of thousands of users in a short timespan without giving a "you've run out of bandwidth" message.

    Edit: I just tested and answered my first question. It's not intuitive enough for most users since you have to click one of two buttons and put in a captcha code to download..

    I'm gonna try installing a new browser and seeing if I can get Mediafire to upload my files through that.

    Edit 2: Phew, a new browser did the trick. Uploading the update now. The Main thread will be updated shortly after that's finished.
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    Oh god... Mediafire isn't uploading my files anymore. It seems to be eternally stuck on a 'queued' status. Anyone know a good free filehost that has unlimited bandwidth? I'm not seeing how I'll be able to properly update the pack at this point. Be sure to not suggest Megaupload, Rapidshare, Dropbox, Filedropper and File Den, those all have limited bandwidth.
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    Quote from Simplicitor »

    I had asked if it was okay if I could customize your texture to have the doku craft wood and I'm so stupid its always grammar not vocabulary.I also wanted to know if you could add a customizer for hose who want the pack in a different way.
    I'm still not clear on what you're asking.. If this is for permission on making a remixed pack and redistributing it, you need to ask permission in a PM, not my thread. If this is for personal use only, you don't need permission to edit my pack. In regards to a customizer, I've already included an alternates.png file which contains a ton of alternate textures you can copy and paste into terrain.png with any graphics editor that supports transparency. My pack's contents are way too complicated to make use of the currently popular customizer tool.

    Quote from drunksonic »
    is anyone getting an error with the new MC-patcher's HD font thingy? (in MC 1.0) With the HD font patch on, everything is condensed and barely legible, and with the patch off everything is zoomed so far away. Could anyone help?
    Blah, I wasn't even aware 1.0 was out already. Guess I gotta stop having fun and go update the pack... Edit: Oh and I just downloaded the latest MCPatcher and checked on my currently uploaded pack, and you shouldn't be getting an error if you're using the latest versions of both. (Or you're using the crappy old font, in which case you forgot to delete the default.properties file in the font folder.)
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    Quote from Simplicitor

    Misa I have a question I love your texture pack and everything about it but I want to retain the Dokucraft wood, and I'd also love it if I were allowed to customize your pack to a point were I would be enjoying myself to its point of acme. I love grammar it makes a lot of people seem smart. Even though I am a math matician. Anyways can't wait for your answer. Love the texture.

    Usage of the word 'acme' in a sentence would be a love of vocabulary, not grammar. As it is, your grammar is pretty hard for me to understand. You claim to have a question and await an answer, but you didn't even ask me anything. :/
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    I have a FAQ on the main page that even the laziest person can easily navigate in seconds that answers this question in detail, and even links to a post that goes into even MORE details behind the reasoning. World corruption is only a single issue and a largely outdated one. That said, my position on mods is likely to change when we get some official mod support going.

    As it is, mods are a huge pain in the ass. I've been around for so long that 90% of the mods I've used in the past no longer even exist because they were broken by updates and the authors either just got tired of trying to keep it up to date, or just lost interest in the game. Add this to the fact that to stay on top of my texture pack work, I have to always be running the pre-release builds which very few mods can even keep up with. At the moment most mods are still in 1.8 support only, which from a development standpoint is ancient history to me. So until there is some degree of guaranteed permanence for mods without being under constant threat of being destroyed by an update, there is absolutely no reason for me to support any more mods than I currently do. It's too much of a risk of wasted effort right now.
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    Quote from sharydow

    Skyrim looks like a good game, but it is made by Bethesda who made a case against Mojang... I can't buy this game without thinking how they can make a case for a stupid name that belongs to no one because it is in the dictionary. Maybe I will hack it... And then the new Zelda will come out!

    I'm really sick of hearing that blatantly false nonsense parroted over and over because Notch made a posting on this with a sensationalized headline on his blog.

    Bethesda Softworks, the development company that made Skyrim has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the "case" that isn't even a lawsuit. It was a series of unfounded legal threats made by the lawyers at ZeniMax Media who just happens to own Bethesda Softworks. Last I checked, none of these legal threats have actually gone anywhere or done anything to harm Mojang. Get your facts straight before you slam the hard work of a bunch of developers about something they weren't even remotely involved with.

    Even NOTCH, the guy who made the sensationalist headline, posted about how you shouldn't blame Bethesda about any of this. Learn to read everything before you jump on the ******** bandwagon just because a bunch of kids are repeating, "Hur dur, Bethesda sued Mojang for the word scrolls". They didn't.
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    Quote from Skitso328

    Hey could i use some of these textures for my "Best of Mix" Pack :smile.gif:
    Ask me in PM, for record-keeping purposes.

    Now as a general announcement for everyone else regarding pre-release 6. I'm still getting over my illness, and a bout of starvation. Oh yeah, and a little game called Skyrim came out on the same day. So yeah, I think I'm not gonna worry about getting out an update for Pre-release 6 right away. I looked over the new jar, and it doesn't look like I actually need to update. No existing files in my pack are broken or require an update to prevent invisible items, so (for the first time ever!) I'm going to take a break on this one and just hold out until the next major official update. I may leak some files in between now and then. Depends on how absorbed I get into Skyrim.

    It's probably better in the long run that I not work on an update right now anyway. The quality of my work would likely suffer when I'm doing it because I feel I have to rather than doing it because I want to. I kinda have to be in the right frame of mind to produce good work. Fortunately, I'm about 80% done with my Ender Dragon, so it's not all being put off to the last moment. Mostly I need a way to play with the model in-game. Ideally before I release the dragon skins I'll need to be able to spawn and freeze them in-game to get all the proper orientations of each surface when working on the details.
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    Quote from inikadave

    Suggestions for animated textures:

    Diamond and Gold ore should be sparkle

    Tall grass and wheat should be wavy (like they where being blown by the wind)

    The shiny stuff is already done. As far as wavy grass and wheat goes, this will not be done. I did a whole day's worth of experiments on how to best pull this off and even with the best possible method I could find, it looked way too artificial and wasn't remotely easy on the eyes. This is largely due to the limitations of transparency on Minecraft's renderer. We either need a full gradient of degrees of transparency, or things like waving grass and wheat need to be handled by a shader that animates the geometry the textures are applied to. So yeah, to reiterate, waving grass and wheat is currently not possible.

    For those of you with installation issues regarding MCPatcher: Clean your installation as the instructions on my thread request. You're probably running MCPAtcher with some old backup jars in there and it's just reverting to those and causing your problems. All backup jars need to be removed from the bin folder if you plan on using any of the pre-release stuff. And ensure the version of MCPatcher you're using is v2.2.1. Also ensure you've actually selected the newest texturepack in-game and didn't just put it in the folder and think it was only partially working because you already saw my textures up from a previous version you had selected.
    Also if for Minecraft, you're using a pirated version or the web client, you're doing it wrong. MCPatcher is made to work with the paid for, downloaded client of the game. Issues arising outside of that client I cannot help you with any further than I already have.
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    Quote from akinavman

    Im making a halo themed texture pack using misa's as a "base" just for fun im gonna uplod it and put a link to misa's texture pack but do i need to ask 4 her permission 1st? and whats PM? :S (my english isint perfect)

    You do need permission on these forums and a PM is a private message. You can send me a PM by clicking the envelope icon under my helmeted, blue-skinned user avatar thingy.

    The reason it needs to be in PM is for filing purposes. As my work is copyright, I need to be able to keep track of who and how people are using my work with permission. My inbox is the easiest way to handle this with all the requests I get.
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    Feeling a bit better. Better enough to sit here and type up another response post anyway.
    Quote from Xzilalnx2 »

    Touché :) How many people are you betrothed to Misa?
    Over 9000.

    Quote from Hageshii01 »
    I just had a random thought, Misa. I don't know how well this would work; might not be possible.

    Have you considered making your lava look kinda like this? Essentially springs would be very charcoal gray/black with some intermediate orange while the flowing lava would be more similar to the orange we all think of, but again with some intermediate gray/black. Lava tends to cool VERY quickly when exposed to air.
    Three problems. The first problem with this is most lava is encountered deep underground and generates a lot of light so to have it mostly cooled and grey would make it look odd when it's producing enough light to light a room. Second would be the same issue with tiling as mentioned in my previous response to a lava issue. If I could spread a texture out to span more than a block, it'd be easier to pull off. And lastly the cutoff line between still and flowing wouldn't blend well, in order to even come close to being able to produce something like this, there'd almost need to be at least three textures for liquids: Still surface, sloping flow, and vertical flow. Realistically, the game could also be improved by supporting a concept of temperature, where molten rock that's deeper and more insulated is hotter and looks different than outside air-exposed lava. For now though, the lava has to be somewhat of a uniform compromise between super heated magma and cooling lava.

    Quote from ToddyHD »
    eu sei q vc eh br!
    Eu vivo no peru e sou amigo do Joao Vitor Zaldivar!!
    Ele ma mosro o pack na casa dele!
    Vcs jah terminaram?

    ore are you english or american and just knows Joao Vitor Zaldivar, because im hes friend here on Peru!
    I'm American, and I'm not familiar with that person.

    Quote from zgrillo2004 »
    Apparently this is false since Optifine has the same features as MCPatcher. I dont know why he said that Only MCpatcher works with this texture pack.
    Currently to my knowledge, you need MCPatcher for Randomobs, animated textures and the new font format that uses a properties file for spacing. You can run both MCPatcher and Optifine as pointed out earlier. Personally I do not use Optifine though. I don't really gain much benefit from the performance boosts, and the mip-mapping filter they use is absolutely atrocious to my eyes on flats that have transparency. I also don't really approve of their forced money-grubbing distribution method when most of the new features they implement are just taken directly from MCPatcher to begin with. I find MCPatcher to be a much better tool all around with more and more features I make use of in my pack that Optifine will not cover. As far as performance goes, all you really need to run Minecraft with high-res textures is like a 3 year old or newer gaming video card with around a gig of memory, which you should have anyway if you plan to play anything other than flash games on your machine. Rant against Optifine, aside, you will likely always need MCPatcher to make full use of all the features my texture pack offers.

    Quote from Quartos »
    Old font doesn't work well anymore, some letters aren't on their right place (try it out to see it better). Could I fix that by myself or has the artist to fix it? I'm sorry if someone did already said this.^^
    Quote from jdawg_18 »
    i have the HD Fix thingy, and i get really small text on my pc -
    Latest MCPatcher and latest texture pack. Ensure you have both. The font spacing format was recently changed in the latest MCPatcher and my pack was updated to support it.

    Quote from Sko »
    I tried to customize animated Glowstone and Jack-O-Latern. While the later was no problem, the Glowstone rolls through like a movie played at wrong speed. Did I just miss a pixel or two in that VERY long texture or are there other things to take into account?
    Sounds like you messed up on the sizing at some point. Ensure the vertical pixel count is a multiple of the horizontal pixel count. The multiplyer will be the number of frames. IE: a 17-frame animation for a 64x64 texture will have a file resolution of 64x1088.

    Quote from MyLord123 »
    That's weird then..
    Did you need to download anything except mcpatcher? Did you download 1.9pre5?

    Do I need to buy the game or something? I got the free version actually..
    Officially there's no such thing as a free version other than old creative mode. If you mean pirated version, there's really not much anyone can do for you as those can have varied conflicts with anything intended to work with the normal game. So yes, buy the game, grab the 1.9pre5 jar, use the latest MCPatcher and you should have no issues.

    Quote from vilesnakeman »
    diamond blocks sparkle a bit.
    Not yet. Not on any released versions anyway. ;)

    Quote from Schlumpf9 »
    ...You got the future with Random Mobs and custom animations as Redstone ...
    But this only works with the MCPatcher, but what is with the Users of Spoutcraft? Spoutcraft only supports HD Textures, but no custom animations and random Mobs, is there a way to add this features to the Spout Client?
    I allready asked the Spout Team but they meant I should request a new "Plugin" which do this. So I ask here :)
    If there is allready a "Plugin" like this, please send me a link
    I have no idea what the Sproutcraft is. But this isn't really the place to request a plugin for it anyway. I'm not a coder, I'm an artist. I make a texture pack that supports features included with MCPatcher. If you want to make full use of my pack currently, you probably just have to use the normal client with MCPatcher like everyone else. As far as plugin requests go, you'll need to take that up on the MCPatcher thread.

    Quote from Boeing747guy »
    I found a seed with a village (in beta 1.9.5)
    I should probably clarify the main post. I'm not looking for seeds with villages or NPC's, I was specifically looking for any seed that made use of of the green villager.png skin. Currently, it would seem only the butcher, smith, farmer, priest and librarian NPC skins are in use. The reason I was asking was to see if I needed to even make a skin for it at all. So far, it doesn't seem like it.

    Quote from Kavhiel »
    ...By the way, I've noticed there's no NPC picture, so if this can help...
    Thanks, I'll add this to the user media section of my main post when I get around to creating it. (Likely after the upcoming final release.)

    Quote from nl37tgt »
    i did find a small texture issue on minecarts. the wheels on one side were upside down.
    As KAZ mentioned, this is a recent issue with a change made to the models by the client. I've also recently been made aware that it flips the cow's butt upside down. Currently I'm waiting it out to see if it's a bug that'll be corrected to determine whether or not I need to flip my textures, as this also negatively impacts the default game textures. If they correct the way the models are rendered, no changes will be required, if they correct their official textures, then I'll correct mine.

    Quote from urmomsmittens »
    may i use this texture pack in my let's play videos if i provide a link in the description box?
    Yes, anyone can, in this usage it falls under 'fair use.' You may even monetize your channel if the opportunity is available while making videos that use my pack.

    The only two legal issues as far as copyright is concerned are:
    -If you're claiming the texture pack to be your own work.
    -If you're not providing credit to the author on the video or description while your videos are making you money.

    So long as those two things are avoided it's perfectly fine.

    Quote from Billicus »
    Okay, so I really, REALLY like this texture pack. The only problem is that my my netherrack bricks and netherrack brick fences... No longer exist. o_O There aren't even any in my creative mode inventory, like they were wiped out completely from the game. It won't take TOO long for me to fix, building wise, but first I need to find a way to get it back on my game... Any suggestions?
    This doesn't sound like a texture pack issue so much as a possible reversion to an older, outdated version after having played on a new version.

    Quote from nath30 »
    my i sagest http://tinypic.com/r/20ab0wz/5
    Here's an early leak of the animated dispenser I plan on including with the next major update along with at least 30 other new animations.
    To use:
    -Open both custom_terrain_46.zip and Misa306.zip with WinRAR (Or a similar program).
    -Drag custom_terrain_46.png into the opened Misa306.zip.
    -Close both and play.

    Quote from Deepblue686 »
    ...I find the animations for the glowstone and soulsand aren't really noticeable until you go right up to them.
    I'd love the glowstone animation to be more prominent so the glowstone stalactites in the Nether shimmer.

    Also the normal leaf texture tiles horribly.
    I intentionally avoided making the glowstone and soulsand animations too high contrast or fast-moving to avoid making people dizzy. I try to keep much of my animations that extend to naturally-occuring blocks or blocks commonly seen in large clusters as subtle as possible from a distance. Without mip-mapping, when holding still, it might otherwise have a really disorienting noise effect, and while I enjoy making use of the animated tile feature, I'm always trying to not overdo it. It should be more an added bonus or minor detailing thing than something that's constantly apparent and impossible to avoid.

    As far as the leaf texture goes, when it was created, it wasn't really intended to tile as it's meant to look like little rounded, individual clusters of leaves. Unless you're playing on fast graphics instead of fancy, it shouldn't be all that visually jarring. I'd remake it to tile better for fast graphics and maybe hedges, but I no longer have the working resource file for those leaves. If I were to make leaves I'd likely have to remake them from scratch, and am not too keen on changing many more old textures at the moment. If this is in regards to hedges, I've heard my pine needles make much better hedges anyway for what it's worth.

    And now I'm gonna go rest a little more!
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    I gave him the idea for the mod. Here's the texture I was using myself as a replacement for bricks when I suggested it. I also have resources for wattle and daub walls I'd like to see added made of straw, dirt and sticks.

    Just dropping that here for now. I know I'm backed up on responses, but I'm really sick right now so I'm mostly bed-ridden. I'll get around to them when I'm feeling better.

    Edit: Added my wattle and daub texture since I just now noticed he added that today.
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    Just a minor announcement: My pack requires no update to work with 1.9 Pre-Release #5. Misa306 is the latest version you need in general.
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    Mini-response thread time(so I'm not as overloaded next time I want to do one of these)!:
    Quote from Arti_Atheist »

    ...There are two things I think are wrong with this pack:
    1: The Glow Stone blocks don't transition between each other smoothly, there is a definite cut off line.
    2: Zombie32.png looks more like a creeper, it needs arms and a face change.
    1. I see no definite cut-off lines, there's a few areas where there are lines, but they never follow through. Personally I'm not happy with the glowstone, and have had issues coming up with one that looked good. Also now that it's animated, it's no longer an easy fix. So, making use of the new animation feature, I'm going to think about redoing it completely at some point. Hopefully the animation will be able to give it that glow effect that I've so much trouble achieving on the static versions.
    2.Completely intentional. It's a zombie of a creeper who died, never being able to blow up. You have a 1 out of 40 chance of encountering it, so it's fairly rare. You'll notice I've got a bunch of other silly cameo and in-joke zombies thrown in there. I've done the same with Skeletons and slimes. I think the addition of a zombie that looks like a creeper is better than a creeper that looks like something else. At worst you just get a little startled and thrown off for a second as you're attacked by one of the weakest aggressive mobs in the game. Occasional psychological warfare keeps you on your toes. :P

    Quote from sharydow »
    I had a request, I use this alternate texture for the Cobble stone, but there exists no alternate texture for the Brewing Stand with this cobble...
    ...And can you make a gold block like this one but without edges and without break in the pattern when there are several blocks side by side. Exactly like this iron block and this diamond block....
    A brewing station base with that style of cobble doesn't work. It doesn't even work well with the current cobble. The textures on the sides are mapped so randomly it'd end up looking like a worse mess. Considering this is just a tiny portion of a block, I'm not going to make an alt for it or change it in any way other than to possibly later alter it to be all smooth stone. As for the gold block, here:

    I may or may not include it in ALTERNATES.png, so grab it here and now.

    Quote from steven0913 »
    hey i just got the texture pack and it is so laggy...so laggy...less laggy...less laggy....less laggy please help.
    Age of a computer means nothing at all. This pack is made for computers that are able to play PC games in general, IE: contains a gaming video card and not just onboard video. There's a couple things you can do though to help improve performance.
    1. Update Video card Drivers (If you have a video card.)
    2. Update Java.
    3. Increase the Java heap size in the Options tab of MCPatcher before you patch the game.
    4. Minimize the amount of resources used by your OS, by ensuring you're spyware-free and don't have a million driver, scanner, etc. programs running in the background, eating up lots of memory.
    Aside from those I know of no other way to improve performance without upgrading hardware.

    Quote from Captain Crazy »
    Looks very nice, and I love all the spiders.
    Spinning Cacodemon, whee. Also yeah, the spiders are all based on real species too. I've been trying to think of a good way to make the species information available, either a list, a set of labeled screenshots, or printing the species name on the skins themselves in an unused area. Not sure which to go with at this point..

    Quote from Xzilalnx2 »
    ...I like your lava compared to most packs is well balanced. This, however is an example of an effect that I could see improving the animation.
    The fluctuation glow(shimmer) , and distortion. Another example

    Reasoning? Because in real life when there is something hot fire/lava/etc, it distorts the air above it.

    That being said, the point of this was to articulate an adjustment of lava, and not a complaint-criticism. You did say you are not likely to change it, because it would be difficult, but what about adjusting?
    What you're describing is the visual phenomenon known as an inferior mirage. My lava currently has one already. Here's the issue with toning it up, there's another visual phenomenon known as incandescence. This is an object's ability to produce light when heated to a high enough point. A mirage's effect when viewed closely is created by light hitting a surface and being refracted by heat waves into the user's eyes. However on on an incandescent source, this diffraction is greatly minimized on the heated surface, as the ambient light to be distorted is over-powered by the light being produced (via incandescence) by the object itself. This is why small red-hot items themselves don't typically have a mirage visible between the object and the human eye. The mirage is produced usually around the object in relatively darker ambiance.

    Think of a mirage as a double sided mirror, so long as there's no lights turned on behind the mirror, all you see are the reflections from your side, as soon as light is dimmed on your side and brightened on the other side, the visible reflections diminish greatly. Lava is a prime example of naturally occurring incandescence. In order to make my lava more realistic, I'd actually have to remove the little distortion effect on mine! then I'd need to have distortion shaders applied as a radius around lava that distorted the ambient surroundings (and lava when viewed at a great distance). As this isn't possible, and lava in Minecraft can be easily viewed up close, the current minimal degree of inferior mirage that I have is a good balance for a realistic texture pack. Going any higher would just start to get cartoony without the addition of darker, cooled spots for contrast.

    There's an aesthetic problem with those though: Tiling. They'd only really work out well if Minecraft's textures covered a large area of blocks rather than one texture per block.

    Quote from name-"MegaGhostSpy" »
    i made i video on this texture pack and i wounded if u would like to use it on the forum page it would help me out a lot
    I'm planning on adding a user media section to my thread at some point, and I'll be accepting video and screenshot submissions. However I do plan to filter these out a bit. I'd prefer if the videos and screens were not just block-by-block overviews or screens of that ONE map everyone and their brother seems to use that shows every block in the game in such an artificial way, that every texture pack looks exactly the same on it.

    What I'm looking for are practical examples of the pack in-use. I feel seeing the pack applied in an natural state is the best way to see how my pack looks. Also I notice your video doesn't have the texture pack properly installed. The lava, water, fire, etc. are not mine. So yeah, everyone, keep the following in mind for future submissions:
    1. Install the pack properly using MCPatcher so that all of its features are seen.
    2. Do not use block museum displays, or texture pack view template maps.
    3. Try to capture a world that looks like a normally-played map.
    4. Focusing on a single new feature of the pack is fine so long as it's still shown in a natural environment.

    I'll likely be adding this section to my thread shortly after 1.9 is officially released.

    Quote from Devzilla98 »
    I believe the soul sand is a texture from DooM II...
    I did use the same resource art Doom used for that tile, though like the in-game tile, it's also edited quite a bit. Originally I had planned for this to just be a placeholder while I made something more from scratch, but it really grew on me, so I kept it. Still it's different enough, especially now that it's been animated.

    Well that about wraps up this session. As always thanks to all those who have voiced their support!
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    Quote from Nakiamiir

    Misa's pack is truly the best. :biggrin.gif:
    It was interesting to discover there are no women in the villagers' skins, I wonder why? :ohmy.gif:

    Two words:

    Village People
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    Quote from Hageshii01 »

    Something I WAS thinking of is using animated textures to make the Slimes and Magma Cube textures writhe/wiggle/flow realistically. However, I am under the strong impression that animated textures for mobs currently do not exist, so I figure this isn't possible. I thought I'd run the idea by you, though, in case it interests you in anyway.

    I also had a request; I use this alternate texture for the Obsidian, but there exists no alternate texture for the Enchantment Table with this obsidian. It's a bit odd seeing both in a game. I personally am able to easily Photoshop the different texture onto the table, BUT I thought you might be interested in making an official alternate texture which uses the alternate Obsidian.

    Couldn't just pretend that a magical pattern was carved into it? :P Personally I don't like how it came out using the same process/rig. But it's better than nothing, I guess.

    And yes, only the items.png and terrain.png can be animated. Animated mobs... That'd be a terrifying process... I'm just imagining how massive the pngs would be. And then there's all my randomobs.. If I wanted to make the farm animals blink their eyes or something.
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