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    Quote from dinnerbone

    Hey there.

    Yes we have heard of texturepacks, and yes we know some people don't like the standard resolution. I haven't hardcoded any textures or colours (it's not really possible for us to, regardless), it just reuses a part of the tabs image to cover up corners. I was made aware of this not being easy to use with texturepacks shortly after the snapshot came out and I am changing it to use its own section in the image.

    The new creative UI is incomplete also. I still have a few more things to add to it which may change the allitems.png around a little again.
    I hate to contradict you as I'm very happy to see you're making a good effort to take community feedback into account, but there are in fact colors and graphical elements that will clash with texture packs and cannot be edited by texture pack authors. The black search bar was the main hard-coded element I struggled with. It's color/design was not at all editable as it made use of no graphical elements in any of the png files. The other 'hard-coded' element was the lack of internal consistency with the labels (see \gui\slot.png for an example of in-game button labels that texture pack authors can edit). Instead the labels recycled existing item and block art, which on some texture packs may look a bit overly-colorful and cluttered and may not fade properly into the design of the tabs when not active.

    Apart from those hard-coded issues, the main problem was the tabs recycling art from a limited-space graphic. It'd be nice if each selected tab overlay was individually editable (If that's what you already had planned, color me happy! ;) ). This was my concept art for the GUI based on the screens released before 12w21b:

    The actual compromise I had to go with for 12w21b was very bland and buggy by comparison. I had to darken the tabs instead of having the nice individual shading for the top and bottom tabs. The repeated art for every tab made for some nasty tiling issues. And of course the hard-coded text input bar clashed with the rest of everything. That about sums up the issues I had with the GUI. I hope my feedback may provide itself to be useful to you. I can't wait to see how this turns out in the end. I really do love the concept of this new window for creative over the old one and hope you keep up the great work. :)

    On a side note, I also have just one design suggestion that's not related to texture pack compatibility. Feel free to disregard it as it's more of a personal preference thing than anything that's absolutely necessary. The thing I noticed was a missed opportunity in regards to function of the creative GUI--this big blank spot here:

    It seemed kind of inconsistent with other GUI's where the player inventory is hugging the hotbar inventory. The big empty space is kind of a large gap to cross when organizing active and inactive inventory. The missed opportunity here would've been a way to incorporate the features of the survival inventory screen--namely equipment, as there's currently no way to remove equipment from the player in creative without changing game modes. This is a quick, sloppy edit of the above screenshot to illustrate what could be done with this blank space:

    The paperdoll and crafting boxes wouldn't be as necessary as the equipment slots, but they'd seem to make good use of the space. Again this is just a personal suggestion and not at all crucial to making this GUI play well with texture packs.

    Read the rest of what I wrote though. In principal it may be possible and simple simple, in practice it's tedious and impractical. I still feel the negatives outweigh the positives. The filesize of the animations would greatly increase the size of the texture pack for visual gains that are pretty marginal. I'd rather keep this simple for the sakes of the KISS principal, my sanity, downloaders of my pack, and room for potential simpler edits/workarounds in the future.

    Y'see, if at any point Kahr was able to figure out how to get translucency to be taken into account from animation files and to overlap existing coordinate selections instead of replace them, I'd have a vastly simpler and more design-efficient way to pull off animated ores on CTM stone.
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    Quote from _zombiehunter

    OK, thanks for response. Please post it, as soon you have some useful results on that ... ********. (Don't wanna rush you ... :) )

    Another thing:
    I found some issues ...

    1.) You forgot to add the ID of emerald ore to color.properties (no biome specific color !). Tested in desert biome ...
    2.) Ore texture tiles do not properly fit with repeating stone textures when playing with CTM. The only way to fix this seems to be adding repeating textures support for all ore blocks ...
    3.) Your emeralds (incl. emerald ore) should be more "emerald green", also decrease the number of emeralds shown in the ore and make them a bit larger (the ore doesn't drop much loot, similar to diamond ore). Just a suggestion ...
    1. Whoops. That's what me and my tester get for testing the new stuff on superflat maps for a couple hours prior to release. I've added it in for next update. If anyone else wants to fix this for themselves in the meantime, open color.properties in notepad and change this:
    palette.block./misc/stonecolor.png=1 14 15 16 21 56 73 74 97:0

    To this:
    palette.block./misc/stonecolor.png=1 14 15 16 21 56 73 74 97:0 129

    2. I think I've already addressed this. If not, I know I've discussed it with my tester. Anyway, adding ores to CTM wouldn't work because most of my ores are animated. You can't have animated CTM stuff as far as I'm aware. And if you can, it'd likely be a pain in the ass to pull off and just waste a ton of space. I worked hard to ensure that the new stone texture at least matched up well enough that most of the time the seams are not at all noticeable. It makes sense that stone bits with ore in them would be more rough-looking anyway. So long as the colors and edge patterns are close enough that the seams aren't immediately apparent, I didn't see it as a problem. It's ore anyway. You mostly encounter it in the dark underground and it's usually immediately mined on sight, so I don't see this as a big issue.
    3.If by that you mean darker and with less yellow, I'd have to disagree. Emeralds have a range of valid hues and my pack has a very specific color scheme I try to stick to. All (non-light-related) colors are muted to some degree to match a low saturation color scheme. A dark, highly saturated common emerald green would be a bit visually jarring when compared to other similar blocks. You'll notice that greens in general on my pack don't tend to be super vibrant (Compare the cacti, melons, bed, and green cloth blocks to a true green)--this is by design. As far as the texture for the ore block goes, you could say the same thing about coal. I didn't think it was that big of a deal, I just made something that I thought looked good, and made sure that the dropped emeralds matched the ore in color. I'm pretty happy with the end result, and given that it's an animated block, I'm probably not going to consider altering the design at this point.

    Quote from spiderking1008

    So many texture packs ruined by the zomies *sigh*
    Congratulations, I think you're the first person ever to make this claim against any texture pack! Anyway, it'd help if you actually provided constructive criticism, and mentioned what exactly you think is wrong with any of the 40-or-so zombie skins in my pack, so I can actually attempt to do something about it if there is indeed a problem with them. I really can't work at all with something along the lines of, "Your pack is ruined because of this one texture." You need to explain why and provide suggestions for improvement if you're to come across as anything but insulting.

    Quote from Minecraft_7200

    Can someone tell me what went wrong i install it right but it mess up and yes i used the most up to date mcpatcher
    (image snipped)
    It's likely just the memory allocation bug that's been cropping up since around beta v1.8. My pack has a lot of graphic resources and if Java finds inconsistencies while allocating the amount of memory required to load them, it will either fail to load everything (causing white textures--or colored plain textures in the case of blocks affected by biome palettes) or cause the game to crash and give you an error message. To resolve this, check out the first issue addressed on my FAQ for a comprensive guide on how to help alleviate the problem and improve general performance.
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    Quote from _zombiehunter

    Hey, Misa !
    Could you please post the new creative GUI here ?
    So that people can manually move it in your pack ?
    Testing the new snapshot 12w21b features without it is a bit hard ...


    The new GUI is a mess and has tiling issues as well as un-editable hard-coded ********. It was not designed at all with texture packs in mind, so I'm not comfortable releasing what I have at the moment. Simply delete the allitems.png file from my texture pack so it'll use the default. Problem solved.
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    Upon further consideration, I've decided to scrap my plan to post a second update today with the new GUI window. All previous versions (including the LIVE version) would be broken by this update. Live versions take the highest priority over snapshots. As I do not want to clutter my thread with multiple versions, yesterday's update will have to hold those using today's snapshot over until an official live release of the next version of Minecraft.

    As far as my error on the pack.png version number goes, it's such an inconsequential error, it's not worth posting an update over. To prevent this from happening again in the future, the next version will have a proper logo for my pack.png that won't require a version number to be posted in the image itself.
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    Quote from Uniquitous

    Awesome pack Misa! thanks for the update!

    Edit: I spoke too soon, going into the game and the the block ui is all screwed up, following picture shows it.


    Please read before you download, the update for my pack was for 12w21a, not 12w21b. I just woke up and this is the first I've even heard about 12w21b. Not sure how you can possibly expect me to have updated for that yesterday...

    I'll probably post a second update sometime today since I messed up on the icon for my pack and need to fix that--it says 4.1.3 instead of 4.1.4.
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    Okay, I guess they added enough this snapshot to warrant an update.
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    Quote from Darth_Starkiller

    I'd love if you could dot that, the same system as melons. I think that pumpkins in the game code should spawn uncarved, then, right-clicking on it with a shear/sword, would turn it into a Carved Pumpkin. Carved Pumpkin + Torch= Jack-o-Lantern. Also, can yuo say what do you plan to do next as CTM and random textures go? I'd love some random cobble too. Bedrock will be nice too. One thing I don't like in your pack is how bedrock looks like in a big amount. The x pattern looks good alone, but not when continuously repeated.

    Edit: the above post gave me an idea: normal books are clean, and books wih quills (and signed ones) have the creeper face.
    I'm guessing you didn't read the whole response post I did, heh. I already mentioned that I completed CTM textures for bedrock on my development version. As far as editable books go, I'll likely have an opened book with a feather pen in it. I can't do all the fancy stuff for pumpkins though, this is just a texture pack. What your asking would require changing gameplay. For my pumpkins, I may have to scrap the idea completely anyway because I forgot that in his infinite wisdom, Notch had to be a jerk and assign the pumpkin textures from terrain.png to the snow golem. I'll want to attempt to get that mess sorted out before I mess with this too much.

    Quote from ThePC007

    May I make an installer for it and give to you? You can even tell me how you want it to look like and stuff, but I'd be glad if I could do that. (I'm bored and I have no idea what else to do.)
    I'm not sure my texture pack really needs an installer. I mean you just run the latest MCPatcher and place my pack in the texturepacks folder as you would with any other. Thanks for the offer though.

    Quote from RickyTheHedgehog

    This latest update has blown my mind. I also noticed in the CTM textures that there is a cut-off sugar cane. I assume that this is going to be later used so that the tops of sugar cane looks more natural? If so, that is something I've wanted in Minecraft for longer than I can remember....
    That was a failed experiment. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with the current version of the mod. I was trying to use the top method of CTM rendering on it, and that apparently only works on block-shaped blocks at the moment. A change to MCPatcher will be required to make this work. It's fairly low priority at the moment though.

    Quote from Gizka

    is it possible to add more texture varients to some of the mobs

    i noticed most of the other mobs have over 30 different skins but the endermen, silverfish, mooshrooms, ghasts, blazes, magma cubes and ocelots (not tamed ones) only have 1 skin

    surely they deserve a few more skins, am I right?
    I've already answered this in detail, so I'll just copy and paste what I wrote before with some edits to update it:

    Mob skins, like animations, are something that usually takes a good bit of time so they're typically lower priority on my to-do list, but they're still there. Mainly what I need are good ideas for how to implement them that I can run with and then the time to make them. If they're just palette swaps or something that's not too difficult, but anything more requires a good bit of time and effort. I'll go through each of the mobs you mentioned to give my thoughts on them.

    -Endermen: I always liked the idea that these seemed like a horde of clones. Much of my work on them (and all things related to the End) was inspired by H.R. Giger's work. Given his work on the Alien films, the idea of the hive was pretty strong in my mind when designing Endermen. No individuals, save those creeping around in the real world as scouts--and at any rate no uniquely identifying characteristics. All legion--part of a single unit.

    -Silverfish: It's based on an insect that in reality doesn't have much variety other than size. Couple this with the fact that they're fairly rare and small. I'm not seeing much I could do with these. And considering they like to swarm when attacked, a hive-like uniform look might be best on these. I mean when you see a bunch of cockroaches scattering in reality, you don't really notice color/pattern variety among them as much as you do their movements--Same with ants. So unless I get some really clever ideas for these I don't see it happening. To me, they're just zergy clone bugs.

    -Mooshroom: This one poses a problem. While I'd LOVE to do a brown mushroom variant, unfortunately this mob pulls the red mushrooms directly from the terrain.png (Much like the snow golem pulls the pumpkin) And if you were to somehow get around that, they'd still drop red mushrooms when sheared... So all I can really do with these is change the spot pattern on the red model. Kinda boring.. : /

    -Ghast: It is possible and I have considered it. They were actually the next mob on my list when I put my Randomobs work on hold for other features. Around the time I was working on the techniques used for the Enderdragon I was testing much of it on Ghast skins. Nothing was saved or made intentionally for randomobs, but some of the results were promising. These are probably the highest in priority at the moment for randomobs support--though with all the randomobs already in my pack, randomobs in general aren't the highest priority.

    -Blaze: Flaming skulls. Not sure what I'd do with these. I need ideas.

    -Magma Cube: These are kinda featureless as they are. They barely have a face. Their variants would simply be things like different arrangements of the stone/lava pattern. This would be pretty boring to work on and wouldn't provide much in the way of variety so much as it would increase the pack's filesize. Like with the silverfish I'd need to hear some really clever ideas before I messed with these guys.

    -Ocelots: Ocelots have a pretty distinctive fur pattern. There are variants, but nothing that I can see that'd warrant spending the time on making randomobs files for. I do plan to do more variants for the tamed cats eventually though.

    Quote from Blacklands

    Just donated 25$. :)

    I'm using this texture pack since... sometimes in Alpha I think, I've just never felt the urge posting here.
    I didn't really have constructive criticism; could've said "Hey, your pack is awesome, keep up the good work, thanks!", I know, but as so many other were already saying this...

    Anyways, with the new features MCPatcher has, and the way you are supporting them, Minecraft does not only feel aesthetically enhanced, but it looks like an entire new game! And this without the use of any mod (if you don't count the Patcher itself, which I do not, even if it technically IS a mod)!
    Your pack was the first one I ever used, and even though I looked for other ones, I never felt the need to use them over yours. I couldn't even imagine Minecraft without your pack anymore. :)

    I wish that I could donate more, but being a student, I can't really afford much money. But I also have been using the ad.fly links all the time, hope that helps a bit, too.
    Well, what's more to say? I hope you'll continue your awesome work until Minecraft dies (or stops updating), I'll definitely use the pack until then!
    Thanks. The donation really does help a lot as does the usage of the adf.ly links. I hope I can continue to live up to expectations. : ) I play with nothing but MCPatcher anymore, it's nice that the developer is open to suggestions for improvement and it's really helped shape the direction of my work (Or is it the other way around? Probably a bit of both. :P). I definitely have more planned though. It's all just a matter of finding the time to get it all worked out. But yeah, expect more in regards to the latest features and hopefully new features in the future.

    Quote from Bear808
    The Media fire site launched a virus attack on me. A message apeared saying i have virus, thank god MSE saved me. Is there a safer downlaod site to use? Drob box?
    Mediafire didn't launch a virus attack on you. At worst, one of the ads on their site made use of malicious code, and was likely removed pretty quickly when discovered. At any rate, you should probably be using an ad blocker on your browser to avoid any malware caused by ads. Much of this many site owners do not have 100% control over. This is just one of the many risks associated with browsing the Internet unprotected and not an issue with Mediafire.

    As far as Dropbox goes, my pack generates too much traffic for that to be a viable host. I tried it once, and the link was down within 15 minutes or so due to exceeded bandwidth. If you know of any other free file hosting service that allows direct file linking and has unlimited bandwidth usage, I'll be happy to switch.

    Quote from UnknownSubject
    ...If you have (normal) wooden planks and the backside of wooden stairs, the colors doesn't fit. Also saw it with cobblestone / stairs.
    But I think, it's more because of the lighting of stairs or something...
    Yeah, I don't think there's anything I can do about this. It's just an issue with the game.

    Quote from TheFallenGod

    This was the first texture pack I used and I loved it but after trying it a few moments ago I don't like it at all. I'm not sure if something has changed or if it's because I'm used to DokuCraft but seeing it now was a big upset.
    And what was the point of posting this? This isn't how constructive criticism works. If you want me to do something to attempt to correct your issues with my work, you have to actually tell me what's wrong and make suggestions for what you think would solve them. Otherwise there's no reason to make such a post other than as an attempt to flame or be insulting.

    Quote from Mortiloche

    Hello I would like to use your texture pack for players of my server. I made ​​changes to some cubic that I did not like and wanted to know specifically if I had permission to publish it (only the player to my server). Sincerely Morti.
    Direct all thinks regarding permission to PM's. Some permission requests require that certain details of use are cleared up before I can grant permission, and I need to be able to keep track of all whom I've given permission to to defend them from moderators if need be. This thread is not the place to clutter up with that kind of thing.
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    Quote from Deepblue686

    Are you going to make variations for the small mushrooms too?
    Like some can be tall, skinny and flat like the brown giant mushroom (just like the normal mushrooms are short round and fat like the giant red one) and maybe mushroom clusters too...
    Yeah, most likely.

    Quote from AnrDaemon

    I think, OptiFine already have option to disable biome border smoothing...
    My pack does not at all function properly on Optifine. Half of the features of Custom colors are missing, and it doesn't even support 90% of what my last update was all about.

    Quote from Darth_Starkiller

    Just one thing: How this rare melon system works? I mean, it's a pumpkin with a melon texture?
    There's a 1 in 100 chance that an area where a melon is grown will have a faint creeper face on one side. It's just a little visual perk that'll only occur in that one spot. Harvesting a melon will just give you a normal melon, though any melons grown on that spot will always have the face when placed or grown there. It's just a little fluff thing, nothing too important. Though it's given me an idea to have pumpkins that grow WITHOUT the carved face on them which only appear when in the player's inventory or when they're crafted into a jack-o-lantern.

    Quote from siride

    Suggestion for CTM glass panes: instead of having one giant frame, could you make a CTM pane have internal frames that are thinner than the normal frame? That would actually look nice, without making the glass disappear altogether.
    That was actually the second thing I tried. It looked even weirder, especially when not making perfectly rectangle windows. I also tried an engineering approach with diagonal crossbeams and wasn't satisfied with the results for that either. I tried at least 6 ways to make CTM glass look worthwhile, and didn't like how any of them turned out. A lot of the problem is with how glass blocks are horribly unrealistically rendered in default Minecraft to begin with. Only three faces are shown at a time on the blocks, Many of the CTM things I've tried MIGHT work if all 6 sides were rendered. Though texture translucency would be preferable so I can just make some actual glass-like glass texture.

    Quote from Deepblue686
    ...What Misa has done is use the random textures feature so on rare occasions, melons will use the texture of the old carved melon texture that used to be used for the pumpkin.

    Misa, I just noticed that Netherrack shows a strange pattern when you look down an area of blocks in a certain direction. A tiling issue like you'd get with stone and others.
    and I think snow could use these anti-tiling features too.

    and how about tree leaves use the connected texture feature?
    That way you'd have small leaves and larger leaves (Or completely different leaves) in certain places and that would make the leaves on the tree look more random and natural.
    Just making the connected leaf blocks have larger leaves instead of different ones would make the tree look like it has large and small groups of leaves on different branches...
    Actually that's not what I did. I didn't recycle the old carved melon art. It's just a new texture that has a really faint, natural-looking creeper face.

    Netherrack is on the list and snow is already done on my end (along with ice and bedrock). Leaves, I plan on looking at, though I can't make many promises as those are one of the harder textures to pull off well for all of its uses and giving them random variations that still tile aren't as easy as it is for grass. I may just have to make a new leaf texture (I know the old one kinda sucks for shrubs and is pretty ancient-looking compared to the other two leaves) and not worry about CTM support for those at the moment.

    Quote from MCSpanier

    If I change the texture of Netherrack-Bricks from the black-and-white one to the red one, would this change the fence only or would the normal Bricks be affected to???
    It will change everything that uses that texture, including the fence. Which will look very dark dark red, and the netherbrick will also be a darker-than usual red. You need to delete the color palettes for the nether bricks in the misc folder.

    Quote from Bradbot555

    ummmm guys i keep getting this error each time i want to change my texture pack to misa i get this error...
    As I said on the first post of this thread, don't send your errors here. I can't read them and it's likely not my pack that's the problem, send them to the MCPatcher thread. My best guess just by glancing over it is that you do not have enough memory allocated for java. The first issue on my FAQ addresses how to fix this.

    But how is it possible grass is not cut off by biome borders? I mean, for example the original "foliagecolor.png" uses smooth transition only, Misa makes these color dots in the image, and this makes NO differents??? REALLY???
    Yes, REALLY. I've been editing components of Minecraft for more than two years now. I'm not likely to be pulling any info out of my ass at this point. There is not a single difference--all the extra space in between biome pixels on the smoother biome palettes is now completely ignored by Minecraft. As I said before, this issue is a a bug with the custom birch and custom pine colors for MCPatcher, that Kahr has to (and will soon) correct. The old blended biome palettes no longer make any difference if used in place of of the new ones. The ONLY thing that matters to the game's coding on the new biome palettes is a single pixel for each biome. All the smooth blending has been done program-side since the update to the new map format with the editable biome placement. Cut down the offending biome-border tree or grab the new MCPatcher whenever it's available to fix the issue altogether.

    Quote from Shaak Cealumire

    MUHAHHAHAHA I was faster in updating my texture pack AS YOU!!! :P
    Clearly you wouldn't be updating faster AS me because I haven't bothered to update for the snapshot yet. Also I wasn't aware I was racing against other authors to get out a second update in a row after the recent massive one I posted (which kicks the ass of the snapshot in terms of visual content added) just to support a single missing item icon from a snapshot that most Minecraft players don't even know about.

    Snapshots are low priority. According to my texture pack download numbers, during snapshot updates and real updates, few people even care about updating for them anymore. I'm guessing this is because most people play SMP, and servers almost never update to use the latest snapshot. Of those that don't, only the ones who REALLY bother to keep up on the forums and game news will have heard about the snapshot, and of those, not all of them will bother with trying to get it to work.
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    Quote from Internut

    The latest update is awesome. I have one texture that I dislike like in large areas and that's ice. Any ideas or thoughts towards doing it with the new CTM feature?
    I was actually working on it before release but figured I needed to release what I had and wasn't too happy with the current results so they didn't make it into this release. Ice is one of those really obnoxious textures to do with the whole translucency thing. Using certain layering effects look good in tests, but then have issues when applied in-game, so there's a LOT of tweaking involved, and I often end up having to start over from scratch multiple times.

    Quote from Borse

    The update is wonderful however, do you plan to implement ctm for glass like most other packs?
    I answered this like just a few posts above this. Also I don't really have time to follow other packs at this point. I've always seen my pack as more of a trend-setter than trend-follower anyway.

    Quote from Atlon89

    Dear Misa,

    i love the ctm-support, but is it just me or does anybody else noticed that the new dirt an cleanstone textures are a little bit too smooth and blurry? especially when you have grasblocks with dirt unterneath or oreblocks close to cleanstone it jumps to my eye.
    Will you sharpen these new ctm-textures a little bit up?
    I'll take a look at it. Though making dirt a bit smoother, at least in parts, was part of the goal.

    Quote from MCSpanier

    Could you add an additional alternate ctm.png version with frameless glass integrated maybe? I tried to created one myself, but for windows, that aren't rectangular, the corners look terrible. For normal windows it looks great I think, so there is no reason for false modesty ;)
    As much as I hate connected textures for glass, this came about after testing it, so yeah, I was considering including the test piece as an alt, but decided against it to save on space, and to not encourage that as a feature of my pack with the way my glass looks. CTM on my glass makes it look as though there's not even a block there--Which I find makes glass seem almost unnecessary as anything other than a way to block things from moving through something. I'll think about including the old ctm.png I made, but there are no promises.

    Quote from MCSpanier

    I think the texture for pillar-corners needs some overhaul:
    as well as the custom-colors for birchtrees:
    The texture of the Netherrack Fence has a lack of color:
    Hello, uh nice to meet you too.
    1. Uh, they were just released last night. Give 'em a second to get used to 'em, sheesh. The corner caps HAD to be put on there due to the pillar bases on the sides otherwise conflicting with them. I could remove them completely, but then you'll have tiling issues anytime you have a corner with a depth of one block. As far as tiling issues go on edges between textures, given the dynamics of CTM, this isn't exactly an easy task to pull off without creating some other, more noticeable tiling issues. I'll look over them, but I can't make many promises of a perfect remedy for the situation.
    2. /facepalm The birch tree colors are fine. What you're posting a screen of is just the way biomes currently handle coloring on borders. It's a rendering issue. There's absolutely nothing I can do about this without homogenizing all my colors. And that's definitely not gonna happen. I'll talk to Kahr about it, if anyone can do anything to remedy this, it's him.
    3. I'm guessing you're new to my pack, but this is not a bug. In fact it takes a lot of work to even make the netherrack fence a different color from the blocks. This has been a feature of my pack for a few patch cycles now as burgundy fences are completely stupid and fairly worthless as a block. Black fences however can be used to simulate dark, cast iron bars and be used above ground without looking out-of-place. They also add some variety to the color scheme of the Nether. (Red and black are a winning evil texture color combination afterall. :P )

    Quote from MamiyaOtaru

    The new stuff is awesome. Love the circle stone. It just looks right, wherever someone happened to already have placed it. As a path, as random bits in a wall, splendid.

    The one thing I'm not used to yet is the sand. Tiling over more than one block is great of course, but I am having to get used to the sand looking less detailed next to all the other blocks. I am used to everything being crammed in one block, and the sand (though there is of course plenty of detail in the grains) has such spread apart ripples now that it looks a bit flat next to other blocks when they are used close together. I'll probably get used to it, and if not I can put it back how it was, so no worries :)

    You and kahr do great stuff. It only makes me sad Mojang will never be able to do this, and if they do it will be a half assed version, like what they did with better grass
    The new sand blocks really shine in large groups--like in deserts. There's a lot more visible depth there than on small coastal beaches. However all the new textures will likely be reviewed and undergo some minor changes and improvements over time. Smooth stone and dirt were the ones I put all my effort into given their prevalence--especially smooth stone. Getting the texture to not have the per-block tiling issues, while still resembling my old stone and being able to do an okay match job with ores, was no easy task. I'm very happy with how it turned out in the end though.

    Oh, and to answer your question from awhile back (I think it was you who asked.), the Tinychat got to be too much to keep up. I'm unemployed (this texture pack sadly is what pays my bills at the moment) and keeping up a schedule where I put in so many hours on the tinychat was preventing me from trying to get my real life back on track. Also near the end, I was getting maybe two people in there per day (Both of which would be too scared to actually talk to me. :P ), and it was extremely frustrating and stressful to be setting aside all those hours just to be on call for no reason. So, the new Tinychat for any of the regulars that used to hang out there that I considered friends is pretty much just those who PM me for my screen name on AIM.

    Though I've got some free time and I guess I could try hanging out on the old Tinychat for a bit today to answer any questions or talk about the new features on the pack or whatever.
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    posted a message on Misa's Realistic Texture Pack - 1.19+ UPDATED 1 DEC 2022!
    The texture pack's been updated to support a bunch of new features of MCPatcher. There's a LOT of new stuff here, so be sure to check out the patch notes/changelog.
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    posted a message on Misa's Realistic Texture Pack - 1.19+ UPDATED 1 DEC 2022!
    Alright, I'll post the current changelog as a teaser (be warned, it's pretty hefty):

    -Added MCPatcher CTM support:
    -Bookshelves now have more of a variety of books when more than one are placed next to each other.
    -Circle stone blocks can now be used to construct pillars, archways, and all sorts of interesting geometric stone patterns.
    -Tops of logs will now expand to form a large smooth tree ring surface when 4 or more are connected at right angles.
    -Jungle tree logs will now be shaded dynamically based on width--other logs are unaffected for wall-building.
    -Brick walls now have corner stones.
    -Hieroglyphic sandstone blocks have more variety in how they tile and when placed alone or in groups.
    -Smooth sandstone blocks now have a completely smooth surface everywhere except their edges.
    -Light wooden planks now have CTM dynamics that allow better framing on the side with unique tops.
    -Crafting workbenches can now form desks, shelves and drawers when placed adjacent to each other.
    -Added MCPatcher Random Texture support:
    -Flat grass now has much more variety with: clover patches, flowers, gopher holes, thistle, crabgrass, and leaf debris.
    -Stone slabs now have random variation that matches the new look for Smooth stone.
    -Stone blocks now have random block angles, where some blocks may jut out or sink in slightly more than others.
    -Oak, Pine, and Jungle planks now have some minor random variation to their tiling pattern.
    -Roses and yellow flowers now come in 9 various shapes and sizes each.
    -Dead bushes now come in various stages.
    -Tall grass has more variety to it now.
    -Lilypads can now face in 8 possible directions as opposed to the previous 4.
    -Watermelons have an incredibly rare chance to spawn in some locations with a creeper face.
    -Added MCPatcher Repeating texture pattern support:
    -Smooth stone is now way smoother and doesn't have that weird diamond pattern in the distance.
    -Gravel tiles much less obviously and makes for more rugged-looking roads.
    -Clay is now more usable as a building material with its new variance.
    -Dirt has a lot more character and detail than ever before.
    -Sand is now slightly more granular and the dune-size has been realistically increased to tile better over large areas.
    -The main font has been given a tiny bit of depth to make it look smoother and slightly more three dimensional.
    -Custom sign color added.
    -Decreased the view obstruction a bit when wearing the pumpkin. Nightvision effect is unchanged.
    -Replaced the completely worthless sponge texture with a more useful bale of hay, due to similar properties/function.
    -Modified the texture for light wooden planks to account for the new dynamics introduced by CTM. (may do the same for brick later)
    -ALTERNATES.png has been updated to store any altered old versions of textures.
    -Colored areas on terrain.png to water and lava colors so they work properly on mini-map mods.
    -Fixed a stray pixel on the animated diamond shovel.
    -Fixed the missing animated blaze texture.
    -Fixed a missing snout on Pig12.png.
    -Fixed a few stray pixels on inventory.png

    You may notice that I have not done CTM support for glass. This is due to me thinking that it looks absolutely terrible on my texture--it's as if nothing is there at all. If translucent glass becomes possible in the future, I'll reconsider adding this, but for now, I think the default individual panes of glass looks best.
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    posted a message on Misa's Realistic Texture Pack - 1.19+ UPDATED 1 DEC 2022!
    Quote from Hadan

    Can't wait to see this :) Care to share some teasers?
    Already have. :P
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    posted a message on Misa's Realistic Texture Pack - 1.19+ UPDATED 1 DEC 2022!
    Quote from MrMe1003
    So there's this guy, Creative_One, who did a texture that uses some textures from this and supports its theme, its just darker and more medieval. I think it would be teh greatest thing ever if you (or anybody) would find some spare time and combine THIS pack with the tools, wheat, and torches from THAT pack. I'm sure this sounds easy enough that you might think "why doesn't this guy do it himself?" The reason, is that i have no idea how. i tried looking it up but every result contained nothing but viruses, spam, or advertisements.
    Well, I'm certainly not going to do it. I'm too busy working on my own stuff, and don't like working with someone else's content. As for doing it yourself, it's actually a pretty simple, though potentially time-consuming process:

    1. Grab an image editor that supports transparency. (Paint.NET is free and easy to use for any beginner.)
    2. Grab both texture packs and extract their files into different folders and pick one as the pack you're going to add stuff to.
    3. Start opening same-name files then (in the editor) selecting, copying and pasting the stuff you want over the stuff you don't. Do this for every file you want to alter.
    4. Save the files, select all the files and folders in the new folders you made and put them in a zip file.

    There are many ways to do this. This way is just thorough. When personally editing stuff from my pack, if it doesn't have a large working file (like terrain.png) I'll simply extract that file, edit it, then drag it back into the zip of my pack for testing using WinRAR.

    Quote from Deepblue686

    Hey misa, what's the deal with the diamond sword?

    I'm just curious because it's the only texture I don't particularly like.
    It doesn't really seem to match the other diamond tools in the way of colour (Like the gold mace does with the other gold tools) and it feels a bit....hollow...feathery or something. Like not as solid as the other tools. Mostly I think that's to do with the near white, fuzzy texture and the gap in the middle.

    Feels a bit, "Meh"

    When I say "What's the deal?", I mean like "How did this design come to you?" maybe get your own thoughts on it.
    I'm not trying to get you to change it but maybe pointing it out, you may decide to change it....or not. I'd still use the pack either way.
    The sword texture isn't that bad to make me not use the pack.

    I do love the various designs for the other swords though.
    I could've sworn I've answered this many times, but apparently not on this thread. Realistically, diamond tools (And some stone and gold tools) are stupid and make no sense. Diamond may be one of the hardest substances known to man, but it's also extremely brittle. A sword, axe, pickaxe or shovel made largely of diamond would shatter upon its first impact with anything hard. So I opted to go with a fantasy approach. Using fantasy logic to imply that a somehow hollow blade would be more structurally sound (and better use of limited material) for diamond with its ability to disperse vibrations without shattering (a tuning fork came to mind when designing this). Naturally, in reality this wouldn't do ****, any blade made of diamond, regardless of the shape would still shatter. So yeah, it's a fantasy blade. The white edges are just to imply that it's been finely ground (with magic!11) to achieve an ultimately sharp double-edge, and thus reflects more light.

    Now I could've made an ultimately realistic diamond (and stone) sword, but it wouldn't have fit the general look (or construction recipes ) of Minecraft tools where the head of a tool is made almost entirely of the chief material. A real diamond (and stone) sword, using only wood and diamond as the materials would be mostly made of wood. It would've resembled a macuahuitl which is more of an edged club than a sword. I didn't want most of my swords to NOT look like swords though, and wanted each sword to have a drastically unique look. So I went with just a primitive-looking sword (better suited for iron than stone) for stone and a crazy fantasy-looking sword for diamond.

    Anyway, it's not likely to be changed at this point. Many people have gotten used to it and for each one of those who have told me they don't like it, there are two who have told me it's their favorite-looking item in the game. Also being an animated item, it's not exactly a simple process to change it even if I were to come up with a design I perceived to be as better-looking and more realistic, while conforming to the 'logic' of Minecraft and my pack.

    Quote from Hikeman

    Hey Misa this texture pack is the best out there !!! I liked almost everything in this pack, most of all that it is not lagging my game at all!!! Wanna say thank you a lot finally I find a texture pack to move away from standard pack ))
    one thing! I just didn't get the part in the instructions where you said that, why should I delete "bin" folder?? the whole game is there ))), anyways:
    Cleaning Your Installation (DO THIS BEFORE INSTALLING THE PACK) !!!???

    I just didn't do this steps and moved directly to patching the points you mentioned and copied the texture pack in the proper folder, Works !!!!
    another thing I would like to mention is the giant mushroom! I think in standard texture pack the red color looks better )) and the sword looks kinda out of context. Practically this is all, but of course I am gonna use the pack anyway ;)
    And I have seen some teaser shots of your pack and I have noticed that you are planing to cover the adages of the dirt with grass ((( pls don't, I think without is looks kinda more realistic! cuz in a real word you don't see growing a lot of grass on that parts of land shaft

    All in all as I said above, so far the best texture pack!!! )) Are you updating it constantly ? And how can I be notified about the new update??
    Thank you very much, keep it going ))

    p.s. Misa is a girl's name ?? ))
    Okay, let's see how many of these I can hit up in an orderly fashion:

    1. The cleaning instructions are only to ensure that if you've never installed a high resolution texture pack before (but may have dabbled in mods) that you won't have anything conflicting with it. If it works without it, then ignore it. It's just there to make the installation dummy-proof.

    2. The red mushroom's color is intended to emulate amanita muscaria. As this is a realistic pack, I'm not going to use the exact same color schemes as the default. In fact the reason I even started my pack was because the default textures' color saturation was too intense and hard on my eyes.

    3. Not sure what you mean by out-of-context in regards to 'the sword.' Which sword?

    4. Relax, I'm not covering the sides of grass blocks with grass. That's just Better Grass. If you don't like it, simply don't check it when you run MCPatcher. On the topic of realism though, considering it only works when it's one block high, to me it's a good feature to simulate rolling hills in a distance which minecraft desperately lacks.

    5. I update every single time there's a major update to the game that adds new art. Snapshots, I may be a few days behind on, but I usually get those out in a timley fashion too. You can be notified of my texture pack's updates by either subscribing to this thread (I always post an announcement when I've updated.) Or subscribing to my Planet Minecraft listing. The latter, I think will only inform you of updates.

    6. And yes, Misa is a female name. Though I've been somewhat recently made aware that it CAN be regarded a male's name in some countries. I'm not from one of those countries though.

    Quote from Tony123

    Misa Could u please gimme the download link from the old texture pack from 1.5 if u have please!
    Any particular reason? My current pack should be just as compatible with 1.5 as it was, and if any art was changed, you can easily change it back on your own using my ALTERNATES.png file.

    Quote from BoxyTroxxy

    oh GOD!! can we expect it this month?
    Yes, probably. Currently my development version of the pack will not work with the latest MCPatcher. So the texture pack update will likely shortly follow the release of the next MCPatcher as it relies on some features that are not yet officially implemented into MCPatcher. MCPatcher's CTM support will have new rendering options and will improve upon random textures by fixing the randomization algorithm, allowing these to be applied to non-block blocks, and giving texture pack artists more control over frequency of random blocks that are encountered. It will also be adding support for very large textures that tile over multiple blocks--Something I've been dying to have for ages.

    Quote from Deepblue686

    Why was the Blaze animation removed?
    I like it better than the static fire rods of the non animated version.
    Search Post is your friend. I already addressed this when it was first brought up. It was a file naming bug which will be corrected in the next update.
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    posted a message on Misa's Realistic Texture Pack - 1.19+ UPDATED 1 DEC 2022!
    Dropping a couple more teaser shots of what's currently in the works to show that I'm still working on stuff:

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    posted a message on Misa's Realistic Texture Pack - 1.19+ UPDATED 1 DEC 2022!
    Quote from Hadan

    If you have more time on your hands, it would be great if you could create textures for wider tree-trunks for the other tree-types as well.
    I use BigTrees-Mod which adds huge trees and they would look so much better with a seamless trunk.
    Sorry, but that's not gonna happen. I can't force a sudden change on everyone's maps like that to cater to a mod. The other logs have been around long enough that many people (myself included) have used them for things like log walls or multiple support beams on various structures. They need to keep their separation when stacked next to each other. Jungle trees however were a recent addition and the only tree that I DIDN'T include shading on due to the problem it would've caused on the naturally-occuring large jungle trees in Vanilla Minecraft. I was never happy with this compromise and CTM allowed me to fix it, so I did. As my pack never had jungle logs with the shaded edges, no one's structures will be harmed by the change as wide structures made with this will still be smooth for the most part.

    About the only change to the other logs is that when enough are placed together, the log tops will connect (Something I can't avoid at the moment). I did ensure that thin placements of adjacent logs didn't connect though, so old wall tops should be unaffected. But now with enough logs, everyone has a new floor/ceiling material to play with.

    Quote from daangelo29

    Sorry if this sounds like a noobish question, LOL, but is the Connected Textures mod support in MCPatcher for 1.2.5, or the latest snapshot, or both? I've tried making textures for the mod before it was included in the mod. Never got to finish it due to schedule. If it is really for 1.2.5, then that's going to be awesome. (I'm planning to stick with 1.2.5 and stop updating for a while for uninterrupted Minecraft fun.) :D

    BTW, where did the link to the alternative player character skins go? :|
    The MCPatcher support of CTM will work for both. My pack has not yet been updated to support it yet though--however it will be as soon as some of the kinks can be ironed out.

    The alternate character skins had to be scrapped due to a change in the facial proportions of my characters and the shape of helmets to compensate. The old alternate characters became obsolete, and judging by the small number of downloads they had and the fact that more people prefer to use uploaded skins, they didn't seem to be in high enough demand for me to go through the process of remaking them to fit the new format.
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