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    Okay, you can all stop blaming this pack for performance issues already. :P It's that response post time again:
    Quote from Flash4203

    Hello, this is for the 1.5 pack I have used MCpatcher 3.0.2 and your graphics are ok. but a couple of things i noticed

    1. when it gets dusk there is a strange unnatual purple hue,
    2. when i dyed my sheep black is blue, cyan is black :S

    i have everything ticked in mcpatcher, and this doesnt happen on a texture pack which i kinda pieced together from 3 other ones.
    but i love your sky.
    so would i be allowed to take the sky as in the galexy one to add to my jumbled one. :P or wont it work on a x128 texture?

    i now cant reply till 07.04pm :) thank you. great work by the way on what does work
    1.There may be a brief purple transition from the sunset orange hues to the night time blue hues when around torches which give off a yellow-red range of light. This is not unnatural though. Most people just aren't used to seeing blue night skies in areas with no pollution. Many other games with a night sky that gives off blue light that have a day to night transition have a similar range of hues during the transition. If you're getting something that's strongly purple though for an extended period during sunset, please post a screenshot.
    2. Fixed in the latest MCPatcher.

    Also all permission requests need to be directed to PM for record-keeping purposes.

    Quote from OrdusRC1136

    Link for smart moving.
    This appears to require two other mods to run. I'm not too keen on supporting mods that have dependencies on others. That doesn't mean I'll never support it. The idea of the mod I like (despite it being gameplay-changing). It might be best to resuggest it after the official Modding API goes live and all mods are using the new format that requires no dependencies on other mods.

    Quote from Dataless_82

    after updating to 1.5 and misa500 there is now so much lag almost unplayable i am getting around 10 to 15 fps i have a beast of a pc so its not me and was running so smooth in 1.4.7/Misa434 got 100 fps +...and yes i am using the latest mcpatcher.....any help?
    You can pretty much blame Mojang for this one. My pack is in fact more optimized for size and resources than it's ever been. Unfortunately there's this issue where the client can render like 2-3 copies of each texture used for absolutely no good reason at all. It basically makes texture packs without extra features run performance-wise as though they were texture packs with extra features (due to the resource duplication). Packs like mine with CTM files though are greatly blown up by this flaw. This was not the case pre-1.5. The general performance drop is a known issue by Mojang and hopefully they'll be correcting it at some point. The only suggestions I can make right now would be to disable optional features like BetterSkies, and Custom compasses and clocks (Even though the custom clock is pretty mesmerising. :P). I'd also suggest ensuring that you've allocated some memory to Minecraft/java through MCPatcher or other means (Google is your friend.) I also noticed that setting smooth lighting to minimal helped on my end. If none of that helps, run through the entire list on the first issue of my FAQ, and then check out other posts here.

    Quote from xiraxis

    hi... sorry but i have poblem with instaling 1.5 texture pack... maybe is problem in mcPatcher i dont know...

    i putet misa's pack tu texture folder (ziped)
    i patched by newest (3.0.2) mcpatcher

    and... nothing... always i try chose this texture pack in textures in minecraft does it nothing (alwasys return to defoult)

    i also tyred convert this texture pack via mcpacher by new function "convert texture pack) but result was same... what i do wrong? :(

    rthanks and sorry for my horrible english
    It sounds like the download of my pack you used was corrupted or something. Under no circumstances should you use the conversion tool on my latest pack as it's already converted. I'd suggest re-downloading the file (perhaps on link 3) Also be sure to grab the newer non-beta MCPatcher.

    Could you post some images of the Updated version?
    I'd actually planned to get some on Wednesday, but ended up having to update the pack instead. My time to work on the pack in general is pretty tight, which is why my screenshots are horribly outdated. That and I don't really have many good builds anymore to show off in the screens and I absolutely HATE those idiotic, bland texture display maps that just show every block arranged with no regard to context, or natural occurence... They're terrible for showing off the real amount of work that's gone into this pack. But I digress. I'll try to find some time to update my screenshots at some point, but I really can't make any promises on when.

    Quote from szrejdi

    Same here. It's impossible to play Minecraft 1.5 with Misa500 after updating. Before update, everything was fine. Now it's just unplayable.
    Btw, the other texture packs work well.
    See my response to Dataless_82 above for a more detailed explanation. Not all texture packs are created equally. Few make use of as many advanced features as mine always has, but I cannot be blamed for this performance drop. I did my damndest on my end to ensure this pack was less taxing than the old and Mojang still messed it up.

    Quote from _zombiehunter

    Got some time to test the pack. The new quartz blocks look awesome, great work!
    Only issue I found: "detectorRail_on.png" is missing
    Added for next update.

    Quote from DundG

    Wow misa. A great pack, the best for my survival adventures so far. I love it! And I have some suggestions:

    1. Animated golden aple. The other golden stuff are animated too :P .

    2.1. More Biome variatiod mobs. IN deserts should be Skelletons who looks like pharaos, or zombies who are mumies. I would really enjoy this.
    2.2. Also a new Zombie special skin, a Necromorph Zombie ^^^. I really like this horror Survival game. Here a picture:http://www.relyonhorror.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/puker.jpg
    3.main menü background variations. This one is pretty cool, but somehow I would like to see also the Nether or the End. Or other epic areas in the background, like a beautifull cave or town. I think all of us would make some pictures for you just to see their buildings in the background^^.

    4. more randomobs: Just 3 skins for ghast, blaze, magmacube,enderman. They are too many of them, to look all the same, when you understand....

    OK this is it, I hope you understand, because I am very bad in english. Thank you for everything, I love your newest version and bye :) .
    1. I kinda thought it already was--guess I missed it. Added to the to-do list.
    2.1 Already on the to-do list. Mobs take a lot of time.
    2.2 I'm not familair with this game at all (I'm not sure if you even mentioned the name of it). Most of my video game cameo zombies are somewhat pop cultural in the gaming world (Doom, Zelda, Half-Life, Team Fortress 2, etc.). I try to avoid using obscure references unless I can fit it into the more generic-looking standard zombie roster of my pack.
    3. I don't think this is even possible... The background on the GUI in-game is a black, transparent layer that cannot be edited or randomized, and the background on the menus is a small image that's tiled repeatedly and cannot be randomized.
    4.Ghasts have been on the list for awhile, they're just obnoxious to design alts for around the current standard, blazes... I don't think so. They're an animated mob. Animations and mobs take up the most time possible. Doing animated randomobs is just entirely too much work for something you don't see often enough for it to matter. Besides I can't think of any good alts to make for blazes or magmacubes that wouldn't be so subtle as to not be worth it. As far as endermen go, I'm pretty sure I've stated in the past that they're a special case. If you're being slowly stalked by more than one enderman and they look the same, you really don't know for sure if it's one really clever one or more than one. By design, Endermen are best if they all look exactly the same. There are no individuals amongst the Endermen, they are one and all.

    Quote from stormtrooper132

    I think you should make a 128x128 texurepack, I bet it would look amazing, this is an awesome texture pack, I have been using it ever since I started playing mc. Thank you!
    I'm pretty sure I've stated many times in the past why this is a bad idea and also impossible. This pack is already 256x256 and 512x512 in parts anyway--they're just spread out over multiple blocks as they should be.

    Quote from paine_one

    I have a big problem:

    i want to change the icons.png in gui folder but when i change the file, winrar says "the archive is broken" ... why i can not change the png file ?

    when i extract all files, change the icons file and make a new zip file, minecraft dont accept it ...

    what is the problem `?
    This only seems to be an issue for some people and not others. My guess is the download got corrupted either on your end or on the filehost. I'd suggest trying one of the mirror links and redownloading the pack. I will be completely repacking the file on the next update to see if that fixes the problem for the few who have reported it.

    Quote from Darckray

    MISA!!!! LOOK HERE!!!!

    Hello again, but i have to contradict your last answer,there is not natural quartz, there are a lot of diferent variantions not made by man's hand,as far as i know there is:amethist quartz,milk quarts,rose quartz,lemon quartz,and my favorite, Crystal-looking quartz, its a shame that i will not use it till mo creatures is updated. also, whats with those lag questions? i am scared!.
    I'm not sure how your response is a contradiction to my answer or what you're even trying to say.. Your own response contradicts itself, in one part you're saying "there (sic)is not natural quartz," and then in another you're mentioning quartz found in nature... I read this several times and still can't make any sense of it. I also don't recall in my last response saying anything about natural or unnatural quartz. All I said was that the quartz blocks have a pinkish hue to remain internally-consistent with their source material. I made Nether Quartz ore pinkish, therefore everything made with netherquartz is pink. What does this have to do with natural quartz colors? Netherquartz isn't even a real thing. It's a fantasy material with magical properties it could be purple with glowing green spots and still fit a realistic look. Again though, this has nothing to do with my previous response. I was only mentioning that internal consistency is important and that blocks crafted from baser resources need to reflect the look of said resources.

    As far as the other stuff goes, again, stop speculating. Try it and see for yourself before commenting on how bad or scary something is by description alone.

    Quote from Kerii »

    I'm curious about the lag myself. I just got a HD7950 and was excited I could finally try this. How does a texture pack cause minecraft to go from 200+ fps to 11? o _ O
    See my other responses on the subject in this post.

    Quote from Th3Bl00dyN1n3r

    i've the same problem and my laptop is far away from being crap

    my system:
    i7 2.3 GHz
    Nvidia GeForce GT650M
    16GB Ram
    Win 7 64-bit
    I hate to break it to you, but in the eyes of Minecraft, your laptop is crap. Most specifically this part here:
    i7 2.3 GHz
    Minecraft unfortunately has no multi-core optimization of any kind. As I mentioned in a previous response thread, Minecraft only cares about the processing power for a single core of your multi-core processor. So you could have like 8 cores and if the individual core speed is less than a single core machine's core speed, the single core machine will be superior. And it's not as though it's impossible--Optifine has clearly demonstrated otherwise. Mojang is really just kinda incompetent (in more ways than one). Read my first response to performance issues on this post for ideas on how to hopefully alleviate the situation. I'd also suggest trying out saotomato's response. Other than that we can only hope Mojang will eventually fix the problem they caused.
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    Quote from _zombiehunter

    Great idea. At least a CTM large texture animation for portals would be nice, but yes, performance drops for everyone playing on older hardware :( (628 KB transparent texture animation x 6 = bad news for old graphic cards and single-core CPUs).
    Technically a single-core CPU with 3.8GHz will run the game faster than a 3.6GHz eight-core processor. Minecraft has no multi-core optimization. :P

    Quote from siride

    The overall idea is actually a good one. It was only out of initial convenience for the game engine to put all the textures in one file. But with the possibility of an arbitrary number of items (and textures), trying to fit them into one file is just trouble. The new system is objectively better, even if the implementation and details suck.
    I wouldn't not call it objectively better so much as different and maybe better from some design points. The design decision as a response to the issue of limited space makes sense, but the execution of the design is a bit more flawed than the old system--namely with how the restitching is handled. Until the rewrite of the render engine I pretty much am forced to withold any major judgments on whether or not the new system is truly an improvement over the old.

    From a more personal standpoint, the new format is a bit more annoying to work with. I'm sorta wondering how difficult it'll be to spot new art files by glancing through jars as was done for previous updates. If they batch optimize their new graphical resources, modification dates will be removed and spotting new files will be more difficult. I already have a method for how to get around this, but it's a bit more obnoxious than it would've otherwise been on the old system. I do like how I was able to categorize my new CTM file structure though. I probably have Kahr to thank more for that than Mojang though. :P

    Quote from Darckray
    ...Oh i forgot to say that the quartz textures look good, but they would look better if they where more whitish, and there are some red-like parts on these quartz textures, and the slabs are kind of strange too!, thaks for reading again!
    Sometimes it helps to wait until something is out and you've tried it out first. :P They're really not as pink as they originally were, nor are any of the blocks that made use of Nether Quartz in their recipe. I specifically toned down the hue for the Quartz blocks. I still want them to retain a hint of that dirty pink color of the natural quartz though as this pack is designed around survival mode and consistency of materials used in crafted blocks is important to me. These new blocks are the closest thing we have to marble, so a slight marbled pink in there isn't going to ruin any builds that want to use them. The slabs and stairs are designed differently to add more variety to the most common usage they will find in most builds. Of course if you don't like the variety, it's a simple matter of replacing files with different ones now.

    Quote from PixiGlow

    Hey Misa! I love your artwork.
    I was wondering if you can release a mini-pack possibly with only the wood and stone textures? I think all of the pack is lovely but I would really prefer to use just the wood and stone textures. Or even a nature pack with only the natural elements, like wood, stone, water, grass, plants, etc. (without the animals, mobs, tools, and weapons textures basically)
    Not too much of a point to do this as you (or anyone) can easily do this for yourself with no graphics editing experience whatsoever. Simply open the texture pack and delete the files you don't want. This should be even easier than before with the new file format for textures and items.

    Quote from Darckray

    ...Oh, and, misa, if you are reading this, i got to tell you that the ONLY thing i dont like of your pack, is the liquids, the water is alright, though, but if it could be draker blue it would look really better, and, lava, it looks awful, like, it were red liquid, i know i can just delete the file, but i was just making a suggestion!, Great work!!!, and, i will use the Minecraft Hd version of fonts that misa made, but, to replace that default font of the pack, i only got to replace the default file with the other default file that is inside the old fonts folder??? thanks in advance.
    I'm pretty sure I've posted the realism reasoning of behind the design of the lava texture before. Check the search feature. The only changes I've considered making to liquids would be to make them use the repeating CTM feature, though this has a lot of design drawbacks that require a good bit of planning. Their designs will likely have to be remade from scratch if I do end up doing this. And yes, you just change the file in the font folder. Note that any default.properties files are just as important as default.png. Also my old font will no longer be included in the new releases. More on that later.

    Quote from OrdusRC1136

    Would it be possible for you to make mod support for Smart moving? (only 2 sprites: a blue arrow pointing up and a yellow lightning bolt.) Small mod that does not add entities, blocks etc.
    Links. They need to be posted.

    Quote from Gunter35

    And you can make by Misa CTM of random texture of trunks of trees (a hollow from woodpeckers and a little changed textures, how a random stone slab).
    I'll add "CTM variance for logs" to the to-do list.

    Quote from ilyasblk

    misa's 64x64 texture pack :Pig:
    Pretty much...

    Quote from ordinaryman

    Please... could you fix potatoes and carrots so we can see when they are ready to harvest? The default texture pack shows the tops of the taters and carrots, it would be great if you did the same for your most excellent pack :)
    Search feature--I've addressed this very issue already. A redesign is on the to-do list, though I will not be specifically adopting Mojang's artistic approach as it is pretty unrealistic. I did in this version at least change the color of the two slightly as a placeholder to differentiate them as they grow. That may have been one of the things I forgot to put on the changelog :P

    Now for a general announcement:
    Some of you may have noticed that I did not include alternates in this new version. Don't worry! I haven't forgotten about them. I just will no longer be including them in the main pack. I plan to make an alternates pack which can be updated independently from the main pack. This will save on filespace of the main pack and be less confusing to work with. Also if I come up with a bunch of new alternates, I don't have to update the pack to share them--that also works the other way around. Hopefully you'll agree that it's a much more practical way of handling things.
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    I stopped following that blog ages ago when every other news site and forum pretty much started parroting it. I guess it just slipped under my RADAR. It also doesn't help that none of the friends I talk to regularly on AIM 'n' such play Minecraft much anymore. :P The game pretty much died in my circle around the time Mojang did the major rewrite to have the server handle more than the client. I have to say the game has been pretty unplayable for me since then--especially with the atrocious entity behavior. But I digress.

    The texture pack's been updated 'n' such. Be sure to read the announcements before installing or you may run into problems.
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    Would've been nice to have more of a warning for a Wednesday release instead of the usual Thursday which I always keep open on my schedule... I'm going to test to see if the pack is even working with the current release of 1.5. If it's working, then I'll update.

    MCPatcher's currently not officiallly updated yet, so yeah you'll likely have to use one of the beta versions to get it to even work.
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    Quote from Kexikus

    The only idea I have at the moment is to make grass look like snow in snow biomes to create something similar to Better Snow until Kahr includes it (if he does so).
    This could negatively affect some builds and might be unrealistic in general. Grassy areas with an overhang shouldn't have snowfall on them. I played online with a friend who had just started Minecraft for good while whose first world was largely an ice desert. Not being able to grow grass indoors/underground or use wild grass to have an untouched field of grass on the surface would've made the place pretty depressing to spend as much time much time in as I did.

    Quote from FHX

    There are many things that could be done with this new feature. It is just hard to decide what is good and what just increases the file size unnecessary. Here are some things I've come up with (decide for yourself whether they are necessary or not):

    - having different textures for the Nether and the overworld (different portal animation, different nether wart textures, ...)
    - different logs and leaves for the biomes (logs with snow on, logs with vines, snowy leaves, ...)
    - different flowers/mushrooms/tallgrass for the biomes instead of having random textures
    - a desert sand texture and a beach/ocean sand texture
    - a "stony" dirt texture for caves and a muddy one for swamps
    -I have been thinking about a CTM large texture animation for portals at some point in the future. Making some variety between the Nether and Overworld side of the portal may be interesting, but also may be pretty taxing on resources if both effects are combined. I'd have to think about it some more.
    -The problem with adding snow to blocks is outlined in the response above. They may look good outside, but indoors or underground they make no sense.
    -I wouldn't replace random textures for the sprite-like foliage blocks, and biomes currently have a lot of foliage diversity among them at default. I'd need some really good specific ideas for this.
    -I do like the idea of a different kind of sand for beaches. I can't imagine the transition ruining many builds either, given the fact that it's nearly impossible to build stuff with sand. I probably wouldn't change the texture too much from the current though--maybe just add things like seashells and the like. My only concern would be tiling. I can't really do random texture assignment with sand as I do for grass as I'm already using a large texture for it.
    -Dirt's another fairly safe block to mess with. I'll mess around with it and see if I can come up with anything worth using.

    Quote from bytemage


    It's been code fixes only the last two weeks anyway.
    Yeah.. Bug fixes that make the game pointlessly render multiple copies of textures and change the class files that MCPatcher uses. This whole development cycle has really been pretty hellish behind the scenes. I just haven't been bitch­ing publicly much about it lately because I've tried to stick more to the "If you can't say something nice..." mantra to avoid having to explain details of my gripes over and over to newcomers who aren't privy to the situation. :P

    Quote from Keirgarth2007

    One thing that would be interesting would be for higher elevations make bare rock textures for the ground cover like you might see in the mountains above the tree line. Obviously this would only be seen in the extreme mountain biomes
    This would get very confusing for people looking to mine stone. Also exposed rock at the top of a mountain doesn't have a solid cutoff height in reality. And then there's the issue with creative builds that may use grass and dirt...

    Quote from Mikhaile

    Im having a bit of a problem. The mod works great except during the day/night transistions the sky will go greyish white and stay that way until I relog. When I come back its back to normal, day or night. Ive made sure to use the current mc patcher and its patching Better Skies 1.2. Im running the 64x64 version on a x32 system so that might be the problem.
    The response by Kexikus is correct. I'd however like to add that the resolution of a texture pack has absolutely no relation to your operating system's instruction set ('bits' for lack of a better term). 64x64 texture packs are not made for 64-bit operating systems, nor are 32x32 texture packs made for 32-bit operating systems. The 64x64 simply means that there are 64x64 (4096) pixels per texture per block. The number of bits associated with your OS deals more with what hardware your computer can make use of. This has little to no bearing on what texture packs you can run as opposed to your actual hardware setup.

    That warning message on Minecraft about how 64-bit java is recommended for 'Far' render distance on 32 bit systems is a bit misleading and I'm sure probably contributes to some of the confusion.

    Quote from Herobriner123

    Wow cool Texture Pack Misa! Make Some OTHER good ones.
    As soon as I can figure out how to either clone myself or hack the space-time continuum to merge the work I've created in alternate universes to this one. :P

    Quote from RazzyZX

    Well, everything looks fine and beautiful. Except the creepers' faces are so creepy and horrifying, :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: :Notch:
    Mission accomplished.

    Quote from CrazedGunman502

    How come when I use it with SEUS the bump mapping on the sand looks like ANCIENT EGYPT HIEROGLYPHICS
    How come you're posting here about bump mapping issues with SEUS in this thread when my texture pack hasn't had normal, height, or specular maps in since before SEUS even existed? :P

    Quote from bytemage

    SURE, because what we need is more texture packs ...

    Sometimes I realy don't understand how some people think. More abandoned texture packs == good?! One less great, up-to-date, cared-for-with-pride texture pack == good?! Reeeeaaaaaly? Are you that stupid?

    Texture packs are a dime a dozend. Great texture packs are like diamonds. Misa is polishing a diamond.
    While I agree with the content and sentiment of the explanation part of the post, it seems a bit excessive to blatantly ask them if they're "that stupid." Being unaware of the work that goes into something like a texture pack doesn't make someone stupid. I don't want to breed an environment here where new users who comes to this thread feel like they're going to get attacked just for posting.
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    I'm alive, I'm alive. I've just been really busy lately. Time for some responses:
    Quote from Gunter35

    I when played Misa I noticed one problem. I placed a diamond shovel in a frame and the bottom left corner a problem with animation.
    Not sure if you were referring to a rendering issue or a stray pixel. I have no stray pixels on the current development version of the pack. And there was a rendering issue with the edges of certain transparent blocks that was fixed not too long ago by MCPatcher.

    Quote from PwnyBrony32

    Misa, I have a question: How does better glass work? I've been trying to make some custom connected glass with a partial transparency, but I don't know what other files I need to create, or how any of it applies to different versions (I tested it in a patched 13w03a jar since my current pack isn't converted for the newer mcpatcher versions). When looking through the glass from certain angles, other blocks disappear. The glass block in the inventory looks completely solid, and I'm using the default "ctm" file in the root folder, which is doing weird stuff mixing up glass sandstone and bookshelves. IDK if kahr changed how that file works, but either way, do you have any advice??
    Thanks in advance.
    You'd need to send me your files for me to have any idea what's wrong with your Better Glass. There's different rendering modes and I'm not sure which one you're using, and it also sounds like your CTM texture-replace assignment is a bit wonky if it's affecting other things. My best advice short of this would be to of course read the MCPatcher documentation on Better Glass.

    Quote from GnTDmS

    Thanks for scaring me with creeper62.png
    Mission Accomplished. :P

    Quote from Darth_Starkiller

    Well, looks like the sponge may have to return to it's normal texture again.
    Next time you might want to provide some explanation with links to source material for such claims. I spent hours trying to figure out what this post even meant by scouring twitter for posts from the devs that could be related and checking out the wiki for planned blocks to find absolutely nothing. Only to later did I find some tiny little obscure reference to hay block textures posted by some user on Reddit who found them in a .jar from another game entirely... So yeah, hours of racking my brain and stressing out over something I thought I completely missed on and needed to update for just to find something that's not even confirmed and could just be a red herring. :/

    Quote from Fjolvar

    Awesome design!

    What I would really like to see from a realistic texture pack is a thing that most people overlook: the night sky. If you could make the night sky look amazing that would be great! Suggestions include: a nebula, a star cluster, different colored stars (All normal star colors include: red, orange, yellow, white, blue). If you can animate the texture (I am not really sure if you can animate the sky) you could have comets and asteroids...
    My current night sky from BetterSkies already has nebulae, the milky way, and different colors of stars as would be visible to the naked eye under our atmosphere in good lighting conditions. The last part of that is key. I own several high powered telescopes and have gone to high-altitude areas out here with practically no light pollution, and the stars still appear white to the human eye. In my pack's case, the stars are sort of a mix of false-color star imagery and what you'd see in reality with your eyes. So the fact is, my night sky is actually more colorful than the real thing. It's as much of a stretch as I'm willing to make for the sake of beauty while maintaining a semblance of realism. As a huge astronomy buff, many hours went into the thought and design behind my sky.

    Here's an example of a magnified section of my skybox with the contrast and saturation increased to show that there is in fact color in the stars behind a blue tint from the atmosphere.

    As far as comets 'n' such go, animations are currently possible, but also kinda difficult to optimize to still run on most machines that can handle BetterSkies (Many machines cannot--which is why it's an optional feature to begin with.). The skybox texture for the nighttime starscape is currently the largest file in my entire texture pack (3072x2048--you couldn't even fully display it on an HDTV without shrinking it), to animate it completely, I'd have to duplicate it as multiple frames in a single image. A simple 3-frame animation would be 3072x6144 This would pretty much overload the memory on many people's computers. So in order to have things like comets and other various satellites, I need a more simplistic, and optimized way to accomplish this with much smaller filesizes. Right now 1.5 compatibility is top priority for Kahr, so it may be awhile before such features are added.

    Quote from felix2015g1

    minecraft good
    fire bad

    Quote from Dangerbro

    Technically that's an acronym and a word. Might wanna remove the space next time. :P

    Quote from Sym_ism

    Has anyone been able to get this texture pack to work with ANY snapshots? I tried the last two and it was total failure. Whatever they said the fixed in "b" it isn't. Texture won't load, text all garbled. Am I missing something?
    Man.. I just recently did a whole stupid skit in response to this too. I thought that'd be enough to address this for a good while--guess not. :/

    Quote from Zer0Rekki

    So can I make a project/build with this texture ONLY if I credit you with this thread?
    All permission requests need to be directed to PM for record-keeping purposes.

    Quote from icewindow

    I'm not sure whether or not this has already been requested. I used the search and it didn't bring up any results, so I assumed it was not requested before.
    Could you include armor for the Mine little Pony mod? Here the link to the mod.
    Thanks in advance!
    <---Not a brony or pegasis or whatever they're called. I wouldn't even know where to begin with providing texture support for this. I imagine the dark, gritty, medieval look of my pack would probably clash too much with technicolor equines anyway for me to do such mod support any justice. You'd probably be happier with a texture pack specifically designed for that setting.

    Quote from SkorpthekidRS

    Downloading now!! Can't wait to try!! =D

    Love it,But the spawn eggs are a bit fat...
    Because you know how often those are seen in the game. Also, how else do you expect to fit a ghast in there? :P

    Quote from Dragon2781

    Hi Misa,

    can we get some new screenshots of the progress? The new blocks, Quarz, Hopper, Comperator, Minecards, connected textures....
    Many of the new blocks are already in the pack as previously stated. Here's a repost of some old screenshots of the quartz blocks I posted here awhile back:

    Comparison of the vanilla and Misa version of the quartz blocks

    A display of building blocks close to being white to show their differences.

    Quote from FHX

    Hello everyone!

    I'm sure you know it already, Misa, but there's a new CTM feature in MC-Patcher 3.0.1-beta1:
    Biome- and height- based CTM rules!

    Any plans for that? ;)
    Not yet. Hard to come up with new ideas with all the other work being done on the pack. I'm open to some good suggestions for how to make use of this feature.

    Quote from Gunter35

    please clean a banner of Misa hates distributions of the textures.
    I don't hate distribution of my textures--redistribution on the other hand has some rules, but I'm still not against that so long as rules are followed. Of course he was advertising my pack not distributing it, and I've no problem with that. Most of my popularity is through player advertising. I just don't run any official propaganda or ad campaigns myself. Considering I may be homeless around summer, it'd be stupid of me to turn down any support that could potentially be providing me my next meals.

    I don't have much to say for general announcements on the pack's development. I just wish Mojang would hurry the hell up and release 1.5 already so I can get out a proper update and move on from this development purgatory that's lasted nearly two months. I'm still not sure we're even out of the woods yet. The last few bug fix patches have caused all sorts of other problems that Kahr and texture pack artists have had to work around. Apart from those hurdles, there's also been a lot of really, really stupid design decisions made on Mojang's part recently. I really wish Mojang had designers with actual design experience working there rather than just a bunch of programmers multi-functioning as developers, content designers, artists, etc.
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    posted a message on Misa's Realistic Texture Pack - 1.19+ UPDATED 1 DEC 2022!
    Quote from Dragon2781

    ...So your texturepack is working for me. I added all new items and blocks, I got the portal, water, lawa and fire working.
    The only thing I can't get to work is the connected textures-thing....

    Is that why you still need MCpatcher for?

    I thought MCpatcher was adding the possibility of high resolutions to the game.
    In 1.5 this is not needed anymore.
    Isn't there a way to get the connected textures to work in vanilla minecraft without using a external tool??
    Don't fall for the "HD texture support is in vanilla so MCPatcher isn't needed" nonsense the way people thought it wasn't needed for advanced 16x16 packs when Mojang first added basic texture pack support. For years MCPatcher has done way more than just high resolution texture support. Unless Mojang wises up and gets in touch with Kahr, you will likely always need MCPatcher for this pack for more than just CTM. There are entirely way too many features this pack relies upon that simply are not provided for in vanilla Minecraft. Also if the converter tool you're referring to is Dinnerbone's unstitcher--it's pretty much worthless on this pack compared to MCPatcher's converter--which does convert CTM, custom animations, and some other things to the new format.

    As nice as it'd be to see MCPatcher's features properly incorporated into Minecraft vanilla, running MCPatcher isn't really all that much of a hassle as it is. It's a client mod which doesn't affect online play with people who don't have it installed and it's a small download which you only have to run once on major updates. Downloading and patching even on a slow connection takes maybe a minute tops.

    Quote from Gunter35

    Misa and you saw the new CTM better grass function? In it it is possible to make smooth transition of a stone and the earth and other blocks.
    I have no idea what new CTM better grass function you're referring to. Can you please post a link to or quote of the documentation for this feature? The screenshot you posted to later just looked like ordered CTM, and it looked like a poor implementation of it as ordered CTM makes no use of conditional dynamics the way better grass does.

    Quote from GodLikeGrape

    What does it mean by the 64x and 32x and stuff in the title? I have seen that around a lot.
    It's the horizontal and vertical pixel count on the basic textures. In my pack it means that each block will have a pixel resolution of 64x64. However this does not mean that all of my textures are 64x64. In fact many of my textures are actually 256x256 and the ice texture is 512x512--they're just spread out over the blocks in a way that each still has 64x64 pixels. Texture resolution doesn't always mean everything though. The design is the most important aspect of a texture pack and depending on the style, certain resolutions will be meaningless beyond a certain point. So if you use it as a number to pick out packs, you should probably only use it as a gauge for what your hardware can handle and not how good or bad a pack is.

    From personal experience, I've seen a lot of really great 16x and 32x packs designed by artists who have mastered pixel work, and a lot of really terrible 128x and 256x packs of hacks who just take stock photos and paste them into the texture pack format (I've even seen some with watermarked images!). That's not to say all low resolution packs are good and all high resolution packs are bad. Just always keep in mind that resolution is nowhere near as important as the design of the pack. I went with 64x because to me it's a high resolution pack that most people can run without too many performance issues, and it's a resolution that works well given the blocky nature of the models in this game without looking too pixelated or too much like photographs pasted onto cubes.
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    posted a message on Misa's Realistic Texture Pack - 1.19+ UPDATED 1 DEC 2022!
    Quote from RandomVintage

    I've been using this pack since back in beta 1.73 and in the past couple versions i've been getting a weird glich where the sky turns completely white after one day/night cylce ingame after starting minecraft. I've updated patcher for the current version (1.4.7) and the pack propperly, and everything works except for the sky. Any tips?

    Edit: - Running Windows XP Home ServicePack4 with 6gigs of RAM, ATI Radeon 2600 GPU and unmodded vanilla MC if that is of any importance.

    And yes, I like to keep it oldschool.. XP for the win people...
    White textures = memory issue. The skybox textures from Better Skies are larger than your allotted memory to the game. You can increase the java heap size to improve this in the Options tab of MCPatcher. Note that programs running in the background may prevent the amount of RAM allocated to Java from actually getting used. As someone who's been building computers from scratch since 1988 and who's currently running XP Professional, I can safely say that on all 32-bit versions of XP, only 3-3.5GB's of RAM can be utilized by the OS. If increasing the heap size doesn't help, disable Better Skies, or read the first issue of my FAQ for a more complete performance guide which has an effect on the white texture issue as well as performance.
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    posted a message on Misa's Realistic Texture Pack - 1.19+ UPDATED 1 DEC 2022!
    Quote from dmandUnlimited

    I installed the 13w2b snapshot and the latest mcpatcher (3.0.0beta5) but it does not seem to reconize the snapshot. Says it only works with 13w2a or higher. I realize this is a question for the mcpatcher fourm but that it not the only issue. The converted texture pack does not work at all, but the non converted texture pack works just fine (minus the HD textures because mcpather wont let me tic the boxes).

    Anyone else seen this happen?
    It really sounds like you just didn't install the snapshot you thought you did, or you accidentally overwrote it by forcing an update to the game or something. If unconverted texture packs are working but converted ones aren't, then there's definitely no way you have a snapshot installed that uses the new format. Re-download the snapshot, ensure it goes into the bin folder, run the beta MCPatcher, and ensure you don't force an update or anything.
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    posted a message on Misa's Realistic Texture Pack - 1.19+ UPDATED 1 DEC 2022!
    Quote from VashTS240

    Unfortunately, the server I play on has gone to using the snapshots...

    This means I'm stuck with the drab vanilla textures for now...
    Technically you can play the latest snapshots with my pack. You just need to grab the latest version of my pack and the latest BETA version of MCPatcher. Then you use the "Convert Texture Pack" tool on MCPatcher to convert my texture pack to use the new format. There should be no missing textures--they'll just use the defaults combined with my current textures.

    Quote from Deepblue686

    It's just too bad Kahr can't make a compatibility function like he did with the zombie and pigzombie textures.
    ...or can he?

    No seriously, can he?
    Two textures is one thing but a whole bunch of files with images in them?...
    This is sorta apples and oranges. He technically probably could include backwards compatibility with the old format, but at several costs. Things like performance could go down for the coding required to adapt the old method to the new form of stitching--which could potentially defeat the purpose of the render engine optimizations. You could also have a situation where packs have to be physically converted and backed up which could double the size of any texture pack. Considering that none of the new features will be present in pre-1.5 versions of Minecraft, it simply makes more practical sense for artists to just host a final pre-1.5 version alongside their post-1.5 version and for MCPatcher to do the same.

    Again, the actual formatting of texture packs is not at all an issue here. It may be arguably a worse format to work with, but Kahr has already created a conversion tool which should at least make updating fairly painless for most artists. And given that Mojang will be working with the new format for any newly-added textures, the problem of sticking to things like terrain.png becomes pretty apparent. If Kahr did design the patcher to use the old format, where on terrain.png do the new blocks go? It's better to just stick with the new format as a uniform standard than have a messy Frankenstein pack that can work with all versions but is full of organizational inconsistencies. When it comes to pretty much any form of design, the KISS principle is always your friend.

    Quote from ordinaryman

    Thank you for continuing to provide a top-notch (pun is happy accident) texture pack. from what I've seen, you'll be able to do a simple conversion for 1.5.... but simple hardly ever turns out to be truly simple.

    Here's to hope!!
    Check my last few posts. The pack is already pretty much fully up to date for 1.5 on my end. I'm just working out some kinks and throwing in extra features between now and 1.5's official release.

    Quote from OrbitTheMage

    I downloaded the packlre for the snapshot and it doesn't seem to be compatible
    Hello crafters. Look at your snapshot version--now back to my thread title's snapshot version--now back to your snapshot--now back to my pack's. Sadly, your snapshot version isn't my pack's. But if you stopped using the latest snapshots and switched to the version this pack is made for, your Minecraft could look like mine.

    Look down--back up--where are you? You're on a thread with the pack you could be using on an older snapshot. What's in your download history?--back at my thread. I host it. It's a texture pack which improves the general appearance of Minecraft--look again. The texture pack is only supporting [1.4.7]+[13w01b] and earlier. Anything makes sense when you're reading the contents of a thread before downloading. I'm on a computer.

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    posted a message on Misa's Realistic Texture Pack - 1.19+ UPDATED 1 DEC 2022!

    13w02a, 13w02b, 13w03a, 13w04a?...
    Wait for 1.5 like most people will be doing. Texture packs like mine aren't fully working again on any of these snapshots. There's a couple more things that will be coming out on MCPatcher's end before you see any release from me. And I don't want to have what happened last time happen again where I release a snapshot update just to have it completely unusable by the next snapshot--or in a state that makes it impossible to easily update for on that day.

    Quote from Deepblue686

    I meant the random textures. It probably won't be noticeable if you didn't change the stone background at all.
    Not sure why I said CTM.

    Iron and gold ores would be fine as random since they get smelted anyway.
    But diamond for example gives up one diamond that always looks the same so leaving that as is would still make sense.

    Not saying you have to do this of course.

    Just sometimes a rare random texture makes things interesting.
    Like Levaunt's Derivation has a stone face in the rock on occasions.
    I'd still have to redo all my ores from scratch likely if I were to add any variety to them. And yeah, ores are never a high priority. They're something that you typically mine on sight and don't really use for builds or anything.

    Quote from Darth_Starkiller

    New launcher? I guess I missed that. Anyway, for ores, I think just having it's stone background matching the random stone blocks would be much better.
    Watch the videos from Minecon for the Mod API panel. What they plan to do with the client is outlined there.

    Quote from Hikeman

    "Clock" is probably one of the most useless items in minecraft (to me, at least))),, so even if you were to leave it to be default (vanilla) no one would have been upset about it, I guess :D All though so far what I could observe from your attitude is, that you are a perfectionist :) (i might be wrong too?!), so I guess you gonna do something about that dang clocks anyway :) ) In whatever outcome of this event, wish you luck. We love you bunch,,, girl :)
    For the record, I am somewhat of a perfectionist. This is partly why I don't like to keep up old versions of the pack. Any changes to old textures were made because I wasn't happy with the look of old textures--and wouldn't be proud to have them being representative of my work.

    Anyway as far as clocks go, they're
    done--thanks in large part to Kahr's magic. Let's just say my new clock looks pretty badass, uses 6 layers, makes use of superficial animation, is way more functional than before, and is less than a thousandth of the filesize that it looks like should be--again thanks to Kahr. :P

    Quote from Balduran
    I'm glad i finally found someone who agrees. I can't for the life of me imagine how anyone can consider the new format 'easy to use' by anyone. Certainly not reviewers who will have to waste valuable time opening file after file after file just to check textures outside the game. Obviously not mentioning texture artists who will now have to save everything separately... Seriously, what's the benefit of that? I'm willing to bet it won't support differently sized textures anyway (Not like we couldn't do that already), so just why?

    Sorry to hijack the thread like this Misa, but the only times i've seen the new format mentioned, people were praising it. I'm trying to understand this. (Granted, i was away for ~6 months, but i don't have the time to dig through all those threads)
    I guess one could kinda/sorta/maybe make the argument that it's easier to use if you're someone who lacks any experience with graphics editing (...and is likely too lazy to just PLAY with an image editor and look up things when they get stuck to figure it all out). Given that Mojang's Minecraft team currently has no dedicated graphic designer, it's probably not much of a surprise they'd make as many boneheaded moves in that department as they have. I recommended that they at the very least consult with people in the modding community who have been working with this kind of thing for years, but I guess that fell on deaf ears. The format change isn't so much what I worry about as much as their plans for the modding API and what it means for the client mods that have made texture packs what they are today.

    Anyway, just thought I'd give a little update on my progress. The pack with all of its features is currently fully up to date with the latest snapshot. However I still need to do some annoying optimization crap for the minimal-feature functionality of the pack. Basically I can't completely rely on all the optional features of MCPatcher if not everyone can run them. Also I'll probably put off an actual update until 1.5 comes out just to be sure everything won't be ruined by another snapshot. This also gives me some time to work on some special features of my own.
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    posted a message on Misa's Realistic Texture Pack - 1.19+ UPDATED 1 DEC 2022!
    Quote from Deepblue686

    Well yeah, I knew it was more about file structure and things like that.

    I suppose CTMing the ores would be easier since you're mostly working in the middle of a stone texture.
    So you wouldn't have to worry about seams so much (even with animations)
    After all, the parts of the textures you have to worry about regarding seams is already done. You already have the stone textures for CTM.

    Well if you mean like proper CTM for ores, you still do have a ton of work to worry about with seams when making large clusters of ores that connect properly to each other. Random textures would be more practical, but still annoying if I had to animate them all the same way--let alone mimic the original look of my ores. Many of these ores were designed three years ago before my technique for making textures was as refined as it is today.

    Quote from VashTS240

    Really looking forward to all this new stuff coming out.

    Because of the increasing file sizes, one consideration is a straight basic texture pack download, one with randomobs (full texture pack, not individual randomobs download), and one with everything...

    i.e. - texture change only (which could theoretically work with Optifine anyway); textures plus randomobs; & textures, randomobs, CTM, better skies, etc.

    (or even just the 1st and 3rd option: textures only or textures and all features)

    PS: I know the intended design of this texture pack is meant to have everything, but this way it might stop whining about Optifine compatibility and prevent whining about download size

    PPS: I definitely would always get the full download myself... I just tend to see things differently than most (Asperger's Syndrome) and am not sure how well this could be pulled off, but I just wanted to see if you think this could work or if you've already thought of that?

    PPPS: Alternatives could also go in its own download as with the new format, it would greatly reduce the number of files for the main pack (if feasible)
    Actually after Kahr changed how CTM was formatted and I completely redid ALL of my CTM from scratch (took about 7 hours of non-stop work), I managed to decrease the size of the pack from the currently live version. Of course I still haven't redone the clock yet.. I imagine that'll be over a few hundred frames of animation to make it look half-decent--thanks, Mojang. :/

    Anyway, releasing multiple versions of a texture pack would just be a lot more work to maintain and update and would slow down my ability to keep the pack as up to date as I currently can. Also CTM and Custom Colors have become such an ingrained component of my pack that I couldn't simply remove them. I'd have to redesign the pack to work without them before I'd be satisfied enough with it to consider releasing it. And given how much both of those add, I don't think that'd be very easy to accomplish.

    If this is all about just Optifine support, there's a bit of a bigger picture here to observe. Optifine currently isn't even working with the 1.5 snapshots. Even if they do update by then, it's MCPatcher that's already defined things like the new format for CTM in texture packs so they'd still have to play some catch-up to even be usable with advanced packs on the new format. Mojang also plans to release a new launcher and re-write the game's rendering engine which could completely render any of the major performance-boosting features of Optifine pointless if everything works as they intend it to. If I were going to design an alternate version of the pack it would have to be for unmodified vanilla. But I don't foresee myself and many of the advanced texture pack authors being eager to drop all of these extra features just to conform to Mojang's primitive idea of high resolution texture support.

    At this point, there's just too many ways things can go, that planning around every single possibility would waste valuable time that could be spent on ensuring that texture packs that currently work can continue to work at the launch of 1.5. The current plan right now is to have the current pack version remain up and release the 1.5 version of the pack alongside it. The 1.4 pack will be retained and not updated for those who are playing the game with the old texture pack format. This pack will also include the alternates.png which I have omitted from the 1.5 version. As far as future alternates go, I'll deal with that as the new alternates are made.

    Quote from Hikeman

    Misa I never lost my hope that this texture pack will continue be "alive" )) Wanna thank you a lot for doing this heard-ass job with this texture pack to make it available for MC 1.5. I want you to know that I appreciate the work you do very much and I will consider donating you again :) and actually I would like to encouraging everybody who is able to do so,,, to help out a little, Misa,, cuz she is going trough tough times for the moment and despite all this she is managing to find time to "re-create" her texture pack, which makes us enjoy the game we like even more.
    Thanks a gain,,, success ! ;)
    I appreciate the kind words. :) I only hope I can continue to live up to the reputation I've made for myself. Fortunately the pack is currently about 97% fully up to date. There's just a few little loose ends to tie up. The most annoying one being the clocks. I'm so not looking forward to rotating the same image hundreds of times just to hope the filesize isn't too big that it crashes any system without a godly amount of memory. :P

    Quote from ClearlyDistorted

    ...Im interested in entering the current competition for the 2013/14 calender by entering my own screenshot... but i read this in the legalities:

    " By submitting an Entry: (a) you represent and warrant that your Entry is wholly original and does not incorporate or include anything that is owned by any third party or would require the consent of any third party and your Entry does not violate any copyright, trademark, publicity right, privacy right or any other right of any third party; "

    Im Guessing that stops me from being able to use your texture pack in my submission and I would be forced to either use my own created texture pack or the default texture pack... is that right you think?...
    By the looks of things, even if I gave you permission to do so, it would still be disqualified by Jinx. The only way any work could be submitted with my texture pack in it would be if I were to submit it myself as I'm not a third party.

    Quote from Elodia7

    Just wanted to pop in and thank you for your hard work Misa. It just wouldn't be the same without your texture pack and the gorgeous enhancements you and mcpatcher have made possible. The new quartz textures are stunning!

    I caught a sunrise in the better skies mod in a desert last night, and I had to stop and watch. It's pure art!
    Few people realize just how many hours of work went into that sun and all of it's light components for better skies. :P The sun actually took more work to get just right than the whole night time star field and all the moon art combined.

    Quote from XxDarkMiragexX

    Hello, I just wanted to have your premission if I can use your light maps in the enviorment folder, if I can, that would be really swell (:

    -Dark Mirage
    Permission requests need to be redirected to PM for record-keeping purposes. Should a thread be flagged for possible theft of my work, I need to be able to easily look up all the people who have my permission should I need to defend them from moderator removal.

    Quote from MamiyaOtaru

    Yeah obviously I was unable to notice it if I noticed when it went away. Why would it sparkle? Ask Misa, she's the one who made it do that. It only went away because it would be prohibitive to do CTM and animation. Which is of course the real reason it won't happen. You don't need to come up with a bunch of aesthetic excuses
    If you really want to know, animation was new at the time and I was desperate to find things to animate and having made iron ore sparkle I did the iron blocks too for consistency (plus it inflated the amount of textures that I could claim were animated in my pack, hur hur).

    When CTM was made more accessable, and I had the option to add it to iron blocks, it just made a lot more sense to me from a design standpoint to do so at the cost of the sparkling animation which didn't seem all that necessary. Ideally they shouldn't even sparkle at all, they should shine or be reflective. But yeah, advanced shaders would be required to pull off half of the stuff I'd like to do with my pack.

    Quote from ForceLT

    Need a little help. When i turn on this texture's pack my minecraft fps drops to 40-35. With default fps is 60 all the time. My pc:
    Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-3350P CPU @ 3.10GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.3GHz

    Memory: 8192MB RAM
    Video card: Nvidia Geforce GTX 650Ti
    Windows 7 64bit
    If anyone can help please send a message to private.
    Congratulations, you're still getting very playable FPS on a high resolution texture pack and higher FPS than most players in general. If you still feel you're at some sort of disadvantage, read the first issue of the FAQ for ways to further improve performance.

    Quote from AssasinPrince

    why is my sky white even in the night
    Inadequate memory resources to load the textures for Better Skies. Disabling Better Skies will correct the issue and should improve performance as well.
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    Quote from Deepblue686

    Glad there's something good to come out of all this. :)
    Now you can CTM your glowstone.
    By easier I didn't mean it'd work miracles and do the many hours of hard work that'd be involved in even attempting such a thing. :P And it's not like it'd decrease the massive file sizes involved. Basically there's just less work in regards to properties files. Animated CTM has always been possible and has been used in the texture pack for awhile. It just required a middleman art file and 2-3 properties files for one animated texture. Now there's no middleman and only 1-2 properties files.

    You're still looking at 48 animation files for standard CTM, and 16-64 (my ice is 512x512) animation files for large tiled CTM. The biggest hurdle of course is the fact that they all have to seamlessly tile with each other while still being animated. In the case of large tiled CTM this isn't too bad as it involves making a really high resolution animation and cutting it all up into separate animation files. Using the standard CTM method though... holy flipping sugartit. There's a reason that apart from glass there's only 4 things in my pack that use standard CTM. The work involved with seamless tiling is a bitch­. This is why it's largely done with textures that just have framing. The jungle log tops were probably the most painful texture I've ever done. I was just happy that jungle logs were the only ones that actually needed that treatment.

    Quote from SpinBuilder

    The new quartz is looking delicious! I wonder how well it would work with endstone, though. Glad to see that the new format didn't ruin the pack.
    That was just the quartz in a preliminary test phase. It's since been altered quite a bit and Kahr found a way to fix the columns. As far as it working with endstone goes. I wouldn't imagine they play together too well, but considering endstone is supposed to be pretty alien in origin, it's sort of expected. It shouldn't be much of an issue though. There's a lot more variety of quartz textures to work with than there is on vanilla so you shouldn't need to combine it with too many other blocks to get a nice varied, but consistent look on your builds. Here's a comparison of the variety provided in vanilla versus my pack:

    And here's a more blunt comparison of the variety of whitish blocks that can be worked with on the texture pack:

    As you can see, endstone never really was all that white to begin with. It only really looks white when contrasted with obsidian in a checkerboard or something. Also in regards to the tops of chiseled quartz blocks, the pattern is not random. It repeats so that the pattern alternates orientation every other tile as seen in the screen.
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    posted a message on Misa's Realistic Texture Pack - 1.19+ UPDATED 1 DEC 2022!
    Randomobs, CTM, Better Skies, Custom colors, etc will be available post-1.5, though there's still some kinks that need to be worked out--as you can see with the CTM issues on this fallen pillar:

    Granted, this is a very special case as pillars can be placed in 3 different orientations, but logs had the same problem when you could place them at different angles too. There are some more general bugs that still need to be ironed out as well as can be seen with the last snapshot and beta MCPatcher on all three single chest types:

    But yeah, it's probably safe to say that all of the special features from MCPatcher will be returning. It's just a hell of a lot more work on the new format. Features like CTM now use individual tiles in folder as well to work with the new system. As a result, texture pack file sizes will probably go up as certain textures that were recycled multiple times now have to be physically duplicated. On the plus side, animated CTM is now way easier to pull off.
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    Quote from trueffelschwein

    Did you consider starting a kickstarter/indigogo/whatever campaign?

    Normally i wouldn't be too thrilled to pay a noticable amount of money for a custom texture pack. The case here is a little different as you work on many bonus features and improve playability of the game with an A+ set of icons to cut down my time searchin for stuff in large chests!

    I think your work is warranting some financial support, you have the trust of a sizable community already using your pack and with that there is a chance you get enough backers "by summer".

    So if you do, i would definitely pay at least 5 Euro, more if my own financial Situation improves.
    Quote from Gotcha!

    Is this due to monetary problems? If so, how about setting up something so that people here can donate? I sure would.
    I do have a pink donate button on the download section for my pack. I probably should avoid kickstarter/indigogo though as usually you use those for like incomplete projects that need funding to get off the ground. My pack is already pretty well-established and I'd just feel weird to be asking for money for something I'd prefer to provide for free. It took nearly two years before enough people even convinced me to add that donate button. :P It's provided simply for those who wish to support my pack without being asked for money.

    Quote from DikkeHarry

    I'm having this really annoying problem, i don't know if anyone has had this before but i thought i'd post this anyways. My sandstone ctm thing doesn't really work. Every time i place a sandstone on top of another one, the bottom one and all ones below will use the default textures. So a 1 block high horizontal layer works just fine but vertically only the top block uses the "good" texture. I'm using the latest version (4.3.4) of the pack without any modifications. Any help?
    I'm not sure exactly what you're referring to. Can you please provide a screenshot of what you're talking about? I don't know if what you're describing is a bug or a feature and a screenshot would probably help clear it up a bit.

    Quote from Cyberce

    Just wondering before i download this. What specs is recommended for my computer when having this texture pack
    Quote from DoctorIron

    It varies a lot, due to Minecraft's lack of optimization and a lot of compatability issues, but I'd say that as long as you have three gigs of RAM, a 2.2GHz dual core CPU, and a non-integrated video card, you'll -probably- be fine...Technically something even as good as a 2.2GHz octa-core CPU would be inferior to a single-core 3.6GHz CPU as far as Minecraft is concerned. There is no multi-core optimization in Minecraft. (This is one of the main methods by which Optifine improves performance.) Also despite being able to make full usage of GPU's, Minecraft does for some reason seem to respond very well to non-integrated video cards. As far as hardware goes, a proper video card and a good amount of RAM are what make all the difference in performance for a lot of players I've provided tech support to in the past.

    All that said, it's kinda hard to give a definitive set of hardware specs for this pack. The best thing to do would be to just try it out, and see how well it works for you. If you are having performance issues, a good resource to check out would be the performance guide on my FAQ. In that I provide a bunch of ways in which you can improve the performance (without immediately needing to resort to hardware upgrades) of the pack using the standard installation.

    Quote from andreidan123

    guys i have balck screen when i log in and press play offline balck screen can you resolve these will be vrey nice and i think how was happend.Frist i downloaded a mod with minions i put what it need to put and black screen i think is i putted something wrong and i think this is the problem but how do i fix it
    This isn't really a thread for general support of mods. There is always an inherent risk with installing more than one mod that your game will cease to function. If you're just trying to get this pack working, clean your game installation completely and install the pack using the installation instructions provided. If you still have any problems before you start adding mods, then we can help you. Otherwise your problem is better handled on another thread that deals directly with the mod or a mod compatibility thread.

    Quote from ravens108

    I am having some lag problems with this pack. I am on a fairly good gaming computer, although I do not know the exact graphics or video card models for sure. I took a break from Minecraft for about three months and am just beginning to play again. Before I left, I had this texture pack and had no lag problems at all. I haven't made any changes to my computer in any way since then, either. I can play other high-detail games now such as World of Warcraft with no lag problem, so I know my computer can't be at too much of a fault. When I downloaded the update to this pack, I did not expect much of a problem at all. I installed it correctly using MCpatcher and everything, so I don't think that's the issue, either. When I turn on this texture pack now, however, the game becomes so laggy that it is unplayable. I can't move or even look around without four to five second pauses and jumps.

    Has anyone else had a similar issue, or does anyone know what might be the problem here?

    See the performance guide on my FAQ, and if nothing there helps, as previously suggested, disable Better Skies in MCPatcher. Better Skies is a completely optional component which has significant resource-usage (Mostly memory). I've been meaning to add a list of optional components to disable to that guide for awhile now, but just haven't gotten around to it yet.

    Quote from JeyBeeHH

    If its possible, that the "green" nonjob default villagertexure is missing? (villager.png)
    I know that the dafault-villager dosn´t spawning natural. but i can spawn it manual on my Server or is availible in some plugins.
    If it's not legitimately obtainable in the vanilla form of the game, I don't do textures for it. I did the same with chainmail before creative mode was added to the survival version of the game. The only exception to this rule would be command blocks which are an essential component of adventure maps. And as Dinnerbone has mentioned, they are technically obtainable legitimately in-game with slash commands as sort of a test for the type of person who would actually be able to make use of them. (Though personally, I think they should be in the creative menu regardless. Even people who know how to use these don't always feel like memorizing/looking-up block ID's)

    As a general announcement, I've run into a bit of a design hurdle as far as dispensers and droppers go. Both can be placed to aim vertically now and their designs are similar in general but slightly different in regards to the 'holes stuff comes out of'. My creeper face design for the dispenser hole is really hard to work around when it comes to designing the dropper, but also it's really hard to have applied to the tops and bottoms while still looking good. So I may have to completely redesign both to be a bit more uniform and in-line with vanilla. This would include the loss of the cool animation for the creeper face though. Would anyone miss it too much? Coming up with a new design for the dropper that has a similar, matching animation is sorta out of the question as the process used would be painful if not impossible to replicate in the exact same fashion as I did before.
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