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    posted a message on The story behind your username?

    I liked The Lord of the Rings.

    sadly, the obsession didn't last and I now wish I hadn't chosen such a specific username.

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    posted a message on Be able to Change Elytra texture

    I tried the new snapshot and my favorite part are the elytra. it makes my character even more accurate! (she is a dragon)

    But the problem is the texture. I want to be able to change the texture like skins. and everyone should be able to see other people's elytra textures the way they made them. Just like player skins.

    So one person has one that looks like cicada wings, and he/she is looking at a player who has angel wings. but they are actually seen as different.

    Maybe if the texture for the elytra are added to the player skin file, then we can make our own! :D

    that is all.

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    posted a message on Why most are hating 1.9?

    I am okay with 1.9 because I am going to stick with the version that has, in my opinion, the best mods.


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    posted a message on The Blender thread.

    Basically this is all about creations in blender!

    (it's a free 3d modeling program!)

    Post your Blender art here!



    And yes, these are my creations! I will keep posting my creations here while you post yours!

    I will feature my favorite of yours on the top page!

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    posted a message on Post your Art!

    OOH! I am going to post my new picture soon!

    Try to guess his name and what episode of the PPGs he is from.

    and yes I used regular pencil for the dark parts. I had no black colored pencil.


    I HAVE TWO models!

    This one needs a tail :/

    This one needs better grass... Made with Spore and blender!


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    posted a message on WHAT IS THIS? Nether Forest?

    WOW. seems like you have a major bug of some sort.

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    posted a message on Post your Art!


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    posted a message on Write a description about the above avatar. (What about it?)

    Old movie style mime pony of DOOOOOOOMMMMMMM.

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    posted a message on My Dragon Hatchling Team of Sisters! [Art]

    I decided that I was going to post here first since deviantArt is going downhill so quickly.

    I just wanted to show you my new dragon characters. They are all sisters, and each one has their own ability. (except for Winter. It makes her mad that she doesn't have anything special.)

    Here's a drawing of my dragons! (notice their colors and you will see who they are based off of)

    Starting with #1, you have Winter! She is a little toughie who plays rough and is sometimes rude or mean. She really doesn't mean it, but she acts that way. She has a cobra-like black hood that she unfolds when angry. (that's her only special trait) So really, she is the average green fire dragon that anyone can imagine in their heads.

    Next at #2, it's Spring! Spring is easy to be around and likes cute things. Her special ability is to make flowers bloom in any season! She has feathered wings instead of the standard bat wings. She is really strong when she needs to be. Otherwise, she is the joyful one.

    #3 is Summer. Summer is like the leader figure. She is passionate about things, and sometimes she is called "Nerd" or "Geek". That doesn't offend Summer, because she likes being who she is. If Summer finds something she is really into, she will become obsessed with the topic and only talk about that. It kind of annoys the others when they are doing something important. Her special ability is to cause blinding light to enemies. (like a DBZ Solar flare attack.)

    Last at #4 is Autumn. She is an intellectual four winged "Dragonfly dragon". Sometimes she switches leader positions with Summer. She is nice and always a helper. Autumn likes learning new things and using them to the team's advantage. Her special ability is to cover fields with frost.


    Yeah, I based my dragons off of the characters from a popular show. Bonus points if you know! XD

    I am really not that creative.


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    posted a message on Butterfly Mania (250+ unique Butterflies)

    I really like that you added the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly. They are my favorite butterfly and I see them a lot when I look outside my window.

    I actually saw one while Mom was taking me to my appointment. He flew right in front of the car while we were at the red light, and he barely flapped his wings while he flew. A truly beautiful butterfly from my region.

    This is the most expansive butterfly mod in existence, and I am glad.

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