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    The reason why it makes sense for glistening melons to restore a heart is because they are a key ingredient in health potions. With that being said, I don't support this. Its not like gold carrots give you a brief night vision buff. I'd support Glisten melons being edible, and having a high saturation effect like gold carrots.

    As for the chance for a melon to drop it, no support.

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    Since all servers must fall in line with Mojang’s EULA what sort of donator perks and server events can they use to generate income and cover their expenses? Post your ideas and/or thoughts here.

    Ideas that award individuals:

    1) Ranks: Hold two tiers of ranks that will show up beside player names in chat or give their names a different colour in chat. Tier 1: Ranks that are awarded for donations to the server. Tier 2: Ranks that are awarded for both in-game achievements and donations to the server (ie. amount of blocks traveled and $15).

    2) Priority Access for donators

    3) Cosmetic Effects: Requires plug-ins: A) access to particle fountains so that players can add details to their houses. B) Allow players to re-name items (excluding name tags) without an enchantment cost. C) Fireworks or lightning strike upon sign-on D) Allow players to change the text colour of the name of their items. E) Allow players to have ‘pets’ of any mob type (note: these pets can only follow the player around.. not offer storage or pvp help.

    4) Statues: allow donators to use a ‘statue mod’ here they can create sculptures of any players. I don’t see how this is an in-game advantage as it provides no in-game advantage aside from using statues for cosmetic purposes for their homes.

    5) Themed Items: Provide items like player hats or themed items that coincide with a server’s theme (ie. a western server could have a ’sherifs revolver’ that can be placed in an item frame, but has no practical use... or gives off a cosmetic effect (like fireworks).

    6) Name Icons: Custom Name icons or rank-themed icons could show up beside player names in chat.

    7) Spawn Perks: If spawn is based in a separate “show world” where there is no gameplay, perhaps donators can unlock the fly ability for spawn only. This way they have no in-game advantage for the worlds with game-play, but can explore the spawn/show world unhindered.

    Ideas that award all players:

    1) Donator Milestones (Either Monthly or Collective goals): A) Allow a one-time /kit or in-game ability once a donation milestone (has been reached). B) Unlock and keep abilities for all players once a donation milestone has been reached. C) A special event or drop party could be unlocked when a crowd funding goal is reached.

    Access Fees:

    1) Additional Servers: While admins cannot create worlds or warps that can that are only accessible to donators, they could create a separate server for mini-games with a separate log-in address that charges an access fee. While the benefits cannot carry between servers some of the bragging rights could.

    2) Unlock-able worlds /warps: Once a collective server goal (ie. when $1,000 has been donated). The /pvp arena (or some other additional feature) could come online.

    Other Server Perks - not for donations:

    1) XP Shops: Players could exchange XP that they’ve earned for temporary or permanent essential commands (like pay 100 lv’s of xp points for the /workbench command. or pay 500 xp points for a single use of the /changems (change mob spawner) command.

    2) Dedicated Player Unlocks: Commands or /kits could be unlocked based on in-game gameplay time (ie. give the /enderchest command to players who are active for 5 months.. or give a /kit basic command for players who are active for 5 months). Unlocks get better the longer players are active on the server.
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    posted a message on Any Artists Looking for a Challenge (or just a good read)?
    Here are 9 fantastic book series. As far as I know no skins have been created that depict the main or supporting characters in these books. If you’re looking to expand your galleries maybe one of these series will give you some inspiration. Regardless, they are all great reads. Let me know if you make anything, I’d be interested to see what people come up with.

    1) Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” series: http://www.imagekind.com/artists/seamasgallagher/wheeloftime/fine-art-prints

    2) David Coe’s “Children of Amarid” Series

    3) Terry Goodkind’s “Sword of Truth” Series

    4) Andre Norton & Mercedes Lackey’s "The Halfblood Chronicles”

    5) Barbara Hambly’s “Winterlands” Series

    6) Elizabeth Haydon’s “The Symphony of Ages” Series

    7) Frank Herbert’s “Dune” series (http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2012/263/9/3/dune___leto_ii__the_tyrant_by_andrewryanart-d5fcaei.jpg)

    8) Melanie Rawn’s “Dragon Prince” Trilogy

    9) J. V. Jones’s “The Book of Words” Trilogy
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    posted a message on [CLOSED] Free Skins - Stop By if you Like Our Style [CLOSED]
    Thank you!
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    posted a message on [CLOSED] Free Skins - Stop By if you Like Our Style [CLOSED]
    Hello, Nice Work!

    I’m looking to had a ranger/druid elf type skin made with lots of “earthy colours” If possible, I’d like to have the celtic triskelion incorporated into the skin somewhere (ie as a design on the cloak or leather armour underneith). I’ve attached three pictures for reference.

    Thank you!
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