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    Out of Character Information

    IGN: MiraMuru

    Do you wish to join our community Skype chat? If so, what is your Skype username? (This is optional): Sure, my Skype name is elamefminecrafter (don’t laugh. I’ll know if you do.)

    Have you read and agreed to both the rules and the lore of the server?: Yes, I have.

    What is the definition of “Powergaming”?: Powergaming is when you force RP on to another person’s character, denying them the chance of responding themselves. An example of this could be in a fight between two characters. E.G *Grabs him by the neck, and snaps it before he can resist* NOT COOL BRO

    What is the definition of “Metagaming”?: Using knowledge that you know Out Of Character while In Character. For example, if you are told something by another player regarding their character OOC, and then use in IC even though your character should have no knowledge of it.

    What is the definition of “Roleplay”?: Taking on a life and personality of someone else, and setting your own aside. While roleplaying you try to become someone else, acting as you think they would act.

    Who can use flymod, X-ray and other such clientsided mods?: No one.

    When are you allowed to cause the death of another character?: When you and the creator of the character have agreed upon this before hand. Otherwise, you are not allowed to kill another person’s character without their permission.

    When are you allowed to speak out of character?: In the chat assigned to OOC, or IC while using parentheses. (( )) Should only be used to clear up something while in the midst of RP, and not be spammed with OOC chattering. You can also speak out of character in private messaging.

    Do you have any previous RP experience, Minecraft or elsewhere? (Optional):

    Yes, I do. From your previous servers.

    Character Information

    Name: Vanvir Nalleth

    Age: 53 (Elven years)

    Race: Elves

    Physical description: Standing at a height of 5’6, Vanvir is a very pale and slender woman. Though some may consider her quite pleasant to look at, she could otherwise be considered quite plain looking. With long, thin white strands of hair that fall below her shoulders, she has a carved face (in the manner that her cheekbones are quite prominent). She dresses well, and takes care of her appearance. Since she is not built for any tasking work, she wears clothes (mainly gowns) that would not otherwise fare well if worn while working.

    Screen capture of your skin (I recommend uploading to imgur and posting link here): http://imgur.com/kXEbmLJ

    Biography (Minimum 225 words. Most very fleshed-out characters have around 300, but feel free to use even more than that if you wish. Try and avoid clichés such as loved one being killed by bandits or the like):

    “Chin up, shoulders back. You don’t want to look like those brutish mutations of ours, do you?” Her mother chimes, as she pulls at Vanvir’s hair quite harshly, causing her daughter to flinch. “Of course not, mother.” Vanvir murmurs, while glancing upwards to look at her reflection in the mirror. Her expression looked tired and worn, not like that of someone her age. She was only thirty-two, yet she could have been one-hundred. The endless hours she had spent in the midst of the night crying had taken their toll.

    Vanvir had just completed her last year at the academy in Crownslands, and it was time for her graduation. At a young age, she had been moved to Crownslands from Arturan, to begin her education. It still shocked her that her parents had been able to stand the time spent in the capital, by the way they spoke of its residents. Neither of them seemed to hold any respect for humans, even though both taught at the academy Vanvir attended (And humans attended this academy as well). Vanvir herself held a slight respect for humans…. but she would never utter those words aloud, unless she was itching for a beating from her parents.

    “How many times must I repeat myself, CHIN UP!” her mother spouts as she tugs at Vanvir’s hair even harder. “OUCH!” Vanvir exclaims, as she quickly lifts her chin up once more in an attempt to stop any more pain she might experience. She couldn’t stand the burden her parents put on her. As their only offspring, she had to carry their name, as well as the honor and reputation they thought to have. She had to always conduct herself well, and never was she allowed to be at the level of those “brutes”. She was sure her parents would disown her if they were to ever consider her similar to those whom they despised. She shouldn’t worry over that now though. She was supposed to be cheerful for her graduation, and worrying wouldn’t lead to that.

    “Stand up” her mother commanded, and Vanvir did just so. She studied herself in the mirror. Her hair had been pulled back into a bun, and decorated with jewels. Her parents had given her a necklace as well, which she had to display today for them to be content. It was speckled with jewels, and she didn’t feel pleasant wearing all the excessive accessories. Her gown, delightedly, was quite plain. “You look absolutely captivating, like you should.” her mother utters, content, just as her father appears. “We need to rush.” He announces, and heads out as soon as he had come in. It was time for graduation.

    Years Later, present day:

    A knock at the door takes Vanvir’s attention away from the book that had kept her attention for the past few hours. She rises up from her chair, setting it down, and heads over to open the door. At the doorstep lies a letter and a pouch, but no one to be seen. She picks up the letter, recognizing the handwriting. Gingerly, she unfolds the paper.


    We hope you are faring well, and that nothing has gone amuck. We do miss you and wish we could watch over you, but we know you are taking great care of our legacy. Happy 50th birthday. You are finally an adult, even though our move forced you to mature a bit quicker than others.

    Remember not to let your shoulders slump, and always keep that chin up for me.

    Here’s a little present for you.”

    Ps. If we ever hear ill of our name due to you, we will come to collect you straight away. You have one chance to prove to us you can bring our name honor and status doing what you enjoy.

    Vanvir lets out an exasperated sigh at the written words, and looks at the pouch still lying on the ground. Picking it up, she glances inside to find a bracelet. She takes both inside, setting the bracelet down to read over the letter once more. “Oh dear… it seems like I’ll have to put my knowledge to use now.”

    What is your character’s main goal? (Motivation): To keep learning and to teach one day, as to not let down her parents or have them come collect her from the capital and force her to leave the presence of people (humans), and force her to live the way they think she ought to.

    Strengths (Both physical and personality):

    Knowledge, enthusiasm for learning. Unlike her parents, she does not think ill of humans, and holds some respect for them. She is kind, and is not as self-centered as some may have considered her parents. She is quite open to different experiences, as that is a good way to learn new things. Due to being taught by her parents, she is well mannered and know how to be calm and collected when need be. Also knows how to present herself well.

    Weaknesses (Balance out yours character's strengths with suitable weaknesses. Not knowing how to do something that is outside of your class is not a weakness. I.E. Not knowing how to use a bow as a miner.): She is quite anxious and frightened at times. Her parents have used harsh methods to have her act the way they thought she should, which has caused her to become afraid of experiencing pain. She is weak in physique, and can’t do much labor. This limits the amount of things she can do by herself.

    What is your character's personality? (Optional; use this field to note character traits that you feel don't fit into either strengths or weaknesses if you wish): Nothing to put here

    Bonus Language (Caro is free):

    Arturan, language of the civilized elves

    (from traits)


    Wild Elven


    Character Traits (up to 7 points worth):

    Scholar -2

    Chef -2

    Keen hearing -1

    Linguist -1

    Savings -1

    And then this Racial Bonus: Use a command that reveals target's traits

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    Out of Character Information

    IGN: Diamond_Daisy

    Do you wish to join our community Skype chat? If so, what is your Skype username? (This is optional) No thanks.

    Have you read and agreed to both the rules and the lore of the server?:
    Yesssss I have.

    What is the definition of “Powergaming”?:
    When you force RP upon someone, for example “complete” an action on their character that you don’t allow their character to respond to. I.E “Emma stabs Herschel multiple times before he slumps to the floor unconscious”.

    What is the definition of “Metagaming”?:
    Using OOC knowledge IC. If you have something you know that doesn’t mean your character should know it as well. Your character only knows of things that they’ve heard of IC, not anything you’ve heard of OOC.

    What is the definition of “Roleplay”?:
    Taking the role of someone else, who isn’t you.

    Who can use flymod, X-ray and other such clientsided mods?:

    When are you allowed to cause the death of another character?:
    When they have agreed with you to do so.

    When are you allowed to speak out of character?:
    If you have something essential to say, you can put it in parentheses. Otherwise it is best to keep OOC talk for the OOC channel, or just private messaging. You should keep OOC chat to the minimum though, as you’re mainly here to RP.

    Do you have any previous RP experience, Minecraft or elsewhere?

    Character Information

    Name: Emmaline “Emma” Oakley

    Age: 38

    Class: Farmer

    Physical description:
    Emma has long, dark brown hair that curls at the end. She has a slightly odd shade of blue as her eye color, though it doesn’t usually stand out. She usually wears clothes that fit work on the field, which would include torn pants and perhaps an old shirt. On some days though, she wears a clean white shirt when she isn’t working.

    Screen capture of your skin:
    http://lh4.ggpht.com/saCYvLuuTkyii1GkKdJ4LGXCftNYFTGNSDHl6M8VdO5slnvJ2eproyv3NAoP8hSWqSA57-yqfcsQKX3fMv_QFw Sorry it’s not a screen capture. I can change it if really needed.

    Biography (Minimum 300 words. No clichés such as loved one being killed by robbers or the like.):
    Emma Oakley lived in Cape Town all her life. Was born and raised there, married a man from them. It was.. Quaint, if nothing else. When she was 19, she married Herschel Oakley, a blacksmith that was the best in their small city. By age 20, She was pregnant with a boy. Herschel provided nicely for them, until the time that Braxia came around looking for recruits. Herschel put down his hammer, and picked up a sword. It was a year before Emma had any notion that Herschel was still alive. He never wrote a letter, nor was there a peep of his whereabouts. Thus, Emma decided to move on. She needed someone to help her support their son, and their house.

    Emma met, and became infatuated with a devout man named Richard VuMall. She became pregnant, before the two had a chance to tie the knot. So they decided to wait till she had given birth before the two would get married. Some time after the birth, Richard was in the city making some purchases for supper when the front door banged up. “Emmaline!” A voice called from below. Emma sat frozen in her bed. Someone bounded up the steps. She could hear the large, leather boots causing the stairs to groan. The door burst open and there stood Hershel, looking ragged and war-worn. He looked at her peculiarly, then at the small crib that was next to her bed. He walked up to it, looking down at the tiny girl inside.

    “Emmaline… What’s this?” Herschel pointed to the small girl before looking over at her. Emma grit her teeth, standing out of the bed to her full height, which was nothing compared to Herschel’s. “Almost two years!” She cried out, putting her hands on her hips. “You left me with o-.. Two children to take care of!” Herschel looked shock, before looking down at the baby girl. “She’s… mine’s?” He asked, as he carefully picked up the fragile bundle. “Don’t you dare lay a hand on her!” Emma cried out, taking the child away from him. “You don’t even deserve to be here. Do you have any idea of what I’ve been through, having to take care of the farm, of our children?” By this time, Emma was sobbing, holding the small girl.

    “I’m so sorry, lassy.” Herschel started to say. Emma put a hand up to stop him as she slowly sat down on the bed. “It’s..It’s just been so tough without you, and two kids..” Emma mumbled, looking at him as he sat next to her. “I know, lass, but I’m here now. Had I known you were up da duff.. Well, I would’ve never left.”
    Later on, when Richard came back around, Emma broke things off with him, claiming that the child had died while he was gone. In her ‘grief’, she told him to never come back, and to leave the city because he reminds her so much of their lost child.

    Years past, and the two children grew up happily in the home. The time came around when Serra, their daughter, was turning seventeen. Their boy was going to turn 19 in a few months. Emma couldn’t live with the knowledge that she knew about Serra’s biological father. She took the two into a room, before telling them the news. Serra was extremely pale after she found out, and once Emma had finished telling them, Serra ran out of the room.

    It wasn’t till morning, when Emma called for Serra to come downstairs, that she realized that Serra had run off. They looked for weeks before word got to them that she had joined the expedition and was in Roland’s Field. Packing up her stuff, Emma started the journey to Roland’s field, with every intention of bringing Serra back home.

    What is your character’s main goal? (Motivation):
    Her main goal for now would be to bring Serra back home, or to otherwise ensure the safety of her child. Her overall goal would be to ensure the safety of her whole family, and to solve any conflicts that come along. It’s quite vague.

    Strengths (Both physical and personality):
    Emma is not afraid to hide what she is thinking or feeling. She’s fast with words, though sometimes she might say something out of line. She has a strong trust/belief in certain things, and she isn’t one to have her trust broken easily (though it has happened before). She usually tries to take action in benefitting the majority of those around her, instead of not doing anything but living comfortably herself. Due to her life working in the fields, she’s in good physical shape and easily completes chores around the house.

    Weaknesses (Balance out yours character's strengths with suitable weaknesses. Not knowing how to do something that is outside of your class is not a weakness):
    Due to the fact that Emma is not afraid of hiding what she feels or thinks, she usually ends up overreacting to a lot of things. Sudden bursts of emotion are not uncommon, and you could even say that she has tantrums every now and then. She can be stubborn due to the trust she has in certain things, and may argue until someone becomes unable to continue for one reason or another. Sometimes her actions cause her to end up in trouble, as you may have noticed, even though she may have done something only for the benefit of others. Though she is in good physical strength overall, she is mainly only capable of completing chores that need strength, and not those that need agility or speed. She’s clumsy and slow.

    In-Character-Responses (ICRs. For each scenario, write at least a paragraph describing entirely in-character how your character would respond to the situation. Your ICRs will be used to see how well you can RP. Please post them as if in IC chat. An example can be found after this form.)

    Due a recent accident, you wander the dark quiet streets of the town with a broken ankle trying to make your way home:
    “Frak!” Emma shouts out in pain, as she limps down the street, ignoring the judgemental or otherwise cruel glances pointed towards her by those standing among the streets. She tries to numb out some of the pain by biting into her lip, but she only ends up creating another wound, though not as major. Quickly dabbing at her lip, she tries to wipe away the small amount of blood. “Ah…” she whimpers slightly, trying to ignore her bodies pleas against any movement. Giving in, she leans against a wall, resting her head on the cold material for a split moment before continuing on. Serra and Adam were waiting for her.

    In a tavern, a stranger threatens you to fight him/her:
    “Listen, I have no interest in someone like you.” She points out, making her thoughts clear to the woman. “If you think I’m competition for whatever business you’re running here, you’re wrong. I have only one man that I need.” She mutters, though her expression doesn’t seem very assuring. Standing up with haste, she leaves before anything actually begins.

    Your superior asks for a favour you would have problem doing:
    “Listen, can’t you have someone else do this? I’m sure there is at least one other person out there who is available for this task. Frankly, I don’t care for it myself.” Emma states, looking at her superior in a stern manner. She stands straight, keeping her posture, and waits for the reply.

    When the superior tells her that she better get it done or she’ll pay for it, she decides it’s better to get it over and done with. She already stated her mind, and she didn’t have the wealth to get into an argument that could cost her her income.

    Lore Questions

    List three causes for the fall of the Empiracle:
    -Mountain Clans rebellion
    -Political disorder among Empiracle holdings

    Who is proposing an expedition to the western lands?:
    Robert Edwarding and Overlord Rauric III

    Where is the expedition to be launched from?:
    Roland’s Field, but they will be leaving from Rocky Cape.

    Questions or comments?:
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    Accepted: -CreepyCreeper148
    Welcome to the Anerian Chronicles! Thanks for the quick fix, and make sure you enjoy your roleplay experience! Our forums: http://aneria.enjin.com/
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    Rejected: -Hi5Tbone
    Sorry, but no. There are too many mistakes. Some of your answers are too short, some aren't correct, and some don't make sense. You have the wrong idea about most of our lore as well, and it just seems like you haven't even tried. Better luck trying some other server.

    Deferred: -Creepycreeper148
    You have a good start, but i'd enjoy if you added more details to both your biography as well as your ICR's, just so I could get to know your character better. I get the basic idea, but It'd be better to get more details on him. You don't require much to get accepted, don't worry.
    And yes, the Carrington family is growing....
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    This is my new application for the server. Well, new character application. Isabelle has been gone for quite some time, and she won't be coming back as she's given birth and has decided to settle somewhere with the child where they can live in peace. Or that's what's going on for now.
    Old application:http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1739510-the-anerian-chronicles-rpairshipsclassesplayer-driven-storyextensive-lore/page__st__300#entry22082167
    Character Information

    Name: Adelei Carson

    Age: 18

    Class: Craftsmen

    Citizen of the Chancellery or a member of the Medori?:
    To be a citizen of the Chancellery as well.
    Physical description:
    Nothing out of the ordinary in figure I suppose. Standing around 170cm In height, an average body composure. She's got a figure but she isn't overweight, and she is a bit muscular from working odd jobs. She has long black hair, which she has decorated with a few beads. Her eyes are a greyish blue, and her outfit consists of a white shirt with a vest, a brown layered skirt, a few pieces of jewelry which she wears, and a red bandana around her head.

    Screen capture of your skin:
    Here's a link to it.

    Biography (Minimum 400 words. Cannot include loved ones being killed, kidnapped, tortured, or the like, unless you can do it in a non-cliche manner.):
    Adelei was born and raised on the same small island as Rowan Alastair. She was a quiet child at first, and did not begin to speak until a bit later than all the other children she knew. Her parents worked hard to raise her well and in a comfortable environment, her mother selling baked breads as the market, and her father working out in the fields. Adelei was an only child, which was fine with her parents, as they didn't have any more money to support anyone else.
    As a child, Adelei was quiet and watchful. She spent early mornings helping her mother prepare her baked breads for the market by following her around and picking up pieces of crumbs she found on the floor. She'd seemingly thought it was helpful, as that what she always did in the morning before they both left for the market. Her father would still be sleeping, as he wouldn't have to work until later, but Adelei always made sure she would go poke and pat him early in the morning, just to make sure he was still living. After they would reach the market, her mother would set up the stall. The warm smell of baked breads and other foods wafted around the area, and quiet chatter filled the silent air. Adelei would stand there next to her mother, quietly gazing about her. She listened to the early morning chatter, and when It ended, waited patiently for something else to listen to. As the light of the early day reaches them, people begin to gather around, hungry and starved for the baked goods around them. This is when the first children begin to appear around, following their parents to the market for a filling breakfast. When Adelei spotted someone she knew, she would rush off, waving to her mother, and try to catch up to the other child. Then, while the day grew brighter, more and more children would gather, creating a group of hysteric children shrieking with laughter as they ran around the area playing hide & seek or tag.
    This is how Adelei mostly spent most of the days, accompanied by others, running and laughing around the Island. Her mother was never worried about her, since the island was small, and only consisted of about 20 houses. There was one house that she wasn't supposed to go near though, but it was a bit farther away anyway. The house was larger than the others, and the residents were seemingly cruel. Her mother had said it was better to leave the house alone. She didn't argue, she didn't say anything about it, just nodded and left the house alone. She did see the residents every now and then. It was a bit hard not to see them, as they were always dressed in the most extravagant clothing she'd ever seen. They seemed cold and cruel, and Adelei didn't like the way the woman would address her mother whenever she purchased bread from their stall. Her gaze was always cold, and her tone of voice was harsh. Adelei noticed most people tried to not converse with the two people, and only fulfilled whatever they wished for without asking questions.
    Adelei had never noticed that there was another child that she hadn't known of until she was 5. She hadn't noticed because she had never seen him before. He was a resident of the larger house as well. She knew this because she spotted him walking with the well-dressed man. Perhaps the man was his father? She wasn't sure. Though she saw that the way the boy looked about him was different from the way the man did. The man looked about with hatred and disgust... the boy with something closer to amazement. Adelei didn't understand why he was amazed, but she had lived her whole life amongst the liveliness of the Island. Perhaps he hadn't. She wanted to approach him and talk to him, but for the first time, she wasn't willing to run after someone she wanted to meet. Adelei was otherwise very outgoing now a days, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. Something warned her about approaching the boy. She was left there standing, watching the boy walk forward with the man towards the docks. Her attention and curiosity and been caught. Quietly, not daring to go any closer, she followed them along the path to the docks. The boy and his father rose on to a ship which then took flight, and she sat herself down to watch. For awhile she watched, but then realized her mother may be worried. So she stood up and ran back.
    But she'd be back to watch them later again, as she notice the boy and the man always left for the docks on Saturday mornings.
    So her everyday life continued, now with a new little hobby. She didn't know why she was interested, perhaps it was just the fact she never really could go talk to him that kept her interested in watching. She didn't let it bother her. It was a pleasant activity. The ship was extravagant as well, which made it a pleasure to gaze upon it. Time passed, and life went on leisurely. The boy was soon allowed to pilot the ship as well, Adelei noticed, which she found was a frightening idea. To be in control of an object that could just drop out of the sky was something else than being aboard one. Not that she had.
    At the age of 15 Adelei began to work harder at the market. She didn't have time to spend for herself anymore as her mother grew tired easily and had come to dislike standing around each day, leaving Adelei to work the stall herself. Her mother stayed at home now, baking, and every other hour Adelei would go fetch a new batch of bread. As it was, Adelei's friends would come visit her at the stall. Some of them had more times at hand, and they were all keen on spending it together. They spent what time they had chatting away at anything interesting or out of the ordinary that happened, and laughed hysterically whenever Adelei managed to create another hilariously horrible joke. They teased her about embarrassing times she's gone through, and she teased them. Everyday life was tiring yet enjoyable.
    One day though, as they were gathered like any other day, Adelei noticed the boy was in the market. It wasn't a Saturday, so she was taken back by surprise a bit, but it was an interesting sight. He wasn't there with the man, and he seemed to be walking around the market interested in purchasing something. This became a common sight though, as the boy started to visit the market everyday. He was treated coldly at first, as Adelei noticed, due to his origins. She had heard enough tales about him from her friends, and she didn't mind hearing the stories. Somehow she never had the time to talk to him, or try to, and she worked throughout the day at the stall.
    Her life carried on in a subtle manner. She spent time with family and friends, took a liking to multiple guys throughout the years though only did she ever really go out with one, worked at the stall and socialized with people. She didn't really want anything else, she was interested in the life she had. She still kept an eye on the boy though. He had seemingly tried to chat up a few of her friends, which she had heard about right away, and they had learned his name. His name was Rowan Alastair. It was extravagant to her, or perhaps she only found it that way because everything else they owned was extravagant. He was supposedly a very kind fellow, and people began to like him and treat him like the rest. He seemingly had no problem fitting in. She still, even though a few years had passed (Adelei was now 17) , had not talked to him properly except for a few times he stopped by the stall and had no idea why she was so interested in him, even though she dismissed it mostly. Maybe she wouldn't know for awhile.
    It was early. Adelei awoke, preparing herself for another day at the market that would be swarming with people in a few hours. But as she reached the market, she realized she had arrived way too early. To spend her time she decided she would go to the docks and see if anyone else was already awake and working there. As she arrived, she spotted the Alastair's ship. She gazed upon it like she had so many other times for awhile, and walked closer for a better look. The closer the got, the more extravagant it seemed. She had the urge to climb aboard and see what it was like. Hesitantly, she looked about, and then grabbed hold of the ladder. Hoisting herself up, she climbed aboard. It was still dark, and she couldn't see much, so she tried her best to be careful while walking around. She gazed around in awe for a bit, but decided it was best to go back. She felt a bit sick anyway. Seemingly the thought of being so high up on something that could easily fall still made her sick.
    Quietly, she scurried back towards the ladder. At that point, she noticed that Rowan Alastair himself was walking towards her. If he were to catch her on his ship, perhaps things wouldn't turn out too well. Trying to calm herself and not feel frightened, she looked about her for someplace to hide. Noticing a suitable spot, she ran over, not watching her step, and at the last minute got herself tangled in a pile of rope, tripping herself and causing her to lose consciousness as she fell behind a stack of empty crates.
    Next thing you know she found herself flying aboard an airship.

    What is your character’s main goal? (Motivation):
    She is keen on learning everything about the new land. She had never really been interested in education, only helping her mother and father, but now she’s realized she wants to know more than just the island she came from like the back of her hands.

    Strengths (Both physical and personality):
    She's average in strength, carrying around baskets of bread and such, and doing a few odd jobs for people every now and then. She is quite outgoing and talkative, which is helpful in a new environment, but also negative in ways. She is usually able to make friends out of most people, but not always. She also has a quite strong memory, allowing her to remember multiple people.

    Weaknesses (Both physical and personality. Not knowing how to do something that is outside of your class is not a weakness. IE not knowing how to use bows and magic, if you are a swordsman.):
    Since she is usually able to make friends out of most people, she's frightened or upset when someone dislikes her. Usually she begins to blame herself for it, even if that person is usually unsocial. She can be a bit too outgoing and talkative sometimes, making her seem very nosy and noisy. She doesn't have the best balance, and she has a hard time walking without falling sometimes. (She's dropped a bit of bread throughout the years) She also becomes anxious if she finds herself lost, as she’s known where she was 24/7 up to now.

    Does your character have any connections to currently-existing characters or characters yet to be accepted? If so, which? (See “Character Linking Aid”. Please post a link to the topic.):
    My character is related to Over_Fractured's character. His bio here:
    http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1739510-the-anerian-chronicles-rpairshipsclassesplayer-driven-storyextensive-lore/page__st__300#entry22082167 fourth one. And he's accepted this.

    In-Character-Responses (ICRs. For each scenario, write at least a paragraph describing entirely in-character how your character would respond to the situation.Your ICRs will be used to see how well you can RP. Please post them as if in IC chat. An example can be found after this form.)

    Walking down the streets of the Capital, you encounter a pair of heavily armed and armoured men harassing a young girl.
    Adelei stares at the men, aghast. Walking over quickly, she tries to nudge herself in between the men and the young girl. Spreading her arms out wide in front of the girl, she looks at the men sternly and says "This isn't looking like something that should be going on. Why don't you walk away and leaver her alone?" The men, who were slightly surprised at first, look at her with hatred. One of them begins to breathe heavily, irritated, and snorts "Why don'tchya mind yer own fu**in business?", and swiftly raises his fist as the other one watches with a slanted grin, causing Adelei to stand still in disbelief and fright as the mans fist meets her face.
    Pain lashes out through Adelei as she finally gains consciousness. The men and the young girl are all gone, and she's been left on the cold cobblestone. She touches her face gingerly, finding that her cheek has swollen, and looks about herself. She has multiple bruises and a few open wounds. Seemingly the men weren't happy with just one punch.

    A man approaches you with promises of fortune abroad if you join the crew of his airships. How do you react, and why?
    Adelei shakes her head no. "Thank you, but no thank you." She smiles, trying to seem as if she was grateful for the kind offer. The man looks at her with disappointment, then reaches under his coat to grab something, without saying a word. He pulls out a bag of coins, and Adelei stares at it in disbelief. Her jaw drobs, and she lifts her hand to grab ahold of one of the coins, only to have the bag pulled away from her. "Oh, uh, I" She murmurs, slightly shocked, as he gives her sharp glare. "You missed out, girlie." He retorts, and walks off huffing.

    You pass an old man lying on the side of the street, begging for food.
    Adelei glances down at him, wishing she had something to offer. She had absolutely nothing for him or herself, and her stomach growls in agreement. First you have to take care of yourself to feed someone else, she thought. Sighing, she crouches down, placing one of her hands on his. He doesn't say anything at first, then mutters, "What good is this sh*t gonna do me, huh?" She shakes her head, frowning, then turns his hand around, placing a ring in his hand. "You can sell it for some money." she says, standing up and wiping her hands on her skirt from the dirt.

    In a tavern, a slightly inebriated fellow insults your mother.
    Adelei glares at him, mad. "I wouldn't be talking with a drunken mouth if I were you," she hisses, nudging his chair slightly as a warning. He glares back at her, his eyes slightly crossed. "Ahn what'rye gun do eh?" He fires back at her in a high-pitched voice, seemingly trying to imitate her to make fun of her even more. Standing up suddenly with haste, Adelei wipes her eyes with the back of her hands before slapping the fellow right across his drunken face, causing him to lose his balance and fall off his chair in shock. "I'll kick you in the sack if you don't watch yourself, fellow." She retorts, and spits on his face before walking out.

    You take a liking to a beautiful necklace a passing woman wears.
    "S'cuse me miss, but where'd you find that necklace?" Adelei inquires, smiling kindly at the woman. The woman stops and turns to look at Adelei, seemingly a bit surprised at the sudden question. "Ah, this? Yes well, my husband purchased this for me as a gift." She murmurs somewhat quietly, seemingly embarrassed to talk about the subject. Smiling even more at her sudden embarrassment, Adelei nods "It's beautiful, pity you don't know where it's from. Thank you though." she says, and walks away as the woman stutters a goodbye and hurries off to whatever business she had to attend.
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    Quote from GreenNinja8

    So, other's get accepted when they correct the biography...but I don't?
    Sounds legit.

    I can scan trough the forums and collect some more of the "You corrected it so you are accepted" posts if you need me to.

    I rejected you because you had mistakes in your OOC part as well as your IC part in your application. It just seems like you didn't put too much thought in to applying, and I'm sorry if I was wrong and you actually did, but my decision was made. I reviewed your app multiple times and just didn't see you passing. Please stop arguing here. The other people who "corrected their mistakes and get accepted" are people who only had a few mistakes. You had more. It also varies on who is reviewing your app; This time it was me.

    We are fair to all applicants, and I took in to consideration how we usually accept/defer/reject applicants. You fell in the "rejection" area.
    Good luck with finding new servers.
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    Jasper151627237- You had mistakes in your OOC part, as well as your IC part. First off- You strengths and weaknesses just clash with each other. You state a few things that don't quite work with a certain part of your application:
    "-Selena is a great speaker/talker."
    "-She is kind of agile."
    "-She isnt a very good fighter, her strength lies in dodging."
    What you're stating is that Selena is KIND of agile, which means her strength lies in dodging, not fighting. She's also a great speaker/talker. So from this, I would guess that Selena would use her speech instead of her brute force to obtain something she wanted, correct? But in your first ICR she easily takes down a man by dodging his attempts to hurt her. No speaking. Even though you may be good at dodging, you'd have to be somewhat skilled in fighting to know how to defend yourself. Also; She only takes out one of the men. There were two. And seemingly the second man just stood there by the side watching his mate fail to defend himself from a woman, and let her walk away with ease? I'd think he'd do something about it. Plus, the two men were "Heavily armed and armored". I'd think they'd have some armor protecting themselves from weapons.

    You also stated Selena would commit some thievery every now and then, from those who wouldn't miss it or who probably couldn't care less about those who needed help the most. Yet in the ICR where she walks past the woman wearing a beautiful necklace, she decides to ignore it. You could assume that a necklace that beautiful is expensive though, and Selena has no idea how the woman got a hold of it. So she shouldn't dismiss it, because the woman hasn't "done anything". If Selena doesn't steal from people who "haven't done anything", then why would she steal from those who seem like they have quite the fortune and wouldn't care if they lost some of it? Just doesn't fit, the way I'm thinking about it.

    Just a quick edit: You also said Selena wanted to travel around the lands. Now.. not to alarm you.. but these lands are floating islands. SO you're pretty high up from the start. What I actually want to point out though is that the islands aren't too close to each other; Not really a "Take a little jump and you're on another island" distance. So if you wanted to travel around, you'd have to fly. And you mentioned Selena would never get on a "flying deathtrap". So I don't see Selena travelling around to really fit in, either.

    You also had mistakes in your OOC part. Sorry pal, but I just don't see you qualifying.
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    TehAlphaGamer- Welcome to the Anerian chronicles! Thanks for fixing up what I asked you to. (: Hop on the server whenever you like, and make sure you've joined our forums, where you can ask questions and get yourself up to date with things going on and things that have happened! http://aneria.enjin.com/
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    MrIce881- I was content with the amount of words you had for your Biography and ICRs, so good job with that. Good job with getting your new character accepted as well.
    TehAlphaGamer- Even though I can tell that you're quite familiar with RP and creating unique characters, this one isn't suitable for the server. There is no known life on the land below the islands, and the only known groups of people are the Chancellory and the Medori. If you are a citizen of the Chancellory, then you were raised/you reside in the Capital. A similar situation for the Medori. There is no possibility for your character to have come from a place named "Avdolia" as that place doesn't exist. I do apologize, but your biography needs to be changed for you to be accepted. Perhaps you should change your character as well, as it might be easier to do so. I don't know. Your character would have to have come from either the Medori island, Constance, or the Capital as a citizen of the Chancellory. Unless there's a somewhat unique case that staff has approved of before-hand. (Which this is not.)

    Also, your character can't be an engineer. Just start with something simple, and work your way up once your character has been accepted on the server.
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    Jaeden111- Good app, your character seems interesting and you've thought about her quite a bit.
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    Sjunior- Welcome to the Anerian Chronicles! I am glad to see more people taking the role of Medori, it's always nice to see what kind of an Idea they have about them. Well written application, I had a good time reading it. Just one note: Since you did say you had traveled quite the bit, I'd just like to say you won't actually be able to fly an Airship IC unless you learn to do so somewhere somehow. But that's all I had to say.

    To answer your question, one IC day is one day on MC itself... From when the sun comes up, and then goes down, that's one IC day of course. (So they're /quite/ short at times it will seem). We do have a calendar of somewhat, but no, nothing too exact. I think one day RL is one week, and one week is one Month. I'd ask more about it once you get on the server though, as my knowledge on everything may be lacking.

    Tankgod- Great Application! Enjoyed it quite a bit, well written and planned out! Also glad to have you join the Medori crew and be able to welcome you to the Fatherland! Nothing wrong with your app it seems, (Even though your ICRS were short to my taste, I thought you'd made up for it in the rest of the app) so I would just like to welcome you to the Anerian Chronicles!

    To answer your question, No, not quite. We've had a lack of balance between the two races we already have, and adding more might not be the best solution to this situation.

    KokoroNoSora- Once again, another good application! It's always interesting to see people link each other's characters in one way or another. Glad to see another drunken Medori! We already had one, which didn't end too well for anyone.. but hopefully it'll be different for you! Well written app, glad to have you aboard. Welcome to the Anerian Chronicles!

    Here's the link to the forums for you guys: (Join up on the community!) http://aneria.enjin.com/ And hop on the server whenever you want to start your experience with the Anerian Chronicles server and community. (:
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    Hi all!
    Just wanted to inform anyone glancing at the server with interest that we have quite the amount of interesting things in store for you! If you want to join up, go ahead and post an application right away! We would be glad to introduce you to the community and server, and have you be a part of the events and stories that are to unfold in the nearby future!

    We hope to see some new applicants!
    Mira~ ,o/
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    Kight_Sharpie -Welcome to the Anerian Chronicles! Well done with the edits, and with your biography over all! You can join the server whenever you want, and do join us on our website as well: http://aneria.enjin.com/
    Enjoy your experience with our server and community!
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    Kight_Sharpie -Just wanted to point out that your Bio was fine though it may have been slightly cliché.. but you could edit it so that it isn't. (Say, perhaps, he was always interested in things other weren't, so that's why he was neglected and set out to try to find people with the same interest as him.Without any slaughtering and all.) You don't have to though, that's not the reason I deferred you. The reason I deferred you is because I found the length of your ICRs lacking. If you could add to that, so that they're about a paragraph long (it can be a short one) and not just a few sentences, you'll make it right through. Thanks!
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