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    1. In game name (ign): Minurz
    2. age: 17
    3. Pronouns: He/him (they if you don't like he)
    4. reasons to want to join our server (please have at least 4-5 sentences if you can take the time)
    I want a smaller, community-based vanilla experience to enjoy at my own pace. Ideally I enjoy player-controlled anarchy (where the server's only rule is no hacking; griefers and spammers are punished by getting their bases raided or rejected by the community instead of being outright banned by an admin. In rare occurrences the admin can leak base coords of a player, but I've never likes just banning someone for something other than hacking. To me, this small community seems like the closest I will get to that experience, and so I'm willing to settle for it!
    5. What are your hobbies outside minecraft (we'd love to get to know you better as a human, not just a blocky avatar)
    I want you guys to get to know me while I play naturally, not through this public forum. However, I will say that I am good with music, and can sing/produce on my own.
    6. What do you love about minecraft most?
    The creativity it inspires in its players.
    7. What's your opinion on the LGBTQ+ community?
    As someone who goes to an arts school, I know the LGBT+ community about as well as I know myself. Some of my closest friends are LGBT+, and to me they are just the same as anyone else I'd talk to (if they intrude on my privacy or really make me angry I'd also treat them like I'd treat anyone else too).
    8. What kind of minecrafter do you see yourself as? (builder, redstone engineer, and so on)
    Explorer/survivalist, I know most of MC's core mechanics and love exploring and surviving. I also have knowledge in 1.8 pvp which partially translates over to 1.16 pvp aswell.
    9. What would you like to be called by?

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    posted a message on πŸ“£Second Home SMP | Whitelisted - 1.16.4 - Survival - Have your say in what this server entails!

    *Discord Username: Minurz#3561
    *Minecraft IGN: Minurz
    *Age (This will not determine your application!): 17
    (If applicable) YouTube/Twitch Link: https://youtube.com/minurz (don't expect content, I mainly do music now)
    *What do you hope to bring to the community of Second Home SMP?

    I want to bring a freer style of gameplay, with a more nomadic lifestyle of living and expletory way of playing. Instead of sitting in one spot I want to be able to live and travel more. Personally, I like servers where griefing and such IS allowed, but instead of being punished by admins the players will instead band together to defeat the griefer/find their base. Lag machines, instead of getting the builder banned, are instead disabled, then the machine's and builder's base's leaked (their coords) by the admin so players can take care of the issue instead. This player-based style of MC is what I want to see in an SMP experience.
    *How long have you been playing Minecraft?

    I've been on pocket edition since release 0.3.0 Alpha, before chests and beds were added (if I had to guess maybe around 2012-13?) I started java in release 1.4 or so.
    *What's your time-zone and what country are you in?

    USA, central timezone.
    *What are you most skilful at in Minecraft? (Building, PVP, Redstone etc.)

    Probably exploring and general game knowledge for surviving. I have the knowledgebase necessary to survive alone on a server, but my building and such are closer to average.
    How often do you think you could play?

    Being completely honest I wouldn't play a whole lot, maybe 30mins to 2 hours per day at max. Weekends would be significantly less as I'm busy on both weekends the whole day.

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    posted a message on Kitrealms πŸ†πŸ† Whitelisted || No-hack || SMP || Anarchy || Vanilla || Survival || 1.16.4!! πŸ†πŸ†

    Hello all! After spending hours scouring the internet for a good SMP server, I can't seem to find one without some form of P2W, whether it be voting or donating! Most servers have strict rules and rollback policies, which to me kills the vanilla experience, and sometimes even have cosmetics and other payment-based game aspects which just ruing the server's feeling entirely. After my failed search, I have created my own SMP server to fit my vision of what the perfect multiplayer vanilla experience is.

    Kitrealms is a SMP/Anarchy vanilla survival server with a smaller community. Our server provides a friendly community experience without the fear of being banned or removed from the whitelist. Unlike other, more limiting servers, actions such as griefing are allowed per the server rules; however you will likely be ridiculed by the server playerbase. This compromise between pure anarchy and totalitarian server control gives the server a relaxed, free feeling without the risk of being randomly banned. Furthermore, the server will NEVER be reset, with player data remaining untouched unless 100% of the playerbase wishes for it to be removed. Plugins like grief protection and coreprotect will never be installed, as they inhibit and kill the vanilla experience.

    There is only one admin enforced rule: Hacking, cheating, or exploiting is not tolerated. Kitrealms is designed to be a vanilla experience, which hacks/glitches are not a part of. Lag machines are allowed, however their coordinates will be leaked to other players (as well as the builder's base coordinates and such), making a player-based punishment the result of such actions.

    Kitrealms was originally a public PvP server, but has now been repurposed to fit a truer experience of Minecraft. This means that the playerbase has been seriously whittled down. Understand that if you're joining us relatively soon after this post has been made the community will be just starting to grow. Hold through and wait, and the server will grow to have a much more stable playerbase, with you being one of the first to ever join the new era.

    The server runs on a small list of plugins designed to help admins enforce the no-hack and no-glitch policy. Other than that, the server is entirely vanilla (SpigotMC run); plugins that do seemingly minute things such as skipping the night are not installed either to stay true to the vanilla experience. If you have any bugs or problems you'd like to report, you can DM me on discord (link down below).

    If you are a content creator, making videos on Kitrealms is 100% permitted. Feel free to do what you wish!

    If my vision of a true vanilla SMP fits yours, or you just want to have fun, you can apply to join here: https://forms.gle/5X6pW11C68LBbXFx5 -- The server IP is kitrealms.net (Whitelisted)

    If you want to join our discord, here it is: http://kitrealms.net/discord

    View more info about the server here: https://minecraftservers.org/server/582585

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