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    Alright that works you're in albert.
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    Quote from RandomKitteh

    Well, I roleplay Prince Hans from Frozen on Tumblr, and the AU version I do is fire!Hans. Of course, he's not gonna have fire on the server if I do choose him, but he's more manipulative, a-holish, and just...more down-right devilish than the movie portrays him.

    Oh, well it's not extremely far off from canon and I'd understand. Just fill out a form and I'll whitelist you c:

    EDIT: P.S. on the OP you'll show up as just Hans so we don't have any copies floating around. You'll still be fire!Hans though.
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    Quote from RandomKitteh »Quick question: do you have to stick to the canon's personality, or have your own interpretation, i.e. AU? (I am assuming the former?)

    Depends on the AU, give me a little info on what you're thinking about and I can give you a clear answer.
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    Accepted. Best mod 2k14
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    Matrix is added.
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    JordanTH has been whitelisted. Yummypie, please go look in the OP again.
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    You don't know how long you've been passed out for... but you've just woken up in a church.

    "How long have I been here?" You think as you stand up and look around.

    "Where even am I..."


    Convencraft is meant to be a crossover roleplay through any known series you like. Whether it is from a video game, television show, book, anime, or whatever story you prefer. Coming together only by consequence to make themselves a new world, making friends, enemies, and surviving a new and strange world together.
    We're working on minor tweaks with mods but it should be playable. We're a completely new server, looking for ways to advertise and open for applications.

    General Rules

    {1} Once you take a character, you have two days to get on to the server. If you're not on by then, the character is open again. Becoming inactive for more than a week? If you don't tell any server admins about what's going on (vacation, sickness, family issues, etc.) your character will become open for grabs again.
    {2} You can talk ooc, but when someone is trying to roleplay, please be courteous and don't spam with ooc talk. OOC talk uses two brackets (ie (( )), {{ }}, [[ ]]) while whispering in character uses one (ie. (pst, hi.) )
    {3} To be added to the server, please fill out an application and send it as a reply to this post. (It's in the tips section). One of our mods will whitelist you if it is accepted.
    {4} 13+ Server. Please know that this will not change. Therefore, no detailed gore, no very explicit content on server and we also expect some (at least a little) form of maturity and common sense.
    {5} Respect everyone. And their opinions. Basically don't be a jerk.
    {6} As long as the character you want to play is:
    • Is not made by you and is in a series multiple people will recognize
    You should be all good.

    {7} You must be able to change your nickname to your character name. The 'tips' section will show you how to do it. If you do not, we will tell you to look in the main post again.

    {8} Wear the skin of your character
    {9} Please don't take dropped items from players.

    Admins can decide to reject that certain character and ask you to play someone else.
    Mods can reject your request. (But we probably won't)
    These rules can be changed at any time.

    Our IP is:

    You are encouraged to build on our server! However we have build rules but they are on our server, the rules however are in our server.
    /afk – show you're away, or back without moving a finger.
    /spawn – Go back to spawn.
    /tpa (username) – teleport to this person.
    /tpahere (username) – teleport this person to you
    /back – Go back to where you were before you teleported
    /home – Make the spot you're standing at your own personal warp!
    /delhome – deletes your personal home warp.
    /realname (nickname) – find out who is playing who.
    /warp resource - Takes you to the resource world.
    What is your minecraft game username?:
    What character do you want to play (include the series name)?:
    Do you understand the OP entirely? Any questions about it?:
    Show us how you would format your username in our server.:
    Tell us how you would describe your character, in your own words:

    Our server uses a coloring system that you can use nicknames, as well as prefixes and suffixes.
    /nick – use this for your first name
    /suffix – use for last names
    /prefix – use for possible prefixes like sir/madam or any types of posistions that you may find relevant (ie corporate, Sargent).
    These commands you only have to use once. Let me show you how I would do mine, as Sailor Moon (Usagi Tsukino)
    /nick &dUsagi
    Then entering it, it's changed. Now on to the suffix. Please use spaces in your name if applicable. To do this you put a color down, use space, then use the color you wish to use for your suffix and type in the name.
    ie. /suffix &a[space]&fTsukino
    and if you replace the brackets with a space, it should work and you should have a space in between your first and last name.
    Other color codes:
    /colorlock (color) – your text is now the color specified!
    This command you have to do every time you enter the server. If there is a color you can use, please use it. Colored text makes you easier to differentiate your text from others, and you do not have to type it again until you re-enter the server.
    ie. /colorlock &d

    Characters Taken

    Character - Forum name - Minecraft name
    Legend Of Zelda
    Link - JordanTH - JordanTH

    Sailor Moon

    Usagi Tsukino - Mintypancakes - Mintypancakes

    Team Fortress 2

    Saxton Hale - MatrixSamurai - matrixSamurai
    Sniper - Technic10 - __Technic__

    About the mods:
    Mod Mintypancakes:

    Sup, my name is Minty (or Mint) though I honestly don't mind if you give me new ones (but please no slurs ;.; ) I am a 19 20 year old college student and I started roleplaying about 9 years ago! Honestly I wouldn't have the life I know today if it weren't for roleplaying. The reason why I started this was because I had seen homestuck rps based in minecraft, and they're really fun! But when I looked up anything else besides homestuck, there wasn't much to offer (except a Naruto rp server, and I grew out of that at least six years ago..) so I decided since I have money now that I make this dedicated rp server. Since Gaia isn't so popular anymore and the Tumblr and Facebook rp accounts have a history of being targeted for deletion by staff, I'm hoping new rpers will find their muses in this server and old rpers who may find it fun. Two of my favorite characters are Pyro from TF2 and Flapjack from the show “The Misadventures of Flapjack”. I hope we find lots of new and old rpers to have fun with!
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