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    posted a message on *Adult* Minecraft players?

    I've been getting added by lots of kids, would like people closer to my age to play with.

    22 years of age, I do have a mic, I do not troll/grief. Send me a message via Xbox Live. :) GT: Minkeey

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    posted a message on New *adult* friends? :)

    I just purchased my Xbox One yesterday, and I am in need of a new pool of friends to play with. I get too lonely playing Survival by myself!

    I am 22 years of age, I've played Minecraft in the past on the 360, so I know the basics and know the general rules of etiquette when it comes to joining another person's server.

    I do not have a mic at the time, I'll be purchasing one within a week (give or take a couple of days from that), I simply forgot to pick one up when I purchased the console last night. I do have Skype, so if a Skype group can be created to keep a fast form of contact, I'm all for that. :)

    I would prefer people nearer to my age to play with me, please and thank you!

    My GT is Minkeey. You can respond to my thread or directly message me via Xbox Live.

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    posted a message on Share your gamertag so everyone can add you and your friend's list is full of minecraft players.

    GT: Minkeey

    Game Mode: Survival preferred. :)

    Specializes In: Gathering supplies (i.e. wood, cobblestone, dirt), leveling ground, farming/hunting for food

    I'm 22, currently do not have a mic (I just bought the Xbox One yesterday), but I should within the span of a week. :) I'm a wimp when it comes to going into the caves and venturing into the night.

    Edit: Please send me a message via Xbox Live, so I know you're adding me. :) Thank you!

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    I'd like to see what this is about. :)

    GT: Minkeey

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    posted a message on Why put MInecraft on the Xbox in the first place?
    Yeah, when I bought Minecraft for the 360, I only spent about $20. So I can't relate to the 'more expensive' part.

    And just because the pc may have more to it and people prefer it more, I can't play on the pc because my computer doesn't work well with it and I lag too much. Buying a new computer JUST because Minecraft lags on it is kind of out of the question, but it's perfectly fine on the 360 so that's why I'm happy they have it in here as well.
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    posted a message on Update log is a dissapointment....
    Quote from BrentsAccount

    Yeah i would be happy... If i played survival.

    So I guess you're saying spawn eggs, different colored wood, different slabs and a bunch of other goodies that I find will be useful in my creative world won't apply to those who play in creative?

    I play on both kinds of maps and though the End doesn't excite me as much as it does my boyfriend or his friends, I'm still pleased with the other things they've added with it and I'm glad just to see the next step all together.

    It's one step closer to things that will appeal to people who complain about updates being too slow or who don't consider it to be 'enough' on a game you're getting free updates for.
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    posted a message on Need help locating items
    I normally only find gold and diamond when I go mining and go deep, deep down into the caves.

    So you'd have to be heavily prepared for that in case you face monsters (assuming you don't play on Peaceful), bring enough food, have the best armor you have access to (iron), make sure you have weapons, etc etc.

    You can also find lapis lazuli and redstone deep down in those caves.

    Keep in mind you can mine diamond, redstone, and gold ONLY with an iron pickaxe or better.

    As for wheat, all you have to do is gather seeds from the grass and get a hoe, use the hoe next to water and plant the seeds on the sowed ground.

    If you step on it while it's growing, it can be ruined so try and block it off from animals and friends you may play with that may accidentally trample on them.
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    posted a message on Creepy Happenings in your Minecraft world? I will debunk your weird experiences
    Hi, not sure if this has been asked before but my boyfriend recently made a new world.

    He built his stuff in the desert and has sandstone for the house.

    We always sleep in this house while his friends built their homes else where.

    At first, I would die and I would spawn where I last slept, which was inside the house.

    Then there was one time when I was killed and spawned back at the spawn point.

    I wasn't too annoyed cause we built fairly close to the spawn point, and I figured someone just knocked my bed and moved it, but I died a few more times after and every single time I'd spawn back at the spawn point.

    It wasn't annoying the first couple of times but it is now really annoying since I'm a target for the guys to murder me for fun and I hate having to travel back that distance to collect my stuff several times during one gaming session with them.

    I know they couldn't have possibly be removing my bed each time because sometimes we wouldn't be even near them when I was killed.

    Last time I played, my boyfriend was killed and he was sent back to the spawn point as well.

    Not sure if this is because of the sandstone because we've never used it before and we've never experienced this issue.

    I don't recall the other guys who built elsewhere dying and spawning back at the spawn point, so maybe we should test that but it's still weird, regardless.
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