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    Indeed. Plus it's actually really interesting to see what other people make :D

    Great! Looking forward to working with it :)

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    Heya peeps!

    So lately I've had a really random idea.

    Since I'm always open to new building styles, even though I do prefer my medieval buildings, I thought:

    "Why not transform someone else's world?

    So basically what I want to do / going to do is ask you to send me your survival map, preferable in 1.14, and then I'll try to rework / transform it for you as good as I can!
    I thought it'd be very interesting to see what other people have built and what I can make out of it.
    As a small taste, I'll leave some screenshots of things I've built before down below!

    As a small information:
    - I'm by no means a professional builder or something like that. I only play the game for fun!
    - No, I'm not taking money for it. I only need a world so I thought I'd ask if anyone would lend me a copy of theirs! :)
    - It could be that you won't end up liking my style or what I've done to your world, so maybe give me some ideas / clues as in what to change, and what not.
    - If you have any preferences for building styles, let me know and I'll try, since the purpose of this is for me to widen my horizon of building styles!

    If you're interested in it, let me know!
    Just upload your world somewhere and I'll start working on it as soon as I can! :)

    Some of my buildings:

    Harbor Town :)

    Little wooden House

    My survival house!

    Little Hot Spring I

    Wishing everyone a great day! <3
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