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    IGN: Miniman74

    Age: 3,568

    YouTube/Twitch: PewDiePie

    Country: Merica, Hail Trump

    How many hours a week would you play?: I'll literally be on this server all day everyday. I will no joke be on 24 hours a day and will not stop progressing in the server. I'll even play when it's my mom's birthday!! Now I don't joke around with my moms birthday son!! My mom is my only and most important friend so if I'm ditching her for minecraft you know I'm dedicated. Ya heard?!!??

    Why Should We Choose You: If you pick me I'll drive to your house and suck all your family members toes for at least 5 minutes each. Most people would pay a lot of money for some good toe sucking but for you and your relatives FREE! That's zero dollars and zero cents booiiiii!!! BRAH BRAHH!

    Have You Been A Part of An SMP Before (If Yes, Why Did You Leave): I was apart of this sever called Infinty Lands a few years ago. Pretty sure the owner Marc had a crush on me. He tried to have me send him naked pictures one time. I don't know it was awkward. Long story short he saw my balls but not my little Henderson. Only a few select people get to see my little Henderson. 1. Jesus of course. 2. My great grand dad. 3. The man who lives down the street from me, don't know his name but he gives me some sweet ether when I show him my little Henderson.

    What other games do you play/enjoy?: I enjoy playing ookie cookie with my dogs.

    (Optional) Any links to builds you have created that you think we'd like to see: www.beeg.com

    What is your stance on cat abortions?: I say the more the merrier on cat abortions.

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    Build Style: I try to build all different kinds of things from rustic to modern and everything else.

    Why you want to join the community:I used to run a server back in like 2012-2013 and it was so much fun being able to play with a tight-knit group of people. I am looking for something like that we're we all know each other and just have tons of fun literally doing everything there is to do on minecraft.

    Tell us a little about yourself: Well I'm a sophomore in college and have been playing minecraft since beta. I won't be able to play to much, hopefully every other day or so for multiple hours at a time though. I also get a month off for winter break so if accepted I will basically be living on the sever for the whole month.

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    • In-game Name: Miniman74
    • Age:19
    • Location/Timezone:USA, EST
    • Will you use Discord to communicate?: Sure
    • Have you ever been banned from a Minecraft server? If so, please explain why: I have not been banned.
    • Provide examples (eg. screenshots, or videos) of things you have built in the past: I don't often take screenshots, but here's one that I could find.
    • Write a few sentences about yourself: Okay. So my name is Billie, but my mom calls me a mistake. I am currently a sophomore in college who's studying to be a freaking NARC! I plan on busting all the people as a cop! I have been playing minecraft since beta and have just never gotten bored of it. I also like long walks on the beach, and I always **** on the first date ;)
    • Favorite thing to do on Minecraft:I like to build things like houses, farms, and explore.
    • Why do you want to join Hexagon SMP? I have been looking for a server to play on that has a really close community. I used to own a server a few years ago for a while and it was honestly so much fun and I just want to have something like that again.
    • How often do you plan to play on the server? Well I go to school and also trying to get a job/internship so that takes up a decent amount of time but I plan to play around every other day, but I'm off for a straight month in December so expect me to be living on the server if I am accepted.
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    cool beans, let me know.

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    In Game Name : Miniman74
    Name / Nickname : Billie
    Skype (can be privately sent) : billie.bob74
    Age : 19
    Time Zone ; EST

    How often will you be able to play? : Usually how my playing style works is I'll play for multiple hours at a time then be off for a day or two then jump back on, it all depends on what I'm doing and also if other people are playing on the server as well.

    What is your favorite thing to do in Minecraft? : Probably the fact that essentially anything your mind can come up with can be done, you can build almost anything you can think of. I also enjoy multiplayer on minecraft as well.

    Any side things you would like to say? Go ahead!

    What's the difference between a Lamborghini and a 5,000 decapitated babies?

    I don't have a Lamborghini in my garage ;)

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    In Game Name: Miniman74
    Skype (Mic or not?): billie.bob74
    Age and Gender: 18 Male
    Timezone: USA Eastern
    Reasons why you would like to join: Been looking for a swag gin server lately to be playing on with a cool group of people and since I recently had to close down a server I use to have I figured I'd give it a shot at just being a member instead of the owner/leader
    Reasons why you would make the server better: I love doing community builds like xp farms etc, basically tell me anything and I'll do it (except kill myself my ex tried to have me do that multiple times already).
    Strengths and Weaknesses: I'm pretty good and making chicken pot pie according to my mom, as well as redstone farm type-do-hicky-stuff. Weakness: Probs college, girls and PvP (sorta)
    How many hours each day would you be playing: Honestly not a lot (well it depends on how much is a lot to you). But I go to school (as stated above) and have to work otherwise I can't feed myself and will starve because that's a thing now-a-days. But sundays, saturdays, wednesdays, and fridays i usually don't got work so on those days probs like 8 hours (don't really got a life sooooo). But like weekly around 30ish. I could play the days I work all the time like monday, tuesday, and thursday but only for an hour or two. So like I don't know math and stuff is annoying. But like tooooots 20-30 range a week!
    P.S. I realize this is like hella late so its kewl beans if no response is made, i won't cry myself to sleep I pinky promise.
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    posted a message on Mindcrack like Vanilla Server looking for Members
    Hello my name is Miniman74 and i run a minecraft server. It is 100% vanilla like the Mindcrack or Hermitcraft except we are not in UHC mode and the ender dragon has been killed but we haven't killed a wither yet. We have nine members currently but my server has 23 slots and i might even get more. We occasionally play UHC and sometimes play custom maps also you must have Skype and must be 15 or older. The rules are No whining like a ­ for op because no one is, no griefing (blowing up house, burning down house, etc), must be active, must be social and friendly because nobody likes an anti-social andy. If you have read these rules please put this number at the end of your application. 27.483.674:25563. Thanks for taking the time to read this hope to talk with you soon. :D

    What you can offer:
    Anything other info or questions:
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    posted a message on Vanilla Server/Snapshot looking for new members!
    Hello there my name is MiniMan74 and I have just recently bought a server and currently only have my four friends and I playing. It is just like the Mindcrack or Hermitcraft server, we also on occasions have uhc competitions and play custom maps as well. Please fill out application below and if you are chosen we will contact you via Skype asap. Rules, no griefing, no spamming, must be an active member (NO ONE LIKES AN ANTI-SOCIAL ANDY), no whining like a ­ for op cause no one is op. If you you have read all these rules type 156.75.888.92 at the end of your application. THANKS :D

    Experience with Minecraft:
    What you have to offer:
    Any additional comments:
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    posted a message on Vanilla Server looking for new members!
    My name is MiniMan74 and I have bought a new Minecraft server a month ago. It is just like the Mindcrack or Hermitcraft server we specifically only play in survival and nothing else. At the moment my four friends and I are the only members. We are looking for new people to play on the server with us, so fill out the application and we will get back to you asap. If you do get accepted we will give the ip via email or skype.

    Experiences with Minecraft:
    What would you have to offer:
    Have you ever been banned:
    Any additional info(optional):

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