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I am very young, I love to play video games and watch people play video games. I love GameCube and Zelda games specifically and I'm a kid-loving person (no comment...) I'm on the "bigger side" but don't hold it against me. I am intelligent and very loving. I love to watch let's plays on YouTube, I dream I'll make one some day. My favorite food is just a plain Subway sandwich. I do not have a job, but if I could choose one now it would be to work for Target (C'mon Wal-Mart sucks!) I have actually never beaten a game due to breaking the disc (usually I break them by putting them in wrong) or a really good challenge. I am hoping I can beat Zelda Majoras Mask for GameCube but I haven't played it in a while. Before this becomes an auto-biography I would love to end this so I hope if you read to here we become good friends and you get to learn more about me.
Interests Retro games, Skyrim, Minecraft.

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