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    Quote from MikeA»

    You would have better luck posting on WebHostingTalk for something like this. I'd recommend looking at ReliableSite if you just need 8-16 GB RAM.

    They do not have a direct "requests" section at all though.
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    Quote from TheGameBug»

    How much would I need approximately RAM wise as the entirety of the Bevo Tech Pack is approx 272mb of Mods (167 of them to be exact).

    I used to run a server on that modpack myself and it consumes ~1.5GB when started and will holds a few people without a problem. After that if you want around 4 people on it I had ~2GB at that time, and it pretty much scale up with that (4GB held 8 at mid/end game state). What your being told is not RAM, that is telling you how much it consume on your storage device (most likely a hard drive). That much storage is not going to bother anyone at all. Even when you have a quite large world and have a few backups laying around at given time.
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    posted a message on $20 for Full Dedicated Server! 7 Day Money Back Guarantee!

    Hosting must be related to Minecraft server hosting. Generic advertisements for services is not allowed.

    If your not willing to provide Minecraft level support with this then your providing "generic" hosting. Which is not allowed as per rules as stated above.

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    Quote from Minecr4ck»

    Hi :) What happened to your server? I think I played on this back in November. You were actually trying to rent off the other half of your box.

    But I see everything is down now. Was there no interest anymore? Did things get moved?

    Hi, the server did indeed lost much interest unfortunately and another thing happened that was not related to the Friendly Tech instance itself. Feel free to PM me if you wish for more details of the unfortunate or need anything.

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    Quote from VortexFour242»

    ok thank you

    Not a problem! Glad you were able to get your server up and running with my help.

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    Quote from VortexFour242»

    Never mind, I realized that the mods still work even though the server is classified as "vanilla" on minecraft. However, some mods do not work on it, but they work on my normal Minecraft singleplayer. Is there any easy fix for this, or is it something that just depends on the mod and i have to leave it by itself?

    Some of those mods may be intended to works like that, as they are refereed as "client side" mods. Meaning as you mention will only works from your client and won't do anything on the server. Examples includes such mods as map related mods, Optifine, and etc. If you feel that they are not like those and/or the author states that they are server side then yes you would want to leave them/take it up with the "devs" of respected mods.
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    Any requirements in initial setup of the new server in terms of naming or other properties?
    I have a samba share already setup, and put the files in "server 2" instead of "server 1" that is where they were originally. Will try replacing files in "server 1" instead.

    The only requirement would to make sure your worlds and jars are reflected on the panel settings accordingly. Like if there is spigot.jar on server 1 and custom.jar on server 2. Make sure that server 1 is set to spigot.jar and server 2 is set to custom.jar and etc.

    Also do not forget to change IP(s) and port(s) if those changed as well.

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    Quote from AcrionMC»

    Thank you! I'm going to do a 4GB for factions, a 3GB for prison, and a 1GB for hub.

    Not a problem and sounds like a nice plan!
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    Quote from Havendes»

    I would like to know if anyone could suggest the average ram needed for a server running the Resonant Rise 3 mod pack.

    I want to host a Resident Rise 3 server for about 4-5 people and I'm looking into the ram usage of it.

    The last time I ran a Resonant Rise server it was running on 4GB so I would recommend 4GB-6GB just be safe.
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    Quote from Im_a_Savage»

    Looking for a good host!

    Running a Big Modpack

    Hi, we can surely deliver performance to match the demands at a reasonable $7 per GB per month.

    We use at least the following hardware that is kept under loaded at all times.
    E3 1270v2 CPU
    32GB RAM running at 1333Mhz
    2x120GB SSDs in RAID 1
    1Gbps Uplink

    Every Minecraft server come complete with
    - Dedicated RAM and Software RAID 1 SSD diskspace. No more worrying about dealing with inconsistence performance and/or deleted or reduced content.

    - Best Efforts Support which we will do our best to reply as timely as possible and do our best to help you out with your issues and questions. We will be happy to help with installations (Spigot, plugins, modpacks, and etc), help you with Multicraft tasks, help on your game’s configurations, and help you find relevant server lists and even help you put your server on them if you wish.

    - We include backups with your entire diskspace allocation (both included and extra) every 12 hours and keep minimally 6 copies at a time (3 days worth of backups).

    Full details and plans can be found here https://www.friendlytechserver.com/servers.html

    Also feel free to contact us here if you have any questions https://www.friendlytechserver.com/contactus.html
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    posted a message on Multicraft - help restoring server/world files after reinstall

    Hi, first time poster, about 2 year veteran of administrating.

    I use Multicraft to host a server for a small group of friends on a headless Ubuntu 14.04 server.

    Long story short, I caused a kernel panic recently and decided it would be easier to just recover the server files to a USB drive and reinstall from scratch.

    I have gotten it to the point that I can create and manage a new world. I then tried to copy the files from the old "server" folder into the new "server" folder, but Multicraft cannot seem to recognize the files.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction on getting Multicraft to see the server files, or a way to replace newly created server files with the backed up files without breaking anything?

    Thanks in advance.

    I am assuming you copied say a file called "servers" onto your USB and now trying to put them back in the new "servers" file. What you need to do if that the case..
    1. Create the new servers
    2. FTP into them and put in their respected contents
    3. Start them up and they should be just as they were when you last stopped them
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    Quote from AcrionMC»


    I have an old 2008 Mac Pro with 10GB of RAM that I'm going to use to set up 3 servers and link them with BungeeCord. The only problem is that I need two 4GB servers (one for factions and one for prison) and one 1GB server for the spawn hub. I'm pretty familiar with the process to set up a server on OSX and I'm going to buy a Multicraft panel for all 3 as soon as I get them up and running. So I just need to know how to make 3 servers with 1GB of normal RAM left on the computer for overflow or to surf the internet, install plugins before Multicraft, etc.


    Just set the limits on Multicraft and that will keep the servers from using more than neeeded (4GB for the two servers and 1GB for the other one). For best results you would probably want at least 2GB of headroom.

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    Quote from Pup2602»

    we have tried but it just wont open. what is a good website for it or program?

    Ask to see if your ISP have that port blocked on their end. Because if both hardware (your router) and software (your firewall) are in check then it must be by network (your ISP). If they say "no" ask them how to do it. If they still refuses then it time you find a new one.
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    posted a message on In search of a host
    Hi we will be happy to meet all your needs. We will reply to all of your needs below on how we meet them and etc.

    1- Able to host for 10 simultaneous players without performance loss.
    With our dedicated RAM and SSD diskspace you will be able to easily host this many players at once. We recommend our 1GB package to host this many people without lag. You may view and order our packages here https://www.friendlytechserver.com/servers.html
    2- No auto-update, as in we don't want the server to update to 1.9 automatically (We want to be able to choose the version we play on)
    Your are indeed in FULL control of your server hosting and we do not auto update ANY of our customers' unless they request to us that they need help doing an update.
    3- Accessible 24/7
    Absolutely after all your are paying for a service. You can expects reasonable uptime for both your server and our control panel. We will also give prior notices for any works we need done on our server that may require some interruption of services.
    4- Preferrably in a region where we'd have low ping (we are in the province of Quebec, in Canada)
    Our server is in Buffalo New York, let us know if you feel if you need a test server by contacting us here https://www.friendlytechserver.com/contactus.html as we will be happy to give you one for up to 2 days.
    5- Most important of all: That will allow us to upload/download our world <-- This is a world we've been working on for a while (still under 2 GB for now).
    You can upload/download your service contents at any time either via the control panel or via a remote FTP client like Filezilla. With our standard 5GB dedicated SSD diskspace allocation there is enough space for this world and all your Minecraft contents. In an event you ever need more we charge $0.18/GB on top your monthly package. We also take backups to a physically remote location every 12 hours. We will keep a minimum of 6 copies (3 days worth) of these backups that you may request from us at any time.
    6- We want to keep playing in this world even when we'll decide to stop using hosting services, which means we need to be able to download the world.
    When you feel your done with us as well as anytime you feel that you need your contents on your own system. You can simply download your required files within the control panel or by using your FTP client.
    7- Of course, we want it to be affordable. So, a dedicated server is out of question, as I heard they are pretty expensive.
    At $7/GB we are often times way cheaper than similar dedicated solutions, yet you can still expects dedicated resources and stable performance.

    Feel free to let us know if you have any questions by contacting us here https://www.friendlytechserver.com/contactus.html or directly emailing us at [email protected]

    Hope to hear back from you soon.
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    posted a message on I tped myself up really really high and can't tp back down.
    Quote from DarkSamus9000»

    There's nothing we can do to help.

    Actually there is a way, but it will cost him his player's inventory.
    1. Get your player's UUID (you can find a Username to UUID online)
    2. Stop your server and find the player.dat that is labeled with that UUID in the file path of the following yourserverfolder/world/playerdata
    3. Delete it and restart server
    4. This will empty out your inventory and reset you to spawn

    Your welcome. :)

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