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    posted a message on Animania: Immersive Animals and Pets mod that improves the passive animal experience in Minecraft

    Did you never think about add animals like a deer? I'm asking because I ever wanted have a deer and ride them a one too, something different of a horse, but I never found a mod that let me do it. This is my little frustration since the Twilight Forest.


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    posted a message on Tough As Nails - Difficulty through realism. Seasons, thirst, body temperature, and more!

    Air quality was removed forever or will be re-added in futures updates?


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    posted a message on Animania: Immersive Animals and Pets mod that improves the passive animal experience in Minecraft

    Animals dying by hunger and thirst will be add, even as an option? I tried run Animania with other mods that add features like starvation, but they were incompatible.

    Thanks! This mod is amazing

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    posted a message on New combat system

    Hey guys! This is the first time that I post some idea for a mod, and I take some of those of other mods (the mods will be cited). So, I'm not american, sorry for my english.

    My idea is to make improvements in the combat system, animation e add some itens related to those improvements.

    For mechanic:

    • Add stamina bar, overideing energy for attack: Used for actions (sprint, attack e bow arrows). The bar will have a static amount of stamina. What this amount let you do? 3 sword attacks; 2 axe attacks; bow 10 arrows; 5 punch attacks, sprint 100 blocks; block attacks with shield and break blocks will consume stamina too. (this is an idea inspired in other games, as Dark souls)
    • Change the animations only for arms and legs, in every view point (hope that work fine with optifine and cosmetic mods): Add animation to combat (sword, axe, bow, punch and spear - will be add), put blocks, interact (open chest and a general to another items), sprint, sneak, jump, jump/fall + attack, fall, dive, floating and swing. (Mo'bend and Smart moves inspired)
    • Hit sound for blocks. (Better combat)

    For bows:

    • Add some new arrows: Wood, stone, iron, gold, diamond, obsidian, flame, freeze, lighting, explosive, light, and smell arrows. The wood, stone, iron, gold, diamond, obsidian arrow, do only different damage, but obsidian arrow ignore armor and shields. The flame arrow burn mobs, fire up blocks and melt snow and ice block. The freeze arrow freeze mobs and water for some seconds, and turn lava into obsidian. The lighting arrow damage all mobs in the rage of the sparks (will not be a lightning). The explosive arrow damage all mobs and blocks in the rage of explosion (but break block must be configurable). The light arrow will damage all mobs that burn in sunlight on the rage of light, and if hit a block, will be a source of light for some time. Smell arrow make the monsters attack the block or entity hit by the arrow. (Different mods add arrows like this, but some effects a inspired in other games, like Legend of Zelda)
    • Headshot damage: More damage when the arrow hit the top of entity (head probaly, hope).
    • Arrows can be throw with the hand, but do less damage and don't go so far. (Survival tweaks)
    • Haste potion will make the player bow arrows faster.
    • Strength potion will make the player bow arrows more far and do more damage, but after the end of effect the player will became tired. The tired status will reduce the distance that the arrow are throw and reduce the speed of stamina recovery. (Survival tweaks, most part of the idea.
    • Add a quiver with 4 slots for arrows: The arrow slot on the quiver may be change using a key, if the slot is empty when try to bow, the slot will be changed to the next. (Some mods add quiver, but the way how it is work is different)

    For sword:

    • Perform combo attack, when use 3 consecutive attacks: Use all stamina, all attacks do the same damage. (Part inspired in Mo'bend animation)
    • Hold the attack key charge the energy: More powerful melee attack, hit 360º and 1 more block of distance that the normal melee, but consume all stamina. (Part of better combat and inspired in Zelda games)
    • Attack while sprint. (Better combat)
    • Hold attack while sprint make a melee attack.
    • Air attack: When jump or falling, press attack to fall attacking with the sword.
    • Block with a sword: When in offhand, sword can be used to block attacks, but just reduce half of the damage and reduce sword durability. (Survival tweak, but modify)

    For axe:

    • Perform combo attack, when use 2 consecutive attacks: Same as sword.
    • Hold the attack key charge the energy: Same as sword, but instead 360º hit 180º.
    • Attack while sprint.
    • Hold attack key while sprint make a melee attack.
    • Air attack: Same as sword.
    • Block with a axe: Same as sword.

    For spear:

    • Add spear: Wood, stone, iron, gold, diamond and obsidian spears, only different in damage and durability, but obsidian spear ignore armor and shield when throw. More distance, but a little less weak than sword or axe.
    • Normal attack (4 attacks consume all stamine), without combo attack.
    • Melee attack.
    • Hold attack key to charge and throw the spear: Can be recovered later and throw it consume all stamina.
    • Air attack: Same as sword.
    • Block with a spear: Same as sword.

    For knuckle:

    • Add knuckle: Wood, stone, iron, gold, diamond and obsidian knuckles, only different damage and durability.
    • Perform combo attack, when use 5 consecutive attacks (for bare hands too): Same as sword.
    • Hold attack key to charge energy: Same as axe.
    • Air attack: Same as sword.

    For shield:

    • Shield attack: Press sprint key while blocking with a shield or block with a shield while sprint. Knockback entity and do a little damage.
    • Shield as a parachute: Reduce fall damage and fall speed, but a lot limited. Consume shield durability. (Survival tweaks)

    New items:

    • Hammer: Do wood plank, stone and obsidan drop pieces instead. Pieces is used to craft arrow e spear blade, or throw (stone piece).
    • Piece of wood, stone and obsidian: Craft amd stone pieces can be throw.
    • Spear blade. Crafted with respective materals. Used to craft spear.
    • Wood rod: Crafted with sticks. Used to craft spear.
    • Spear: Crafted with one Spear blade and one wood rod.
    • Hand bomb: Crafted with one leather, one gunpowder and one string. Explosive throwable, but don't destroy blocks.
    • Quiver: Crafted with leather and string. Used in belt slot of baubles.
    • Tool belt: 4 slots to non stackable itens, 2 for tools or weapons, except bow, and 2 for items. The items will be shown in belt. A key to access the belt inventory. Used in belt slot of baubles. (Tool belt)
    • Warrior belt: Craft with a Tool belt and a Quiver. 4 slots for items non stackable, as the normal Tool belt, and 4 slots for arrows, as the Quiver. Two keys, the same keys used in separeted items, to acesses the inventories, one for belt and one for quiver.
    • Items to craft the arrows.
    • Leather "flag":Crafted with 4 Leather. Used to craft the Glider.
    • Glider: Crafted with one leather flag, 6 wood planks and 2 strings. Used to glide for some time; can lit up the player when above a hot air source, as lava and fire. Active when jump or fall and press a key (Legend of Zelda inspired)

    For mobs:

    • Restless warrior (just more difficult mob): An empty vanila armor with different inventories, as a player.
    • Lost Titan (maybe): A humanoid creature that have a stone body, 9 blocks of height, can throw rock, stomp the player. Like a mine-boss, a lot life, vulnerable only in a core on chest.

    Let me know what you think about this idea =)

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    posted a message on Grimoire of Gaia 3 (1.12.2) (1.7.1) (Updated 01/27/2020) - Mobs, Monsters, Monster Girls

    I read in the wiki (changelog) and searched in the thread, so I'm confused about the baubles support, the versions to MC 1.10 support or not baubles?

    Thanks! Great mod, awesome! Grew so much since 1.7 versions. Sorry if my english is bad.

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    posted a message on Mowzie's Mobs: Powerful overworld enemies and more! - Version 1.5.14: Down below and up above!

    I don't know if someone else have the same issue, but after use the sun blessing's power when hold shift the light particles stay still.

    Thanks! Awesome mod.

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    posted a message on Primitive Mobs - Update Progress + Suggestions thread - Test version for 1.10.2 available! 10 mobs to try out!

    I have a few questions about what you plan to the future updates.

    The first, to the travelling merchant will be used which model, the model of the stable version 1.7.10 or of the test versions 1.10? I really love the new model. great work.

    The second, do you plan or consider a way to the mimic don't spawn be so obvious? For example, only spawn dungeons or, as in the test versions, the wizard castles.

    The third, about the wizards in test version, what do you plan to him? I love the spell book and really hope see more spells, based in others elements too or other ideias. Maybe diferent books, for example a fire book to fire spells, and a way to upgrade those books, maybe pages with new spells or th experience itself. Sorry, I know this is not a magic mod.

    Four, I ask me if the summoners and witchs may cooperate? Witch healing the summoner, for example.

    Last, do you plan some new aquatic mob or maybe a flying mob? Quintessential creatures has been update, so I think that you will not include the octopus. Ocean and rivers are so dead still, and sky too.

    I hope see all features that was in test versions in released version, mobs, itens, enchantments, and, hope, that the structures, spider cave and wizard towers in overworld. I know (I can't even imagine) that is a really hard work, very glad for play with your mod.

    Thanks. Sorry, if my english is bad.

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    posted a message on Ice and Fire: Dragons in a Whole New Light! - Build 1.1.0 - 1.11.2 Update

    Thanks. Yes, it made sense.

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    posted a message on Ice and Fire: Dragons in a Whole New Light! - Build 1.1.0 - 1.11.2 Update

    Great mod. Awesome! Hope to test it soon.

    So, you going to add silver and I wanna ask about compatibility problems with other mods. Did you consider problems like this? for example, I use M-ore mod that add silver too and others, like silver swords and armors, and I'm afraid that happen some issue.

    Thanks! Sorry if my english is bad.

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    posted a message on M-Ore 8.1

    I found a bug in version 7.0 (MC 1.7.10), the Red Granite block drop Granite instead Red Granite.

    Sorry if was fixed in lasted updates. Thanks

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    posted a message on [Oct 8] Coros Mods: ZombieAwareness for 1.10.2 with new improvements

    Sorry for my bad english.

    I wanna know if exist some way to disable interaction of Zombie Awareness with mobs from other mods (I'm play 1.7.10)?

    Because I use The Farlanders, and Ender Guardian (neutral mob) always attack me when they see me. I test and it don't happen without your mod.

    Thanks for your mods! They are really awesone.

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    posted a message on Aquatic Abyss - Swordfish and Serpents! [v1.1.1]

    I have problems with massive spawn of fishes in my world. The game don't crash but happen many lag.
    I really like your mod, hope that in a future release it has be fixed.
    I play the version 1.7.10
    Thanks! Thanks for updating after a long time waiting!And sorry for my bad english.

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    posted a message on M-Ore 8.1

    Red granite drop a granite piece (granite normal), how fix it?

    Thanks anda sorry for my bad english. :)

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    posted a message on 3D Furnace v1.4
    Do you will do an texture smooth "R3D"?

    Do you plan make other item, for instance a chest or ender chest?

    Thank you, greated mod!
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    posted a message on BiblioCraft [v2.4.5]-Bookcases, armor stands, shelves, printing presses, seats, clocks, the Atlas and more! Updated 06/21/2018
    I update the Translate in Portuguese (BR) with new itens from version 1.8.1

    How Submit?

    the Link:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AggxGxCBpJuDdC04WjVpZUlkbVN0TEQtdl9Md1cwVnc#gid=1

    Thanks for you great mod, is a amazing job
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