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    posted a message on Mother 3 RP [Accepting preset characters! Also accepting co hosters!]
    I could be Lucas, or Claus.
    Heres my application -
    Main character (accepting)
    Which Character: - Lucas/Claus
    What items do you have? (only 5)...I dont know. choose for me.
    Why you should be that character:Because Lucas is one of my favorate characters, not only in Mother 3, but in SSBB
    previous RP experience:...None.
    would you be willing to help me maintain the rp?-Yeah sure!
    (if yes above) have you hosted/are hosting a forum RP before/currently?- Nope
    Say FUZZY PICKLES! -Fuzzy Pickles!
    Did you understand the above remark?-Yes, when the old man takes a picture of you out of nowhere.
    Which Mother games have you played?- Mother, Eathbound, and a bit of Mother 3.

    Send me a PM if this works out
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    posted a message on Adventure map Server [Need good builders]
    I'm pretty good at redstone, I'm a good builder ( I also have a creative art style) and I'm good at pixel art if thats what you mean.
    So yeah!
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