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    What IS MineTown?

    MineTown is a small SMP server that focuses on having a good time. The admins aren't very strict (Besides hacking, cheating, and griefing) and will help you have fun. Admins can spawn items but only for admin purposes (Such as repairing griefer damage.)


    1. No griefing!
    3. Respect admins and players alike.
    4. Leave the owner alone, he can't help anything that isn't server-related.
    5. Complaints and threats don't help you get out of jail
    2. Do not kill anyone without a reason such as...
    3. If they are trespassing
    4. They attack you
    5. They are attempting/or stealing and or griefing
    6. If someone is trespassing, say "Leave or I kill you"
    7. If you see someone stealing, say "Miner, someone is stealing!" and I will come to you. Also kill them if you can. Same thing for griefers.




    *PS: New post creater is snazzy.
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    Race: Nord (Doesn't matter because it doesn't show the face)

    Armor Type: Nightingale WITH hood (So no face is shown, just the mask and creepy black eyes)
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    Quote from adamantshade

    his sig doesnt make sense, thats my ip and hes right but he cant be looking through my window b/c im using mac

    You are fail. It's a joke, and how does having mac stop people from looking in your window? Not Windows the OS, your WINDOW in your room.
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    Everyone knows. Stop being dumb and double tap spacebar. Space is go up and sneak is down.
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    Hey miners! Wanna join me and my friend on an epic adventure of mystery, secrets, and :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: DIAMONDS!? Then add minecrafter227 and remnic888 to join! I am hosting the server, no hamachi needed!
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    Cool mod! :biggrin.gif:
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