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    Do you allow cracked players to go in through the server though?

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    Can i ask how do i play the map first ? all i see is a .lnk file and when i click it nothing happens

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    posted a message on Minecraft THE FIRST BLOODY MARY MAP EVER IN <Horror> 1,000 DOWNLOADS?!?!?! (v.1.3)

    I'm going to test if this has bugs and if it is good or not probably really good from what i have seen so far

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    posted a message on [1.8,Horror Map] 'Remember Me'
    'Remember Me'

    I have another horror map for you guys and here it is.

    This took me like 5 days but i wasn't able to post because

    of school stuff but now i have more free time.

    Hope you guys enjoy this as much as i did making it.


    You are an adult who has forgot about his past and moved on you found a new job with good pay and bought a new house that you like. Everything was going right when you were going to work one day and it all changed.


    Things you probably want to know:

    1.) Yes i am not good with textures

    2.)The resource pack is along with the download

    3.)When you go to the 2nd floor don't move

    4.)You are an awesome person if you read all of my texts

    What you want to probably click


    Should i make another map? if so what type parkour, horror, mini-game, etc..

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    posted a message on What's your Biome?

    I dare you guys to go to a creative world and in the seeds directory write your minecraft name, load the world then do /tp @p 0 64 0 and press F3 and see whats your biome.

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    posted a message on (HIDE AND RUN) Minigame map

    Hello guys vipox here for another map for you guys that love playing with friends.

    This map here is a multiplayer map and it is my small parody of the popular game

    called Hide And Seek..

    So what is Hide And Seek?

    Well this is a minecraft minigame you will find in most servers for example The Hive Server..

    In the Hide And Seek you will turn into a blockling and find good spots to stand on then you have to wait 5 seconds and then poof you are now a block but there is also a seeker everytime hiders dies he/she becomes a seeker and you have to find ways so you won't become a seeker but beware you may be chosen as a seeker sometimes too..

    But in this minecraft creation of mine its a little different..

    How To Play:

    Well first of all you must have friends in that world for this map to work.

    Then choose a particle in the particle room and after that get your friends ready because in this map you have 300 hopper seconds (closest i can find to 3 minutes) and then you will all go invisible except the seeker from then on the seeker will have to find you when the clock hits 240 sec in that 60 seconds you make sure you have found a hiding spot because you will slowed really badly but not to worry there are still ways to get the lousy seeker out of your hair unless he has a bow in that case throw the snowball..



    Knockback Sticks (knockback II)

    Snowball of Disorientation- Throw this snowballs anywhere and if hits a player or go near one(even you!) they will get blindness and nausea for 10 seconds make the best of that and jump away.


    Full diamond armor with diamond sword


    10 arrows

    Map- You may be wondering "WHAT THE CRAP AM I GONNA USE THAT FOR" well you will use it to win when you kill all hiders tell your friends if they all got killed if they say yes then press the map and its gonna instantly win it for you(I couldn't find a way to make it automatic i'm sorry)

    If you think that's all there is a shop where you can buy some awesome stuff using tokens which you receive for winning.

    For Hiders:

    Knockback Stick of Flying Lunatics(Knockback 10)

    More grenades (since you only get 1 grenade per round)

    For Seekers:

    Bow of One Shot One Kill- It's in the name bub. (lol)

    Sword of Complete Destruction- Let's just say its the same as above.

    Weird Bugs i just can change because their awesome

    You will see the sky suddenly flashing.(not really a bug its the weather command)

    Even if you're not a hider there is a chance you will still get your particles.

    Sometimes the particle you are using has special buffs.

    Before any hates saying the map doesn't work please tell me and i'll tell you what to do in that situation.

    If you make a video or something like that please tell me i would love to see you react to my maps.

    Thank you for reading here's the download link:

    If you did not read what i said there there's a good chance you don't know what you're doing

    Download at this link: "I'm not a link"

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    Quote from Legoman99573»

    I will start a new thread to post updates and this is some things im adding to the map so far...

    * Story modification

    * adding more jump scares

    * reducing lag.

    * Start uploading demos of what happens so far.

    * Add a reset feature for Minecraft Servers.

    * and more...


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    posted a message on Vipox's Parkour (Ocean) :Themes:

    Vipox's Parkour(Now with themes)

    So i made a decision to make my parkour's Have themes

    I think this will bring greater interest at my map and add some life and fun into it

    Hope you guys will like this map :D


    Dodge Water and Lava as they instantly kill you

    You'll need some real parkour skills if you want to get even close at winning

    This map is funner with friends but does not need to have them

    From traps that ignite to a fire breathing dragon frog XD

    Press the download button and plop it in your saves and watch how you non-stoppingly die


    Pic is in attachments

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    posted a message on [Horror Map] The School
    Quote from Evensun»

    Well, I didn't expect much, but I want to give everyone a chance... =P But... sorry, this was pretty bad in all possible ways...

    I can say a ton of things, but the most basic ones are:
    - Think of a decent story. It doesn't even have to be original, but at least have it make sense.

    - Make the map itself creepy too. Not just put 2 jumpscares in and hope for the best. (if you can program a jumpscare, you can do other things. background noises, creepy lighting... stuff like that. Anything).

    - For the love of god, don't use Capital Letters At The Start Of Every Word. It hurts my eyes. Also, let someone proofread your texts (or do it yourself).

    - Don't use a superflat map if you're not going to build the surroundings. =_=

    - Well, the swings were pretty cool. I never saw that before. O_o

    Did you even read what i said this is the 2nd worst horror map i've ever made(i hate my 12 year old self) the 1st one being The Dark Hallway.. I have no intention of updating this but if you want a horror map that's actually scary in my disposal try "The Failed Experiment" also i'll try editing the never ending capital words lol blame my 12 year old self from the past not me..

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    posted a message on [Horror Map] The School
    Quote from Legoman99573»

    this is great, but I will correct issues and release more updates along the way for you.

    Umm sure whatever floats your boat mr.legoman :D just tell me when you release your update and besides this is the 2nd WORST horror i have ever made i'm still planning another horror map but thats gonna be soon..

    Quote from Evensun»

    I did not know of the existence of this map. I *just* finished creating a horror map about a school. So, I'm going to play this and see how different they are. =P I am testing my own map right now, and it's 99% finished. I have just testplayed it already. It has a few tiny bugs that need removing and it's finished. =)

    Don't bother this is the 2nd worst horror map i have ever made your's is 100% sure to be better XD

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    posted a message on [1.7.x][1.8] Elemental Creepers - Rebooted

    Hey SSundee made a video of this mod

    Here's the link:

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    posted a message on Vipox's Parkour
    "Want another parkour challenge here ya go.."
    With at least 20 parkour challenges ranging from easy, normal, hard and vipox parkour

    Here they are:
    "the hardness in them is randomized so you better do your best in all of them":D
    PS: You do not see how many times i died at the side

    Easy Parkour 1-5

    1.Basic Parkour- Not That hard but good for a start

    2. Icey You- Sorry could not help myself with this name it's just so punny to me. Ok back to the description just a bit of ice and death and void :D

    3. Netherized- This is a really easy parkour just watch when you're near the middle cuz you'll need to sprint.

    4. Crossbridge-Really easy not much of a challenge BUT!! you better be prepared to choose which pressure plate won't push you off with an arrow to the knee.

    5.Wipeout-This is where it's gonna be difficult from now on. I would suggest running to get out but then again there's lava when you get out so i suggest fast and steady or fried and unready

    Normal Parkour 6-10

    6.Dodge Them- No literally dodge them and/or run because this arrows aren't gonna run away from themselves.

    7.Fail Parkour- Those pistons are gonna retract so fast you'll wish you were flash careful though there's lava underneath there.
    8.Minecraftian's Nightmare-Could you imagine in rainy weather instead of rain its a bunch of anvils (if someone makes a mod like this tell me ASAP)
    9.Balance Is Key- Do not go up too much don't go down too much just keep it in between if you wanna know whats on top its a bunch of lava :D.
    10.Laddered- I know you have seen this type of parkours before but this time lets make it a "bit" higher
    Hard Parkour:
    11. Jump-See if you can actually pull this off the first try you will probably most likely die but you'll get the hang of it.

    12.Move it or lose it- Hey can you do me a favor by stepping on the pressure plate every time you're about to go in just please :SSSS:

    13.Maze Run-Just something to help soothe the mind with DEAD FLIPPIN ENDS!! and also the pistin gate is a bit weird acting i'd suggest pressing the button then try to go in if you're getting angry just break it lel.

    14.Chest To Chest- You have all probably seen this parkour so why not add it. Tip if you have not: STAY AWAY FROM THE EDGES UNLESS YOU'RE JUMPING CUZ YOU WILL FALL EVEN IF YOU SNEAK


    15.Unpassable-Just a mixture of diamonds and some lava and lava and lava and lava etc etc..
    Vipox Parkour(Hope you like my exercise routines)
    16.Let it begin-easiest just don't fall down

    17.Bar-Fence - Ahh sweet memories of falling non-stop now how about you try it. Dont mind the anvils

    18.Invisible Parkour-Litteraly invinsible but don't fret the barriers hitbox will tell you where to jump

    19.Wall Parkour- Just to smoothen your parkour skills here have a wall but be careful though.

    20.Last but not least- This is quite the rage giver here's a tip if you feel the stairs are gonna be pulled jump in the cobwebs they will keep you alive but don't stay to long you'll fall to your demise. also no the cobwebs are not inside they're at the side
    I would highly recommend playing with a friend and when you do I Highly recommend pushing each other lol

    Types of classes: use runner's invisibility potion just in case you wann hide from your friend

    Will get 2 speed potions and 2 invis potions and some awesome boots

    Will get a knockback stick and a bow and 5 arrows i think

    Videos will be very appreciated but it's your choice to tell you the truth i want you to rage here lel.

    So Here's the download link now: make sure that you have read everything unless you wanna suprise yourself:
    Press Me For Useless Parkour
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    posted a message on "Leave Me Alone" [Horror Map]
    Quote from 10hp10»

    A labratory needs some decoration too, can't just leave everything bland and dull!

    Hahaha ok.. XD
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    posted a message on "Leave Me Alone" [Horror Map]
    Quote from 10hp10»

    Don't worry! Keep up the good work and I'm sure you'll become a great map maker some day ;)
    And for "The Failed Experiment", it's defenently much better than this map but it could still use some more decoration :D

    Yes! And because I will try harder thanks for the motivation :D... PS:The Failed Experiment is supposed to be a hidden lab not a mansion with all the decorations lel.
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    posted a message on "Leave Me Alone" [Horror Map]
    Quote from 10hp10»
    I'll try out the map now and give you my thoughts once I played it.

    From the picture it looks kind of dull and the name is cliché, but I'll play it now!
    (Also, you should add more pictures. That one picture shows hardly anything)'

    EDIT: OK, so I played it and... it's really bad, sorry. I'm gonna have to be honest with you.
    The map looks really poorly done and theres hardly any work put into it whatsoever.
    Theres hardly any decorations, just flat and boring rooms. Visible redstone that goes through an entire freaking room.
    Boring and expected jumpscares, not to mention very cheap with no build up to it.
    And the worst part, it's a freaking flat world. It's just all flat. And you realise people can just walk a bit to the right and they finished the map? Oh, and, about that, it's really short. Took me 2-3 minutes.

    Better luck next time!

    Ok. Sorry for the really bad stuff i just don't have enough time for stuff mostly like i can only play 3 times so i really just went straight to posting it since i just can't do anything from monday-thursday. Again i'm really sorry for the bad map if you want a better map from me i would suggest "The Failed Experiment".(again i'm sorry i'll make a better horror map when i have more time in summer break)
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