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    The Scouter! What does it do you might ask? Put it on and have a look!

    Note: This is just a Work In Progress, not all features and bugs have been implemented or fixed!

    To create it, you need two items first: The Scouter Lens and the Scouter System. Once you have them, just put them together and walah!

    We are going to implement it into baubles instead of as an armor piece. Once you've got the head piece on, nothing seems to look any different. Press the '0' key by default, (can be configured in controls) and the HUD shows up! The bar on the top left hand corner while display the health of the mob you are looking at. Underneath that bar, shows the "Power level" or how much health the mob has, in half hearts.

    See attached images for the scouter mod!

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    posted a message on [1.7.10]Minecraft Forge Modding Tutorials! - Now with Custom Fluid Tank Tutorial and Structure Generation!
    Greetings! I am HyperElectron. I decided that learning to make Minecraft Forge mods were hard by myself. I didnt understand anything. Now I have tons of knowledge I want to share with you guys. So far I've done all the beginner tutorials, and working on doing the intermediate ones. To read my tutorials, visit my website here. Hope all of you will learn alot from my tutorials :)

    Tutorials on website:
    Setting up forge and eclipse
    Basic Block
    Basic Item
    Custom crafting, smelting and ore dictionary recipes
    Creative Tab
    Ore generation
    Structure Generation

    Fluid Tank tutorial (post below) Fluid tank is up and running, the tile entity is now there.

    Want any new tutorials or having some problems? Comment below or email me (contact on website).
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    posted a message on Shape shifting mod
    There is morph by iChun... you can morph into any mob even from mods, and players when you kill it.
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    posted a message on EnergaiaCraft [Mod Idea]
    Please tell us more about this. What does this magic energy do? Why would we want to use it? What makes it unique?
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    posted a message on [WIP] [1.6.4/1.6.x] [Forge] MortTech
    Screenshots as soon as possible??
    Much like most people say, sounds cool but..
    Pics = views. Trust me. Everybody likes pictures of the community's awesome mods.
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    posted a message on Mod Ideas! (THINK BIG!)
    Mod Ideas Welcome!
    (Trust me ideas are hard to come by)

    Heeeellllooo. I am a modder and is out of concepts :( (Oh-No). I would appreciate if someone would give me ideas. If you are going to suggest an idea, make sure it is well thought out and is not a stupid idea like obsidian tools. Thanks in advanced. I need a BIG idea like Thaumcraft 3 and IndustrialCraft 2.
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    posted a message on The Gallium and Things Mod! v.69.723 (WIP)
    I like it. Do you know how to add the separator? Pm me if you need any help.
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    posted a message on Tech mod--making a team--
    I will happily join the team! I am quite new to modding too.
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