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    posted a message on #1 Fastest Growing Factions Server! Nextpvp.com

    Username: Minecraftiscewl

    Why you are awesome: Becaz i cri everytim

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    posted a message on 3D Furnace v1.4
    Can someone by chance make this a 1.8 model?
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    posted a message on Redstone Armory - Enhancing the Flux Revolution! (1.7.10 alpha)
    Quote from LOVEMAX
    Hey, I know that this was originally devolved for 1.7.2. Is 1.7.2 still being developed?

    Thermal Expansion isn't even out for 1.7 yet, but when it is this mod is going to be part of it if I understand the post correctly... Redstone Arsenal and Redstone Armoury are the same thing. In 1.7 (currently in-dev on github)
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    posted a message on ExtraTiC - Tinkers' Construct Mod Support Add-on
    Yo, crazy ol' mDiyo removed the Exo Armor from the latest beta, if you haven't heard of it you should check it out and see if either you can add it to this addon or make some other addon. Or if you know someone who could look into that I'd be eternally happy! Also there's a TiC item that throws potions called the potion launcher, could you give that a recipe and durability? It's a very cool item and if not a recipe at least a durability of more than one?
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    posted a message on [1.7.10] GODZILLA MOD - NOW APART OF THE LEGEND MOD

    Hmm, since we're doing suggestions, I'll start off with themed update suggestions:

    The Mothra update: The new mobs would be Mothra (obviously), Fairy Mothra, Mothra Larva, Battra, Battra Larva, and the twin fairies. I would say Mothra Leo but I'm not sure if he appeared in a Godzilla movie. Anyways, the Mothras are passive until you tick them off by hitting them while Battra will be hostile. FriendlyCreeper may or may not like this idea, I remember him or someone else mentioning taming Mothra. You could tame Mothra, but not a wild one. A rare drop for Mothra should be a Mothra egg, which you could place down and wait for it to hatch so you could have your very own Mothra... but wait, there's another way you could get a Mothra egg. There could be a rare shrine, you could say, where you could obtain the Mothra egg. Only thing is, it's guarded by the twins fairies and Mothra. The twin fairies are passive to you while Mothra wont be if you touch her egg. Once you tame a Mothra, you should be able to mount it an fly on it. Then there's the Mothra armor set that should give you the ability to fly. A Mothra weapon should give you a one up ability since, you know Mothra dies a lot and comes back as another one and the closet thing to that is a 1-up ability. To make the 1-up ability not that OP, it should be a one time use. Then there's the regular sword. Also a little update to the mobs with the Atomic Breath models and such. You could also add an updated Godzilla skull and a King Ghidorah Skull.

    The Military Update: A small update that implements more weapons, the Oxygen Destroyer that you should be able to place down, and military mobs. Possibly even a small town, nothing too big, maybe slightly bigger than a normal village and a bit less basic. The mobs could include Destroyah because he was taken out by the military from what I remember lol.

    The robot/mech update: Mobs include Jet Jaguar, MOGUERA, Mecha King Ghidorah, and the other Mechagodzillas.

    Baby Godzilla update: Mobs include Godzillasaurus, Minilla and Baby Godzilla/Godzilla Junior. A new biome named Monster Island would also be added. A Godzilla could be found at Monster Island. Touch and you anger off Godzilla. Don't touch it and well, he's already ticked off. Not sure if you should be able to tame Baby Godzilla or not, if Baby Godzilla doesn't grow up into a full grown Godzilla then I would say go for it. Oh yeah, the Godzilla egg has a chance of spawning Minilla, which you could tame.

    Final Wars update: Mobs include FinalGoji, FinalGigan (With a variation of Chainsaw Gigan), Monster X, and Kaiser Ghidorah Ghidorah. Skulls of all the monsters should be a drop because I love me some skulls.

    Last but not least the Godzilla 2014 update: Mobs include Godzilla 2014 and the Mutos. There could be a rare chance of finding a Muto's nest where there would be tons of radiation and Mutos guarding it. The Muto armor set could give you an affect where radiation (Fire and Poison) do not affect you. Oh, and skulls of Godzilla 2014 and the Mutos should be added.

    The Skulls are worthless IMO, anywho, when do we get Megalon and Hedora and Gorosaurus and Toho Kong and Biollante and more? There's a lot that was failed to be covered. Regardless, there should be military tanks that spawn randomly during a kaiju attack that hunt Kaiju. Also, can we get some of the ships? Like the Super X/XII/XIII and the Atoragon, and more? Those would all be cool. Although I especially like the Super XII, dunno why xD
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    posted a message on ExtraTiC - Tinkers' Construct Mod Support Add-on
    Quote from Glassmaker

    Sure, I will check it out :)

    Quote from The_Decepticonz

    Thanks for the tip! I'll try that and get back to you on how it turns out.

    It could also be items overwriting, if not to you, to others. You might not realise it, but if an item is missing or a recipe is wrong, etc. it's because an item is overwriting another item.
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    posted a message on New Server Startup, Looking for staff of all breeds.
    Quote from xSpyderBytez

    IGN: xTranzit
    Age: 14
    Reason for wanting this position (requires paragraph): I am a owner of a network that recruits servers, meaning if you'd like, you can join our network which you can use our site for help, our staff for help such as web developing and plugin needs, and more.
    Experience (details): I am a owner of a network
    Contact info: Skype : tricc.kster
    Enjin : http://thesystemn.en...profile/9652117
    Dedicated time:I am available around 6 hours a day depending on my revision
    Time Zone: GMT +0
    What you can bring: I will bring loyalty and help if needed
    Proof of work: www.thesystemn.enjin.com

    Sorry, we aren't looking to be part of a network ;)

    Quote from creeperbuster202

    Reason for wanting this position (requires paragraph):I just want the game of Minecraft to be fun for everyone and just to be helpful and help prigress the server as much as i can! B)
    Experience (details):I have been admin on a server and moderator on 2 also i can learn more if you needed me too!
    Contact info: email is [email protected] Skype : creeperbuster202
    Dedicated time: I can be on all the time or whenever you needed to be on!!
    Time Zone: PST
    What you can bring: I will bring fun and joy to the game and the server well lets just say hard work! :D
    Proof of work: I cant show work sorry but ill do my very best!! :lol:

    Sorry, from what I can tell you have been applying for a lot of admin jobs, barely better than copy/paste, we want mods/builders/admins who are a little more dedicated to helping the server, application denied. (Unless the original poster my co-owner, has already contacted you)
    Quote from Dan1018452

    Application: Co-owner/Mod/Builder
    IGN: daniloY1018452
    Age: 14 ( in 3 months 15 )
    Reason for wanting this position (requires paragraph): I want to join ur staff team because i enjoy helping people and I love working ! I am very quick and I do my work correct so there will be no problems with me! I wand to join Ur team because I want ho help players that will join ur server and play on it!!!
    Experience (details): Ok, I started my first work as moderator on a small server ,then it went up and became cool and popular, but then came server problems and it went down! Then I found starting server that had many plugins , so I needed to learn them (now I know a lot about Plugins, but if I don't know the plugin I can learn it very quick!) but Owner was a Child so the server went down because there was no money to hold it! After that I started to learn redstone systems and now I can make cool thing like automatic farms, ect. My experience as co-owner /mod/builder are 19/20!
    Contact info: My skype: daniloy1018452
    Dedicated time: 4-7 hours all week 5-7 hours on weekends
    Time Zone: Ua ( Ukraine )
    What you can bring: I can bring happiness and joy! And everybody will play fair !
    Proof of work: https://imgur.com/a/WNhqy#0 <--- its the lowest what I can do! I can Upload more if u need ( I got better works ) :D

    With all due respect, you seem to have been applying to a lot of servers, and as I said previously, we are looking for more dedicated staff, also if you are looking to be an admin we need something that shows you can handle a situation, or you have a server, or a person we can contact that's worked with you.
    Quote from TJD563

    Reason for wanting this position (requires paragraph):I really want this position because I enjoy helping people have fun in mine craft, and I think that if all servers have to start somewhere, then to help them grow they need staff. This position would also help as I am looking for some things to do to help grow my leadership skills.
    Experience (details): I have been Co-owner on two small survival servers, and have been a helper on around 3 mini game servers. I also know world edit and a bit of redstone/command blocks.
    Contact info: My e-mail is [email protected], and my Skype is TJD563.
    Dedicated time: I can be on from around 3:15- 5:30/6 on wed-fri, 3-5 on tues, 3:45- 5:50/6 on mon, and 8am-8pm on sat & sun.
    Time Zone: New Zealand (GMT +12)
    What you can bring: I can bring happiness to the players and stop fights and arguments, I will try my best to make everyones time on the server fair, and make the server shine and grow.
    Proof of work: I don't have a scanner and no way to upload photos/screenshots as my computer is glitchy :( (getting new one soon)

    Again, unless my co-owner has talked to you, we are less likely to accept applicants who have applied to other servers.
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    posted a message on New Server Startup, Looking for staff of all breeds.
    Quote from baobei07

    Sorry But I Prefer to stick to my App which i always use! Sorry ! If you want ill make another following your format!

    IGN: baobei07
    Age: 12
    Skype: alwis001

    Position: Co-Owner / Plugin-Manager
    Years Played: 2 and a half years now.
    Average daily on time: Well, due to the fact that I am in high school, I can try for 4 hours during the week, because of homework, I may will be on everyday. On the weekend hours I can play vary from 8-12, give or take.
    Previous experiences on other servers:I CoOwned a Factions server for around a year, it then closed but came back up a year later and I moderated it. I have heard nothing but good comments on my management skills. I have also administrated a survival server for around 7 months. Along with this I have personally owned 3 servers, my most recent grossed around 400-500 dollars in profit. None of the money went to me or staff all money was dedicated to the server. (advertising, website, more player slots, etc) Unfortunately my server came to an end, I was unable to play non stop like I was because of school, and my staff were unable to handle things themselves. So, it died out. The remaining money was refunded.
    If so, names of these servers: The creative server had many names, those names were, NukeUSA, NixtCraft, and Create System. I do not recall the name of the survival server, sorry. When I become staff on a server I tend to stick with it for awhile, I do not like to move around to different servers and see how many servers I can become staff on, I prefer to stay loyal to 1 or 2.
    What happened to these servers?: The Factions server has died twice now unfortunately, due to the owner just leaving randomly. The survival server died due to constant ddos attacks.
    Are you currently staff of any other servers?: I am a head-Admin on ArcadeCraft and HulkCraft. Do not worry my work on this server will not affect my work on your server.
    Why are you applying for another server?: I am applying to make sure my time on minecraft is fully occupied, because I always love doing something to help.
    Building skill (1-20): 18, to be honest, I am not that great of a builder, sorry. If you are going to hire me hire me for server management or permissions management.
    Plugin Knowledge (1-20): 18/20, because I am good with plugins, but there is always more to learn so I do not think anyone, can give themselves a full 20. I must say, however, I am an expert with GroupManager, I have set up GM permissions for around 3 server now, including my own. I can have full permissions up and running perfectly within mins, although I prefer to take a day to perfect everything.
    Coding Knowledge (1-20): 13, I have tried coding once went horribly wrong, just about destroyed my server.
    Basic Command Knowledge (1-20): 20/20, I love my commands.
    Fluent Languages: English and I am currently learning Spanish, I currently know very little Spanish.
    What do you hope to accomplish for the server?: I hope to help, what ever server I get accepted on, reach its peak. I am able to manage the server smoothly even if there are no other staff present. I am independent. I can eliminate and dangers that may present themselves to the server. With help from all staff and especially owner I believe we can keep this server up and running for years. I am able to advertise, and keep a steady flow of new players coming to the server. Along with this I can find donors that will help keep server running.I am quite good at making donor ranks appealing and making people want to donate themselves. If given a chance, I believe with help from all we can work miracles for the server.
    What can you bring that others can't?: I can bring my wide range of server experience, from Creative to Survival to Hunger Games servers. I have yet to let down a server. I can bring the much need audience and donors to the server to keep it running for years.
    Anything else you may want to add?: That is pretty much it. Thank you for taking a look at my app to those who did. Hope to see you soon.

    Avaibility : 4 days a week , 8 hours on the 4 days!

    Donation Ability - I cant really donate and i dont need to be paid

    I do not want copy/paste apps. Application denied.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] The Arcane Arts [MODPACK] [TECHNIC]
    This is literally all my favorite mods and addons, and the perms you are looking for are on my list of a pack I was trying to form which is basically this. You glorious *******.
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    posted a message on ExtraTiC - Tinkers' Construct Mod Support Add-on
    Keep up the good work, will be using in my custom modpack for sure!
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    posted a message on [1.8][SMP/Bukkit][Forge][DungeonPack][+24 Dungeons][+3 Bosses][+2 NPC-Villages] Finally Updated
    Quote from haha1907

    Damn. he told you. haha Jk, because im about to ask a stupid question that has probably been answered previously, but im lazy so.... Do you need to create a new world for the dungeons to spawn? heh thanks! Mod looks awesome btw keep up the work

    Well, technically yes, but you could just generate new terrain, but as with new MC updates you actually have to visit the new generation to have a house in it.
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    posted a message on ExtraTiC - Tinkers' Construct Mod Support Add-on
    Quote from Glassmaker

    Well, forge for 1.7 is out ;)

    Additional effects are planned for Metallurgy :)

    1- When I created the mod I have decided not to change Tinkers' Construct's recipes, so bronze recipe will be TiC's

    2- I'm using oreDictionary for blocks and ingots, so the first one registered is the one used, Chisel support is planned, and Chiseled variants are planned to be used in beacons, the normal blocks can't be used as they come from metallurgy or another mod.

    TE3 support is native to TiC like Thaumcraft, Thats why I don't plan on making TE3 tools as it should be done in Tikners' :)

    Alright cool I am probably going to migrate to the big 1 7 when enough mods are out. :P Also is there any chance you are including Project:RED support?
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    posted a message on ganymedes01's Mods (Just a hub for all my mods)
    I congratulate you on so many great mods, but good luck on making the jump to 1-7! xD Keep up the good work. I expect to see more mods for me to beta test soon!
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    posted a message on [1.6.4][ALPHA] MobSplice - Genetically modified mobs!
    Quote from chylex

    That's why I put my jar files into zip files, told you mediafire has issues with jars :P

    :o It's the great chylex using tech mods(reference to your minimod series)?! BLASPHEMY xD. Anyway nice mod Gany, keep up the good work, I will test this once I get a world up and running.
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    posted a message on WHITLISTED FTB DIREWOLF20 SERVER
    I am 14, I am generally pretty mature and will be turning 15 this summer. Also I am able to answer some entrance questions, and I am able to act responsibly and mature in a private setting (I have hosted several private servers for me and my friends). Go ahead and send me a pm if you will accept me, I am in 9th grade so you'd barely be able to tell I am not 15 haha.
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