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Pokemon 3D is a first person Pokemon game. It is based off of the original Pokemon Silver and Pokemon Gold. so you can have the nostalgia of playing the old games while it's new at the same time. There are pokemon from every generation up to Gen 6 I believe now. If you look back at my signature, the Master ball will take you to where to download the game correctly. Professor Oak will take you to Gamejolt, where you can see pictures of how the game looks like. If you want to play online with others all you have to do is make an account on gamejolt. There are many friendly and trustworthy people who play Pokemon 3D and you don't find many kids. There are even some Pokemon 3D exclusives in this game, Hidden Grottos, Underwater lairs, new moves, and so on. If you have any more questions, just message me. When you download the game you may have trouble getting the game to work. that's why a while back i made this thread. click right HERE I play the Xbox one only.

My maps in Minecraft-

Last updated 5/10/2016

1, Parkour 3, ADV map part 1, ADV map Part 2, Mass Effect ADV map Part 1, NukeTown Zombies, Duck hunt (not the duck hunt you think it is), Capture the Flag, Beerpong (for the kids i call it minecraft Basketball), Spleef, a Survival worlds in which you can get the "when pigs fly" and "on a rail" achievement and any other that your heart desires, Pacman, and The elemental Parkour/Adventure map (Under Construction), and many more.

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