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    Minecraft Expansion Pack Mod ( By: Minecrafter2318 ) 1.7.10

    This mod is in early alpha and adds 3 amor sets and will add hopefully 3 more by May 2016.

    Build 2 is not out now and we are already planning Build 3 which is to add food and 4 new items . The textures are just for now but will get better as the mod get to beta.

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    The Mo' Blocks Mod ( More Blocks Mod )

    The More Blocks mod is still in development and will not in release till maybe April 2016. What this mod will add is More blocks and new crafting recipes for existing 1.7.10 blocks.

    The mod will be hopefully compatible will MOST mods.

    This Mod is being tested and cleared from many, many bug that can crash your Minecraft.

    ( Oh how fun it is to clear bugs (Not)).


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