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    posted a message on [1.5.2] Sword Art Online Minecraft Mod! (Looking for Coders)
    Hey guys, today my friends and I present to you, the Sword Art Online in Minecraft Mod! Currently we are working on the GUIs and swords (Coding, Spriting, and Texturing) but we don't have an official release yet! :(

    Heres the whole gang:

    (Oversees All) MGMP- Oversees all things for this mod
    (Spriter guy) Zero- God of spriting
    (Head Coder) Burgy- Mainly coding the GUI
    (Mini-Coder) Windjoe- Coded some stuff
    (Spriter) Sundial_MC- First one to help sprite
    (Spriter) Emerald_Ice-
    Quote from emerald_ice

    I sprited the hell outta 'dem swords.

    (Spriter) xWildxManx- Sprited some swords, shields, and a warhammer

    If you feel like supporting us, head over to http://minecraftsaomod.freeforums.org !

    Pics coming soon!
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    posted a message on [1.5.1] [WIP] Pixelmon Server
    IGN (In Game Name):xWildxManx
    Favorite Pokemon Type:Fire/Psychic
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    posted a message on Fun server!
    Join my server where you can relax and have fun! Currently no plugins but am currently working on it
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    posted a message on Want a fun server
    I want a server to play on that is RPG-like and where people can trade, fight, etc.

    Also check out my youtube channel youtube.com/callofthewildgamer
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