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    posted a message on Your favorite European skyline
    Hi just a random question here's some pictures







    Future Paris

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    posted a message on 2 extra enchantments
    Quote from Jragon14

    Support. Great idea, needs a bit of balancing, maybe the bow draw speed should go like this
    • 1 = +5% Cost- 1 - 12 levels
    • 2 = +15% Cost 12 - 24 Levels
    • 3= +25% Cost 24 +

    I think this is a better Idea, and then you can have the auto-bow enchant in creative only
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    posted a message on 2 extra enchantments
    Automatic bows
    (yes the suggestion which has been suggested to death)

    you guys probably know this suggestion. implement an expensive series of enchantments which allows bows to increase fire rate. this allows for quickly clearing mobs of angry zombies while not spending too much time, though the main use would be in adventure maps where guns are used.
    I propose 4 levels

    level 1 - 10 lvls used - 5% extra fire rate
    level 2 - 18 lvls used - 10% extra fire rate
    level 3 - 28 lvls used - 25% extra fire rate
    level 4 - Only in creative - rapid fire

    if you think this is op, then put the code into the game but only available in creative.

    + Armour strength
    enchantments which transfers armour durability for protection this could be useful for lether armour (which is useless) as it is easy to craft. thi could be like a backup armour for when creepers blow up your main chest and you need to find iron again.
    a full lether suit is 279 armour hitpoints with 7 "protection" points

    level 1 - 3 lvls used - 1/7 transfered (279-1/7= 240... 7+1/7= 8) so 240hp, 8 pp
    level 2 - 5 lvls used - 2/7 transfered so 199 hp, 9 pp
    level 3 - 10 lvls used - 3/7 transfered so 159 hp, 10 pp
    level 4 - 12 lvls used - 4/7 transfered so 120 hp, 11 pp

    again this could be used for adventure maps (as diamond armour is an invisible force field at this point.) but keep in mind that to repair this armour from 1%, you need two to three full sets of that non upgraded armour or the armour with that level of enchantment.
    though this is overlaping with protection this was just a "to throw it out there post"
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    posted a message on How do you kill a person with full protection IV diamond armor?
    have a secret underwater base with sand and torches, lure him in. and boom.

    You have bear hands? What mod is that? I want bear hands, right now my hands are bare, for they aren't bear hands.

    (Hehehe grammar)

    I can't stress this enough.
    umm, work on your sense of humour and drop the puns.
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    posted a message on Iron Ladders
    oh yesssssss, finally a completely secret Evil Basssse....
    :GPANTS: have some pantsssss
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    posted a message on Improving Dungeons- over 100 supporters!
    yes, great. +sup
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    posted a message on Lightning
    ok, only if it's a 1 use thing and it shoots lightning off to the side
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    posted a message on Better NPCs - Bringing more life to the land-squidwards!
    28 vs 334 with 58 neutral...
    I guess I'll just support...
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    posted a message on Wood Golems
    -too lasy to read all the posts-
    yes, but it should be a bit expensive, stupid and have no damage. one this is there, full support.
    PS: you should edit your post to put in a recipe, I'm kinda flying blind with my support here
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    posted a message on Cubic Chunks: Reduced lag, infinite height, and more [The #1 Suggestion Thread of all time!][Updated! 6/14]
    I was first a bit cautious, like,yeaaa maybe...
    then I saw the pictures....................

    I hereby solemnly promise that I will support this threat with all my heart, mind, spirit, soul, and strength.
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    posted a message on Iron Chains (Chainmail, Fences, Weapons, and More!)
    yup, full support
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    posted a message on More Storage and/or Aesthetic Blocks!
    ok... ffrom what I understood, sup+
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    posted a message on Storage Pouch - holds 8 stacks of any item with unique properties
    ... idk. I always carry enough wood arround to make a chest so it's not very usefull for me... partial sup+
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    posted a message on Colored Glass and Colored Light! (originally Just the 'Colored Glass!' topic but Mojang added our idea! :D Congrats everyone!)
    Quote from Lubylulu13

    This is the best mod I have ever seen! I will support!


    this isn't a mod...
    PS: this is a really bad way to spend your 300th post isn't it?
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    posted a message on locks and keys
    yup so I was wondering, what would make a great survival map, then I realised why not keys. not just for doors, but also for all the redstone machines. my suggestion adds 3 new blocks, the keyhole, the key, and the constaint key.
    the keyholemever is crafted like this:
    :Lboots: =redstone
    :stone: =cobble

    :stone: :Lboots: :White:
    :White: :Iron: :stone:
    :stone: :Lboots: :White:

    the key
    :: :: ::
    :: :Iron: :Iron:
    :Lboots: :Iron: ::
    the constant key:
    :Waxe: = key
    :: :Lboots: ::
    :Lboots: :Waxe: :Lboots:
    :: :Lboots: ::
    so basically the keyhole is placeable just like any lever, but wont activate a redstone current. for that you need the key.
    when you craft the key, you right click the keyholeOnce and the key is attached to the keyhole, you right-click again or some other time with the key and the key is removed from your inventory and placed in the keyhole; which now emits a redstone current. You right click again to retrieve the key but once you retrieve it, the current stops. for the current to continue, even afteryou removed the key, you need a constaint key. the first part is the same as with the key but once you remove it, the redstone current keeps flowing. you need to re-input it and right click again to turn the current off.

    note, this would also work with doors. you can lock a door by right clicking a door with a key and now you can only open it with the key, this works for w. and I. doors as well as trap-doors. the enire rest of the post will talk about the keyhole but it will also aply to doors/

    both keys can stack to 12-16, and when you have assigned a key it takes on a new graphic and separates from the stack, however, they still stack to 12-16. if your key is in the stack, the one you need will automatically go into the keyhole. if you want to throw the stack, a GUI pops up allowing you to throw the key you want.

    an unlimited amount of keys can go into one lock but to get more then one key, you need to have the key to the keyhole already in your inventory and then click with a blank key and the key will fit the lock. this is the same if you want to remove the lock designation, you need to have all the keys you have in your inventory before destroying the lock because then, all the key assigned to that lock will get cleared. if you have no keys to that lock in your inventory, the keyhole won't lose it's assignment

    and the keyhole overrides all other redstone current. if you placed a lever next to a door connected to the keyhole, it wouldn't work.

    is this ok?

    this would make adventure maps a lot more fun and realstic and add a new strategy for anti-greefing into the game I feel.
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