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    posted a message on What is your LEAST favorite biome to live in?
    Tundra/snow biome.

    All the water is frozen so you cant make infinite water sources etc.

    And its just plain cold <_<
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    posted a message on Have you ever been griefed before
    The worst grief I think I ever experienced was to the point where my house was not even there. :P
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    posted a message on Rare house found underwater containing monsterspawner.
    Quote from Crontic


    Edit: Coords and seed and we might believe you.

    How do you know its fake? looks pretty legit to me..
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    posted a message on [content deleted]
    No pics no clicks...Oh wait there is no place to click!
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    posted a message on Multiplayer Welderness Survival Game
    Looking for a Multiplayer Survival game...It can even be Zombie Survival..With Foraging etc...Please list ANY you know But heres 2 i know

    1.Project Zomboid (Not the best)

    2.Dead Frontier (Its okay..)
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    posted a message on What level you are?
    Ummmm......My record is level 6 :dry.gif: Lets just say i do alot of enchanting :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on I have a server question
    Quote from paxio5922

    Turn online to on, disable firewall.

    Turning online mode to on doesnt change anything,All it does is allow people who actually BOUGHT the game in.When it is set to Off people who DIDNT buy the game can come in freely...Though try the firewall idea :Notch:
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    posted a message on "You can't sleep yet, there are monsters nearby"
    Quote from kfrogmaster

    Lol, I just noticed that someone is pressing the green plus on everyone's post.

    Oh wow....Yay for Rep for us :biggrin.gif:

    Diamonds for the one who is doing it :Diamond: :Diamond:
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    posted a message on "You can't sleep yet, there are monsters nearby"
    This can be frustrating in Puzzle's etc where you can die and there is checkpoint...If mobs are on you cant sleep and if you die you have to start over.. :sad.gif:
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    posted a message on From the start to the end
    Chapter 1
    My name is..Steve,Ill tell y'all my story.It started like this:It was a few days before christmas.I was on a boat heading towards the mainland for the holidays.It was around 12 PM so i decided i would sleep for the night.The captain said he would wake me up as we approach The Dock's near the mainland.I lay down in my bed and sleep..I awake to a "BOOM" The ship start's to shake.I fall off my bed and look out the window..
    "The Ship is sinking!"
    I hear the captain "Everyone! Wake up,Get on the life-boat's before its too late!"I attempt to open my door but it is jammed.I notice the water starts rising,Soon the room is flooded.I black out,
    An unknown time later i awake on a beach..My vision is as blurry as hell.As i pull myself together,I see the ruin's of the ship in the distance
    This is where my story Begins....

    Chapter 2
    I force myself to my feet,As i look around i hear animal's walking about in the bush's..I decide i might need to setup camp,Due to the fact that i might be here for awhile.I decide to swim over to the ruin's of the Ship with the little energy i have left.The Ship seemed to be half underwater,Part of it stuck on the Reef..I go inside the part that is not underwater and discover the Captain.
    "S-Steve...I dont think im gonna make it..."
    "Dont worry,Ill save you!"
    "I see the light!,Steve..Take the supply's from the ship and try to find the mainland,Or one of the native village's around the area...Good luck,May Notch be with you.."He slowly stop's breathing and he closes his eye's.I stand up and loot the ship,Discovering bit's of wood and some food...
    I swim back to the shore and decide to use the Wooden Axe i found to cut down some wood before night fall's,I had no idea what i was in for during the night...I sit on the sand and 'Craft' a Wooden Plank,I decide to use it to make a shack that i would spend the night in,As im doing that i notice the eye's of unknown Animal's staring at me in the bush's The begin's to set,All the animal's flee to their dens..As if they were hiding from something,I hide in my make-shift shack
    And hope for the best..

    Chapter 3
    I make myself a door and put it in the doorway.I suddenly start hearing creature's growling in hunger in the distance..I even hear something on my roof walking slowly,As if it could see me through the wood.My shack was as dark as my mom's closet so i decide i would use the wooden pick i found in the ruin's to mine for some coal,my teacher said in school that there are vain's of coal around these part's.I start making a little stair-way down into the belly of the earth..As i go deeper i hear more creature's in cave's
    Finally i strike coal! I mine it eagerly and combine it with some stick's and light it with some wood i have..I decide i would continue mining until this crappy wooden pick break's down into dust.Suddenly my pick hit's something harder then Coal.It's pink-ish
    My teacher also said there is more then Coal around here,There are: Iron,Gold,Lapis lazuli,Redstone,Diamond.
    Though this wooden pick could mine through Coal quite easy,It seemed to have trouble mining through Iron ore.So i decide to go back up to my shack and craft a Stone Pick with the stone i had collected so far.Just as i am about to go back down i look outside,And see alot of creature's roaming around.Looking for food,I decide to also make a sword to defend myself,Just as i make the sword my shack blow's up into piece's! I land on my face,Then look up to see a Green creature,It seemed to look sad..i thought it was freindly and tried to hug it!
    Sadly when i did...BOOOOOOOM...I get knocked to the ground...Just as the sun rise's i notice some of the creature's start burning in the sunlight...I couldnt feel my arm...I thought i was doomed...

    Please support the Story :biggrin.gif: Here's a signature to support it :happy.gif:


    Please bookmark this :biggrin.gif:

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