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    Update information:
    1. Begun writing a new rhyme.

    Grim Rhymes:

    I: The Grim Tale of Three Little Pigs

    Three little pigs happy as can be.
    Laughing as misfortune of thy.

    Greedy, Glutton, and Sloth there names be.
    Fat as can be, Glutton is he.
    Cold a heart as thy, Greedy is she.
    Sleepy as always, Sloth is he.

    On a stroll to the larder Glutton be.
    Soon pushed into the oven, by thy.
    Screaming in horror, for soon cooked is he.
    Glutton no more, for roasted is he.

    Weary of counting, Greedy be.
    To only wake, to see thy.
    Jaw broken with mouth pried open.
    To receive a drink, of gold that is molten.
    Greedy no more, for golden is she.

    Sleeping as always, Sloth be.
    Until awoken by thy.
    Ripping and tearing, flesh wide open.
    Blood filling cavities oh do open.
    Sloth no more, for everywhere is he.

    Thy begin, thy end my tale of revenge.
    For three little pigs, no more they be.


    II: The Grim Tale of Three Blind Mice

    (Currently being written.)

    I hope you enjoyed these Grim alterations.

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    posted a message on What would happen if I trademark 'craft'?
    Well, you might be messed around with Kraft, Craftsmen, and so fourth.

    Also, try not to assume.

    I'm sure we all know the meaning of it. "It makes an ass out of me and you.".

    Well, the sarcastic meaning.
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    Simple game based on 3D cubes.

    It was one of those "why the hell not give it a try" moments in life.

    Next on this list is sky diving.
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    Well, if you could toggle it then I would say yes. It has been stated that it causes problems, though having the option to have a deeper underground & higher above ground would be quite nice as long as "you" can choose to have a map in that way.

    It would make a bit of sense to have a maximum & a minimum lever in which you could input a series of figures to choose the size of the world. Go on an add my name if you decide to change it to something with a toggle option.
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