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    When I run minecraft every single time now, it says that it uses LWJGL 2.9.4. (no such version is available to public) They have been using LWJGL 2 since Minecraft began. I think it's time for them to update to LWJGL 3. If you're thinking,

    "There's no way they can do it in an update!" "What about the community?"

    I understand your concerns, but the best solution to update to LWJGL 3 is to use an update all just to update to LWJGL 3. I know the community wants large updates, but this would occur only once (unless it is updated to LWJGL 4)

    You might be wondering how this update or mega upgrade would benefit to minecraft. Well, a youtuber that I forgot his name decided to update the game to LWJGL 3 and the performance increased by 60 FPS. Since modules are added in LWJGL 3, there can be lighter binary files, decreasing the size of minecraft. And most importantly, LWJGL 3 supports Vulkan, so if Minecraft implemented that feature, then there will be performance increases.

    So updating to LWJGL 3 will benefit the community by being faster updates and performance increases.

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    Here is my unfinished fort after declaring war with my brother.

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    Here's a challenge for you to do. Let a friend or your brother join your world and start a war between each other. Brothers At War in a nutshell

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