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    posted a message on Minecraft Boom Mod: Exploiting the potential of Minecraft [Vanilla Mega Expansion]

    This is a nice idea that would change the field of minecraft. I am looking forward to this.

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    posted a message on [W.I.P] Zoids mod V0.01 {Extremely Early Alpha Build released. Don't expect much}

    I haven't replied here for over 2 years. The mod is coming along nice. Here is my only question. When will the first playable version be available?

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    posted a message on Who Writes Stories?

    I am basically typing a novel right now. Magic and Sci-Fi.

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    posted a message on How many people use this version of Minecraft for mods?

    Title says it all. I am using this to see which version of minecraft I will use to create mods.

    And wrong forum. Sorry.

    1.7.10 so far is winning. I am waiting till the 18th to make my mod.

    Very interesting. People want 1.7.10 mods more than 1.11.2. Still waiting for more.

    Looks like 1.10 is catching up

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    posted a message on Updating to LWJGL 3
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    Do you have a link to the YouTuber who updated to LWJGL 3 and how they did it? If it is a simple matter of updating the LWJGL version specified in the version json then Mojang doesn't even need to "update" Minecraft (alter the Minecraft.jar itself) and could backport it to older versions. Sort of like how they backported the server blacklist to all versions back to 1.7.2 by simply updating the Netty library that they use by changing the version within the json (prior to this they tried putting it in the game itself but removed it in favor of this more universal, and harder to bypass, solution). I presume that LWJGL maintains backwards compatibility with older versions as otherwise older programs that use it would no longer work, sort of like how Java 8 can run the oldest versions of Minecraft, written for Java 5 I believe).

    That aside, it wouldn't really save much time when updating to newer versions; the LWJGL jar is only 1 MB, much smaller than the game itself, which is most of what is downloaded when you download a new version (all the libraries and assets are not redownloaded unless they update them or add new ones). Also, a "60 FPS increase" needs to be put into perspective; I doubt it was anything like 10-70 FPS (which would more likely be due to the game using a dedicated instead of integrated GPU; if LWJGL 3 can automatically choose the dedicated card that would be good since this is a major cause of poor performance on an otherwise capable computer).

    I found the channel. It is LordPankake. And it was actually a 50 FPS. You should check him for more info, I don't know LWJGL really much.
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    posted a message on Brothers At War (A Blogging Series)

    Day 4-5: I collect more wood in order to finish my fort, which looks more completed. I also begin trading with villagers by doing some of their hard work at the fields. At the end of day 4, I collected 3 emeralds. I also finally spy sheep roaming around, so I sheared them to make a bed. I go to sleep for the first time to set up my spawn point. In Day 5, I look around in the forest for my location for the base. I find the perfect place, then I go mining for resources with my iron pickaxe as Day 5 ends.

    Day 6: I mine deeper to find a lava cave. In one area, I found 5 gold and 8 diamonds (1 diamond perished in lava). I continue mining for coal, iron, and redstone. Eventually, I find a zombie dungeon. In the chests contain flesh, bread, gunpowder, and a regular golden apple. I create a diamond pickaxe to mine more obsidian to build a portal before heading back to the surface for bed.

    Day 7-9: I build the nether portal and lit it up. In the nether, I was in a open place, but with no nether fortress. BaconTron then found a dungeon for himself and obtained a spawner (we used a small mod). I smelt some netherrack to create nether brick to use for my base. On Day 8, I craft an enchanting table and an anvil, but I didn't plan to use them till my base was made. I went mining again to collect more cobblestone to build my base. For Day 9, I crafted a new chest to store my belongings. I also collected more sugarcane to craft more bookshelves for my enchanting room. I go to the nether when Day 9 becomes Night 9. I kill a ghast with a fireball, earning an achievement.

    Day 10: Determined to find my nether fortress, I use all of my cobblestone to look for my fortress, but there was nothing at all. I kill another 2 ghasts, with one of them nearly killing me. Meanwhile, BaconTron enters the nether as well. When he returns, he is at my fort due to his nether portal connecting to my nether portal in the nether. He uses this as an opportunity. He raids all of my belongings in my chests and he places some TNT in front of my portal. And he waits.

    Day 11: BaconTron asks me to leave the nether so we can sleep. When I leave the nether, he lits up the TNT and he ran. I didn't realize the situation till I was blown up. I respawn, trying to figure out what was going when I realize he was in my fort. I ran for my life and then he slays me again with his sword. He tells me what happened. I knew he could now raid me anytime he wanted to. I then typed, "I surrender." He accepts and season I ends.

    That was a lot of typing. But that is how Season I ends in 3.66 hours. I will put the map up soon in another thread. So when will Season II happen. *shrugs Expect it in about 2 weeks.

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    posted a message on Updating to LWJGL 3

    When I run minecraft every single time now, it says that it uses LWJGL 2.9.4. (no such version is available to public) They have been using LWJGL 2 since Minecraft began. I think it's time for them to update to LWJGL 3. If you're thinking,

    "There's no way they can do it in an update!" "What about the community?"

    I understand your concerns, but the best solution to update to LWJGL 3 is to use an update all just to update to LWJGL 3. I know the community wants large updates, but this would occur only once (unless it is updated to LWJGL 4)

    You might be wondering how this update or mega upgrade would benefit to minecraft. Well, a youtuber that I forgot his name decided to update the game to LWJGL 3 and the performance increased by 60 FPS. Since modules are added in LWJGL 3, there can be lighter binary files, decreasing the size of minecraft. And most importantly, LWJGL 3 supports Vulkan, so if Minecraft implemented that feature, then there will be performance increases.

    So updating to LWJGL 3 will benefit the community by being faster updates and performance increases.

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    Here is my unfinished fort after declaring war with my brother.

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    posted a message on Want to improve my survival experience.

    Here's a challenge for you to do. Let a friend or your brother join your world and start a war between each other. Brothers At War in a nutshell

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    posted a message on Brothers At War (A Blogging Series)

    Here is the very first post. Btw, I am only recording my side because if I spied on BaconTron, it would ruin the series. Anyway, let us begin.

    Day 1:

    I traveled far away from spawn with little food (I used large biomes.)I traveled through a sunflower plains biome filled with so many horses. Eventually, I encounter the forest hills and I obtain food. I encounter a creeper and a skeleton at night, so I hide in a hole. I then crept up, finding me to be blown up. I walked back towards my area to retrieve my loot and the sun comes up.

    Day 2:

    I cut down a couple more trees before I find a village. I went into the blacksmith to find 6 obsidian and 4 apples (BaconTron called it ;-;). I begin building my fort which will be my temporary home till I get diamonds. I then hunted cows for leather to make armor, but then the sun came down. I begin digging down for ore when I find a lake underneath my house. When I setted up my lake for mining, the sun came up again.

    Day 3:

    I managed to finish my first floor of my fort (There will be 2 floors.) I then continued mining to find a cave. I collect charcoal from my furnace to create torches. At the end, I collected 14 coal and about 20 iron. I create a iron chestplate. Then BaconTron left because our time ended.

    That is all I have for today. Look at the images I set up for you all to look at. For now, goodbye. 2 days.

    P.S BaconTron told me he was doing well at a different village. He has full iron armor as he told me. So stop complaining.

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    posted a message on Curse Premium?

    I logged in into Minecraft Forums today and found out I have Curse Premium, yet I didn't make a purchases at all. How did I receive it?

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    posted a message on Brothers At War (A Blogging Series)

    Brothers At War...

    Seems like a complicated thing, but here is how everything will work here. My brother and I will play in the same world. We'll walk away in the opposite direction for a while. Then we will prepare our resources for 5 minecraft days, or 1 hour and 40 minutes. On Day 6, we go in war with each other. While the commotion happens, I'll record what is happening in this forum. After the war is over, I will put the map on the internet for everyone to explore.


    1. The minimum distance our bases can be away from each other is more than 1,000 blocks.

    2. We can only build 3 bases. Once the 3rd base is destroyed, the raider wins. Houses, mineshafts, everything else is infinite.

    3. A treasure room must be built at each base. If it is destroyed, then the base is declared DESTROYED!

    4. A brother may say that they surrender, but it must not be used as a trick.

    5. Your only opponent unless I change this must be your BROTHER.


    Q.1: Why is the limit 3 bases?

    A.1: Because so a brother won't keep building bases and the blogging series goes on forever.

    Q.2: Who are the brothers here?

    A.2: My and my little brother, who's username is BaconTron and mine is PixelGX.

    Q.3: Why are you doing "Brothers at War."

    A.3: I consider it as a bonding experience and to make Minecraft more interesting.

    Q.4: Can I participate in this?

    A.4: Yes, but create your own world and thread.

    Q.5: May I make this as a documentary on my Youtube Channel?

    A.5: As long you have my permission, you can do anything with this but claim that it is yours.

    I will make additional posts blogging the events on the world. And you can help along with this by participating with it in your own forum. I challenge FitMC, AntVenom, and IHasCupquake to take on this challenge. Comment down below what you think about this.

    I am looking forward to this.

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    posted a message on Super Mario Maker Thread

    Well, I got the game yesterday, and it was awesome. Building levels was great and playing them were great. I haven't played Course World or upload any levels yet because you need a Nintendo Network ID to do so. Anyway, overall experience was epic.

    10/10 Graphics

    10/10 Gameplay

    10/10 Designing

    8/10 Course World

    Overall score: 38/40 95%

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    posted a message on Super Mario Maker Thread

    Discuss the game, show off your levels, discuss about building levels, anything you want. Just make sure it's related to Super Mario Maker.

    Even though I don't have the game yet, I still think it's a good game and i will receive it tomorrow. So for all of you level builders, here's a thread for you.

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    posted a message on Official Inanimate Insanity Thread

    Anyway, part 2 of episode 11 will be released on Friday the 13th. Wait! What?! NO!!!!!

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